Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Chocolate and Hazelnut Balls

First and foremost- I am utterly gob smacked at the response I have had since starting this blog!
I started writing this so I could share my weekly work with everyone, rather than only getting to rant to my family!
I have had an overwhelming response from people from all over the world! Every week I will get emails from people congratulating me , and thanking me for sharing my thoughts, and cakes! I really appreciate all of your feedback- and welcome more!
A Special thank you goes out to all the fellow Decorators, from all over the world, who send words of encouragement and appreciation.
This blog wouldn't be possible without my clients, and their wonderful cakes! Thank you to all my past present and future clients!

Pistachio and Cranberry Ginger bread trees

As Christmas is only two short sleeps away- I am wanting to wish all my readers a Very Merry Christmas, and a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year Ahead.

I have had the opportunity to share some fantastic designs over the past 8 months with you all- and I look forward to sharing many more.

The Contents of the Christmas bag, laid out.

Each year I create a special Christmas goodies bag, for all my Family and Friends. This year I thought that I was going to have to break tradition, due to a lack of time, but after a very long day- and night last night- I managed to get it all done!
I will leave you with some images of what I have done for them this year! If only I had the time to make them for sale too!

Mixed Berry and Cointreau Jelly

Enjoy the days ahead, and break the diet! You deserve it!

The nights before Xmas....

I was under the assumption that December was a particularly quiet period for Weddings- but I couldn't have been more wrong!
This month has been just as busy- as the "traditional" wedding season months! This week was no different, with a Wedding on Friday, Saturday, today- Sunday, and One cake to be collected Tomorrow! Not to mention a 30th Birthday cake yesterday- for good measure!

It all started early on Friday morning- when I headed over to Wellington point to a (beautiful) private home. This home was set out like the finest reception you have ever seen. With the reception held on a fully decked out verandah, the Ceremony was set in a rotunda, overlooking the bay, complete with red carpet, and white wedding chairs. I met the groom for the first time when I delivered the cake- He was so friendly he even offered my mum and I a glass of champagne- unfortunately I had a busy day ahead- and had to decline, but the thought was wonderful!

Yesterday's wedding had me headed up to Clear Mountain hotel- about 45 minutes out of the CBD, but a little longer, when you are driving the very winding road- with a cake on board! I was lucky enough to have the road to myself- not holding up any other drivers.
The cake for Clear Mountain was for a couple, the Bride- is a chef- so the pressure was really on. They had a cake, which had a printed inlaid panel, overlaid printed hearts on the base, and a cartoon couple to finish things off.

Todays cake was a true classic! Three tiers, all in Ivory, with each tier sightly offset from the base. A striped overlay on the base, filigree hearts for the middle tier, and a Quilted pattern for the top. Sugar roses and leaves where placed in clusters over the cake. I had prepared myself for todays delivery to be difficult-the reception was at Tattersall's club, and it is two days out from Christmas! But luck was certainly on my side- as as I drove down Edward St- a car pulled out , and I parked right in!

Last but not least is the Gorgeous 30th Birthday butter cream design! Being a December baby, I can understand the importance of making sure that your birthday celebration doesn't get weighed down by Christmas! This cake had a butter cream icing, that ranged from a fuchsia pink through to a baby pink colour! Topped off with a mini me cartoon topper, a chocolate 30 and wired silver stars for effect!
With Christmas around the corner, and one cake to go before then! I had better get back into it!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Birthday Surprise!

On Monday it was MY birthday!!!
I had some great celebrations (across two days!)- including a bit of putt putt golf- and BBQ with friends. On Monday I went to lunch, with my mum and cousin- then that night I headed to dinner with my husband!
Being the resident cake maker- my requests for a cake to be made/bought for me seemed to fall on deaf ears! So failing that I put together a simple cupcake stand for myself. It was my sister's boyfriend birthday the day after mine- and whilst she managed to help decorate some cupcakes for him- still I was left to my own devices!
Having been a chef for 15 years- I have heard all the "excuses" as to how hard it is to cook for someone who does it as their profession- but my family/friends having known me for years- should know that I love anything! All was not lost though! My sister- who lives in Edinburgh- sent me Edible blooms! for those of you who are yet to discover this fantastic idea- you must definitely check it out! Bunches/Bouquets of fruit- and chocolates, presented beautifully!
I first met the creators of edible blooms more than 2 years ago at a wedding expo I attended- the idea was fabulous! My sister ( who sent them to me) on the day of the expo- swapped my cupcakes, for their beautifully cut fruit at the end of the day!Chocolate dipped strawberries, and Baci chocolates MMMM!

So on Monday afternoon- when I got home from Lunch- there on my Verandah- was a wonderful Strawberry Bloom- ready to be devoured! Despite all the other glorious gifts I had received- this one definitely excited me!
So Now it is back to work- a busy week before Xmas- then a busy New Year ahead!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Double up!!

I believe being flexible to my clients needs- is a key quality- that keeps my business growing. Making late changes and addition to your order- isn't always because of a simple change of mind- it is sometime very necessary.This past week- I had not one but two clients literally double their cake orders! The first client added a two tier cake- to an order for a cupcake tree ( one was for the Church- and the other was for the reception) and the other added 100 cupcakes to an order for a three tier cake!
Having two extra cake orders to finish- certainly kept me on my toes.

Fresh Anthurium's amongst Orange and Almond Cupcakes!

Not only was I making more cakes than originally planned- I also had a lot of traveling to deliver the cakes. On Saturday Morning I headed to Toowoomba, to deliver one of the "double" orders. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the gorgeous two tier cake- that was for the church- it had some red and "rust" coloured fresh roses to decorate- which were absolutely stunning! The Reception cake, however, was decorated with fresh Anthurium's- in a bright red! I love these flowers- they are so glossy- that they almost don't look real!
After a long day of traveling- Sunday's trips were looking just as exhausting!
On Sunday- My mum came to accompany me to deliver and set up a cake down the coast at Ephraim Island. This island is a five star paradise, just past Hope Island on the Gold Coast. Driving over the bridge to the island delivers you to a pristine environment. The restaurant where the wedding was to be held was getting set for the reception when we arrived.
I set the pretty design, and headed back for Brisbane- for my next lot of deliveries!

Fresh spray roses and white Singapore orchids decorate this cupcake tower.

For the Second week in a row- I had the pleasure of working with Florist, Glenda Pradella, to create a beautiful cake design!
This cake was for a definite chocolate lover! Rich chocolate Mud, covered in Chocolate ganache, and decorated with chocolate scrolls- need I say more! With a tropical theme, the fresh lilies and frangipani's that decorated looked great! When I arrived to set the cake- the photographers were eagerly awaiting my delivery- to get some shots before heading to the ceremony- as they watched on (probably giggling) as I took some shots with my phone camera- as my husband had "borrowed" my digital camera for the day! All in all I don't think my picture turned out too bad!

All Chocolate- this cake smelt twice as good as it looked!

My last but not least delivery for the weekend, was the closest to home! After a full circle South East Queensland delivery run- I headed for Victoria Park Golf Complex- to the beautiful Marquee- to deliver the second of my "double" orders for the week.
This three tier cake is covered in a white chocolate ganache, and decorated with a variety of blooms- to match the brides bouquet.

Fresh Stephanotis- roses, and baby's breath finish this romantic design.

Not long until Xmas- and New Years!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

For Better or For Worse...

Owning your own business is a fantastic thing- and something that I will never regret doing- but this week, my conduct as a business owner was put to the test. For Better and for Worse!

To start things on a somber note- This week has certainly been a very hectic one at that.
Not only Did I have my share of Wedding and Special event cakes- but also one of my Grandmothers passed away. It certainly gave me a new appreciation for the willingness and flexibility of my clients- when need be. Thank you to all of those who kindly shuffled their appointments and waited patiently for their email and phone replies. Of which I am still catching up on ;)

Not all was sad - I was also contacted by the winner of the Beyond the Bride $400 Cake That! voucher competition! A lovely Girl called Rebbecca- who is due to be Married in July. I get to meet with her- to help her design the Wedding cake of her dreams next week!

I rely on a particular company for my "plastic" icing (rolled fondant)- and this week when I rang to place my usual order- and was informed that the icing was out of production for another 2-3 weeks- due to machinery failure- I almost cried! Thoughts of having to use an inferior brand bought back terrible memories, of struggling with a poor quality product and the sheer frustration caused by it! I did what any desperate soul would do- I rang every know distributor of the product in South East Queensland- Buying up whatever they had on hand- however this wasn't enough! How was I going to get through until January on Rations- without resorting to the another brand???? Knowing that everyone was in the same predicament- I hastily bought some boxes of the inferior icing in preparation, but to my delight, and without warning- my usual brand icing was delivered on Friday morning!! :)) Although I had put myself through panic and anxiety all week- I need not have worried. Now what to do with the other icing???

So after my crazy week- I still managed to create some fantastic designs for my clients!
This week I have had not one, but two stand out cakes.
It is hard for me to pick which one I love more!

Although both completely different- the first is a semi- replica of a magazine design- tailored to the clients theme. This hand painted ( with edible lustre) antique gold cake, with chocolate piped filigree detail, and Antique gold roses- is sure to turn heads. The room it is in is mostly white, with touches of Chocolate and Antique Gold Organza. Towering four tiers in height- this couple took full advantage of all four cakes, by choosing a different flavour for each tier.

The next is a truly fresh looking design- coupled with a beautiful selection of fresh flowers (supplied by Glenda Pradella)- this cake is the epitome of soft romance.
Also four tiers in height, with a butter cream finish, the couples green theme really enhanced this design. Fresh White Peonies, Green Roses, Green and White Singapore Orchids, and Freesia's, along with some silver foliage (please excuse my floral ignorance for not knowing its common name) clustered across the tiers, looked spectacular.

My husband- and loyal delivery companion- was duly impressed by the flowers, and the detail put into individually wiring and taping each bloom. Having the flowers professionally prepared this way, not only makes arranging the design a breeze, but also prevents any flower sap from contaminating the cake. It also allows flexibility to create as you go- ending up with a wonderful finished product. I love to give credit where credit is due, and for every time I have had the privilege of creating a cake with Glenda- the flowers have always been fabulous!

With just over a week until my Birthday, and many cakes between now and then- I look forward to someone else creating a spectacular cake for me ( hint hint!!) ;)

Sunday, 2 December 2007

359 days later......

Well almost one year to the day that I created the tallest cake I have ever made- I was once again creating it for another wonderful client!

This cake is a definite show stopper! Five tiers of cake- with each tier separated by pillars- then filled with fresh roses! Stunning. The swagging detail and pretty flower and piping detail on each tier truly makes this cake look and feel every bit "Wedding".

Other than the hours that it takes to bake ice and decorate the cakes, putting it together is certainly no five minute Job. With my exceptionally tall husband on hand- to help with the stacking and alignment- We set off to Palazzo Versace - to put together this fantastic cake.

Placing the flowers between the layers

I had allowed myself an hour to put the cake together- and after running into a past co worker- there wasn't many minutes spared once the cake was together.
With Steven helping me by cutting all the beautiful roses- whilst I carefully placed them within the design- it all came together beautifully.

Steve Lending a hand with the flowers

This cake had an amazing 150+ fresh roses between the layers and the top tier.
Having never met the Bride- and only bumping into the groom as we arrived to set up
I was surprised to find out that this was for a cocktail style function-A cake this size would be expected for dessert portions for 200+ guests- so indeed there would be more than enough cake!

Hopefully they enjoyed their wedding- as much as I do making this cake!

Adding the final blooms

All 197cm of Steve Beside the cake.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Baby Cakes.......

Not often do I have the opportunity to create cakes for Christenings- or Baby showers- due to the fact that I am usually well and truly fully booked out by the time people are looking at choosing a cake for the occasion.
This week- however- I was lucky enough to have not one- but two christening cakes to make. One for a repeat client- and the other for one of my neighbours. Both for Baby boys too!

The designs themselves proved to be very similar- even though one was a single tier cake- and the other a tower of mini cupcakes.

The first cake incorporated the baby's fathers Scottish heritage- with his family tartan being used on the cake and sugar bootees. The wedgewood blue and white colour scheme, coupled with the tartan looked very cute.

The next- a Tower of mini cakes- was a design left to my own devices. Whilst I value the trust that my neighbours gave to me to create their son's christening cake- an air or wonder- whether or not this is what they would be after- was quickly squashed when it all came together- looking way too cute!
Catering to Gluten free intolerances once again proved to be easy with this design. With the top tier- a mini replica of the large scale cake, and three cupcake designs- there was something to please everyone.
I always love to see kids when they see a pile of cupcakes, right at their height- just waiting to be touched- then out of know where a responsible adult reminds them to look but don't touch!!!
Baby Max-however- was too busy enjoying sleep to be amazed by the sugary treats that were created for him!
Even though it was a Sunday- I still had cakes to deliver- and was unable to see the cakes being devoured by the other guests! Hopefully they were enjoyed- even if it was just the icing that was eaten by the kids!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Double Take

The Original Design

With the 100's of cakes I have had the pleasure of making over the years- it is now uncanny when two clients in the same week choose the same- or very similar designs!

This week I had two clients (one Linda the other Linh) both choose the Ivory pearl Design- then put their own "spin" on it!

This three tier cake was originally created for a girl called Lea- so with all the "L" names- it certainly is becoming a little freaky!

This design has a double quilt onthe base tier- which has a flower and dot detail at each cross point.

The mid tier originally had a leaf and vine piped detail, with the top tier featuring a striped overlay, and sugar roses.

One of the Original designs with a monogram detail.

Replacing the Sugar flowers with silk orchids- Colourful and pretty.

Simple changes to a design can make a cake look completely different- and really make it your own! Taking inspiration from a couple of cakes, and creatively combining them, is how you end up with your dream cake!

Seeing Stars......

I started this week with much enthusiasm- and a little bit of hesitance!
Knowing what lay ahead, and eager to see the finished product, certainly played a little on my mind.
I was asked to replicate a cake from a magazine, which looked so great- that the thought of sticking 1000's of tiny cachous in place for hours on end- almost excited me? So on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm, I sat down, with two bowls of cachous, and a bag of royal icing in my hand!, by 7.30pm- my sight was beginning to get a little fuzzy- so I thought- enough for today. The very next morning I began again at 6.30am, seeing the cake almost half way finished, evolving from what began as a plain iced three tier design- into a sparkling, stunning centerpiece- only needing another 6 hours to complete! Once done, although with slightly blurry vision ;) from staring at the tiny silver balls- I was delighted with the end product! Complete with customised toppers, this cake looked Great!

My husband is one of my greatest critics- he loved this design, and has been eager to name another cake for the website- The "Matrix" is what he has dubbed this design- and that it shall stay!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Dreamy Diamonds......

This week was testing for Cake decorators around Brisbane for sure. With the temperature barely rising above 23 deg C- I was lulled into a false sense of security, the lovely temperatures weren't going to effect the icing, or decorating process his week- Until- it rained- and rained! Whilst we are in the worst drought ever- I can appreciate the necessity for rain- even though it does play havoc with the decorating process. So with my brand new Air conditioning system running on DRY to remove the humidity from the air- everything worked out a treat!

I had one of my New favourite designs to create this week- this gorgeous three tier quilted cake, with double strung diamonte crystals around the base. It looks every bit stylish, yet pretty at the same time.

With both the bride and groom deciding on the flavours- this cake had a white chocolate and coconut mud base- and the top two tiers were Red velvet cake.
Those of you who have never heard of Red Velvet cake- it is a popular flavour in the USA. A super moist, slightly denser than a Victoria sponge, and Bright red in appearance- this cake is one guests will sure remember.
Layered with a vanilla Butter cream, and finished in the rolled fondant- until this cake is cut- the guests will be none the wiser. The clients chose this flavour to fit in with their red and white theme. If only I could have seen the cake plated up!

So If you would like to try some thing new- This cake isn't for the diet conscious!

I am looking forward to another week of beautiful cake designs- and chilling out in the Air conditioning whilst I do the decorating ;)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Matching your Theme.

This week I was delighted to create a cake for a couple- with whom I use to work with the groom more than 15 years ago!
It wasn't until they both turned up for their consultation that I realised- hey!- I use to work with you- way back in the days- when I was still at school- and working for a burger chain.
They chose a beautiful four tiered cake, with draped icing and pretty blue butterflies- to match their theme. The Butterflies were hand dyed by myself to match their ribbon, and their colour theme. The soft nylon winged butterflies were pretty on this grand wedding cake. Along with a Crystal theme, the butterflies and cake featured a Swarovski crystal detail.
With the reception taking place in the beautiful Tattersall's Club- this grand four tier design took pride of place!

The next design had me thinking out of the box. A request by one of my friends for a cake had become a running joke- so as it was his birthday this weekend- I decided to treat him to a cake- as requested. What he asked for and what he received- may not have been his initial idea, but it gave him a great laugh indeed! As the theme of the design is not for everyone- I will let your imagination decide what it was that he had requested!

With Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday- I am sure that the weekend will creep up on me in no time- and I will be back again with stories of the week that was!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

You win some...

This week I had the pleasure of making a cake for a lovely lady who won one of my cakes at a wedding expo. Although the cake isn't for her wedding- I was pleased to make her one of my chocolate creations for her party this weekend.

She chose a design I originally made for my sister in laws 21st Birthday. A double barrel design with dark chocolate chards around the sides, and Gold leaf truffles in the top.

I hope she enjoys her prize!!!

Don't forget you can enter to win your wedding cake at Beyond the Bride!
Competition ends at the end of November.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Past and Present

This week had me preparing a cake and a topper for previous clients.
It is always wonderful to be able to make cakes for repeat clients, and both of the return customers this week have returned more than once!
Firstly I made this little fairy for a 1st birthday cake. Although I didn't make the actual cake- I did replicate the fairy from the invitation design- so that everything matched.

Then I had the privilege of making a beautiful christening cake for one of my past wedding clients. This cake had gorgeous tiny little rose buds over the cake- it was so pretty.

Then a strange coincidence occured- This week I had two clients called Tiffany/Tiffanee. Whilst one was celebrating her wedding- the other was holding a lavish "Oscars after Party" and wanted individual "Tiffany" boxes as her cake.

The latte coloured cakes with black sugar bows were surrounded by fresh flowers and ivy. Rich and Romantic in design.

The heat today was sent to test me for sure. Summer is certainly here- and with everything becoming super delicate it really makes me appreciate the coll- non humid winter weather!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Chocolate, Silver and Gold

This week was once aging flat out- due to wedding season. With a record number of cakes for Friday weddings this week- I was on the ball to get these gorgeous designs done.

The first cake was for a close friend of my Sister in laws- were referred to me, wanting a simple and elegant design. With "Bling" all the rage- I suggested this simple design, with the silver diamonte buckles to add a touch of elegance. Finished in white plastic icing, with piped icing pearls around the base of each tier- a single flat bow is wrapped around the center of each tier and finished with a circular diamonte buckle. Lilies were the bouquet flowers, and topped the cake too. With a flavour list of more than 20 to choose from- this couple chose a different flavour for each tier- Traditional Dark Mud, White Frangellico Mud, and a peppermint mud for the top.

The next design was chosen by a couple- who were lucky enough to have their wedding covered by a bridal magazine. This three tier cake is iced in Rolled Chocolate fondant- with their names piped onto the center tier in gold. Wired gold hearts exploded from the top, with Fresh purple Singapore Orchids around the base, and amongst the hearts at the top.

With Cupcake trees all the fashion, This pretty design was influenced by the colours of the invitations. Pale Green and Chocolate. Vanilla Cupcakes with Pale Green Butter cream, and the wickedly delicious Dark chocolate hazelnut and orange cupcakes with a Grand Mariner Ganache. YUM!!! So whether the guests wanted a light dessert, or an indulgent chocolate decadence- their taste buds were catered for.

I am looking forward to another week of cakes ahead- it will be a mini bonanza- stay tuned....

Technology Trap!

There are things in Business - and in life- that people expect you to have. A mobile Phone and Web/Email access. We become so reliant on these things- that if, and when they are not functioning- you are left Up the proverbial "creek- without a paddle"!
This week saw me have my first "no phone" experience. Firstly- don't ask me how I did it (some things are better left untouched)- but I lost the SIM Card out of my phone. I lost it inside the house- where you would think that you would be able to find it with relative ease- but no- after almost 2 hours scavenging around the floor looking for it- I came to the realization that it was "Lost in Space". Not only did I have to divert all my calls to another number- but I had lost all of my contact details!!!!
So the very next Morning I went off to the phone providers- where I got my new Blank SIM- and spent that night (at least 3hours) putting everyones numbers and details back into it!!!!
I THOUGHT I was outsmarting technology- by saving all of the numbers to the phones memory, rather than the easily misplaced minute SIM card- but no- less than 24 hours after typing in all of my contacts- I went to answer a call and the phone screen was black. At first I thought I had taken a photo- but no-it was well and truly broken. I couldn't make calls- because I couldn't see what numbers I had dialed on the screen, and It (the phone) wouldn't let me answer calls either. All of this is happening, on Friday afternoon, after I have (thankfully) finished delivering cakes for the day- but it is also one of the busier days for client inquiries!!!!
So off I went to the store where I bought the phone- once again- where the young sales assistant blankly told me that- "You have cracked the screen." When I asked how I "could have cracked the screen" seeing as the phone was sitting in my car console at the time- of course he couldn't tell me- but at the same time didn't hasten to lay blame that the breakage was my fault- and probably not covered under warranty!
Needing to get this fixed as fast as possible- I asked who/what could help me out- seeing as I had had this phone for less than 12 months and all- so Off I drove- all the way to Aspley to the Nokia Care Center- a type of Medicare office for Mobile phones- with the same big cues too!
Standing in a cue for almost 20 minutes listening to the customer service officers tell each client the same thing over and over again- about how they replaced this and that but this is not covered under warranty... I started to come to the realization that I was probably going to end my week with a bill for a new phone! But when my turn came- and I explained what had happened- I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!! and that it would be fixed within the hour!
So now I have a new screen, New SIM, and a new appreciation for "the olden days" when if you didn't have a mobile phone- and your clients couldn't contact you every minute of every day- you didn't go into virtual heart failure!

So to all these people who tried to call me this week- and I was not available- I am sorry, but technology was to blame ;) And to my Nana- who thought she came with me on a quick trip to deliver the cakes- and ended up running around with me for 6 hours whilst I sorted myself out- Thank You!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Transfer and Refer...

This week was one where I was able to create cakes for a special long time client. I actually had two "referral" clients this week- one who was referred to me by an old work colleague and friend (Thank you Grant!) and another was for a lovely couple, who's family I first made a cake for around 7 or so years ago. Since then I have been lucky enough to make more than a handful of special occasion cakes for their family!
But Yesterday it was Donna and Justin's turn to get married! I was so happy to create a chocolate three tier cake, complete with fresh flowers for their wedding day! The smell of the shaved Belgian Couveture Chocolate was to die for!

The next cake was for a lovely bride- who I only met when she came to collect her cake. Usually I deliver more than 95% of my cakes, but this one was out towards Marburg- so the Bride collected it on her way out to the venue. Having never met her before, and only ever communicating via email- I always get little butterflies wondering if the cake is exactly what my clients were after- but he huge smile and overwhelming "Thank You" when she saw the cake for the first time reassured me that we were on the same wavelength- for design!

I also had two other cakes- that were transported afar this week. One to Hamilton Island- Cupcakes- which arrived safely- for a Beach wedding on Friday! The other was individual cakes that were taken to the beautiful Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island. Of all the cakes to be transporting afar- it was unusual that both were cupcake style cakes!

By yesterday I only had two cakes left to deliver- which should have been an easy day- but the last cake for the week was a fabulous three tier Chocolate Gateaux. Rich chocolate sponge layered with a Chocolate Mousse, finished with a White Chocolate Marquise, then surrounded with chocolate chards, and finished with chocolate scrolls and fresh gerbera's- are you drooling yet????

I had to actually assemble the cake at the venue. Because of its delicate nature, the light textured cake did not have enough support to attempt transporting it in one piece- without disaster! Having arranged for the Air conditioning to be cranking when I arrived- The staff were surprised to watch me put the cakes together! The three cakes were transported "bare" without their chocolate decorations, so with my bag of white chocolate marquise in one hand, and my wonderful husband passing me the chocolate chards in the other, I layered and attached the cake to complete the design. With less than an hour until the reception began- the cake was safely in place, awaiting for the Bride and Groom to make the first incision!
Being able to provide my clients with wonderful designs, and alternatives to the traditional fruit cake- is what makes this job so great!

The week ahead is another big one! Wedding Season is in Full swing!!!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Cake Stories

Lee-Anne and Greg 19/08/06

This week Cake That! seems to be popping up everywhere!
I picked up the latest edition of Wedding Cakes- a Design source to not only find that they had included more than 10 of my cakes, but also they had included one of my past wedding couples as a feature.
The couple in question were even faster off the mark than me to spot themselves in the magazine!

Then I had a consultation- where the clients showed me another of my cake designs pictured- without credit- in the latest Queendsland Brides magazine. In all fairness- the image was taken by a professional photographer- but luckily for me my clients recognized the cake from my website! Below is the cake in question- taken by me!

Then I had an inquiry from a Sunshine Coast girl who has a web blog/magazine, asking if she could use some of my pictures for a story she was writing on cupcakes.

I am also waiting to get my hands on a copy of Brisbane Affair Magazine, who also took copies of my cupcakes for an article in their October issue!
You have got to love free press!!