Friday, 30 July 2010

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One of my Brides from last year is a finalist in the Bride to Be Bride of the year competition
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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Brisbane High Tea Party!

The First weekend in June saw me take a brief break from making  Wedding and Special event cakes- and opt to be apart of the Brisbane High Tea party.
The High Tea Party is a once a year event held at the Stamford Plaza- by the Peppermint Group- in association  with the McGrath Foundation.

It is more than a Delicious afternoon tea- it is what could potentially be a whole day spent utilising, sampling and viewing all of the pampering stations and featured products on offer.
Big Businesses use this weekend to showcase new products on the market targeted towards Savvy women- smaller business like myself - have the opportunity to be apart of the "Portobello Rd Market" area- where you can sell your wares to the attendees.
Selling at Markets is something I have never done before- simply because I just don't have the time. This was a learning curve- long long days, full of excited clients and cupcake connoisseurs, some simply ogling the range - whilst many giving into temptation and taking home a big box of cupcakes ( to share??)

My family were on hand- They are Just Brilliant! My sisters and Mum put their hands up to help me without question at any opportunity.


My Mum and Sister Alex made me a wicked giant cupcake chalk board to write up pricing etc... and my Sister Kate did up all the "Menu's" with all of the individual cupcake flavour descriptions for me.  

The Set up for the High Tea Party was everything I pictured- and more.  Just Gorgeous! Lashings of Hot Pink and Black- with each cupcake flavour set in its own clear topped cake stand- cute as can be!

Beautiful Apothecary Vases Filled with either White Macadamia or Dark Belgian Chocolate Fudge.
For the Princesses left at home I made "Sparkle Wands" - Vanilla Star biscuits- complete with an edible glitter center star.

Deciding on what flavours to make was hard- There was simply so many I could have done- but in reality needed to have only around 8 to make up the selection.
For those of you who missed out- here is what I ended up deciding on:

 Original Sin- Light Vanilla Butter cake with Vanilla Bean Butter cream

Cafe Catch up- Mocha Mud Cupcake with Coffee Butter cream icing
Chocolate Heaven- Belgian Chocolate Cupcake- topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Belgian chocolate Fudge- Calorie Free of course ;))

Cake That! Signature- The White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake- my most requested flavour!

Delicate Delight- Rosewater cupcakes Iced in a Rolled Fondant- with a sweet rolled rose detail.

Velvet Affair- Red Velvet cake with Vanilla Frosting Swirl. I chose to include this flavour for its "gimmick" factor. Being the opening weekend of Sex and the City 2 - I thought the ladies attending the High tea party may find this cupcakes a little bit "New York". While I do have clients request this flavour- its bold colour- and high food colouring content often doesn't appeal to the masses.

Tropical Delight- A dense Citrus cake- filled with Citrus Curd- topped with Lemon Butter cream and finished with a coconut Lime Macaroon! Had Sam Stosur won the French open on the Saturday night-  My sister wanted to rename it in honor of her for the Sunday.

and last but not least was the next cake:

Gluten Free Dariole Cakes- Moist chocolate and and Almond Flourless cakes topped with ganache- whipped Milk Ganache and then a Chocolate filigree disc.

I sold the cupcakes either singly- in a box of four or a box of Six! We ran a giveaway over the Weekend and were delighted to offer the winner a stand of 30 cupcakes and top  tier to use at their next event.

In all over 800 cupcakes were sent home with High Tea Party revellers.... perhaps to share with the ones left at home- or perhaps just eaten on the return trip ;-P

It was A Fabulous Weekend- and I woudl do it again in a heart beat.
I sent My mum to attend the High Tea on the Saturday- to have the full experience. My sisters and I reveled in the pampering across both Saturday and Sunday- getting out Hair done at the VS Sasson Hair Station- Make Up by Bare Minerals- stuffing ourselves silly on Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate- sipping Liptons Teas- and Galliano Cocktails- nibbling at Skinny Cow Ice creams - Pawing over the Ciao Bella Travel goods and simply Meeting all of the other High Tea Party Businesses and Generally just having a ball.
My Sister Kate had me looking the complete Pink Fashionista with a pair of electric pink Rollasoles from the McGrath Foundation stand!
Amazingly we managed to make time to Man the Stand and sell out of the Cupcakes!

Alex- Kate- SJ- Mum (Angela)

Nair were on hand - giving away Pictures of the groups of ladies- and wax- of course!

So a Huge massive thanks to my Family- it was a brilliant experience and a weekend of fun! Looking forward to next year for sure!

The High tea Party is run annually in Brisbane Melbourne Adelaide and Sydney.
Adelaide and Sydney siders still have their events coming up - so get in fast- I would highly recommend this day out to anyone in need of a bit of Fun, Fashion and Fabulous Food!

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Monday, 19 July 2010

OH Dolly!

The Last Weekend in May was a Mammoth one indeed. To keep this post short and sweet I am only going to include some of the cakes that I sent out.

First and foremost I will mention the cake that made me excited- challenged me and last but not least was overall pretty cool to get to do!
It is not very often that I get to do Birthday cakes- more than 90% of my business is Wedding cake related- so when  client commissions you to create a fantastic piece of cake art- you jump at it!
For this girls very special 21st Birthday- it was a Giant "Dolly Varden" like design that they were after! A huge doll cake- that stood almost a meter tall when finished.
She was cool- and scary all in one breath. I had a mirror in my cake room and after she was completed standing there in her shelf- she gave me a scare on more than one occasion- as I thought there was someone in the room! LOL! Crazy I know but her eyes seemed to look at me heheheh!

The Party theme was Masquerade- so the cake wore a mask simulating the Birthday girls- along with a charcoal sparkling top and a pearl white skirt- all finished off with a Big sugar bow. The long Hair was Curled down the back.
The young (20 something) men at the venue were looking then saying" that is a cake?" sure is! - well most of it anyway!
I had so much fun doing this cake- Thank you so much for having me make it!

I delivered this cake first- as the sheer size of it meant that the logistics to drive it to the venue were a little hairy. I should have had more confidence as she rode in the back no worries- arriving safe and sound without a scratch!
With the Doll cake on the table it was off to deliver the rest for the day.

This tower of 100 cupcakes was delivered and set up at the Keperra Country Club. 7 tiers of cake and Cupcakes- looks might impressive if I do say so myself.
Simple plain iced cupcakes presented on a big stand makes a huge impact- not needing of fine and intricate decorations at all!

I am a sucker for a sad story- and this week- although I had my quota of bookings- decided to take on one more cake. The poor Bride to be had rung me in a panic less than 2 weeks out from her wedding to ask me if I could please make her a cake. In the whirlwind of wedding planning ( from afar) she had totally forgotten about organising a cake!!!!!!!!!
Her genuine dismay melted me and before I could even process the thought- YES - was coming from my mouth. Whats another late night anyway?
I was delighted to create my Chocolate Mountain Cake for her wedding in Dayboro. 
I only got to meet the couple when they collected the cake- and was glad that I was able to help out at such short notice.
I had a few collections this weekend- and another Birthday cake too!
A Sweet 16 cake for a young lady.
From memory the party was a Mad hatters tea party- so this brightly coloured single tier cake was chosen.
A turquoise pink and chocolate colour theme cake! Simply sweet!

The Bride in Waiting cake was also sent off to Wynnum for a wedding.


With this personalised style design any colours or accents can be adapted to your needs.
I also got to use my new textured rolling pin again- and I love it! Check out the quilt!

The next soft iced cake was pretty as the picture.
The purple colour theme carried throughout the venue- and looked warm and fresh.

Once again- keeping it simple often pays off!
Flowers of this cake were supplied by Wedding Essence.

Last but not least feature cake for this week was yet another Cupcake tower.

The wedding Red Black and White theme was resonated in this cupcake tower.
Red Velvet Cupcakes and Chocolate cupcakes- placed on alternate layers- YUMMO!

The Clients later supplied a self made top cake- sadly I did not get to see the finished product.

Well that was osm eof the last week in May- I hope you enjoyed the selection!
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Sunday, 18 July 2010

All the Pretty things.........

I have just returned frm Annual leave- and am getting my self into gear and getting the blog up to date!
I have some really great cakes to share with you all- so sit back relax and enjoy the next few posts to come ;))

It isn't every week that I get to make a corporate cake.
The Exedy 15 year Australian Anniversary Dinner was held in late May at Bretts Wharf.
A simple Logo cake in the company's theme colours.
I was recently in Thailand- and was amazed to see an Exedy  truck on the freeway!

I noticed the cobalt blue and electric pink logo as our cab sped along the freeway- amazing considering that I had never come across the company in my own city prior to making the cake for them.

It wasn't all corporate work that week in May- there was some other pretty cakes too!
I headed to Hillstone on the Saturday Morning to set up this version of the "cream dream" on my site. These roses were just gorgeous ( supplied by the couple) they were simply luscious!

Our next stop was Tattersalls-  where I delivered this Classy three tier cake with Fresh blood red roses.
The couple had chosen to supply a "Kissing couple" topper that sat perched on the top tier.
I LOVE the Mirrored boards at Tattersalls. They really make the cake stand out- often making it look allot larger than it may be.
It was back again to Bretts Wharf with the next wedding cake.
My All class design is one that is often inquired about. Each smooth iced tier is finished with a double flat bow around the base.
No Fuss- just a stylish cake that fits it purpose.

After the City cakes were delivered- it was off down to Tanah Merah for a Wedding held in a private home.

A frangipani themed cake- with Silk Frangipanis across the design.
A single sugar heart sat on top of each cupcake and also sprayed outthe top.
Last but not least was a Naming Day cake for a friend of the fabulous Toni Snell.
A single tier version of the "christening rose" design for Lily Grace!  

Baileys Macadamia Mud was inside this pretty and pink cake.
I also made matching cupcakes- sort of shabby chic with their varied designs- but all with elements from the main cake design.

Little bows- Hearts and roses- just adorable.

You can see more form Lily Grace's naming day on Toni's Blog.

That's a wrap for the fourth Weekend in May!

Thans for reading

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Email Inquiries

As many of you may have realised - I have been away on annual leave for the past few weeks.
I am getting through all of the emails that have been sent since I have been away - however- I just wanted to reitterate the importance of sending through your correct email address when using the online inquiry form.

I have more than a dozen emails which I cannot return as they either don't have a return email address- or the email address supplied is incorrect ( e.g. spelled incorrectly or incomplete)

If I haven't replied to your email- this  is probably why. In general I try to return emails within 48 hours of  receipt- so If you have not received a reply in this time frame I encourage you to contact me again.
I also welcome you to contact me by phone if you have not received a reply.

Thank you to everyone for their patience whilst I retruned emails during my break.
I look forward to creating you gorgeous cakes for your future events!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sneak Peek........ Debbie Brown Workshops

 A little blog just to whet your appetite- Full story to come!
So for all of  those who didnt make the workshops here is some of the brilliant Designs Debbie made:

Debbie's Funky Flower Fairy...............

 Her Fabulous Ganesh cake topper.............

The Three Witches Cauldron cake.......

and my half complete Bride and Groom Bug car!
Looking forward to sharing the full story soon!