Sunday, 24 February 2008


If you follow my website- and this blog- you will notice that I have been a little slack of late- updating my site with recent cake pictures.
This morning- however- I actually added around 3 weeks worth of unique cake pictures to the site! What amazed me is that in the wedding cake gallery alone is ....... 180 cake pictures!!! can you believe it! I really need to get a new website and sort this out! If an unsuspecting dial up user came across my website they could be waiting for days to view those pictures ;)
As mentioned in my previous post- yesterday was the hottest day for 2008 so far- of course the hottest day of the year had to be the day when I was delivering a chocolate cake, and fresh flower cakes!!! So with the car sitting running with the Air conditioning on for 10 minutes before I started loading- to get the temperature down a degree or 15!!

Suffice to say- all cakes arrived as they were created! This chocolate design went to Mt Cootha- and although I have created this design numerous times- this cake- with the off white and blush pink roses looked so romantic!

The next cake was for a lovely couple- who were holding their reception at the Pacific international hotel. One of my wonderful friends- Natalie- works there as a chef- and not only was she working on her birthday- but it is was also a significant one at that!
The cake is a classic design- that suited the room- that was adorned wit red rose petals.

This next design was for the identical twin of one of my clients from last year (that was a mouthful!). They held their wedding down at the Marriott Surfers Paradise- on Friday. A beach wedding inspired this cake- and it looked fitting for the occasion. Brushed blue, with shell and frangipani decorations- all edible of course.

Last but not least is this carved three tier design. My cousin actually helped by painting some of the piping silver for me- thanks Jess- then my husband carried all 17knof it through South bank to Cafe San Marco- where the reception was held. A real family affair! With Next week a big week- not only allot of weddings- but my friend Natalie is celebrating her birthday- and my sister Kate is coming home after 1 year away overseas!

White Wedding....

This week I have had so many great cakes to make- it is really hard to choose favourites.
I am starting with this entry- about the "white" cakes I made this week.
For those of you who read this blog- will probably know that I have a sneaky favouritism to "traditional" designs. Don't get me wrong- I love creating all sorts of bold and fun designs- but reflectively when I wish I could have my wedding again (500 times over!) these are the sort of designs I would choose.

First of all is this delicate two tier design. The inspiration was taken from a bridal magazine- the cake- iced in Ivory with pure white decorations- looked timeless. Fine piped clusters of dots trailed from beneath the clusters of Orchids.

The next cake had me a little anxious- not the design itself- but the fact that the clients were transporting all 65cm of this cake to Versace- on their own!! This cake has 5 cakes inside- a double layer of fruit cake on the base- with a single layer of White raspberry in the middle- and a double layer of chocolate on the top. The base and the top tier have a five petal flower- brush embroidery details, with lustered center pearls. All white lilies and white tuille fill the top tier.
I myself stress every time I transport a 5 tier cake- and I deliver cakes every week- so it was only natural that I held my breath whilst the clients took this cake on their own. With careful instructions and tight packaging- I am relieved to say- this cake arrived safely! Phew!

My final "White" design of the week- couldn't have suited the room better. On Brisbane's hottest day this year (39 degC when I delivered this cake) the room was dressed in a crisp white and silver theme- reminiscent of a winter wonderland. With feathers being a theme that flowed throughout the event- a spray of white Ostrich feathers emerged from the top. Each cupcake was baked into a silver paper, iced in soft peak royal icing- then sprinkled with mixed sized cachous.

With the lights dimmed at the venue- getting a shot that did the cake justice was very hard.

Can you understand now why I find it so hard not to love every design I make!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Sincere apologies

Unfortunately due to an issue with Optusnet- I am unable to respond to any hotmail addresses.
I can still read your emails- however- unless you have provided a telephone contact number- within the email- I am unable to respond, until this issue has been resolved.
Please note that this is an ongoing problem that started over a week ago- and I have over 100 emails that have been returned to me.
I apologise for not being able to respond at present- however this situation is out of my hands.
I welcome you to either forward alternate contact details, or call me on 0404 388 219 and speak to me in person.

To all my past present and future clients- I thank you for your patience and understanding whilst this matter is resolved.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Polynesian Princess

Yesterday I set up one of the most visually effective cakes I have done!
Even from 15m across the room- tis cake stood out!
Yesterday afternoon My husband and I arrived at the East Leagues club to set up a 21st cake, for a lovely girl. Not only was she lovely (and beautiful) her mother and sister were wonderful people too.
I first met with them all late last year, and after meeting them, and learning about some of the customs surrounding this auspicious occasion- I was delighted to be apart of this celebration.

Having a Polynesian heritage, we used this theme to create the show stopping design!
Polonia's (Birthday girl) sister is a great artist- still only a teenager herself- her artwork is incredible. She drew some beautiful patterns that were banded around each cake. The carefully drawn and scaled patterns were wrapped around the cake- made from Printed icing. The first run of the prints weren't successful- but after having the drawings reprinted at another supplier- they turned out just perfect!

With the weather this week once again being both wet and humid- the challenge to work with the delicate printed icing- to finish this design was challenging.

A miniature three tiered cake (all of the cakes are handed out to the guests as a matter of ceremonial importance) Stood tall on top of the tower of individual cakes. There were three different patterns, each representing the three different flavours inside. Chocolate Mud, White Mud and Marble Mud- filled both the three tier and the miniature cakes.
Set onto a stand, that had three levels of mini cakes, plus the top tier, this cake stood over 65cm Tall! The symmetry of the patterns and the mini cakes even drew the chefs out if the kitchen for a sneak peek!

My Husband made sure every cake was in line, and perfectly spaced out on the stand too! Whilst he towers over tis design- I must tell you he stands at 197cm tall!

Personalised balloons filled the room- so the Gold, white, black and Brown theme was complete.

The Function coordinator at the venue was definately worth a mention. He was so friendly, genuine and helpful- something that is often forgotten in this industry! I hope I get to work with him again!

So here's wishing Polonia a Fantastic 21st Birthday! I hope you had a blast!

Catch up time!

Firstly- My apologies to my loyal reader for not writing a blog note last weekend. Time simply slipped away- and before I new it another week had passed.

So to "Catch up" on what happened last week- here goes:

I had yet another weekend filled with cakes across 4 days. Beginning on Thursday, all the way through to Sunday. The week itself was hectic, with the constant rain pouring down- making cake decorating that little bit more difficult than usual.
On the Tuesday afternoon I received a call from a Bride asking as to how her Wedding cake for Friday was coming along- Unfortunately I didn't have an order for the Bride! This particular Bride had emailed me an inquiry in Early November- and as she was happy with what I had quoted her- had asked her Mother in Law to book the cake ( she was residing Overseas). A gut feeling made her ring me (along with the fact that other suppliers had also been missed) - and luckily she did! I felt terrible for this bride- two and a half days until she was to be married- and no cake! Although I was technically fully booked for that week, and needing only basic Cupcakes- I was more than happy to help. The Groom came and collected the cakes, and stand on the Morning of the wedding, and told me how wonderful everything ended up when he returned the stand this week. Crisis averted!

I then had a weekend filled with really personalised cakes.
On Saturday I had two designs-
The first was held at North lakes- where when I went to set up the cake- the family was there setting up the reception room- with less than 2 1/2 hours until the ceremony- the setting up was in full swing!

The bride and groom had found a beautiful mosaic mirror to place their cake onto. Tying in with the Blue colour theme, complete with a three tier cake- banded with personalised ribbon- this cake looked great.

Next I headed to Brett's Wharf- to set up a gorgeous Cupcake tree.
This couple also had a little baby, so I made a sugar "family" that topped the cupcake tower! Pink and Cream rise petals engulfed the design, creating a soft and romantic look.

Then on Sunday Morning- as the rain Bucketed down, I delivered a Cupcake tower- for a little girls baptism. Every cupcake was gluten free. The top tier was designed to match the invitation paper- and was just too cute!My only wish is that I was a better photographer!

For those of you who are still reading on...
Here is this weeks Cake That! Adventures!

I once again had teh opportunity to make a cake for Jett- a little boy whose christening cake I made last June. This weekend he was turning one- so at the request of his lovely mum- I made him a cute Frog cake!

Complete with a cheeky poking out tongue and all!

My family is always keen to help out when it comes to delivering cakes. On Friday- my cousin- Jess tagged along to help set up for a wedding at Indooroopilly Golf Course. The Groom was a mad keen golfer- so it was only fitting that their toppers were carrying clubs!!For her first cake set up- Jess did an awesome job! She helped me put this tower together in no time!

One of my most asked about designs is the "Bridal rose/Pearl essence" cake. With piped icing pearls around teh base- ranging from pea sized through to pin sized- this cake is always beautiful This week I had my first ever square version of the design- and it too looked great (if I do say so myself!). The entire cake was Dark Raspberry Mud- and it weighed a tonne!
Iced in Ivory with the piped icing pearls and some fresh flowers to finish- beautiful.

There is one more cake that I must tell you about this week- but it needs a story all on its own!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The winner is....

The winning cake for the best of 2007 Poll was actually a three way tie!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!
More cake Stories are coming soon!