Sunday, 29 April 2007

Finals Fever!

It is with great excitement that I can announce that I(Cake That!) am a finalist in this years ABIA Awards. I am a finalist in the QLD category for Wedding Cake Design. This is an award where your past clients vote for you- and the service that you have provided! I am very greatful and excited to have received many votes and well wishes fro my clients over the past year! So fingers crossed X The awards dinner is on the 15th of May- so I will keep you posted!
It was fabulous news to receive. I was also fortunate to receive three wonderful Thank yous in the mail this week. I love hearing feedback from my clients- and I really enjoy seeing the fantastic pictures they send from their special day!

Being involved in a wedding is a very special commitment- so when a Bride has a change of heart and wants to change her entire design(from Cupcakes to a stunning classic three tier design)- with less than 2 weeks notice- I am quickly my toes to see how I can manage the new design in time! Quite often I fall in love with a particular design, and his cake is one of those occasions.

This is the design the Bride emailed me just over 2 weeks ago.......

And this was the finished Product!!!
I love this cake- especially this photo. The Bride had some slight changes to the original design- including changing the icing band from a green to a Teal Blue- to match her Bridesmaids gowns. The colour match was perfect- to the naked eye- so I was more than chuffed with the overall result. The cake was then transported (by the brides Future In Laws) to the Venue on the Border of NSW and QLD. I can't wait to here how it all went.

I also had my husband travel to Maleny to deliver and set up a cupcake tree for me. My husband is so meticulous and takes exceptional pride in setting up designs for me. He had the special task of setting up the cupcake tree with the gorgeous Pregnant Bride figurine!
She was just too cute!

The week ahead is another big one!! With a Public Holiday long Weekend-it seems everyone wants to get married in the first weekend of May!
Well- Thank you all for reading my Blog!
Till the next chapter.......

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Cartoon Couple Mania

This week posted a major challenge- along with my usual amount of stunning wedding cakes I had to bake, decorate and deliver- it was also my wonderful mum's 50th Birthday.

This week was a week of great couples thinking alike- or being fashionably alike? Anyway 1/2 of my cakes this week were topped with the gorgeous personalized cartoon toppers. From a sporty dumb bell carrying bride, with her surfer husband, to crystal encrusted mini bridal gowns and fashion up styles- this week covered it all.

Saturday was an especially busy day- with my usual appointments, cake deliveries, with the added fun of organizing my Mum's 50th Party!! I also ran into a chef I use to work for at one of the venues- which is always great!- but for those who have met me will realize that I do like to chat- something I definitely didn't have time for on Saturday!

So after the Official "Cake That!" business was done for the day- I had my chance to repay my mum for all the help she gives me each week with my cakes.
I had organized a party with a Middle Eastern theme- complete with a designer airbrushed cake design. I created a cake, with a double barrel base and a single top tier- I then airbrushed the cake from a deep violet colour through to a rose pink. I piped a "Middle Eastern" style design on the sides of the base- which I made silver- and if i do say the overall product looked fantastic. You can see a full shot of the design in Special event Cakes- on my website. Before we cut the cake my sister and I surprised our mum with a Belly dancer- to complete the theme!

Mum Cutting through her cake!

For those of you wondering what the inside of a double barrel design looks like- here is a quick shot I took whilst cutting up the cake.

There is a board in between each layer, then the cake is iced as one. So once you cut through the top part of the cake- the board is simply removed, and you can then make your way through the base!

So this week I am looking forward to the great designs I have on order ( including a gorgeous pregnant bride topper!)

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Record Week

OK, so with so many cakes this week, I couldn't possible choose just one! For the past few weeks I have been having sleepless nights planning how I was going to manage all my cakes this week. I am glad to say- I had need not worried- as it all just fell into place.

I am lucky enough to have a great support team- that regularly swings into action to make sure Cake That! is a success!
My Mum along with my baby sister- Alex- gave up a few days of her holidays to help me get it all done!

Today we left the house in two teams ready to deliver the multitude of cakes on order this week. Steven and I in one car traveled through the CBD Across to Cleveland then over to Mt Gravatt, While my mum and Aunt delivered some more in the CBD for me!

Every cake was so different this week. I love how refreshed I feel when each design I have to create has its own special twist. This week was one of those weeks where I thought " If I was getting married again- I would choose that cake!" I especially loved the white and green design. Both with and without the flowers this cake was elegant and classical.

My house smelt like a Cupcakery- with 4 Cupcake trees on order it was hard to resist the temptation to not bake more cupcakes for us all to eat!

I also got to see a couple of Venues that I hadn't had the chance to deliver to before. The Grand view Hotel at Cleveland- is exactly that. One of todays couples were holding their reception in a Marquee out the back overlooking the bay. The smell of the fresh sea air and the beauty of the set up was a perfect match. ( Oh and Of Course the gorgeous cake that was chosen by them too ;)

All in all with only one lonley cake left to be finished by tomorrow- I am glad I am not this busy every week. I am looking forward to Next week now- and to start all over again!

Monday, 9 April 2007

"Brisbane Cake Queen"

On the 22nd March 2007, in the Courier Mail- I was colloquially referred to as "Brisbane Cake Queen- Sarah-Jane " How Awesome!
I always thought that comments made in newspapers were "paid" advertising- I was delighted to find out- From my mother in law- that I had been "written up" in the Courier Mail. I had no idea! The article was about various cupcake websites from America, and they included myself and my humble site in the review!
I will have to post the article on my actual website!
The cupcake tree in the picture was created for a beautiful couple last November- They had cupcakes iced with Hot Pink icing- it looked so bold- it was fantastic!

Easter Surprise

Congratulations Pauline and Anthony!
This cake was created for a "Surprise" Wedding on Saturday. All the guests thought they were invited to celebrate an engagement, but were surprised with an actual wedding!
This gorgeous cupcake tree was stacked high with Chocolate Mud Cupcakes, each iced in a wicked butter cream, and decorated with a filigree chocolate heart. Solid Chocolate hearts exploded from the top tier.
I was excited to hear from the Bride and Groom that everything went of as planned- and their guests really enjoyed the Wedding.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

True Favourite.

I was lucky enough to first replicate this design for my Brother in Law and His wife. A truly beautiful design, I have been lucky enough to recreate at least half a dozen times. It isn't often that clients chose the same design, but the beauty of this one speaks for itself.
Last month this cake was made in a champagne colour. The warmth of the champagne added to its beauty. Every time I have made this design-I can't help but to fall in live with it over again.

Sunday Mail Feature

Hi All,
Welcome to my Blog- featuring my favourite cakes from each week.
I am really lucky to be able to create some simply stunning cakes for beautiful couples each week! I am excited to share my thoughts with you about my cakes each week!
You can also view many of my past design on my website

This cake was my first cake to be featured in the Sunday Mails' wedding section. It was created for a wonderful couple who lived in Melbourne- but held their wedding in the Grooms home town of Brisbane.
My mother an I had spent over three hours delivering wedding cakes-last Saturday- when this cake was delivered. The Photographer was patiently waiting for me to complete the cake, so he could take this photo- Had I had known it was the photographer from the paper- I probably would have hurried up a bit!
A classic three tier design with the centre tier featuring a heart filigree design and tiny silver cachous. The bright fresh flowers on this white cake- were really striking.
I was really excited to see my work finally in the paper! I am always excited to see the pictures of my past brides- but when the cake is in there too it is fantastic!
Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!