Sunday, 21 February 2010

It begins with a Bang!!!

For the First few weeks of 2010 I was still officially on Holidays...but... my Gorgeous Sister in Law, Alison, and her fabulous fiancĂ©e, Joel,  got engaged just before Xmas and held their Engagement Party in early January!
I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited to hear when Alison and Joel got engaged! My sister Kate was with me when I took the call to announce their engagement- and she can testify my squeals of joy from hearing of the news :))  
I was literally bursting at the seams to make Ali and Joel's cake! It isn't everyday that a family member gets engaged, let alone the opportunity to make them a Kick Ass cake- just because you can! 
I am sure that it every cake makers dream to be able to create cakes that have no "boundaries", no budgets to adhere to, just free and artistic license to create a cake that really fits the occasion using the skills, passion and enthusiasm you have for the job.
Alison and Joel are some the loveliest and most genuine people you could met. They never expect anything, and are honestly grateful for everything they receive. Just because I make cakes didn't mean that they expected one, in fact I felt like I almost had to convince them to have a cake, and that it definitely wasn't a chore but rather an absolute pleasure to create.
So after I drew up a few design ideas, I spoke with Ali and Joel to firstly (without any pressure at all) see if they did want a cake- and secondly- what style of design would they like????
Keeping in mind that I have some grand and classical ideas swimming around in my head for the actual wedding cake-( I have even made mention to my Father in Law that we may need a ladder LOL!!!) - I thought keeping the Engagement cake a bit more whimsical would possibly suit best. Joel and Alison agreed. So I created a Funky Chocolate Tower cake for the engagement party.
Three extended height tiers- the base tier being a Toblerone Mud, with smooth honey, almond and nougat through a dark chocolate cake- the Middle level was a sticky caramel mud- super sweet and chewy- and the top tier was an Egg Free vanilla cake layered with vanilla butter cream. The egg free tier was included as Alison and Joel's next door neighbour cannot eat eggs, and seeing as she was going to be at the party she may as well enjoy a piece of cake too!
The cake was lathered in dark chocolate ganache before long chocolate chards butted together around the sides, and then a trail of white chocolate hearts (in varying sizes from tiny through to palm sized) winded up and around the cake before an explosion of chocolate lollipops came out the top. An "A&J" Chocolate heart plaque  in the middle of the trail on the centre tier personalised the end design.
The heart idea came from the engagement invitations- where a spray of mixed sized wired hearts came across from one corner on the design.. and from there the rest just flowed.

The party was held at Iceworks at Paddington- it was a HOT afternoon, but cool breezes kept everyone comfortable. It was great to meet more of Alison and Joel's friends too, many of whom traveled especially to be there.

Alison with her Bridesmaids Cheremie, Caroline and Elene

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Alison and Joel together facing the camera, but here they are cutting into the cake :)  

I am very rarely a guest at the events I deliver cakes to these days,so it is really special to me when I get to see the cake cut up and enjoyed by the couple and their guests.

It won't be long now before Alison and Joel's wedding comes around in August. They have chosen a beautiful venue and the plans are well and truly in motion for a stunning wedding day.
Congratulations Ali and Joel! I hope you both had a brilliant engagement party- we enjoyed ourselves immensly and look forward to celebrating Your Wedding Day soon.
Lots of Love and Hugs
SJ & Stevie ;)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Debbie Brown Brisbane Workshops June 2010

For all of those who email and call me each week asking if I host cake Decorating workshops- and have to hear that unfortunately I do not- I have a solution Debbie Brown-UK Novelty Cake Guru- Will host 4 days of hands on workshops at the Mantra on Queen in the city.
Debbie will be demonstrating 4 different workshops- suitable for all skill levels.
Whether you are a novice or professional decorator each class will teach you new and exciting cake decorating skills.
Come along and have some fun with sugar and get to meet some more like minded people. 
Click on the image below to see the full sized version of the flyer

This June Brisbane will be welcoming the fabulous Debbie Brown ( UK Novelty Cake Decorator and International Author) to host Four days of Cake decorating workshops.
Whether you are a Novice, dedicated hobbyist or a  professional decorator, Debbie's workshops cater to everyone's needs. Four Full day Courses demonstrating some of Debbie's fabulous cake designs and her signature figure modelling.
You will be treated to hands on workshops- where you will have direct instruction from Debbie, and at the end of the day you will be able to take home your masterpiece.
Class numbers are strictly limited- so get in fast!

  • What to Bring- Your own basics of rolling pin, cake smoothers- a turntable and a small knife- but most importantly a smiling face and an eagerness to learn ;-)
  • What to expect- A  great day of  Tuition, quality cake decorating supplies, Gourmet Lunch and refreshments during the day
  • What you will take home- New Cake decorating Skills and your amazing creation.
Please contact Debbie Directly to secure your place. Fees are payable upon booking.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Hello Holidays.....................

OK- in order to actually catch up and get into 2010 I thought I had better couple the last weeks of 2009 together.

Some truly wicked cakes finished off last year.

I often have people ask if I can make the toppers in different outfits rather than a "generic" wedding outfit. OF Course!!! All of the toppers are made to suit the clients and thier likeness- including any unusual traits or designs that they might desire.
The weekend of the 12/13th December was no different.
I had a chocolate creation with a bride and her "Conan the Barbarian" Groom! Too cute!
"What's that clinging to the side??" you ask- well it is their grey kitten of course! Pets and children can certainly be included in the figure sets.
I also did a variation of a Mad Hatter design that was sent to me over email.
The original bakers design had extended tiers, heart detail and a blingged up Monogram initial- but this couple chose to incorporated their love of all things horses and have three horse heads emerging from the top- as well as golden horse shoe decorations!

This cake really captures the "Mad hatter" Feel- bright and bold, personalised and all out fun!
The "Invitation Print" Cake design on my site is a very popular cake choice lately.
The cake was originally created for a couple to match their invites from Amity Invites 
Since the original cake was posted in my blog and site I have had numerous requests to recreate it. The design is simple and elegant- with a contemporary feel. The Invite designer actually contacted me after I sent clients her way that wanted to purchase the invites to match the cake- usually it is the other way around ( invite pattern onto the cake!) She seemed delighted to have had her design on the cake- and was kind enough to send me through a heap of her Invite samples to have available for my clients to look through when they come in for their cake consultation.

A gorgeous cake for Gianni's Portside late on a Summer Friday afternoon saw me running into the fabulous Jennine from Florabella! Jennine was doing the wedding flowers for the same wedding and was waiting for access to the venue when I came to deliver the cake. Unfortunately I was not able to personally place the cake on the cake table ( as the venue was not set)- but the wonderful Jennine sent me images of the cake beautifully set up!
The four tier cake had a royal icing finish- with piped teardrop and silver cachous detail. A band of Ivory sugar "ribbon" and  Sugar Ivory roses covered the top- Just beautiful. Another stunner to add to my favourite monochromatic cakes!

Brush Embroidery cake designs are also quite vogue with the popularity of the Vintage theme.
This design included teardrop Swarovski Crystals attached to champagne ribbons- arranged at differing heights over the tier. The Brush embroidery technique can be used to replicate lace patterning or a flower detail onto the icing surface. The raised effect adds texture and a touch of elegance to the design.

Purely because of availability- I generally don't get to make many birthday cakes during the year- as for most people it is a last minute thought about ordering a cake.
I do have some savvy clients though who understand the importance of booking early- which means I have the availability to create  a magnificent cake for their event!
One of my last cakes for the year was for  Singer/Music teacher- who wanted something "Funky" for her Birthday.
Together we cam up with a design that incorporated her party colours- her fun personality- and her love of all things music!
Edible Glitter Music Notes wound up and around the tiers all the way to the big "40" at the top! In amongst the black piped icing pearls was the occasional red one- just for something different!
Putting the cake on a Black iced board really lifted the design and made the tiers stand out.
Inside the cake was another surprise- one layer was a gluten free red velvet cake! The Bright red cake was a fabulous way to distinguish the gluten free tier for the guests.

I also had my sister Alex's boyfriends birthday cake to make. It is Joe's birthday just one day after mine- and in exchange for an uber cool cake from me Alex made my Birthday cake!
What else would a 20 something year old want but a Transformers cake???? I made this wicked design from the Transformers logo- simple yet effective.
With a blood red glossy board- and hand painted silver "face" detail- this cake certainly turned heads at the restaurant where the birthday was held. It was a hard ask to actually get Joe to cut and share the cake- but all good things must come to and end- so carve away!!

My Last Wedding cake for 2009 was simply STUNNING!!! I loved it to pieces.
The Bride had organised the entire cake via email- as they lived overseas- and I put together what she ordered.
In the Stamford Plaza River room I layered 4 tiers of chocolate chard covered cakes- and placed some gorgeous roses ( supplied by the couple) in between the tiers. The soft coloured Ivory and white roses with the stunning Buckles(also supplied by the clients) just looked so elegant- a real "Wedding" cake.
What read as a "simple" cake on paper really came together as a stunning way to finish 2009- A certain favourite for the year!I must email the Bride to ask where she bought the buckles from- they were gorgeous!

With all the "client cakes" done and dusted for 2009- I was on Holidays from cake making for a month- taking time out to sort paperwork, get ready for the New Year inquiry Rush, and generally take a break from all things sugar for a while. My family received the last cakes of the year- a Christmas cake for both my family and My husbands family.
Just to add a bit of fun to the Xmas table!
With 2010 now in full swing- it is February already  : o !!

Catching up on Blogging is a slow and steady process- but I am getting there!
Thanks for reading