Sunday, 21 October 2007

Technology Trap!

There are things in Business - and in life- that people expect you to have. A mobile Phone and Web/Email access. We become so reliant on these things- that if, and when they are not functioning- you are left Up the proverbial "creek- without a paddle"!
This week saw me have my first "no phone" experience. Firstly- don't ask me how I did it (some things are better left untouched)- but I lost the SIM Card out of my phone. I lost it inside the house- where you would think that you would be able to find it with relative ease- but no- after almost 2 hours scavenging around the floor looking for it- I came to the realization that it was "Lost in Space". Not only did I have to divert all my calls to another number- but I had lost all of my contact details!!!!
So the very next Morning I went off to the phone providers- where I got my new Blank SIM- and spent that night (at least 3hours) putting everyones numbers and details back into it!!!!
I THOUGHT I was outsmarting technology- by saving all of the numbers to the phones memory, rather than the easily misplaced minute SIM card- but no- less than 24 hours after typing in all of my contacts- I went to answer a call and the phone screen was black. At first I thought I had taken a photo- but no-it was well and truly broken. I couldn't make calls- because I couldn't see what numbers I had dialed on the screen, and It (the phone) wouldn't let me answer calls either. All of this is happening, on Friday afternoon, after I have (thankfully) finished delivering cakes for the day- but it is also one of the busier days for client inquiries!!!!
So off I went to the store where I bought the phone- once again- where the young sales assistant blankly told me that- "You have cracked the screen." When I asked how I "could have cracked the screen" seeing as the phone was sitting in my car console at the time- of course he couldn't tell me- but at the same time didn't hasten to lay blame that the breakage was my fault- and probably not covered under warranty!
Needing to get this fixed as fast as possible- I asked who/what could help me out- seeing as I had had this phone for less than 12 months and all- so Off I drove- all the way to Aspley to the Nokia Care Center- a type of Medicare office for Mobile phones- with the same big cues too!
Standing in a cue for almost 20 minutes listening to the customer service officers tell each client the same thing over and over again- about how they replaced this and that but this is not covered under warranty... I started to come to the realization that I was probably going to end my week with a bill for a new phone! But when my turn came- and I explained what had happened- I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!! and that it would be fixed within the hour!
So now I have a new screen, New SIM, and a new appreciation for "the olden days" when if you didn't have a mobile phone- and your clients couldn't contact you every minute of every day- you didn't go into virtual heart failure!

So to all these people who tried to call me this week- and I was not available- I am sorry, but technology was to blame ;) And to my Nana- who thought she came with me on a quick trip to deliver the cakes- and ended up running around with me for 6 hours whilst I sorted myself out- Thank You!

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