Sunday, 25 November 2007

Baby Cakes.......

Not often do I have the opportunity to create cakes for Christenings- or Baby showers- due to the fact that I am usually well and truly fully booked out by the time people are looking at choosing a cake for the occasion.
This week- however- I was lucky enough to have not one- but two christening cakes to make. One for a repeat client- and the other for one of my neighbours. Both for Baby boys too!

The designs themselves proved to be very similar- even though one was a single tier cake- and the other a tower of mini cupcakes.

The first cake incorporated the baby's fathers Scottish heritage- with his family tartan being used on the cake and sugar bootees. The wedgewood blue and white colour scheme, coupled with the tartan looked very cute.

The next- a Tower of mini cakes- was a design left to my own devices. Whilst I value the trust that my neighbours gave to me to create their son's christening cake- an air or wonder- whether or not this is what they would be after- was quickly squashed when it all came together- looking way too cute!
Catering to Gluten free intolerances once again proved to be easy with this design. With the top tier- a mini replica of the large scale cake, and three cupcake designs- there was something to please everyone.
I always love to see kids when they see a pile of cupcakes, right at their height- just waiting to be touched- then out of know where a responsible adult reminds them to look but don't touch!!!
Baby Max-however- was too busy enjoying sleep to be amazed by the sugary treats that were created for him!
Even though it was a Sunday- I still had cakes to deliver- and was unable to see the cakes being devoured by the other guests! Hopefully they were enjoyed- even if it was just the icing that was eaten by the kids!

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