Saturday, 17 November 2007

Seeing Stars......

I started this week with much enthusiasm- and a little bit of hesitance!
Knowing what lay ahead, and eager to see the finished product, certainly played a little on my mind.
I was asked to replicate a cake from a magazine, which looked so great- that the thought of sticking 1000's of tiny cachous in place for hours on end- almost excited me? So on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm, I sat down, with two bowls of cachous, and a bag of royal icing in my hand!, by 7.30pm- my sight was beginning to get a little fuzzy- so I thought- enough for today. The very next morning I began again at 6.30am, seeing the cake almost half way finished, evolving from what began as a plain iced three tier design- into a sparkling, stunning centerpiece- only needing another 6 hours to complete! Once done, although with slightly blurry vision ;) from staring at the tiny silver balls- I was delighted with the end product! Complete with customised toppers, this cake looked Great!

My husband is one of my greatest critics- he loved this design, and has been eager to name another cake for the website- The "Matrix" is what he has dubbed this design- and that it shall stay!

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Michelle & Brad said...

That looks awesome, Sarah-Jane!! :D Can't wait til you make ours! :]

~M & B