Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Double up!!

I believe being flexible to my clients needs- is a key quality- that keeps my business growing. Making late changes and addition to your order- isn't always because of a simple change of mind- it is sometime very necessary.This past week- I had not one but two clients literally double their cake orders! The first client added a two tier cake- to an order for a cupcake tree ( one was for the Church- and the other was for the reception) and the other added 100 cupcakes to an order for a three tier cake!
Having two extra cake orders to finish- certainly kept me on my toes.

Fresh Anthurium's amongst Orange and Almond Cupcakes!

Not only was I making more cakes than originally planned- I also had a lot of traveling to deliver the cakes. On Saturday Morning I headed to Toowoomba, to deliver one of the "double" orders. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the gorgeous two tier cake- that was for the church- it had some red and "rust" coloured fresh roses to decorate- which were absolutely stunning! The Reception cake, however, was decorated with fresh Anthurium's- in a bright red! I love these flowers- they are so glossy- that they almost don't look real!
After a long day of traveling- Sunday's trips were looking just as exhausting!
On Sunday- My mum came to accompany me to deliver and set up a cake down the coast at Ephraim Island. This island is a five star paradise, just past Hope Island on the Gold Coast. Driving over the bridge to the island delivers you to a pristine environment. The restaurant where the wedding was to be held was getting set for the reception when we arrived.
I set the pretty design, and headed back for Brisbane- for my next lot of deliveries!

Fresh spray roses and white Singapore orchids decorate this cupcake tower.

For the Second week in a row- I had the pleasure of working with Florist, Glenda Pradella, to create a beautiful cake design!
This cake was for a definite chocolate lover! Rich chocolate Mud, covered in Chocolate ganache, and decorated with chocolate scrolls- need I say more! With a tropical theme, the fresh lilies and frangipani's that decorated looked great! When I arrived to set the cake- the photographers were eagerly awaiting my delivery- to get some shots before heading to the ceremony- as they watched on (probably giggling) as I took some shots with my phone camera- as my husband had "borrowed" my digital camera for the day! All in all I don't think my picture turned out too bad!

All Chocolate- this cake smelt twice as good as it looked!

My last but not least delivery for the weekend, was the closest to home! After a full circle South East Queensland delivery run- I headed for Victoria Park Golf Complex- to the beautiful Marquee- to deliver the second of my "double" orders for the week.
This three tier cake is covered in a white chocolate ganache, and decorated with a variety of blooms- to match the brides bouquet.

Fresh Stephanotis- roses, and baby's breath finish this romantic design.

Not long until Xmas- and New Years!

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