Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cake Pride!

You know- I would never think of myself as an intimidating kind of person, so it always surprises me when I meet other people (as well as extended family and friends) who feel like they have to apologise or compare their cake triumphs to mine. 
Yes triumphs not tragedies. 
I love cake decorating, and I've been blessed to be able to do what I love every day. So when I hear "not like your cakes" or "I made a terrible cake" I feel sad. I truly love seeing other peoples creations. 
It can be such a sense of achievement after allot of hard work to complete a cake. 
I meet mums who dismiss their efforts as unworthy- when the truth be told these cakes they've made are the most special of any. 
I'm a huge advocate for parents making their own kids cakes. It really is a right of passage. 
My family will attest to some "challenging" cakes made for me as a kid. Not a single one looking like it stepped out of a magazine- but each and every one absolutely loved and cherished by me (and my friends). 
Goodness knows as a teenager I made many of my baby sisters cakes- we both beamed with excitement at the epic brilliant sugary creation before us! I tried many a design out on her (thanks for being my guinea pig Al)

Parents put so much pressure on themselves to create these magnificent cakes - when in reality kids love it (the cake) no matter how unlike the original idea the end result may be. 
No one has ever gone to a kids party and said "geez look at that poor excuse for a cake" - instead we all really cheer that parent/loved one on for how terrific the cake is- and it's backed up by the excited and proud grin of the birthday recipient. 
 So if you're a friend of mine, or if you meet me- please NEVER apologise for the awesome, filled with love, painstakingly put together cake you've created- stand up and be proud, as I'll be there cheering you on!

I have been honored to guide many friends to make their own cakes, and seeing how chuffed they are with their finished product makes me feel wonderful too!
I welcome you to share your proudest cake achievements in the comment section :)

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Thanks for reading- and Happy Baking