Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 fancies

I can't believe how quickly another year has passed by. 
This year has been Jam packed for me. Between business and family I've barely had time to catch my breath. Owning your own business is rewarding and uber satisfying when you can look back on what you've achieved. 
I'm currently treating myself to a little down time, recharging my batteries for an epic 2016 ahead. 

As I look back on the year, I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude for all that I have. For my magnificent clients who put their faith in me to create beautiful centrepieces for their special occasions. For my ever loving and supportive family and friends who enable me to be the best I can be. I'm most grateful to have had the opportunity to once again spend the year following my passion and dreams, so I thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, who has made this possible. 
I surprise myself at this time of year, when I look back over the cakes I have made. Remembering the clients, how lovely they were, and how unique their cake design was to them. 
The stresses of long weeks, late nights and limited sleep seem to be a distant memory, and it's the beautiful end products that resonate in my mind. 
I've (once again) had some really awesome couples to work for. I've seen some shed tears of joy over the tiny part I've played in their day. I've received beautiful words of thanks, and been blessed with many warm hugs. I've beamed with pride when I've challenged myself and exceeded my own expectations. 
I've not taken this talent for granted, and have shared my skills and given wholeheartedly. 
I've picked a small selection of 2015 wedding cakes to look back on. 

This cake is forever in my memories, not only for its stunning metallic, whimsical beauty, nor the magnificent Cloudland Cellar that it was set in, but mainly for the wonderful clients who commissioned me to create it. 
I knew they were special when they drove from the Sunshine Coast during a storm to meet me at (another) venue showcase. The put complete faith in my abilities to create a design within their brief. They touched my heart with their genuine gratitude, all the while I was equally thankful for the opportunity to work with them. 
This next design I adore because of its bold elegance. 
Once again, superb clients to work for, trusting me to create something beautiful for their day. 
Set in the romantic Alabaster Room at Victoria Park, the striped table runners, and vases of seasonal white blooms we're effortlessly elegant, all the while tying in beautifully was the cake design they'd chosen. 

The next big beauty was one of the first cakes of 2015 for me. 
It stood tall in QUT's Room 360, amongst stunning floral installations by Geraldine from Bouquet Boutique. 

This wonderful couple chose a mixture of styles that created a singular fairytale cake. The large fantasy rose bloom was the key feature to this gorgeous design. 

Having the courage to execute a bold theme is the key to creating a wedding your guests will remember. 
This next cake and room set up at Eves on the River achieved just that. 

Black damask stencilling on tall tiers, layered with deep red fresh roses (just before Valentine's Day too!) 
This cake was warm and bold- I loved it so much!

The next cake (finally) landed at The New Incholm Boutique Hotel. 
Another remarkable couple to have worked with. They took their pre wedding venue hiccups in their stride and ended up in a room that suited their polished Art Deco theme to a T! 

Their cake was constructed around their invitations. Pearl finish with hand cut decorations to tie all their elements together. Arguably one of the most pristine  event set ups I'd witnessed this year. 

I could write a little ditty about each and every cake I've ever made. Each one has its own story. Each one touches my heart. 
But I'll leave this post with the last of my 2015 cake picks. 

I may have created this design many many times, but each time it is destined for another magic couple. 
I loved working with these guys. So pleasant, so warm, and overall delightful. 

On the day of their wedding I was excited to put this cake together- but the universe had other ideas. 
I ran behind my schedule all day. I spent hours in traffic and negotiating detours prior to (finally) arriving at Customs House to put together this Cinderella Beauty. 
The venue was a buzz when I arrived. The event decorators had completely transformed the Long Room, enrobing  it from floor to ceiling in golden velvet drapes. Gorgeous lighting, breathtaking tables- it was true Luxe elegance all the way. 
Such relaxed, down-to-earth clients, who knew what they wanted and achieved it greatly. 
Such a privilege to be apart of each and every client special occasion this year. 
I look forward to creating new Cake Memories in 2016!
Thank you to all my clients. I hope you enjoyed your cake as much as I did creating it!
Best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2016

Thanks for reading