Sunday, 31 October 2010

When it Rains it Pours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The tittle of this blog post is not just an analogy - it was an actual fact of the week ending 10/10/10.
More couples chose this weekend to get married than any other weekend thus far. I turned away so many clients- I began to wonder if there were 10 of me how many cakes I could have actually done LOL!
The lucky folk who got a "Cake That!" cake on this particular weekend were well organised- ordering over 7 months in advance just to secure the date.
I still had calls up to 2 weeks before the date asking if I had a spare spot- the softie in me was tempted to help out these poor couples who were finding themselves without cake- but reality was I was F. U. L. L.  Full!! as were my many fellow decorators- together we politely offered each others names as possibly being able to make a cake on said weekend- but were honest in also letting the late inquirers know that their best bet would be a chain bakery.

This weekend was a date I was looking forward to in my Calender. It would mark the end of the daily inquiries for cakes on this weekend- and also it would mean I got to do some cakes I was super excited about!!!

First up was a a cake collected and taken out to Mt Mee's Ocean View Estates.
I have done a fair amount of cakes for this venue- but in all honesty have NEVER personally delivered a cake there yet- not because I don't want too- but it seems that all of the clients choose to collect for this particular venue.
A three tier dark chocolate creation softened by baby pink ribbon around each tier- Chocolate lovers delight for sure!  


Saturday had me doing a close CBD run- Headed first to Moda (formerly Gianni's) in the city to deliver this fabulous cake!
A Whimsical interpretation of the couples invitation paper decorating the actual tiers- with a cute- ultra custom- set of cartoon toppers on top.
The Groom SPECIFICALLY requested to be dressed as Batman- yep Batman! and it turned out pretty cool- in my opinion!  

I couldn't have Batman just  standing there on the top- he needed to be posing- didn't he?? LOL! Like a KaPow!! sort of move don't you think??? Cute as anyway!

The Bride and groom were such a lovely couple- so friendly and just plain fun.
The cake was iced in a very pale pink fondant ( matching the invites) and then a combination of applique piping and hand painting were used to create a whimsical interpretation of the invite print.  


Tiny details like two little rabbits were in amongst the decoration too.
I could have played with the decoration on this cake for ages- it was a real pleasure to see the cake evolve as the different decorating elements all came together to create a truly unique design.  

The super soft pink and Navy colour scheme worked beautifully together too.

It was pretty much all about having totally fabulous couples on this weekend.
My next couple had their wedding at a private property out at Munruben.
I was delighted to be able to supply a cupcake tower for their wedding.

 When I make the cartoon toppers- I like to get as much detail as possible.
I was so excited when I saw that the Bride had a black and white gown- it was so pretty- and most of all not the usual white or Ivory!
Each cupcake was decorated with a piping detail which was taken from the embroidery on the brides gown.
The black red and white theme resonated in the cupcakes too- black papers with either Red velvet or Berry swirl flavour inside.

My Love of all things monochromatic was satisfied on this weekend too!
A four twisted tier cake- wrapped in icing with a large pearl white bow on top- pretty as a picture!  

The texture of the wrapped icing and the soft pearl finish to the bow came together to create a very elegant contemporary design indeed.

The next cake was all about the bling!
The beautiful Clodagh supplied her own crystal toppers for this cake.
Diamantes around the base- in the quilting and on the topper and initials- it was certainly Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!
The couple even had a Mirror made up to display the cake on for added shine.

 This was such a wet week- non stop rain- 99% humidity- but lowish temperatures- meant there was a huge load on my dry air con system. I used so much CMC to make sure everything stayed set- and even that didn't help once I took the cakes out of the "cake room". Weather can really suck when you are making cakes- whilst it may be OK in the confines of the decorating room- the second you move the cake into ambient temperature and humidity everything can go pear shaped.

For the second time only on my decorating career- I had to call a bride to see if I could alter her cake design slightly- to suit the weather. I had exhausted every option to create the original ordered design- and my very last resort was to call her and see if what I needed to do was OK. Well I need not have gotten myself into such a twist- as the beautiful bride was all too understanding.
The cake she ordered had royal icing fine piped butterflies- and with the weather they just kept melting :(( So I needed to swap the butterflies for a more solid version.... and then even these didn't have the "flight" that you would normally get  when it hasn't rained for a week straight!

Thank you so much Alecia for understanding about the butterflies- and for choosing such and awesome black and white design.
I feel like I am repeating myself in this post about how Fabulous my couples for this weekend were- but seriously they all were. Really friendly genuine people - who appreciated the product and service that you have to offer.
The next couple chose the Toowong Rowing Club as their venue- A beautiful riverside ceremony and reception venue tucked away at St Lucia.
 Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate! This couple wanted a cake that you looked at and just wanted to eat! I hope your guests enjoyed the cake- and that no one stole any curls before the cutting LOL!

 I delivered to some top scenic venues that weekend- unfortunately though the weather spoiled what views were normally on offer.
I was up at the Summit Mt Cootha- and you could not see the road in front of the restaurant- let alone the city and SEQ views- for all the heavy cloud and rainfall that day. Such a shame that nature didn't shine on Brisbane on 10/10/10 an auspicious and lucky date in the calender.
I set up a "Singapore Rose" cupcake tower- delicate fresh spray roses decorated this tower of cupcakes.  

It was from one Mountain top to another- my next stop was to Ruffles Lodge at Willow Vale.
This place is just MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! Recently re-branded as a Peppers- Gorgeous is just an understatement. The soaking rains and heavy cloud couldn't put a dampener on this stunning intimate venue.
I actually had the pleasure of sending another cake to Ruffles yesterday- where I got to see the panoramic views on a crystal clear day- breathtaking!
Not only is the venue uber luxurious- the staff are warm friendly and very accommodating. I may have even mentioned to my husband that perhaps a weekend away for my Birthday in December could be a reason to stay???? We will see though ;)

So while at this magnificent venue I got to set up a cute as cupcake tower too.
It is not often that I get to make children toppers to go with the bridal couple- so that in itself was allot of fun.

 A soft cocoa latte and cream colour palette- along with natural greens and red birds all combined to create this cake tower.

The children toppers sat in amongst the cupcakes on a shelf of the stand- the toppers kind of reminded me of the kids on the Cadbury chocolate advert.
 The Brides gown was one of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen. I am going to blame the bad light from the wet weather for not getting a great shot of this cake- I really wanted to share with you all how pretty her little dress was. Layers of soft latte coloured chiffon ruffled together to form a skirt- with a wrapped lace and satin bodice- stunning couture, pretty elegance.

Well that was the 10/10/10 weekend! A bundle of fantastic cake designs chosen by equally fabulous clients. I couldn't do it without you all!

I hope that you enjoyed the post- if you are on Facebook please pop by and visit my facebook page

Past clients are encouraged to submit pictures of their special day and cakes- as well as the option to leave a review of your "Cake That!" experience.
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Congratulations to all of my couples from this weekend in October- Best wishes for the year ahead!
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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hello October!

Wow! I cannot believe how fast I am flying through wedding season. It is almost becoming a blur- as I have had cakes to bake decorate and deliver EVERYDAY since the end of August.
The first weekend in October was a MEGA one indeed. Not only did I have a full schedule of wedding cakes- I also had a fabulous 40th Birthday cake for a great long time friend of mine- but more on that in another post.

I sent cakes near and far- from a hop skip and a jump away in the CBD- out to Kingaroy- Down to Sanctuary Cove- even out to Cleveland. It really amazes me how far my cakes travel sometimes.
With only 2 cakes collected out of more than 2 handfuls- it was quite a delivery run that Saturday indeed!

Friday weddings are a common occurrence on my calendar- a brilliant way to start and extend your weekend for sure.
The first cake to leave cake central was collected and delivered out to Cleveland- a tower of cupcakes in latte and cream theme- set up by the family at the Cleveland courthouse.
I was able to see some beautiful shots from the wedding through the Uber Magnificent and vivacious celebrant- Anne Campbell- who officiated the ceremony.
The next collection was for the sister of a Truly beautiful lady who I use to work with- back in the Stamford Days. Debanie's sister Holly was getting married up at Kingaroy! Morethan 100 themed cupcakes were transported up to Kingaroy- and set up in the magical Silk lined wedding marquee.  

There was two theme designs- one with a "fairy light chain" piped onto the top- and the other- mimicking the invitation pattern with a yellow/pearl fading stripe pattern.
Congratulations Holly and Lewis! Thank you for choosing me to create your wedding cake.

The First Delivery was out to Hillstone- where I delivered the stunning Florencia's "Bling" Wedding cake.
I had made Florencia's Sisters wedding cake a couple of years back- and now it was her turn to walk down the aisle.
A three tier White cake- with Strung diamantes- Silver cachous- A crystal Brooch- and all topped off with a "full Bling" set of Crystal Couture cake toppers.  

Customs house was also on my Delivery run- with this three tier chocolate creation.

I had only the one collection on Saturday- and that was for this Novelty cake.  

I get asked so often about this cake- there are certainly more than a few couples who can relate to the pictured situation LOL!

My Love of all things Monochromatic was covered with this next Ivory delight.

Sugar roses and ivory satin ribbon look just beautiful on this classic design.

This cake was sent to the Brisbane club - my closest delivery of the week ;)

It was then over to The Treasury to deliver the only Soft and fresh cake for the week.
A full trail of roses and freesias swept over the cake.
Serving the entire display cake as dessert- the couple chose to order a kitchen cake and kept that for their anniversary!

My last Brisbane stop was to the Camp Hill Bowls club.
This place is a true hidden gem.
Breathtaking city skyline views and truly friendly staff- just brilliant!
The crowd of regulars were excited to see the wedding cake- and were intrigued by its unusual ( in regards to tradition) design.
This is a variation of my "Skeleton Leaves" cake- and was finished off with flowers by the couples florist. 

Last delivery- but by no means least- was a cake I took down to Sanctuary cove.
This cake was for an Indian wedding. I love culture weddings- there always seems to be so much passion and family about them, the traditions and ceremonies really add to the whole purpose and meaning of marriage.
Sarita and Ish chose a truly beautiful themed cake. 


This cake is hand painted in an edible soft gold colour. To enhance the colour I first coloured the fondant to a "flat" gold colour- which added depth to the final painted coating.
The top two tiers had strung Swarovski Jewels around the base. What may look like pretty shaped jewels taught me a huge lesson- get quotes before quoting the clients. Needless to say- although the beading cost me more than I had anticipated ( and I now have a new found appreciation for hand made jewelery)  they did look really beautiful and blended in wonderfully with the colorful jewel theme.  

Each elephant wore a different drapery- and the base board too was detailed with a deep burgundy ( almost henna like) pattern - which mimicked the couples invitation background.
I have to say a huge THANKS to my wonderful mum. In my craziness that is wedding season- she is always the first one to come and lend a hand so that I am not working 24/7. Mum hand painted this cake- with three beautiful coats- then she cut out each of the elephants by hand for me! I did do some work on this cake- but without her I may have lost my sanity that week for sure.

What was a full on week- was capped off with my very good friends 40th- which I created a personalised cupcake tower for.
I forgot to take my own camera- so when I get some images from the party I will share them with you all.

My first week of my new Cake That! Facebook page has gone really fabulously- with over 400 "likers" already!
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My next Blog will be about the biggest wedding weekend of the year  10/10/10! Looking forward to sharing it with you soon!

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

An Eccelctic Bunch

 The last weekend in September seem to come round in the blink of an eye. I really loose whole months during "wedding season"- as it is head down- bum up- all the way! hehehe!

The first cake for the Week is  a cake- that kind of looks like a giant delicious Lamington- iced in a soft and fluffy vanilla butter cream icing- and then coated in shavings of coconut- YUMMO!
This cake has 4 cakes inside- two double height tiers.

Fresh flowers were placed on top at the venue- fingers crossed I get to see how it all looked in the end.

The next cake was classy Ivory and black- decorated with fresh roses and ranunculas.

A palette royal icing finish over the cake made a fresh and textured finish to the cakes.

I had a cupcake  tower for the Indooroopilly Bowls club- this place is possibly the swishest bowls club I have been too. Brendan and his team from Styled events were creating a terrific space for the cocktail wedding when I was there setting up.
This tower of sugar rose petal cupcakes and small top cake looked allot prettier without the flash.

No rest for the wicked on Sunday either ;-P
This two tier chocolate ganache design- with Panache pink rose son top was collected and taken to Tugun.

Lashings of whipped chocolate ganache covered this cake- a chocolate lovers dream for sure.

The last but certainly not least feature cake for this blog is an Art Deco cake I made for Jeralee and Jacob.
The designs on the tiers came from the invite patterns for the Art deco inspired wedding. 

An Ivory and Navy design- with a hand cut top tier motif.
I was delighted to hear from Jeralee this week 
"Hi Sarah,

How are you? I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing job you did with our wedding cake. It just blew me away! It was absolutely perfect! So many people loved how it looked and loved how it tasted even more! The white macadamia seemed to be the favourite of the night. I was just so happy with it and I thank you so much because for me it really helped to make a great day even better! Thank you!

Jeralee Connor"
 Awwwwwwwwwwwwww- that is the kind of beautiful messages that inspire me to make wonderful cakes for my gorgeous clients!
It is my absolute pleasure to be chosen to make each couples wedding cake- such a significant part of the ceremonies apart of wedding- and to be able to make the couples dream cake is a true honour.

Well that is a wrap for September
So many glorious October cakes to come.
You can see more cakes and keep up to date with Cake that! on Facebook
I welcome everyone to join the page- share your thoughts and comments and leave reviews of your Cake That! cake!

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Monday, 11 October 2010

New Cake That! Facebook Page

For a while now I have been looking to switch from a Facebook Group to a Page- it seems all the kids are doing it LOL!
I will slowly migrate the old group to the new page- and will be adding more pictures etc..
Past clients can also leave a review if they like too!
So if you would like to check out Cake that! on Facebook you can "Like" Cake That! by clicking here

Karen's baby shower


In my family- nothing is really done in halves. I mean even a quiet dinner can mean that all of a sudden more than a dozen people are here- ready to eat, and all talk so loudly that I swear my neighbours must wonder what goes on inside LOL!

My beautiful cousin is pregnant with her second (and long awaited) baby. She already has a little boy- Lachlan- and very soon there will be another addition to the family.
The following images will no doubt reveal the baby's predicted gender- after all even though we have pretty high tech scanning equipment- it can some times get it wrong ( well we hope not- but it can and has happened).
Karen's baby shower was a collective effort between myself and my sisters. I am in full swing with peak wedding season- and I still wanted Karen's baby shower to be picture perfect, so getting my more than capable family to help was a terrific choice.
Alex looked after the invitations, she made the savoury scrolls- did some styling and organised the games- and Kate- well she provided me with a recipe for her CWA Ginger Slice ( which I must admit is pretty awesome tasting) and also helped with the setting up on the day.

There are allot of grand ideas- when it comes to cake design- from my family. Yes they do come up with some fantastic concepts- but when you have handfuls of paying clients who have ordered their cakes well in advance- anything for the family certainly gets tamed down to what you can "fit in". 
I had in mind what I wanted to do for Karen- and knowing that I had other cupcakes to bake for that week- it was going to be pretty convenient to make her a cupcake baby shower cake.

For any of you that know the Pink Cake Box- form the US- I just LOVE their work! They often do pregnant lady cake toppers and I thought that would be super sweet for Karen too.
I have only ever had to make a pregnant lady ( and that was years ago as a bride topper) so it was a bit of fun for me too.
I learned that I definitely needed to give the mini me a bigger belly!
I had to get this "naked" shot- as I thought the belly looked pretty proportionate- but once dressed- I thought it could have been a bit bigger for effect. 

I dressed the topper in a cute chocolate brown dress and left the topper bare foot- barefoot and pregnant hehehe!  

 Keeping with the invitation pink and purple theme- almost every item was coloured to match.

For those of you who read my previous post- you would have read that I recently got some new "toys" and I would be delusional to think that these are the last of my purchases that I will be able to share with you- but for this post I can share about the fabulous mini baby theme biscuit cutters and impression mats I just got.
I have known about these for years- and while I have wanted to order them from the US for some time now- the postage was exorbitant from the manufacturer- luckily- when shopping for a completely different sugar craft product ( yes that is how it usually goes with me) I stumbled across a supplier who had the cutter and mat sets (yes there is other shapes which I may or may not have purchased too....) who was in Australia and who had reasonable postage YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So with my bib and onsie cookie cutter sets I made gorgeous little vanilla sable biscuits - iced in pink purple and white fondant. Being extremely time poor that week- my original vision of creating a biscuit bouquet- and putting all of the biscuits onto sticks was turfed in favour of arranging the biscuits into the cute apothecary jars I had from earlier in the year.

The table was laden with all things pink- if you didn't have high blood sugar before coming over- then you certainly did have by the time you left.

I had also received the Bakerella Cake Pops book in the mail the previous week ( all this online shopping sounds like I have a small problem........) So Cake pops were a definite addition to the table.
The cake pops were yet another family task- Alex rolled the balls of cake- Mum Dipped and decorated them- nice work family!
If you haven't seen Bakerella- check her out- just magic indeed!

Mum had free reign over the cake pop decorations- so it was dark chocolate coating (over red velvet and ganache cake pops- High Extreme GI in case you are wondering) with little pink and purple blossoms to decorate.

There were Musk sticks and Marshmallows- CWA Slice and cupcakes-  Cookies and Cake pops- Fruit Kebabs- as well as Savoury Scrolls, mini Quiches and Sandwiches- and last but not least Strawberry Bavarois- YUM!

A tower of  cupcakes- with the pregnant mummy topper sat in the middle of the table.  
Tiny folded toweling nappies, baby bottles, booties and open gift boxes also decorated the top.

One of my wholesalers had some gorgeous new sugar pearls - which were too pretty not to get and they looked so sweet on top of the cupcakes too.

There was even a deep pink punch- non alcoholic of course. And little take home boxes- that soon needed to be upgraded to larger carry boxes- over cater- never!

 It was a fun afternoon with games and laughter.
Here is the gorgeous Mum to be Karen!

So not long to go now until Karen has her bundle of joy!
Looking forward to sharing some baby pictures when she arrives!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Toys!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that know me will know that I am no stranger to online shopping- seriously I should know my postie by his first name, he delivers to our place that often heheh! So for quite a while now I have been umming and ahhing about getting a photo tent. To be honest I have a rather basic point and shoot digital camera- so I should possibly look  into getting a new camera too- but first things first.
Getting good light really helps to make pictures of cakes look as good as they do in real life- so when one of my friends suggested a Photo tent- I trawled the net and looked for a while- before finally purchasing one- OMG the BEST money I have ever spent! Rain hail or sunshine- this cool little addition to my ever growing cake room is just magic!

I swear I was mid cake when it arrived- but I HAD  to open it there and then! I still need to fine tune it and use the lights to their best ability- but for now- WOW- it makes the whole photographing of cakes that much easier.

This weekend was the first weekend  of the September school holidays- so busy!
I will begin with the first cake  to be photographed- notice my rush to try out the tent and not having ironed the backdrops.....heheheh impatience plus ;)  

 This three twisted tier design was sent to the Treasury Hotel Marquee. The top two tiers were Gluten free- including a Rum and Raisin and a Baileys tier. The Claret Red sugar roses and ribbon tied in with the wedding colours. A quirky Cake topper ( supplied by the clients) stood on top.

The next cake was a very hip black and white design. At the venue a set of antique cake toppers stood on the board- and fresh white roses were placed on top.
I love it just how it is too!
 Sometimes simplicity is the key with bold colours and designs.
This cake was delivered to Rydges at Southbank- and every time I go up to the Rooftop Terrace I just LOVE the view- Magnificent! The "Wheel of Brisbane" lit up in the background at night is just wonderful.

Speaking of great views- a hidden gem is Urban Hotel at Wickham Terrace. A few years back friends of mine had their wedding there- and it was great- and with recent contemporary swish renovations - the hotel is looking more than Funky!  
This reception was held in the aptly named Panorama room- which has very impressive city views indeed!

A Black and Ivory Themed wedding-  the cake was a variation of my wrap style display cake. A complete contrast to the black chair covers with Ivory sash bows- terrific!

The Lace stencils are definitely a popular choice lately- so much so I recently just HAD to buy a whole heap more LOL! 
For the second week in a row I was headed to Bretts wharf to deliver the next cake.
The next wonderful couple chose the Damask style- my oldest and dearest stencil- and used their latte/mocha and magenta colours to create this awesome cake!
The couples invites were this latte colour- with an embossed silver flourish/damask pattern over the paper- so the cake was an extension of this design. Classy and Elegant.

After Bretts Wharf it was over to the Pavilion at Albion for the next cake delivery.
Fresh roses cascaded down the front of this cake. The roses were perfectly prepped by the couples florist cousin Tammy. Thank you Tammy for making it so easy to work with you and for the fabulous fresh blooms for the cake! 
 Having the flowers correctly wired and taped is imperative for the elegant placement of the flowers. So often I arrive at venues only to find that either the supplied flowers are left unprepared (despite specific supply instructions) or that they are incorrectly prepared for placement onto a cake.
Now don't get me wrong there are many brilliant florists who I work with week in week out who I have the pleasure of receiving Stunningly prepared fresh blooms from- and whose gorgeous buds make a simple cake simply fantastic- but unless the flowers are prepped correctly- the fresh flower arrangements on a cake can often look less than professional.
So I truly appreciate the florists who take the time and care to individually wire and tape each flower head- so that I can - in turn- place them onto the cake and create a magnificent fresh flower design.

It wasn't all Fresh flowers that weekend- I actually had Twin cakes too :-p
Non Identical twins- but pretty close none the less.
I am often amazed when I get such similar cakes to make from completely different clients.
First stop was The Polo club with this Dusty pink version of a draped design.  

The sugar roses were in varying shades of pink- filigree piping covering the walls of the tiers and Swarovski Crystals in amongst the piping work.

Then I headed over to The Sebel to deliver a Lilac variation of the same design.  

The piping on this design flowed underneath the draping- instead of all over the tiers.  The Lilac variation was a slightly larger scale design than the pink version too.

Purple is such a popular wedding colour at the moment. My next cake was a cupcake tower for a wedding at the Marriott.
I was silly enough to leave the camera in the car- so I only got a shot of the top tier - complete with cartoon toppers- that I shot before I left in my new tent.

These toppers were only chosen less than 4 days prior to the wedding AHHHHHHHHHHH! My inability to use the word "no" (LOL) meant that I needed allot of CMC to speed up the drying time - But I surprised myself and got them done in time.  

The last drop off for the Saturday- and yes it was a VERY long day- was to UQ- where this last cake was delivered.
Deep red and Gold was t he colour theme for this wedding.
Tiny red blossoms in a quilt pattern on the base tier- with a piped flourish design through the centre of the middle tier- with more tiny blossoms sporadically mixed in- and then a hand cut "double happiness" emblem for the top.
At the venue the couple had a cake topper that sat on top.

After a massive day of deliveries on Saturday- I was left with only a sole cake for the Sunday.
This two tier chocolate creation was sent to Hillstone. Inside was a layered chocolate cake- with a Sour Cherry compote and Krisch ganache. A bit Black forest- esque- and allot of YUM!

So  that is a wrap for the middle of September.

This week has been trying- with the constant rain playing havoc with all delicate cake decorations. Not even the humidity and temperature control can keep up with all the wet.
Today being 10/10/10- I have a bundle of cakes to deliver- and I cannot sleep- as all I can think about is the weather and how the cakes will hold up. They say you cannot change the weather- it is nature after all- but for the many 1000's of  Couples getting married today it would have been nice if the sun had been shining on their special day.
At least I have my photo tent to light up the cakes in this gloomy weather :)
Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Something Berry Special indeed!

With "Wedding Season"  in full swing- I was Guaranteed to have some amazing clients choosing equally wonderful cakes. 
Every week I feel honoured to be able to supply such a significant cake for such a monumental occasion in peoples lives.
I cannot even free my mind once the last cake is delivered- as I begin to think that- ohhh perhaps the  Bride and Groom are cutting their cake now??????? 
I often feel quite overwhelmed thinking about how many people may potentially eat a piece of my cake on any given weekend- in peak season it can often be 1000 or more :-O

This Second week in September had me not only delivering far and wide- but also sending cakes out to events in SEQ once again.

The first design  took a trip over to Stradbroke Island- This Classic Two tier cake- complete with sugar roses, and enhanced by my new  silver cake stand.
The top tier had a full dome of roses and green leaves.

The base tier had a striped overlay- which was hand painted pearl- as well as piped icing pearls- also finished with the pearl effect.
 I love how the stand adds and element of Grandeur- to what would generally be a classic and elegant two tier design.

I sent a similar version of the same design to Mt Tambourine on that same weekend- and the subtle differences in the design really change the look of the cake entirely.
Fresh flowers were added at the venue by the clients to complete the cake.  


Some past clients had referred the Mt Tambourine clients to me- and it was lovely to see them again when they came to collect the cake and take it to the wedding.
Purple colouring is very popular at the moment- as well as black and white designs too.

An old school friend had a baby this year- I was blesses to make Lena and Brett's Wedding cake back in April 2009- so it was my pleasure to create a pretty Christening cake for their newborn daughter Ruby Jane. Due to my big Delivery run I was unable to personally attend the christening in Kingaroy- but thankfully Lena's aunt lives in the next suburb to me and took the cake up with her. 

 The design itself was inspired by my cake friend Kelly- who has a business in Ireland (Crafty Confections). Her cakes are A- MAZING! Sensational work! I had seen the Blossom Cross on one of her cakes and thought it so beautiful I "borrowed" the idea and expanded the design for Ruby's cake. 

 A pretty Pink Teddy with a sleeping brown teddy sat on top- so cute!
Sugar blossoms banded the base of each tier- whimsically trailing around the base.
It isn't often that I get to make Christening cakes- and with free range to create- this pretty two tier design is a nice mix of pretty and practical- definitely not anything OTT.

Referrals form a big part of how clients find out about me- and I truly value and appreciate that.
The next clients had been referred to me through my (recently married) Sister in Law Alison.

A variation of a design I had done a few years back- complete with fresh roses supplied by the couple.
The roses were like nothing I had seen before- Pinky/Purple variegated almost. Very beautiful.
I delivered this cake to The Landing at Dockside- where the night time riverside reception was being held.

Brisbane has many great riverside venues- my next stop was no exception.
I headed over to Brett's Wharf to set up this Three tier Swarovski Pearl Design.   

Over 8 Meters of hand strung Swarovski Pearls wound around the tiers of this cake.
I had split the line into three sections- enough to wind around each tier 5-6 times. Then I sat patiently for a few hours "randomly" stringing the beads and securing them along the line- hoping that once wound around the cake that the "random" pattern would still be evident.  

The cake itself was iced in a pale pink- then shades of pink and Ivory pearls in varying sizes wound around the design. Some Sugar pearls also sat across the cake.
The Swarovski pearls will make a lovely keepsake bracelet/necklace combo too!

After the riverside deliveries were done- it was back into the city to the United Services club.
This three tier White design featured a different pattern on each tier.
The Bride was placing some fresh natives between the layers herself later that day.  

Fingers crossed I get to see a picture of cake all set up with the fresh natives- I can only imagine how good it would have looked.

Next it was over to Boulevard Gardens- where I once again had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Glenda Pradella.  

Glenda arrived after I did and once again arranged some fresh flowers across the cake tiers. 

I had another fave florist to work with that weekend- the beautiful Jennine from Florabella  

She arranged these beautiful pink roses on a classy two tier cake for the Emporium on the Sunday.
The talented Miranda Greer was the photog for the day- and I look forward to seeing the pics soon too!

I hate to have favorites but the cake I have left until last definitely holds a piece of my heart.
I met the fabulous Bob and Ash earlier this year- they were very clear on the type of cake they wanted for their wedding- and I was only too willing to help them achieve their dream cake.

Nice doesn't even begin to describe Bob and Ash- they were so warm and friendly- I felt like I had known them for a while once their consult had finished.
A truly personal wedding- and from their images I have seen already - looks like one hell of a memorable day!
I don't know who was more excited about this cake- I couldn't wait to have a go at making my very first Kombi- and doing Bob and Ash Proud was high on my agenda.
I am blessed to see allot of wedding set ups- but when clients really take the next step and create such a unique day- totally inspired by their personalities and love- I would be nothing but grateful to be able to share it with you all too!
I have asked Ash to Guest Blog her entire wedding for me- so fingers crossed I can share that all with you soon.
So here is the Kombi Cake- a variation on one of Bob and Ash's beloved V-Dubs!

Such a cool cake wouldn't be complete without these AWESOME custom toppers Ash Sourced off the net.

Totally Fabulous!
So a huge Thank you to Bob and Ash for having faith in me to create the Kombi cake! It was a fabulous challenge and I felt really privileged to have been able to make this special cake for your Wedding Day. I am looking forward to Ash's blog - where you will all be able to share in her and Bob's beautiful wedding day.

Before Ash and Bob I had never asked my clients to share their day with my readers before- but I am open to any of my Past Present or Future clients submitting a guest blog about their wedding day- and getting it out on the WWW.

So for the second week in September- That is a wrap!
Thanks for reading