Saturday, 11 August 2012

It's all about the pretty!

 I count myself so very lucky everyday.
I wake up and get to make beautiful pretty cakes fro people celebrating the happiest occasions in their lives :D

Let's be honest here- it has been a very long while since I have managed a blog post- my life is hectic- and creating these gorgeous cakes comes a long way before I get to chat about them. I do try to share as much as I can on my Face book page with you all- but the stories behind the cakes have somehow seemed to suffer of late.

I am excited when I look back and see some of the amazing cakes that I have been asked to make- it makes the whole "running behind" thing allot easier for sure!

There is no particular order to this collaboration of 2011 cakes.
Just a few of my faves- ones that I am particularly chuffed I was chosen to make.

First Cake off the rank is one I made for the gorgeous Vanessa and Ben. Like many of my clients- Vanessa and Ben came to me after finding out about me through Word of Mouth. No amount of Internet or magazine advertising can equate to this type of exposure.
Every time I send out a cake I think of it as my way of reaching over 200 people each time. Half of these people get to eat my cake- then they get to tell their friends about the fab cake they ate on the weekend- and then when it is time for a celebration- many remember "Cake That!" and contact me for a quote.
It is pretty simple stuff. Offer a wonderful product that speaks for itself and you will reap the rewards.  I am not totally discounting visual advertising- it certainly does help jog peoples memories- but I certainly value personal recommendations far higher.

So back to Vanessa and Ben's wedding- I was not the only awesome Wedding Peep to be utilised for this event! Vanessa is sometimes a Second shooter for Toni Snell (Uber Wedding Photog), Vanessa now has her own Photography business up and running too!
Vanessa and Ben had the vivacious Anne Campbell marry them and held their wedding out at Glengariff at Dayboro.

To fit in with their theme and also Vanessa's love of animal print- the cake was a Black and white Stunner- complete with personalised toppers- of course!
Three extended tiers of cake- one of which was Red Velvet- a lovely bold surprise :)

 For those of you that have met with me and have inquired about Black cakes- will know my spiel. Having Black icing will turn your guests mouths a blue black colour- so with this knowledge, and keen desire to have a knock out cake- Vanessa and Ben weighed up the pros and cons, in the end the black won out!

The next cake is one that was decorated to incorporate the heavy lace detail on the Bridal gown.
Cakes like this are not only pretty- but add an extra touch of sentiment to the design. 

 This cake was eventually finished with beautiful Antique roses (supplied by Jennine at Florabella)

Antique roses are very popular- especially with Vintage elegant themed weddings.
The next cake had a beautifully Dramatic venue styling- complete with black table cloths and chair covers and a whole lot of bling!

This Four tier Fresh flower stack design stood beautifully in the Southern Cross Ballroom at the Royal on the park.

I feel very honored when I get to make many cakes for the one family. The next cake is certainly no exception.
I have made cakes for many occasions for this family now, and each time is just as special as the last.
This wedding cake for Kristen and Dan was not only elegant and timeless- it has detail that was a direct replica of the fabric flowers on her gown.

The detail had a soft shimmer to it- just like the Organza in the dress.
The Subtle inclusion of Strung diamantes around the base of the tiers tied together the diamante detail in the centre of the flowers.

It was only the very next month- when once again I was commissioned to make another family cake!
This time it was a baby shower cake for the Bride who started this family with me :D
The lovely Rebecca was expecting her first baby- and as a surprise her mum organised a baby shower cake through me.

Sweet little design for a baby on the way

Next something for those a little Wild at Heart!
This 40th Leopard print handbag cake is puuuuuuuuuurfect for the big 40!

I have no shame in admitting I have a soft spot for Monochromatic cakes.
There's just something about all white/Ivory cakes that oozes romance and elegance.

Yet again I have used embroidery detail from the Bridal gown- to create a pattern on the base tier.
Sugar roses cover the top tier and a double sugar flat bow in the middle tier.

Although the next cake isn't exactly monochromatic- it is stunning.
The perfect fresh blooms were supplied by Karen at Bliss Floral, and by absolute sheer fluke! I managed to make the piped icing pearls in the exact same cornflour shade as the natural flowers! Pretty chuffed if I do say so myself!
The Delicate introduction of colour was simply stunning.

The next cake is becoming a welcome regular on my order list.
Three tiers extended height- with lace detail is a very graceful design that certainly will grab your guests attention.

This particular version had fresh blooms on top which gave it a lovely Spring Fresh feel!

Mini cakes are like individual little morsels of cake couture!
An extravagant choice, treating each guest to their own wedding cake.
Pale pink and Bling- with 1/2 the cakes quilted and the other half simply banded with ribbon.

I get excited by clients who like to take risks- who throw caution to the wind and choose a cake that is uniquely them!
This four tier cake was decorated with sugar replicas of the very felt flowers that the Bride had handmade for her wedding.
The bold colour palette of pink and purple tomes with a pop of lime green kept the cake playful and the atmosphere joyous.

Last but not least in this post all about the pretty is a stencil design- complete with a pearl sugar bow and cachous bling!

Being able to eat everything on the cake right down to the ribbon is something to consider when choosing your cake.

Imagine the oooh's and ahhh's that you will get when your guest realise that the bow is not satin but actually edible - made from sugar!

Well I could keep going sharing more and more pretties from the end of 2011- but you will probably nod off by the time I finish LOL
So I will leave it there.
I have so many exciting cakes form 2012 to share that I need to say farewell to 2011 and look forward to the now!

If you are looking for a cake for 2013- bookings are well and truly open for the 1st half of 2013, and I welcome enquiries for beyond then.
Keep smiling

Thanks for reading