Wednesday, 28 April 2010

This is Alex Taking Over - hold on to your seats and be aware of the exits!

Hi i am Alex, Sarah's Sister this week I have been on the rollercoaster I now know is making wedding cakes!

 Alot of fun but I think I am still suffering from the motion sickness that is the constant running around and getting everything perfect.
 So- the week started as usually Monday baking -Tuesday clients- then Wednesday the fun really starts as I looked on in ore as my amazing sister iced cake after cake faultlessly, each having its own individual decoration, that she would place on and move a little then have another look and finally be happy with where each flower was, I thought to myself thank god I only come to visit! 

Once all the cakes had been completed it was time to box them up and hit the road ....... literally for something like 5 and a half hours ( but I'm not complaining). 
First stop Quay West to drop off Chris and Kath's Wedding cake, (Sarah's personal training buddies) , this is one of my favorites for the week - simple and elegant and I love green!!!
a little close up!

With ribbon to match the invitations this cake looked super cool in the room.

Second we were off to the brand spanking new The Strand Rugby Quay ( in where Michael's used to be) now when I say new - I mean totally kinda still putting in the finishing touches, but as we made our way through the electricians and painters the doors opened into a beautiful room adorned in white- also just waiting for the finishing touches. This cake was Sarah's favourite for the week I think partly because she loves the damask style but also the little friend she got to put on the back!!!!
and here he is...... this is Henry the bride and grooms beloved cat he is a flat faced grey ball of love!!! Sarah reckons he looked like the whiskas cat!

 Next we were of to my personal favourite wedding venue Sirromet Winery to drop off the big mumma of the week - a huge thanks goes out to Sandee from Always Fabulous Flowers for making our job super easy by providing beautiful roses for this cake! (Sandee also provided the flowers for the previous wedding which we were lucky enough to get a peek of and they looked AWESOME)

As always Sirromet's Barrel Room provided a perfect backdrop for this majestic masterpiece.
 Now for my second favourite cake of the week, and I must say I also have a new favourite wedding venue to add to my growing list-  Versace...... Do I need to say anymore?? Probably not but I  will anyway. The place is AMAZING- we are talking floor to ceiling marble, gold everywhere, everything is massive and bright and just WOW!
I have loved this cake from the first time Sarah made it, surprisingly the Bride and Groom went for the original three tier version  ( if it was me I would have a ten tier version but, I'm just saying). It still looked great!

I would like to make it formally known that the more cakes at Versace the better( not because it is totally awesome) because next door at Marina Mirage the is MAX BRENNER! If you don't know what this is put it in your GPS now and go there trust me you wont regret it. This place is like chocolate heaven and diet or not I had a frappe' and chocolate dipped strawberries while SJ had a thick hot chocolate( everyone needs to have at least one in their life time ). 
So totally stuffed with chocolate and ready for a nanna nap we made our way home! only to prepare for Saturday deliveries!

So as the sun rose on Saturday morning the cakes went into the car and off went Sarah and Steve to deliver another day - I opted to stay home one day was enough for me!! But I'll tell you all what happened anyway.
 Firstly off to Customs House to deliver this three tier butter cream iced cake featuring pretty pink antique roses.

Then all engines are go to Brett's Wharf  to set up another classic style cup cake tree.

And now for the event of the week, nestled away was the best tropical party set up ever seen ( Ezy events and infuture entertainmemt did the BEST job at this wicked party!), there was a T shaped marquee a Light up bar that ran the length of the marquee, not to mention the starry night wall feature and beach scene that took you out of Brisbane an landed you in Waikiki !!!!!! 
With each cup cake featuring a hand made ( and painted  by me- Alex) Frangipani and silver papers to reflect the table stocking-  it really was like being in another world, I just hope one day we can have a party this cool!
 Until next time this is me signing out!!!
Official take over complete!


Monday, 19 April 2010

Special Days.......

This year seems to be flying by!
For the fantastic couples who married o this third weekend in March- they are already celebrating a Month of Marriage- and I am now only getting to write this particular weeks blog!
Ok- Once again my week of deliveries began on the Friday- with a grogeous Cupcake tower for Sirromet!

In a Pistachio/sage green and Chocolate theme- this cupcake tower was Cute as!

A set of personalised toppers sat on the top tier dressed in the wedding day attire.

This tower of cupcakes included a selection of flavours featuring some Vegan Jaffa cupcakes too!

It was all systems go for Saturday!
An early start to the Delivery Rin had me headed to The Bardon Centre to deliver this classically beautiful three tier cake!
Stephanie and Michael's Reception was beautifully dressed- and from the gorgeous images Stephanie's mum sent through it looked like everyone had a brilliant night! Congratulations!!!!!!
After Bardon we took the shorttrip up to Mt cootha to set up Tanya and Joseph's cake.
It is very rare that I only meet the groom and not the Bride- but Joseph organised the cake with me without Tanya- and it all went fabulously!
This Three tier cake had fresh flowers supplied by the couple's florist- and Cinnamon sticks trailing down the front of the cake.

Then it was across town to Indroopilly Golf to set up this fresh cupcake tower!
I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw the choir sashes matched perfectly with the Tiffany blue ribbon that  floated down the front of the tower. A simple colour description had me choosing the ribbon colour blindly for the cake- but all was matched!

The last cake out of the car for the first round of Deliveries was this Purple Crystal detailed cake.

 Simple with fine piped hearts and random deep purple and clear crystals made this cake sparkle nicely.
A fresh flower topper to match in with the bridal bouquet sat on top.

On my second round off deliveries I headed to The Landing- where I delivered this Three tier Butter iced cake.
I didn't get to see the gorgeous flowers that Glenda Pradella supplied- but here is the completed cake from Glenda's website!

Next stop was Quay West- wher ei had this stunner!
I was in LOVE with the Bold and Elegant design.
With the hand painted and appliqued replica invitation pattern over the tiers in a Sunflower yellow- this cake was all about theme.
 I was delighted to see that all of the place cards also featured the print- so everything just flowed together!

I used the two methods of patterning to add "Life" to the design- instead of it simply being a 2D effect.
The Couple also had some Coeliac guests- who were treated to matching cupcakes- each with their own hand painted disc.

After Quay West we drove down to The Hyatt at Sanctuary Cove to deliver this next cake.
This is clearly one of my all time favourite Novelty wedding cakes.
The Neutral colour scheme kept the design fun- yet stylish.
This beached themed cake had everything right about it- delicately and naturally coloured shells- ivory icing detail that mimicked the bubbles of the ocean- and most importantly a cute couple perched in the top edge.
The Bride had a big gown- with gathered up folds of fabric in the skirt- and detailed brooch in her hair.
Each shell was hand made and dusted in neutral tones.
I was fortunate to receive an appreciative Thank you form the Bride's Mum on behalf of the Bride for the cake. I couldn't help but express my delight with the design too. Not overdone- just delightful!

After our big day of Delivering-Steve had also delivered to North Lakes earlier that day for me and forgot the piccie :((- it was time for an early night! LOL!
I am such a party animal during wedding season that making it to 9.30pm is a huge night for me!

Thanks for Reading

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Royal on the Park Wedding open day

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Double up.............

March was such a big month this year- delivering some awesome cakes for awesome couples.
Now it should come as no surprise that there are some venues that suppliers just love to deal with. If the staff are friendly and the access is easy- your day runs smooth and is a pleasant overall experience. On this second weekend in March I had the pleasure of not only delivering to some of my most favourite venues- but also being there multiple times.
On top of delivering to some of my fave venues-Then I get doubly excited when I find out that my couples are also using some of my other favourite vendors too!  Even though I work alone- it makes it feel like you are in a little team again ;)

Anyway enough of my rambling- here are some the cakes from the weekend 12th- 14th March 2010!!
The first cake of the week was for The Stamford Plaza- a Friday wedding in the River room.
When I arrived Styled Events were putting the room decorations together- a beautiful lit backdrop- just gorgeous! This cake had been arranged over email- and when I arrived the bride's Aunt was there ready to start arranging the flowers for the cake.
Unfortunately I haven't seen the cake finished with the flowers... but from the blooms she had there ready to go I am certain it looked beautiful. It wasn't until I posted the cake on my Facebook page that the Gorgeous Anne Campbell (celebrant) and Talented Toni Snell (photographer) let me know that they too were vendors for Fiona and Jason's wedding!

Saturday was possibly one of the best delivery runs I have had.
To begin with I went over to Indooroopilly Golf Course- where I had not one- but two cakes to deliver.
The first was a soft and romantic butter cream iced cake- with fresh roses to decorate.
In the next room I delivered this Three tier cake - complete with intertwining Peacock feather pattern- in the middle tier.
This design was the background of the wedding invitations- so pretty!
After the double drop off to Indooroopilly- it was over to the Marriott- where I delivered Andrea and Eamon's cake.
A variation of my Bridal Rose design- complete with their wedding monogram on the top tier.

I have since received a beautiful Thank you from Andrea and Eamon- here they are cutting their cake!

Thank you both for the wonderful pictures and your kind words.
OK- then after the Marriott I was over to The Landing- at Dockside- for another Double Triple serving of wedding cakes.
Well only two on the Saturday- and then I returned on the Sunday to deliver the third- but how freaky is that- out of all the Bridal couples and all of the venues- to have Three weddings at the same venue on the same weekend was just glorious!
The First cake was a Decadent chocolate creation- in the Harbour room. Pretty clusters of Fresh White Tulips on one side of the cake.
The Chocolate Chards were drizzled with milk chocolate- and then chocolate shavings filled in the channels and top!
Then right next door in the River room was A 6 tier Frangipani cupcake tower- once again- ordered soley over email. The Bride and her Mother have been so kind as to also forward me a Thank you and some stunning pictures from the wedding day!
Here is a closer shot of the cartoon couple- how did I go fro the couples likeness????
Far better looking in real life! Congratulations Bec and Lee!

After The two at Dockside- it was over to The River Room at Southbank- so three river rooms in three days at three different venues!LOL!
Anyway- I was trying to beat the Weather- it was a super windy day and I was sure it was going to bucket down... but I was lucky and had no rain each time I stopped to deliver a cake!
At the River Room I had Jasmine and Herman's wedding cake. A classic three tier design with clusters of fresh flowers over the tiers.
Simple and elegant.
With Cream ribbon wrapped around a white cake- and fresh cream/white blooms- this deign looked fresh and pretty indeed!

With Saturday wrapped up- I had only Sunday to go!
I was back at The Landing again in the Sunday to Deliver and set up Sam and Paul's black and white creation.
A variation on my Invitation print design- this cake had a hand painted base tier and then the top two tiers were left simply decorated with ribbon around the base.
Glenda Pradella supplied the beautiful white roses and feather topper for the cake.
Why is this image Black and white you ask????? 
Well in the rear right hand corner of the picture was a blue dustpan- and given my photoshop skills are limited to basically watermarking the image- this was the best I could do to not make a feature of my not so great photography.
While I LOVE the flowers on top- I also really liked the cake with no flowers on top- just for some thing different- what do you think?

The Final cake for the week was delivered to Eve's on The River.
The Windy weather had seemed to put people off dining at this usually popular Sunday lunch restaurant- so when we arrived around 2pm- the restaurant was empty- and the wedding set up was in full swing.
The Bride had chosen to supply her own flowers for the cake- something which I encourage so that the flowers all match in with the bridal bouquets and table decorations.
Unfortunately though- the flowers were supplied with raw ends- meaning that they were Not individually wired and taped- so that I could arrange them as per the original design. It is a Health and Safety requirement that all flowers provided are individually wired and taped- or made into pre clustered taped posies- purely for Hygiene reasosn- so that no sap etc.. or poisons from the flowers can contaminate the cake.

I worked with what I had- arranging the blooms so that they merely rested on the cake and were not puncturing the cake, minimising the risk of potential contamination.
The cake design was unlike what the couples design should have been had the blooms been prepared- and plentiful enough to complete the original design.
Having correctly prepared blooms means that fresh flowers can become a stunning feature on your cake, and create an endless colourful combination for designs. When blooms are incorrectly prepared I feel such disappointment and being unable to fulfill the design and in turn create the desired magnificent effect. The Majority of florist are right on the mark- supplying me with sensational fresh flowers to arrange onto the cake- but every once in a while I am handed incorrectly prepared blooms, and instead of  simply leaving the flowers I try and arrange them as best as I can in the given situation.
My Brides who have fresh flower cakes will attest that this is something I go through with each and everyone to ensure the design is as magical as their wedding day!

A great week overall- visiting some of my favourite venues and working with some of the best vendors in the business!
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Royal on the Park Open Day

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Monday, 5 April 2010

A familiar Celebration

The first weekend in March had a very special meaning to me, as this was my wedding anniversary too! 6 years have flown by since I was a bride myself- and my wonderful husband Steve joined me ( as he does almost every Saturday) in delivering this years March 6th Brides wedding cakes- plus a few celebration cakes too!
I must also mention that Steve did very well with my anniversary gift- a Pandora Wedding cake charm- very cute indeed!
Anyway- back to the cakes... I am not going to be shy about how much I LOVED this next cake.
LOVED IT TO PIECES!!!! Loved the colours- The shape- and most importantly the clients!!!!!!!!!!
I am privileged to deal with some pretty cool people- although for the most part I only meet then for less than an hour- some couples- and in this case Mother and Daughter- that I meet are just so lovely and friendly- by the time they leave it feels as if you have known them for a lot longer.
Abby and her Lovely Mum came to visit me last year- as Abby and Stephen were engaged and decided to throw one hell of an engagement party!
The colour of the cake was themed around the invitations- a deep dusty blue, with gold and silver accents. Abby also loved the sugar bow- so a Big Pearl sugar bow sat on top.
The picture really doesn't do this cake justice- in fact I am blaming the bad photography on the fact that the week ( and even the day) of the party was wet and miserable- providing little to no natural light to take good piccies in. In fact there are some cakes that I made this week who I didn't even get a clear shot of- with the poor light and the 2" viewing screen- you think it is all good- until you upload them......
From the fabulous feedback from both Abby and her Mum that I have received- the cake went down a treat!

I also did a cupcake tower for a joint Best Friends 21st  birthday at the Tattersalls. Chloe and Roisin had a huge bash in the members dining room.
The brief for the design was that the cake needed to have a "WOW" factor- outshining all other 21st cakes that they had seen in the past......This 6 tier tower of regular and mini cupckes in a pale green purple and cream theme was definitely a centerpiece.
Fresh purple seasonal blooms were dotted throughout the stand.

The little silver cachous added sparkle and completed this grand design.

 A returning client had me making her 40th Birthday cake.
A chocolate lollipop explosion design- in a pink theme!
 I delivered this cake to Byblos at Portside- the first time I had been to Portside when the Cruise liner was in and it was huge!

After the celebration cakes were delivered- it was off to deliver the wedding cakes for the day.
A simple and elegant cupcake tower for The River Room at Southbank- this cupcake design let the cakes speak for themselves.
Fresh flowers matching in with the table flowers sat atop of the tower.

The next cake was a late addition to my line up of cakes for the week - but the couple had had a mix up with their last decorator and with less than a couple of weeks to their wedding they found themselves without a cake. My soft nature couldn't leave them without a cake with such a sad situation- so I was more than happy to squeeze them in.
The couple were having a beach wedding up at Maroochydore - and so they had  turquoise blue chocolate marbled panels to fit in with the theme. 

A thin chocolate brown ribbon was also wrapped around the base to include this colour element from the day. The cake was collected and transported up to Maroochydore in time for the wedding on the Friday.

I also had another Beach wedding- with a mildly similar cake design- for a Wedding at Stradbroke Island.
The six degrees of separation were certainly met- as only a week prior to the wedding did I discover that the groom worked with my Brother in Law (Paul)- and that he and my sister in law were attending the wedding. Not knowing that Paul was my brother in law- Nikki and Baz organised their cake through me- off a referral from a family friend who had also got their wedding cake from me too.

The cake was transported over to the Island by a family member- to the reception which was held at the Stradbroke Island Beach hotel.

The last delivery for the weekend was to the Stamford Plaza- where this white design was set up in the River room.

Fresh flowers were added later to complete the cake.

After a huge day of delivering and being super excited for the bride's and grooms who also shared our wedding anniversary date- Steve and I finally got a chance to chill out and enjoy our anniversary too!

March was a massive month of cakes- and I loook forward to sharing more with you soon.
For weekly updates on the cakes I have made join my facebook group and get a peek at what is soon to be featured on my blog!
Thanks for reading

Thursday, 1 April 2010

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