Saturday, 30 August 2008

Friday, 29 August 2008

Black cupcake papers!

After a long search- and wait- I finally have black cupcake papers!!!!!!!!
Now if you want black papers- you can have them!

Just thought I would share my excitement!

Cool Green!

I can't believe how fast time flies!
Getting to my blog has been my task all week- and it is now Friday already!!!!

I had a week of wonderful cakes again- with a new favourite popping up! There were colourful cakes, figurines, and even the favourite cupcakes!

The first cake was embellished with gorgeous Swarovski Crystals. As these sparkling additions are inedible- they come with strict instructions to the venue to remove them before serving! I don't want anyone choking or chipping a tooth all in the name of a beautiful cake!
I had to make a call to the bride as I was decorating this cake- as the original design just didn't "fit" the class of the event. So with permission to finish the cake as I saw fit- this was the end result. Originally there was going to be Red and White ribbons on the top- but the contrast between the two made the cake look more "fun" rather than "elegant".

The entire cake was lustered in snowflake- a translucent edible luminous dusting! The end result speaks for itself! Sparkling Beautiful!

The next design is one I have done a few times now! And a few times more to come!I actually have this same design in order for the next 3 weeks too! I will certainly be feeling like I am having Deja Vu!

Iced in Ivory icing, with piped icing pearls filtering up from the base to the top- someone commented that it reminded them of champagne bubbles- and topped off with some ivory sugar roses- this design is certainly shows why it is so popular!

The next cake was for the sister(Brenda) of my past clients Brad and Michelle! Brenda actually booked me in first- being super organised ( I like that!) and then recommended me to her Brother!
Brenda's choice of cake was nothing short of sweet! Simply pretty!

I don't often get requests for cakes that have pillars between- but his design is a fine example of how lovely they can be. Pale pink and white were the wedding colous, and when I trurned up to the Summit to deliver the cake- the room was dressed stunningly! Yalana- the super friendly, and always organised coordinator- had the cake table ready for me with a ring of rose petals to place the cake into the center of! Brenda had ordered some cartoon figurines from me- and her dress was just gorgeous. It had a pale pink band that ran across the top and then down one side of her gown! Lovely!

The next cake has a big tick in the favourites box! I love the green- I love the style- I love everything! When I was showing this picture to a friend- and saying that I think that this cake is my favourite for the week- their response was " is this because it is exactly like your weddings cake? but in a different colour?" Woops I had forgotten what my cake was like!! LOL!! And whilst it is verysimilar to my design- it is so much better!

I think the classic structure and the simplicity of the design make my love of the traditional cake style come to life!

After my city run- I headed out to " The Wood;ands of Marburg".
Whilst I had around 6 cakes out there last year- every single oine of them was collected by the couple- and driven out there themselves! So this was my frst actual trip out there!
What a fabulous venue!!!! The Mansion and grounds are picture perfect- and the staff lovely too!If you haven't had the chance to go out there- it is definitely worth the trip. Only 45 minutes drive from the City- this Historic Mansion has warmth, charm and elegance!
A "shabby chic" style cupcake tower was the cake of choice for this couple!

While the cake is a more traditional style- the colours and decorations on the cake had a romantic feel that blended with the room. The smell of the cupcakes filled the dining room wherethe intimate recptionwas held! Gests could choose to take hom,e ewither a White chocolate and Macadamia cupcake, or a Dark chocolate and Hazelnut cupcake! YUM!!!
I always take a couple extra with me- and offered a few to the receptionists at the venue. I love how excited people get when you offer them a cake! It really is a necessity rather than a leftover- as they need to know what the goods are like- if they are going to recommend my services I say!

Well the long distance deliveries ar in full swing- with Cleveland and Mt Tambourine both on the agenda this Sunday!

Well I am offto finish cake s for this weekend- better get back to it!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Pretty as a picture!

Well I cannot believe that I have been back for 2 whole weeks now! Time has really flown since my trip!
I have 2 cakes that I absolutely loved this week.
The first one is a version of a christening cake did 12 months ago!

Instead of the single tier design- this cake was a pretty two tier cake- so fitting for a little girl!
Each tier had tiny rosebuds and leaves on it. They were scattered all over the base tier- and the top tier had them around the top of the tier- with fine piped icing pearls in between.
A cute set of Pink sugar bootees and a name banner finished off this lovely cake! My husband and family were amazed that the cake I originally made was also for a "Charlotte" too! I guess the Pretty name needs an equally pretty cake!

The next cake was just wonderful to look at - and smell!
Ths 6 tier tower of cupcakes and top tier- complete with personalised toppers suited the venue to a tee! Held at the Brisbane club- the reception room was warm wood tones- in a typically "Classic elegant" setting! I had never delivered a cake to the Brisbane Club before- and as you would expect from such an establishment- They had a coordinator who was on the ball! Charles not only greeted me at the loading dock- he also helped carry all of the boxes of cakes u to the room, where he made sure everything was perfect for the cake! Drawing the Shutters so that the sunlight was not warming the cakes, and making sure the cake stayed as it was delivered!

A Mocha, Chocolate and Vanilla colour theme was set for the design.

Vanilla butter cupcakes topped with a mocha butter cream icing, and Chocolate Macadamia Cupcakes with a vanilla butter cream!

The top tier had a gorgeous little couple and hearts to finish it all off!

I only wish my photographic skills were better!
Simple cupcake towers with a great colour scheme can- and do- look as elegant as the function being held!

This week I start my long distance deliveries!!!! Heading to Marburg on Saturday to deliver some more cupcakes! I can't wait!

Friday, 15 August 2008

A Birthday Surprise!

As regular readers would know- one of my sisters lives in Edinburgh! Well the other day it was her 30th Birthday- so as a surprise I sent her a cake!
Being the resident cake maker- it is sad when you are not able to make cakes for Friends and Family's birthdays- so in the back of my mind- I had a plan...............
When I was over in Edinburgh I met a local decorator- Jane- from Sweet Unique. When Kate and I were looking at her website one day- Kate commented on a fabulous cake that was on the site- so I had a thought.... What if I organised this cake to be delivered to Kate for her Birthday- as a surprise??? Well, after meeting Jane and seeing how totally fabulous she was- I asked her If I could order the cake, and if she had time to make the cake and deliver it on Kate's Birthday! Which she did! So I set about like a secret squirrel- organising the cake with Jane- and getting the order sorted before I headed back to Australia!

On Kate's Birthday I had to wait all day with anticipation- and excitement that a cake was going to be delivered very soon!
With the 9 hour delay- between Brisbane and Edinburgh- it seemed like forever! I almost couldn't keep the secret any longer- as I received a phone call from Kate in the Early morning- Edinburgh time- which was about 5pm Brisbane time- but I was good- and didn't say a word!
Almost two long hours later- Kate Messaged me to thank me for the Cake! She was very surprised!

Jane did such a fantastic Job on the cake! Even Kate remarked that it was better than my cakes- Cheeky Monkey!

I can certainly say that I wish I could make a cake this great! It looks magic!
So Kate and her friends got to enjoy a fabulous cake- and I am now forever indebted to Jane for helping me with this awesome surprise!

Monday, 11 August 2008

An Auspicious Occasion......

Well it has been drafted as one of the busiest wedding days on record! The 8th day of the 8th month 2008!
I was blessed to make cakes for a few couples who chose to make this date their wedding day! Unlike my preconceived ideas of a day filled with weddings themed all things "Lucky"- my Brides, and Grooms went the more traditional route- when it came to cake design! There were no bright red cakes- nor number "8's" inscribed into the designs- rather simple pretty cakes- that had the "awe" factor! Not just from me- but from the reception coordinators, and passers by- as I set up the cakes!

The first cake I delivered was to the Venice Cafe bar! This place- like I have said time and time before- has the Best view of the city and Story Bridge- and has a wonderful ambience! The Staff there are also wonderfully attentive - and always super organised!

I had a cupcake tree to set up here- I know- not really traditional- but it was very cute!
A cartoon couple sat on top of the top tier, with a chocolate and Ivory themed cupcake tower underneath!

The next stop was at St Lucia University! This is the first time I had delivered a cake to the Uni- and the room was very impressive! Not only had the couple chosen to decorate the room in spectacular fashion- the gold that they used was EXACTLY the same as the gold ribbon I had chosen! Now I always ask my clients for colour samples- but many times they are happy for me to place what I see fit! There are so many shades of gold out there- but this time it couldn't have been more fitting! Even the Event decorators let out a little squeal of excitement when they saw how wonderfully matched the cake was to the other decorations!

I actually went to High school with this bride- and was surprised to see her when she ended up at my home for a consultation! I really hope they had a fabulous wedding too!

The next is a cake I have done many times- over the past 5 years since I first replicated it !
My sister fondly refers to it as Paul and Sam's cake ( my brother and Sister in Law- for whom I first made this style of design) which bought much confusion to the face of the reception coordinator- when she over heard my sister asking if "Paul and Sam's cake" was the one she should help me carry in- as there was no Paul or Sam getting married there that day! LOL!!

Unfortunately though- this cake was ordered wholly via email- so I never got to meet the Bride or Groom :(
After a long trip through Mid afternoon traffic- I arrived across town at Runcorn- for my final delivery of the day!
This cake was simply gorgeous! I know that I have a soft spot for this style of design- but even the champagne coloured roses made me want to take 1000 photos of this cake- before I left it sitting on the cake table at the venue!

My weekend was not over with Friday- I also had a 21st cake- for the Daughter of a long time customer too! Left with a direction of " Pink, Red. Black and Brown stripes on top of a square cake" this is what I came up with! I think it turned out rather fun- and dare I say it- Funky!

Hopefully Natalie had a fabulous 21st Birthday!

With August just as popular a month for weddings as the Spring Months- my rest is now well and truly over- and Cake making in Full Swing! I have some long distance deliveries coming up in the next few weeks- so I will be spending some serious Km's traveling around delivering some fabulous wedding cakes!
I look forward to sharing some really beautiful and creative designs over the coming weeks!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Uk Trip Re cap!

OK- so as I have officially been home for a week now- I have had time to reflect on the fabulous trip that I have just had!
I met some truly talented people- and made friends with many whom I hope will keep in touch!
I cannot believe that it was 4 weeks ago now- when I made it to Edinburgh - after a marathon 50 hours of travel- only to discover the wonderful Edinburgh- that City is awesome!
In my time overseas- not only did I get to do some fantastic cake decorating workshops- I also ate my way through every country I went to!

I enjoyed Thornton's chocolate in Edinburgh ( especially the Sicilian Mousse ones!)- I found my all time favourite Hot Chocolate at Butler's on Grafton St in Dublin- I sampled a chocolate or two- from Godiva in Belgium, not to mention Chocolpolis, Mary De Bruges, Neuhaus, Mary Chocolateir....... the list could go on and on! ( to be perfectly honest- I ate so many chocolates from so many different chocolateirs- it is no wonder that I put on 2kg whilst I was away!)

I Spent a whirlwind weekend in London- that included my 2 day workshop with Alan Dunn- who not only taught me the wonders of working in Cold porcelain- but also had his close friend ( Sathia) give me a lift to the station- so I could make my plane in time- as there were no trains from Farnham that weekend!
I then came back to Scotland- to meet up with the wonderful Jane from Sweet Unique! I am still blown away by how well we "clicked"! I actually met up with Jane again on my last day of holidays- Just hours before I flew home- and shared some more stories, and got to eat some of Jane's fabulous cake! I also got to see her cake studio- which has inspired me to make some more display cakes for my meeting room!
My trip then progressed to my two day workshop with the fabulous Lorraine McKay! Another lady who I will never forget- and hopefully will see again next year when she comes out to Australia!
After my course with Lorraine- I was off to Ireland- and WOW! What a fabulous place! The people, the food- especially the local produce around Co. Waterford/Cork! I tried Guinness , and also reminded myself what Baileys was like too!
I saw Castles, met locals, and ate traditional Irish staples- like Soda Bread- and Champ!
I then tripped to Belgium, where for a week I indulged in all of the wrong types of foods- but had the time of my life!
The only Rainy day of my trip was one day whilst in Belgium- and then it was only for 1/2 day!

Luckily there was a festival on that day- so I was able to enter a Belgian Beer tent- and in true local style I enjoyed a Cherry Beer. I know it isn't really beer- but it is all I can stomach- when it comes to beer! If only they offered a chocolate beer;)
I went to Antwerpen and resisted the Diamond temptation! I walked the streets, visited the markets, took a canal cruise- then as it was a hot day- Joined the locals in the Town fountain for a bit of tomfoolery- before heading back to Brussels!

After my week in Belgium- we were destined to not get home on time- after a 5 hour delay with the airline- I was ready to get back to Australia!
After stuffing my bags with all that I was allowed to carry- I headed home from Edinburgh:(

I took this shot down Leith Walk as I headed to the Airport- the "Scotch Mist" at midday across the city gave a real atmosphere to the city!

After my trip home- on the nasty infectious plane- I came home to my niece's 2nd Birthday!
I got up early on Saturday morning and made some teddy bear biscuits for her Teddy Bears picnic party! A rush job- with the biscuits made , baked , decorated and delivered by 10am!
Time has passed so fast this week! It almost feels like ages since I was away!
Thank you to everyone who has read along with my little journey! I hope you enjoyed my stories as much as I did living them!

What Happens When??????............

.............Your Sick???? This is a question that I get asked quite often from potential clients- and being the type of person who rarely gets ill- on the one occasion prior- I have dealt with it and got the job done!
I actually arrived home here in Brisbane a week ago- however I caught some awful bug from the plane Journey home! I HATE being sick! So much so that I am so determined not to be sick I avoid any situations where I could potentially get sick!
Unfortunately- catching a plane with a few hundred strangers ( if which I swear at least half of them were coughing and spluttering on the 30 hour journey home) was something that I couldn't avoid- If I wanted to get home. I even had some really rude fellow passenger cough and sneeze straight into my face- without even attempting to cover their own mouth/face- who consequently received a most evil look from me!
Knowing that I wasn't feeling "quite right" I sent myself off to the doctors the afternoon I got back- to get myself fixed!
After swallowing more than 40 panadol, , 2 boxes of tissues,a box of Strepsils and lots of care from Steve ;)- I am almost 100% again!
So this week- my first week back - not only did I have to deal with the fact that I am no longer on Holidays- but that I was a bit sick :( and not able to work as fast as what I would have liked to. Suffice to say- the perfectionist in me made sure that every cake I have done for this week is as gorgeous as the usual ones I make in 100% health!
Being 08.08.08 there was a huge demand with allot of couples choosing this auspicious date to get married!
Over the weekend I will post about the cakes I did for this week- with some pictures too!

Thank you to all of those clients who patiently met with me through my croaky voice this week! I am well and truly on the road to recovery!

BTW- to answer the Question- The Job always gets done! Like I had never been sick in the first place! ;)