Thursday, 7 March 2013

Baby cakes

To be perfectly honest I worry about making kids cakes. It's not the designs themselves that I feel uneasy with- its the idea that I'm potentially taking a little bit away from the Childs parents.
When I was a child I had all sorts of creations from my mum. None of which (respectfully) were "perfect"- but each one 100% made with love.
I appreciate that we live in a time poor society- so I absolutely understand that- to many- outsourcing your little ones cake is just another load off your mind.
I get countless requests for kids cakes- many at the last minute- but sadly like any other order- each is baked from scratch- and needed to be ordered well in advance to secure the date.
Most of the children's cakes I do are for returning clients.
I was lucky enough to make this Christening cake for Baby Dominic last month.
A cute dusty blue cake compete with 3D lettering and a (if I do say so myself!) an adorable hand crafted sugar giraffe!
I loved this little figurine so much! He was just so cute!!
He stood around 15cm tall and was hand modeled and painted by me!
I am blessed to be able to make such beautiful cakes for my clients!
So do you love this cute as Baptism cake?