Saturday, 29 March 2008

Cheeky Onlookers......

It is not every time that I deliver a cake that I have someone watching over my shoulder. I will always see the function coordinator- some times even the new clients being shown through the venue- whilst it is all set up- but I have never had such a graceful bunch as today!

It was at the last venue of the day- Brett's Wharf- where I not only had the staff in awe of the cupcakes I was setting up- but when I went to set the second cake in the restaurant- I notice a small group of Pelicans floating over towards the rivers edge- for a bit of a gander! My husband thought I was a bit mad taking their picture- but hey, although they are probably seething with lice- they are so cute!

This is the first time I have ever had two cakes on the same day at Brett's Wharf! One less delivery run to make!!

I unfortunately never go a shot of the second cake- it was going to be dressed with fresh flowers- by the florist, once they had set the room- so fingers crossed the Bride and Groom will be able to send me through a picture ;)

The other cake for Brett's Wharf was Cupcakes- Vanilla cupcakes, with either a Mocha or Cream coloured icing. The remaining flowers form the bouquets and center pieces were used to decorate the top tier and the stand- leaving a fresh and lovely design that suited the elegance and simplicity of the room.

My first delivery today was to Wantima Country Club- I had never actually set a cake there before, so a brand new venue to see excited me!
The Brides Parents were at the Venue sorting out the final details as I set the cake in place. A tower of Vanilla and Chocolate Butter cupcakes, branded with their initials- all in line with their Red Black and Ivory theme!
A cute cartoon couple standing on top of the top tier- with the couples name, and a spray of wire hearts to finish!

The last- but certainly not least- cake design for today has become one of my favourites. This plain iced four tier cake, banded with a 1" chocolate brown ribbon, with a diamonte buckle in the centre, and a monogram initial plaque on the top- is such a timeless design. My photography- however- just doesn't seem to do it justice!

With wedding season on full swing, I am flat out- and fully booked now through to the middle of May. My apologies to all of though people looking for cakes in the coming weeks, Unfortunately I am unable to help this time! If only there were 2 of me! LOL!!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

All Squared up!

Well even though it is almost time for next weeks blog entry- i thought I would put a bonus one in relating to a cake from last week.

As many of you may or may not be aware- Cake That! can contribute its success through much love and care- from not only me- but my family too.
Every Saturday (and more recently many Sunday's) My husband- Steve- gives up his day to help me deliver and set up Wedding and Special event cakes. To say he is super fastidious is merely and understatement. He would have to be my harshest critic- in a constructive way of course!

Steve lining up each and every cake- the concentration on his face says it all!

So on each of the trips we make to deliver and set up cakes- he is there making sure Everything is how it should be- the full 5 start treatment to each and every design!
On Easter Sunday I actually had 2 cakes to deliver- this one was a Cupcake tree- where I managed to snap a shot of Steve measuring up and lining up each and every cake on the stand! Getting a cupcake stand to look picture perfect- isn't as simple as just "bunging" them onto the stand "willy nilly" and hoping for the best. Precise placement of each and every cake makes the stand look elegant- and professionally set (as it should).
Even when I think I have all the cakes set perfectly- Steve can always find a millimeter or two for adjustments ;))

This particular tower was harder to set than usual- seeing that there is two sizes of cakes- mini and regular, coupled with the two contrasting flavours - getting a balanced professional finish demanded a keen eye for detail. In the end it looked so pretty!

The finished product- complete with fresh Singapore orchids to decorate- Just Lovely!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Great Friday!!!

This Easter weekend has started off just Great!
I have only a very limited number of weddings this week- being Easter and all- I thought I would give myself a little less to do.
I had my first ever Good Friday wedding yesterday! It was for a wonderful couple- Rose and Jason- who are both Chefs- and needed to have their wedding on Good Friday- as it was the only day that everyone has off!
I met Rose and Jason at the end of last year- and not only are they great chefs- they had also just started a company making and selling Thai Pastes and Curries! At the end of their consultation- and after much chatting- Rose and Jason gave me some samples of their goods- which are great!
Yesterday they celebrated their wedding at the gorgeous Victoria Park Marquee- with a simply elegant three tier cake- trailing with fresh green Singapore Orchids.
Each chair in the room was set alternately with either a pale pink or Green chair sash- so the cakes colours fitted perfectly!

The top tier of the cake was gluten and Dairy Free Dark Chocolate and Raspberry cake- made on a base of Hazelnut meal- this cake is ultra moist- and wickedly decadent!

After Delivering the Cake to the venue- I spent the rest of the day with my family and some close friends! My sister flies home to Edinburgh tomorrow- but I will see her in just over 100 days- when I head to the UK for some Cake decorating workshops!!
I am so excited- not only have I booked a two day Floral class with Alan Dunn- at Squires Kitchen School- I am also booked in with Lorraine from Icing on the cake- for some figurine workshops! Not to mention- I will be sure to head to PME at Knightsbridge whilst I am in London!
I think I have gone Cake mad! I am so excited about heading to the UK!
If there are any other UK Decorators that have any classes available in July- I would love to hear from you too!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Green Day...

Being the resident cake maker- means that not only do I get the pleasure of making cakes for friends and family- but I also get to make cakes when I have a get together too!

My sister is currently home from the UK and suggested that we have a BBQ to celebrate St Paddy's Day! So I rounded up all of our friends and family- for an especially Green themed St Paddy's BBQ!

Of course no BBQ would be complete without dessert- so one easy to serve cupcake tower was in order. With a request for a can of Guinness as a cake, and then little mini cupcakes underneath to finish things off!
With 14 kids at the party- these little cakes were a big hit- and to my surprise they even ate the cake too- and not just the icing as usual!

So even after a big week- I still got to make a cake for everyone to enjoy! With it all pulled together on Saturday night- the last minute effort worked well in the end!

Wishing every one a Happy St Patrick's day!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

12 months on......

Double barrel base- and single top tier. Decorated with wired golden pearls, Olive ribbon and Fresh cream roses and Green orchids.

How time flies!!
This week has had me reflecting upon how fast time really does pass! This week I had two cakes- which I originally made 12 months ago- so I was a little spooked when I realised that both cakes were made at the same time last year.

The pearls were even wound through the fresh flowers too!

The first cake is one I have dubbed- Golden Pearl- Originally made on the 31st March 2007- for a wonderful couple (Lauren and Shane)- who held their wedding at Sirromet. Then yesterday I had the chance to create this cake once again- only for a couple who I never actually got to meet (as they live interstate) for a venue I had never been to. This reception was held at the Holiday Inn at Roma Street. The Function Coordinator there (Michelle) was so lovely! I Hope everyone had a great night- and the cake was everything they had hoped and more!

Over 80 roses filled this cake!

The next cake was also one I had made last March- this design was a three tier cake- with white chocolate chards overlapping around the sides, and over 80 Fresh roses to fill the channels and the top tier. When I made this design last- It was for a weeding held at Siggi's Restaurant- and yesterday- this was for an Engagement held at a Private Home in Brookfield!
The scent if the flowers coupled with the white chocolate is divine!
Congratulations Lauren and Joshua!

Marbled chocolate icing- Unique waves of chocolate through white fondant

Last but certainly not least- is this two tier design. Being unconventional in wedding cake design sometimes really pays off! This simplistic two tier cake, covered in a Marbled chocolate icing, and banded with chocolate satin ribbon had a class and style all of its own. I would have to say I am relatively good at visualising what something is going to look like- but I was pleasantly surprised at how great this design actually looked! The room for this wedding was an Autumn theme, with lots of dodder vine and chocolate tines- so the cake fitted perfectly!

Full Circle...

When I first started cake decorating- I made cakes for family and friends. From there it became friends of friends- and so on and so forth- until I decided that I should actually make a full time business of it!

This week I had the privilege of making a wedding cake for one of my suppliers. Emma- one of the florists whom I regularly buy flowers from- was married yesterday!
When I arrived at the Northside flower market on Friday to collect flowers- Emma was there creating the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen! It was also the largest bouquet I had ever seen too! So it was hardly a surprise when I opened her cake flowers to find three stunning little posies to place onto her cake!
The entire cake itself was Gluten free- with the top and base layers being a gluten free fruit cake- and the middle layer being a white chocolate Almond and raspberry Gluten free cake too! The reception was held at a funky wine bar in Scarborough- and was adorned with more glorious blooms too!

Congratulations Emma and Scott! I hope they had a truly magical day!

When I was setting the flowers up- I really liked the look of the single spray of flowers too- just for something a little different! What do you think???

Monday, 10 March 2008

2008 ABIA award Nominations

As you may or may not be aware- last year I was ecstatic to not only be Nominated for an ABIA award for wedding cake design- I also came Runner up! A very close second- missing out by only 0.01%! With a satisfaction rate of 99.24% I was more than honoured by my past clients!

I really appreciate all of the feedback, pictures and referrals I have already received, and am humbled by your acknowledgments of contribution to creating a successful wedding.

This years voting has begun, and in order to once again become a nominee (and hopefully win ;))
I would love it if my past clients could vote for me!

Not only do you have the opportunity to let the ABIA know about your suppliers- and how you rated them- but if you nominate 4 or moire suppliers- you will go into the running for a Romantic escape for two!

The ratings are not only about recognizing the suppliers who have contributed to your wedding day success- but will also help future brides decide what suppliers to choose when organising their wedding day!
Voting is open until the 4th May 2008- so if you are Married before then- your vote will count!

You can check out the ABIA website Here
To Vote for the 2008 QLD ABIA awards

It has been my pleasure to create such magnificent cakes- for wonderful clients again this year!

Thank you once again for supporting me in doing what I love!!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Leaving on a Jet plane....

For those of you who noticed I missed out on last weeks blog- I do have a valid excuse!
one of my sisters has been traveling overseas- for the past 12 months- and is on a fleeting trip home.
Last Sunday morning- I was the only family member- to make it to the airport in time to greet my sister! Luckily she didn't mind just me at the airport after 12 months away!

My sister Kate is a Big supporter of what I do (my whole family is- but Kate kept up to date with EVERY design I made whilst she was away!), so when she come home I surprised her with a Suitcase and globe cake- that I had thrown together the night before! The caricature of Kate has been likened to "Dora the Explorer" by my husband- but none the less- Kate really loved it! I even piped all of the countries she has visited, so far, on the board.

As it is only a fleeting visit- I am going to combine a trip to the UK to build my Skills as a decorator- and visit Kate at the same time.

I have had nothing but lovely warm responses over the past few months- as I have been organising some Tuition for my stay. With Just over 4 months until I leave- I am eager to get there and meet some of the wonderful decorators the UK has to offer!
Before I leave though- I am actually going to two courses with Debbie Brown!
I am heading to Sydney in the last weekend of June to do two days with her at Planet cake in Sydney. Although my skill level may exceed the requirement for the courses- I am delighted to get the experience to meet Debbie Brown- and the Team at Planet cake too!

Being able to meet and learn from fellow decorators really excites me! So once I get back from my month of Cake decorating tuition- I will be eager to use my newfound techniques!
I have one definite cake decorator I am going to learn from- Lorraine from Icing on the Cake!
She also has a blog that you can view here!

Unfortunately this means that for the better part of July I am unable to take any orders- But will be back in August with loads of new ideas, and looking for willing clients to try them out on!

I will keep you all up to date on what I will be learning and where- so you too can share in the excitement of new cake decorating ideas!
Counting down until I leave on a Jet plane!!!

Blushing Divine!

Todays weddings all had shared something in common- Blush pink Roses!

The First cake delivered today was to the Indooroopilly Golf Club- where the unique "Mummy" design was the cake of choice.
I first made this design a few years back- when I had a display cake for a Bridal store. I thought it was unusual- but someone may like it out there- and it has been a hit ever since. I have made this cake now more than a handful of times- and despite its uniqueness- it still seems to appeal to many couples. Many people describe its look- like an opening rose- so the scattered sugared fresh rose petals that fall gently over the layers- are a likely fit.

The next design was a true "Wedding" design. Everything about this cake oozes class and romance. The classic Black flat bows, coupled with the gorgeous fresh blush pink roses , creating a cake that towered over 60cm high- once complete.
Although the end result is stunning- I was disappointed when I arrived at the venue to find the cake table on a huge lean. Unfortunately the function coordinator couldn't understand why I would be asking for the table to be level- I mean- I was only stacking hundreds of dollars worth of cake and fresh flowers on it!
Leaning cake tables are something that really bugs me. It is like many venues have little to no concern as to the functionality of the actual table- so long as it is clothed and dressed as the clients have directed. This happens on an all too often basis- even at venues where you would expect nothing but the best. A wonky table, holding a 20kg+ cake, that is delicately engineered to stand upright, needs level and firm support- it is not an option, and whilst I request in order for me to successfully deliver the cake on the day- all I ask is that the venue provide a clean, clothed and level table- more times than I care to remember- I have been greeted with wonky, unstable tables. Hopefully the Bride and Groom only see this cake from the front on, and I doubly hope that the dodgy leveling job- done by the venue- holds up!
If you are wondering why the cake was set up on the table after all- the actual floor of the venue is what is uneven- leaving no other option than to do the best we could.

And to complete the Rose trio- I delivered another supremely popular design, which the clients had supplied their own fresh roses for the cake! I was delighted to see that they had almost the exact same roses, as what I had previously used!
This base cake design looks so pretty- with the fresh roses completing the picture!

Brisbane has turned on a magnificent week of weather- and I hope all of my Couples this week had a truly magical Wedding!

I still have one wedding tomorrow- and then I start again on Monday!

Have a great week- and thank you for reading my rant/Blog ;))