Saturday, 27 October 2007

Past and Present

This week had me preparing a cake and a topper for previous clients.
It is always wonderful to be able to make cakes for repeat clients, and both of the return customers this week have returned more than once!
Firstly I made this little fairy for a 1st birthday cake. Although I didn't make the actual cake- I did replicate the fairy from the invitation design- so that everything matched.

Then I had the privilege of making a beautiful christening cake for one of my past wedding clients. This cake had gorgeous tiny little rose buds over the cake- it was so pretty.

Then a strange coincidence occured- This week I had two clients called Tiffany/Tiffanee. Whilst one was celebrating her wedding- the other was holding a lavish "Oscars after Party" and wanted individual "Tiffany" boxes as her cake.

The latte coloured cakes with black sugar bows were surrounded by fresh flowers and ivy. Rich and Romantic in design.

The heat today was sent to test me for sure. Summer is certainly here- and with everything becoming super delicate it really makes me appreciate the coll- non humid winter weather!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Chocolate, Silver and Gold

This week was once aging flat out- due to wedding season. With a record number of cakes for Friday weddings this week- I was on the ball to get these gorgeous designs done.

The first cake was for a close friend of my Sister in laws- were referred to me, wanting a simple and elegant design. With "Bling" all the rage- I suggested this simple design, with the silver diamonte buckles to add a touch of elegance. Finished in white plastic icing, with piped icing pearls around the base of each tier- a single flat bow is wrapped around the center of each tier and finished with a circular diamonte buckle. Lilies were the bouquet flowers, and topped the cake too. With a flavour list of more than 20 to choose from- this couple chose a different flavour for each tier- Traditional Dark Mud, White Frangellico Mud, and a peppermint mud for the top.

The next design was chosen by a couple- who were lucky enough to have their wedding covered by a bridal magazine. This three tier cake is iced in Rolled Chocolate fondant- with their names piped onto the center tier in gold. Wired gold hearts exploded from the top, with Fresh purple Singapore Orchids around the base, and amongst the hearts at the top.

With Cupcake trees all the fashion, This pretty design was influenced by the colours of the invitations. Pale Green and Chocolate. Vanilla Cupcakes with Pale Green Butter cream, and the wickedly delicious Dark chocolate hazelnut and orange cupcakes with a Grand Mariner Ganache. YUM!!! So whether the guests wanted a light dessert, or an indulgent chocolate decadence- their taste buds were catered for.

I am looking forward to another week of cakes ahead- it will be a mini bonanza- stay tuned....

Technology Trap!

There are things in Business - and in life- that people expect you to have. A mobile Phone and Web/Email access. We become so reliant on these things- that if, and when they are not functioning- you are left Up the proverbial "creek- without a paddle"!
This week saw me have my first "no phone" experience. Firstly- don't ask me how I did it (some things are better left untouched)- but I lost the SIM Card out of my phone. I lost it inside the house- where you would think that you would be able to find it with relative ease- but no- after almost 2 hours scavenging around the floor looking for it- I came to the realization that it was "Lost in Space". Not only did I have to divert all my calls to another number- but I had lost all of my contact details!!!!
So the very next Morning I went off to the phone providers- where I got my new Blank SIM- and spent that night (at least 3hours) putting everyones numbers and details back into it!!!!
I THOUGHT I was outsmarting technology- by saving all of the numbers to the phones memory, rather than the easily misplaced minute SIM card- but no- less than 24 hours after typing in all of my contacts- I went to answer a call and the phone screen was black. At first I thought I had taken a photo- but no-it was well and truly broken. I couldn't make calls- because I couldn't see what numbers I had dialed on the screen, and It (the phone) wouldn't let me answer calls either. All of this is happening, on Friday afternoon, after I have (thankfully) finished delivering cakes for the day- but it is also one of the busier days for client inquiries!!!!
So off I went to the store where I bought the phone- once again- where the young sales assistant blankly told me that- "You have cracked the screen." When I asked how I "could have cracked the screen" seeing as the phone was sitting in my car console at the time- of course he couldn't tell me- but at the same time didn't hasten to lay blame that the breakage was my fault- and probably not covered under warranty!
Needing to get this fixed as fast as possible- I asked who/what could help me out- seeing as I had had this phone for less than 12 months and all- so Off I drove- all the way to Aspley to the Nokia Care Center- a type of Medicare office for Mobile phones- with the same big cues too!
Standing in a cue for almost 20 minutes listening to the customer service officers tell each client the same thing over and over again- about how they replaced this and that but this is not covered under warranty... I started to come to the realization that I was probably going to end my week with a bill for a new phone! But when my turn came- and I explained what had happened- I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!! and that it would be fixed within the hour!
So now I have a new screen, New SIM, and a new appreciation for "the olden days" when if you didn't have a mobile phone- and your clients couldn't contact you every minute of every day- you didn't go into virtual heart failure!

So to all these people who tried to call me this week- and I was not available- I am sorry, but technology was to blame ;) And to my Nana- who thought she came with me on a quick trip to deliver the cakes- and ended up running around with me for 6 hours whilst I sorted myself out- Thank You!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Transfer and Refer...

This week was one where I was able to create cakes for a special long time client. I actually had two "referral" clients this week- one who was referred to me by an old work colleague and friend (Thank you Grant!) and another was for a lovely couple, who's family I first made a cake for around 7 or so years ago. Since then I have been lucky enough to make more than a handful of special occasion cakes for their family!
But Yesterday it was Donna and Justin's turn to get married! I was so happy to create a chocolate three tier cake, complete with fresh flowers for their wedding day! The smell of the shaved Belgian Couveture Chocolate was to die for!

The next cake was for a lovely bride- who I only met when she came to collect her cake. Usually I deliver more than 95% of my cakes, but this one was out towards Marburg- so the Bride collected it on her way out to the venue. Having never met her before, and only ever communicating via email- I always get little butterflies wondering if the cake is exactly what my clients were after- but he huge smile and overwhelming "Thank You" when she saw the cake for the first time reassured me that we were on the same wavelength- for design!

I also had two other cakes- that were transported afar this week. One to Hamilton Island- Cupcakes- which arrived safely- for a Beach wedding on Friday! The other was individual cakes that were taken to the beautiful Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island. Of all the cakes to be transporting afar- it was unusual that both were cupcake style cakes!

By yesterday I only had two cakes left to deliver- which should have been an easy day- but the last cake for the week was a fabulous three tier Chocolate Gateaux. Rich chocolate sponge layered with a Chocolate Mousse, finished with a White Chocolate Marquise, then surrounded with chocolate chards, and finished with chocolate scrolls and fresh gerbera's- are you drooling yet????

I had to actually assemble the cake at the venue. Because of its delicate nature, the light textured cake did not have enough support to attempt transporting it in one piece- without disaster! Having arranged for the Air conditioning to be cranking when I arrived- The staff were surprised to watch me put the cakes together! The three cakes were transported "bare" without their chocolate decorations, so with my bag of white chocolate marquise in one hand, and my wonderful husband passing me the chocolate chards in the other, I layered and attached the cake to complete the design. With less than an hour until the reception began- the cake was safely in place, awaiting for the Bride and Groom to make the first incision!
Being able to provide my clients with wonderful designs, and alternatives to the traditional fruit cake- is what makes this job so great!

The week ahead is another big one! Wedding Season is in Full swing!!!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Cake Stories

Lee-Anne and Greg 19/08/06

This week Cake That! seems to be popping up everywhere!
I picked up the latest edition of Wedding Cakes- a Design source to not only find that they had included more than 10 of my cakes, but also they had included one of my past wedding couples as a feature.
The couple in question were even faster off the mark than me to spot themselves in the magazine!

Then I had a consultation- where the clients showed me another of my cake designs pictured- without credit- in the latest Queendsland Brides magazine. In all fairness- the image was taken by a professional photographer- but luckily for me my clients recognized the cake from my website! Below is the cake in question- taken by me!

Then I had an inquiry from a Sunshine Coast girl who has a web blog/magazine, asking if she could use some of my pictures for a story she was writing on cupcakes.

I am also waiting to get my hands on a copy of Brisbane Affair Magazine, who also took copies of my cupcakes for an article in their October issue!
You have got to love free press!!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Best Job Ever!!!!

Every day I think to myself how lucky I am to be doing a job that I love! I get to meet with people who are celebrating the happiest times in their lives! I get to create awesome cakes for them, and sometimes- I even get to know a little bit about them too.
Whilst most of the couples I get to meet are so friendly and excited to be getting married- I have a handful of couples that I will never forget- because they were just gorgeous people- and yesterday I delivered a cake for a truly beautiful bride.
In the few times that I met Julia, she was so friendly, that it was like I had known her for years. Nothing was a problem- so easy going. She always took time to let me know how her planning was going- and how excited she was getting! I mentioned how lovely she was to her venue coordinator- who too agreed what a gorgeous person she was.
This Morning she will be waking up as a Mrs for the first time- so Congratulations Julia- and David! I hope you enjoyed your cake!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Left of Center.....

Well, for over a year now- I have been waiting to create this cake! When the clients first inquired about the design, I was a little worried how an Apple would fit into a Wedding- Yes a Wedding!
But with the Theme of the Wedding New York- Where the couple met and where the proposal took place- New York couldn't have been represented any better than with a Big Shiny Red Apple!
This cake is a sculptured cake design, carved vanilla mud cake, with fillings and coatings of white chocolate ganache, before the final layer of Fire Engine red Fondant was applied. I am so happy with this cake- I could just squeal! Whilst understandably not the most traditional of designs, I can't wait to get this to the venue, and see the theming complete! I only wish I could get to see their guests reactions when they see the apple for the first time! This cake is very cool- and it takes a brave couple to choose such a bold design for their special day! Guaranteed to be talked about for years to come!

This next cake- also for a wedding (today!) is a variation of a design I originally created for a Bridal Boutique season launch. Inspired by the folds, and layers of contemporary dress design, I created a tiered cake, that was wrapped in layers of icing- like a mummy! This unique design was draped with fresh water pearls and crystals to tie in with the brides attire. Unusual- yet elegant- this weeks clients have chosen head turning, talking point designs for their Wedding day!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Win your Wedding Cake Competition!

In conjunction with Beyond the Bride Website- Cake That! is Giving away a $400 Voucher towards the Wedding cake of your Dreams!
Entry is Open to All Brides- with the Voucher valid for use until the 30th June 2008.
Entrants must be registered users of the Beyond the Bride Website.

Log onto Beyond the Bride and Enter Here.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Cake That! Will provide the winner with a voucher for $400 to be used towards a cake of their choice.
  2. If the chosen design is less than the voucher, all remaining credit is forfeited.
  3. The voucher is valid for use until the 30th June 2008. The cake must be created for an event prior to this date.
  4. If the chosen design is more than $400- the winner must pay the difference upon booking the date.
  5. The voucher is for the winner of the competition- as indicated by Beyond the Bride- and is not transferable to another party.
  6. The prize is subject to the availability of Cake That! To provide a cake for the chosen date.
  7. Delivery of the cake is NOT included in the prize.
  8. The prize voucher must be presented upon quotation. Current clients of Cake That! Are ineligible to use the voucher towards their current order.
  9. Beyond the Bride and Cake That! Associates are ineligible to claim this prize.