Monday, 31 January 2011

December 2010..........


I think I almost hit panic stations today when I realised that tomorrow will be February- and OMG I haven't even blogged about December 2010 yet!
Call me slack- as seriously I have no idea where January has gone LOL!

I had some super cool cakes in December.
Beginning with this cupcake tree fro an intimate wedding at Mt Mee.

Fitting in with the Black red and white theme- these little dome iced cupcakes complete with initials on each one were super cute indeed!  

 I loved the teeny tiny little heart that separated the couples initials too! 

I had the first of Two Chocolate Mountain creations for December to deliver out to Dayboro.
When I got out to Glengariff the visitors enjoying the site inspection were quite impressed with the cake.
It is always nice to see peoples reactions to your creations. 

Pretty was certainly the theme for December.
This next cake was iced in a very pale pink- with a baroque stencil design and sugar pearls.  

The Client had sourced a ceramic stand to display the cake on. An added touch of beauty.
I had allot of Big cakes in December.
I absolutely Love big cakes- cakes that you can see from across the room- cakes that have presence.

This one had a wrap finish- which was later adorned with flowers from the wedding. 

Having the rear side of the cake present as well as the front is very important- so keeping it tidy I ran a piece of fondant- complete with "buttons" down the back!

A big four tier draping cake with sugar roses was next on the agenda.

A Vintage theme- with crystals hanging from two of the tiers.

The Next Chocolate Mountain cake was for Customs house.
This time with Hot pink roses- it certainly looked wicked!  

I set this cake up on my birthday- so it was a very special delivery indeed!
A friend who came along for the delivery took this cool shot looking down onto the cake.

I hadn't done one of "Martha's Magic" styles for a long while- but in December that all changed.
Delivered for a Wedding at Victoria Park- in the Newly renovated Marquee.

I an certain that I LOVE tall cakes- and lately I have had a stack of clients who also are in love with this style too!
This cake with white on white stencil design- and clustered sugar roses is simply elegant!

 Ting silver cachous in amongst the stencil detail- and strung crystals around the base- added a tasteful amount of bling to finish off his elegant creation.

The last cake for December was a Tomliboos cake.
Before this order I had zero idea about what a Tomliboo was- but now I am well educated!

Well that was my December Favourites.
Almost finished The 2010 blogging

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cute as and Cupcakes

The Last weekend in November saw me do a mad dash around SEQ before heading west to Toowoomba for a 3 day workshop with John Qui Hoi- Cake Guru from Melbourne.

There were allot of cupcakes this particular weekend.
The first were delivered to the Holt St Ferry- for a short boat ride across to Tangalooma Island.


A bold Red and white theme- with heart and initial details.

The next cakes were collected and taken up to Mt Tambourine.
Deep blue white and silver was the theme colours.

I have made this design previously in a red white and chocolate theme.
Fondant iced cupcakes with a chocolate drizzle and teeny tiny silver hearts across each one.

As it was a case of here there and everywhere- I sent Steve off to Maroochydore to deliver this chocolate cupcake tower.  

To combat the issue of fat soaked pretty cupcake wrappers- and to keep the papers the same colour (as often they change once baked) I baked all the cakes in white papers then once cooled- I slipped a decorative polka dot paper over the top- voila!

It wasn't all cupcakes that weekend.
I had a few "regular" cakes as well.

First stop was Victoria Park where I delivered this Three tier cake- with twisted tiers- Ivory ribbon wrapped around each of the tiers- and random piped icing pearl detail. 

The couple had supplied their own silk flowers to complete the cakes design.

After Vic Park it was over to Coorparoo to deliver another twisted tier creation- this time with a blue theme. 

It was a piping hot day- and I had only one cake left to personally deliver down to Hope Island- before heading to Toowoomba.

When I got to Hope Island- the room was set up like a Magical Enchanted hall.
Crystal chairs and elaborate table decorations.
So it was fitting that the couple chose a pretty Four tier cake.  


Once at the venue the couple had left a Dancing Bride and Groom topper to be placed on top.

With such a variety of cake designs that week- I think my fave would have had to have been the First Birthday cake I made for Baby Hugo! 
Hugo is the son of Sandy and Shannon- whose wedding cake I made in 2008.

I have been blessed to have been commissioned to make a few cakes for them since then.

Hugo's first birthday was a celebration to behold.
Styled beautifully- with a Magnificent Dessert table put together by Sandy herself.

Hugo's cake was a double barrel cake- iced in a soft blue- with varied size dots- and a cute as elephant topper- made to mimic the birthday invites!

 A Very Happy Birthday to Hugo! What a brilliant first birthday party!

Do you want to impress your guests with a party set up as spectacular as this?
Check out Sharnel Dollar Designs- Sharnel can style a party for you- but she also has a huge range of items for sale and hire for those that want to DIY!

Well that rounds off my cakes for November.... only December to go- then I can start with the Fabbulous 2011 Creations!!
If you can't wait- check out my Cake that! Facebook page for the latest cakes from Cake That!

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bronwyn and Josh 17th October 2010

I am pleased to have yet another fantastic couple share their story and details from their wedding day with you.
Bronwyn and Josh had a wicked Mad Hatter for their wedding in October! I hope that you enjoyed the cake as much as I did making it!
All the images in this Blog were taken by the Divine Miranda Greer! Stunning!
So sit back relax and enjoy the Story of Bronwyn and Josh- as told by the beautiful Bride herself!!
 Bronwyn and Josh
Sunday 17th October 2010  

 Josh and I met a few years ago, through mutual friends at the Chalk Hotel. He had a lip piercing at the time, a god awful spear thing, and I cheekily asked him how he kissed girls with it - needless to say, he showed me, and pretty much by the end of the night I knew Josh was someone special. 
We've been together for over 3 years, lived together for almost 2, and travelled overseas to the UK last year. Once we got back, Josh started mumbling about "getting me that ring" and needing to talk to my parents. It took a few more months of waiting (much to my frustration!), but we were engaged in April and our amazing wedding day was October the 17th. 
The wedding day was quite possibly one of the best days of my life. I was surrounded by friends and family, many of whom had traveled interstate for the event and I got to marry Josh. Everything went according to plan, due in part to my OCD planning of the day, and also the fact that our motto for the wedding had been "fun and relaxed" - just like us! 
The big day dawned, and the sun was shining - believe me, in October this was no mean feat - only 48 hours prior had been torrential rain! My bridesmaids had stayed the night with me in the hotel suite, and before long my wonderful hairdresser Michelle, and makeup artist Kate had arrived. People had said to me, the day will fly by, and they were spot on! I had woken up at 7am, and it was almost midday! 
I had spent hours scouring magazines and the Internet for special little touches, to put my stamp on the day. Personalised dress hangers, handmade jewellery and my amazingly wonderful stunning gorgeous button bouquets ( by Lilly Buds) were just a couple of the things that really made the day more special for me.  

Before I knew it my hair was done, my makeup (by Kate Fide) was applied and I was preparing to get into "Lucy" the affectionate nickname I had given my gown. It then started to dawn on me, I was really getting married! My two wonderful bridesmaids Deb and Ali laced me up and it was time for photos. Miranda Greer had been recommended to me via Sarah-Jane's website and she didn't disappoint. Friendly, patient and professional, made all the more impressive by the fact she was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time! Some shots of me on my own, my mum and dad and the girls, and then it was showtime! I did have enough time to sneak upstairs to the Panorama room, where the reception was being held.  It was getting set up and I was so excited to see Sarah-Jane's exquisite creation, beautifully placed and ready to go!  

The next while after this seemed to pass in a blur. Our gorgeous London taxi cabs arrived to take us to the Broadway Chapel, and as we pulled up I realised all the guests were still outside - the boys were having their shots in the chapel and were running overtime - posers! Everyone started to file in and i had a couple of minutes to compose myself  - not that I was nervous about getting married, i had just had too many nightmares about tripping over while walking down the aisle! 

The music changed, my dad looked at me and i knew it was time to get going. I emerged from around the corner, and although i could sense everyone looking at me (and a whole lotta camera flashes going off!) all i could see was Josh - he looked so excited, and nervous and happy, all at once.  


Our ceremony was short, sweet and very personal to us - our celebrant Elizabeth talked about our lives together so far, included our families (we had our ceremony streamed online to my family in the UK!) and involved a few nicknames and in jokes that got plenty of chuckles. Then with a word or two, a ring on the finger and a big smooch we were man and wife!  

Off for some photos around Southbank, and then to the Urban for our reception. We forwent a DJ/Band for an ipod, and for entertainment hired a photobooth which kept the guests entertained and provided lots of amusing memories the next morning!  

Speeches again, were short and sweet, as was our first dance together - Josh doesn't like to dance and i had been too busy all week to practice the steps! The thing I remember about our reception was how much fun it was - being surrounded by our loved ones and celebrating the first day of our lives together.
Phew - what a rundown! My find words are of advice to the soon-to-be-married couple
               - Personalise the day to the two of you. Decide on what is important to you and what isn't - don't compare your wedding to other people's
               - Being organised in advance makes for a relaxed wedding day
              - Get recommendations from vendors about other services that you're not sure about - they only work with the best!

If you would like to have your wedding featured as a blog and or in the Real wedding Section of my website- please contact me for details.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Four tiers and more!

There are definitely benefits of running behind with blogging. For one I get to reminisce about all the fabulous cakes and not to mention the equally lovely clients who received them.
I also am reminded- especially after a short break over Xmas and New Years- that I can do it (get all the cake orders done for the week) and that I need not stress as it will all happen. With the weather still being unkind and bucketing down- my perfectly dry Air con room is worth its weight in gold! 

The third week in November was one with some impressive cakes indeed.

I find small things intriguing- such as the fact that I has Two four tier cakes and Two Cakes will L&A on top..... silly I know- but when you spend the entire week surrounded by all things cake you go a tad loopy LOL!
I actually did a double take to make sure that I had the L&A correct on both cakes!
The first L&A  cake was held at Sirromet.
Organised entirely from The UK this cake was a pleasure to make for such a lovely couple.  

A two tier version of the Silver Strings cake design.
The topper letters were sourced from the UK.

The next L&A cake was for Indooroopilly Golf Club.
A simple yet stylish three tier cake with Silver Monogram initials on top.  

 I didn't have far to go to deliver the next cake- just around the corner to Hillstone- St Lucia.
This Vintage inspired cake for Megan and Liam including dusty pink piping detail and sugar bows to complete the theme.

Megan and Liam's photos were taken by the Uber talented Toni Snell- check out their wedding on her Blog!

I had a trip out to Glengariff to deliver the first four tier cake of the weekend.
Crystals and Diamantes were scattered throughout the piping and also on the two ribbon sliders.  

The couple topped off the cake with a cool set of toppers- which were realistic caricatures of the couple!
One of my favourite cakes over the years has been the Fresh Bride/Bridal Rose Design. With all the piped icing pearls it is just really pretty.  

Finished off with fresh roses in varying pinks- it was just gorgeous!  

This cake weighed a tonne- thank goodness for Steve's Muscles  to carry the cake from the car to the table for me :)

The next cake took allot of time and effort- but every bit worth it!
A tower of cupcakes in a Peacock and White colour theme.
Pearl finish and embossing- Butterflies and Blossoms- every bit just gorgeous.

Inspired by an image sent to me by the bride- (unfortunately I have no idea who the original artist actually is) the cake themselves looked very much like that of the style of the Small Things Iced company in the UK.  

The Wedding was held at a private home in Newmarket- and from the comments from the Bride it went down a treat! 

I love the dome cupcakes- really pretty indeed!

Last but not least for the week was some cupcakes for a returning clients mum's birthday!
Sandy has been a great client- starting with her massive 7 tier tower of cupcakes for her wedding- then cupcakes for her baby shower last year and now Cupcakes for her mum!
How gorgeous are they both! Congrats- I hope that you had an amazing day!

Stay safe Keep Dry and thanks for Reading

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cakes Around SEQ

Weeks like this one is what keeps me interested! Having a vast variety of styles and designs to create really makes the workload exciting.
The first cake for the week was for a returning client.
A few years back I had created her 21st cake- and now I was honored to make her engagement cake too!
A two tier version of the Dainty dots cake design was collected and taken to a private reception. 

I had a mammoth delivery run on the Saturday.
Starting fairly early- we headed over to Edge Modern Dining at Ferny Hills to deliver a three tier chocolate fondant cake.  

I also had a cake delivery for Cloudland. To be honest I have not been inside a night club in many years- and whilst I had heard fabulous things about Cloudland and had been keen to have dinner and a cocktail or two there- somehow I have just never gotten around to it.
So when I delivered this cake was the first time I had seen inside for myself.
There is allot of Themeing and Decoration inside- which certainly gives the venue real atmosphere. I would love to see inside when it is open- and the lighting all on and set to create the true ambiance it is set out to have.
One day- when I can stay awake past 9pm- I may just go back and check it out!
The cake delivered was a variation of the Skeleton Leaves design- minus the leaves- with thin black cord and with fresh flowers later added by the couples florist.

After  Cloudland we shpt across to Customs house to set up the next cake.
A three tier cake with a trail of fresh Phalenopsis Orchids and Singapore Orchids.
What is really uncanny about this cake is that I set the exact same cake design at the same venue more than 2 years prior.
Whilst I often get asked to recreate some of my past designs - this was the first time I had recreated this one- and the fact that it was for the same venue was unique.  

 Next I zipped across to Sirromet to set up a cute Two tier Mad Hatter.
Complete with a bridal couple on top.
A Pale pink Ivory and Silver theme  all tied together in a funky cake design.

 The groom wore a silver grey suit and the Bride a flowing Ivory gown.

Next Stop was Coolibah Downs at Nerang.
I love this cake- the Four tiers of the Mummy design really adds that extra element of Wow factor.  

This Ivory Four tier version had hand made sugar rose petals in the Bridesmaids colours scattered across the cake.

I was delighted to see an image of the couple on my Facebook Page the very  next day thanking me! How Lovely!

Next Stop was Burleigh Heads.
I delivered this cake to a private home for a reception the following day at Oscars.
As I did not get to see the cake with the flowers from the florist- the Bride and groom were kind enough to send through an image of the completed cake!
Thank you so muck Mr and Mrs Leske! 

It wasn't all over for the week until the Tuesday when I had another "Bride in Waiting" cake collected to be taken over to An Island Hideaway.

 So that was my week- long and eclectic just how I like it!
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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hello Beautiful ;)

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo! Happy New Year and all that Jazz! No I haven't fallen off the planet- Just been flat out- and with only a very short break over the Xmas New Year period- unfortunately keeping up with the blog had fallen by the wayside- whoops!
I am VERY EXCITED to share the cakes from the first week in November with you all though.
I am sure you have listened to me babble on about how much I love the cakes my clients choose- but when you are well and truly in the thick of "Wedding season" all the gorgeous designs is what keeps you going.

It was a cracker weekend- the very first cake- whilst it was really a blank canvas on my end- the absolutely stunning Flowers by the brides florist turned what was something simple ( but ultimately divine tasting) into a stunning romantic cake.  

I was also really impressed with the Florists preparation of the blooms.
So often - although I stipulate specific terms with fresh flowers- I arrive at venues to find unprepared flowers- which make placement onto the cake more than difficult.
These blooms were wired and taped gorgeously!

The next cake is the epitome of what I class as the ultimate classic timeless- so gorgeous you want to hug it- wedding cake!

 Three Extended height tiers of rich Fruit cake (YUM!!) iced in Ivory fondant- with white fondant lace over the tiers- all topped off with  Handmade large open sugar roses on top. 

 With all the fruit cake inside- this cake weighed a tonne- but well worth it for the beauty.

The passed out husband- or "Bride in Waiting" cake once again was a popular choice this week.

 I only wished that I had have shot it on a white background so that you could see the gorgeous black bedhead. 

It is very rarely that I get the opportunity to make Christening cakes. But this sweet baby's cake was a twist on a couple of past cakes I had made before.

I was also excited as I got to use a new Embosser on the baby's blanket too.

I certainly had allot of Big cakes this week- and the next Butter cream design was simply stunning!
White and cream roses and Singapore Orchids- trailing whimsically over the cake.
 A single base- double mid tier and Single top tier- all iced with vertical palette markings- elongating the design even further.

So pretty I have it as my phone screen saver :-O

Nuts about Chocolate????
This next chocolate creation- with White chocolate chards inlaid with Dark chocolate swirls - and a heap of shavings in the channels....

Could a chocoholic ask for more???

I had some gorgeous cupcakes for the Powerhouse too!
I love this venue- and not because it is where my BIL and his wife got married a few years back- but because it is eclectic and still romantic.

As well as being commissioned to create the above cakes- I also was blessed to once again be part of the Brothers and Sisters Oncology Day- where I spent the afternoon watching the kids have a blast icing and decorating close to 200 cupcakes.
I have learned over the last few years that children are not professional decorators- and perfect butter cream swirls and complimentary colours don't mean squat when it is all about fun!
So now I am honored to supply a huge array of decorations and simply let them "go for it"

This year I had Pirates and Fairies- as well as Christmas decorations, a bucket load of sprinkles and lollies- and with 14 or so kids decorating cakes for themselves- the patients and hospital staff......
Here's what they came up with!!!

The Lovely Amanda from the RBCH

There wasn't much left at the end either...........

A Huge THANK YOU to the Turner and Banksia Wards for once again inviting me to be apart of your special day!
Looking forward to next time

Thanks for Reading and Happy 2011