Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ready to roll!

This weekend I was up early- with Wedding season coming into full swing- it was a matter of getting going before I ran out of time!
Delivering cakes takes me all over South East Queensland- not just to the CBD.
I have allot of long distance deliveries coming up in the next few months, which means that many Saturdays I am unable to take more than one appointment, and get deliveries done. While I still have after hours time slots available- most consultation times are restricted to late weekday afternoons.

Yesterday was no different.
I headed off to Woodlands of Marburg first. With a four tier Butter iced cake- complete with fresh flowers- and impending 30degC heat- it was imperative that I had the cake delivered to the venue and out of the midday heat.

I love this cake design. It is pretty, elegant, a decent sized cake- and not to mention- iced in a thick butter cream that is just asking for someone to run their finger through it!

After returning to Brisbane I made my first ever delivery to Riverlife at Kangaroo Point.
This was the first time I had delivered to this venue. Set at the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs- on the edge of the Brisbane river- it is certainly a feat to get there.

This cupcake tower was a mixture of White chocolate and Raspberry, Choc Chip and Hazelnut cupcakes. With a top tier that was surrounded by Marbled chocolate chards.
While this venue has an awesome view- it has no air conditioning- not even in an office.
Even though I was advised that there was an air conditioned office available- when I arrived- there was no office- nor Air conditioning. I don't have this condition for delivery simply as a request- it is an absolute must.
I truly hope that with the late afternoon delivery- and the "cool" area that all went well.

The next cake was actually delivered on Friday- for a Saturday Wedding.

A version of my "Sweet Daisy" design- this cake had a cute little family on top. Complete with the Kilts- this family moved to Brisbane from Scotland a year ago- and celebrated their wedding here in the 30degC heat with a close group of family and friends.

The last cake of the day to be delivered ended with a lovely surprise!
For only the 3rd time in more than 500 wedding cakes delivered- I got to see ( and talk) to the Bride dressed in all of her glory!

This cake is a two tier double barrel design- that was finished with a pale pink palette royal icing. Fresh roses in mixed pinks filled between the tiers and fresh roses finished the design on top.

Now- seeing I was so excited to see Jodi- I only managed one picture of her with her cake! Not the best photo- but remember I am a cake decorator NOT a photographer!Here is Jodie with her Lovely Mum!
Congratulations Jodie and Stephen! Enjoy your Jamaican Honey moon- you lucky buggers!!!

Congratulations also to all of my brides and grooms this weekend! I hope your day was truly fabulous!

Valentines Wrap

Last weekend I made Boxed cupcakes( If you hadn't already realise ;0)

I have received really great feedback form both the purchaser's and the recipients!

So for all of you who missed out- these little creations were in each box:

This cake was a vanilla cupcake with pink vanilla butter cream and White chocolate hearts as decoration.

The next Cupcake is a Gluten Free Chocolate and Almond cupcake with dark chocolate ganache and filigree chocolate hearts.

This Red Velvet cupcake iced in a vanilla butter cream with an edible glitter heart.

It was all about Love with the next design. A light rosewater cupcake iced in white fondant- with Love script across the top.

Last but not least is the Decadent chocolate cupcake- a rich chocolate cupcake- filled with chocolate ganache then iced in a light chocolate butter cream. Handmade heart confetti to decorate.

Which one would you choose????
For those of you who missed out this year- there's always next time!

Cheeky Fun!

Last weekend we celebrated a family Birthday.
So for a bit of fun- together with my cousin- we made this cake!
Silicone- I think not! These were a White chocolate and caramel swirl- with the token pink polka dot bikini too!

The birthday boy was more than amused!
Happy Boobday David! ;))

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Loving last weekend!

This last weekend gone I was well and truly back into the cake swing!
I had such a diverse group of cake designs to create- it was fabulous!

The first one I have decided to include is the Zebra head! Made for a 40th Birthday.
I loved making this- the sculpting and the fact that no two Zebra's stripes are the same!

When the client came to collect the cake ( obviously and Avid Zebra lover) she seemed delighted- and mentioned that maybe she wouldn't even cut the cake!

The Next cake- whie I make this style of design on a very regular basis- provided me with my fastest EVER thank you.
The entire cake had been arranged via email so I never had the chance to meet the Bride and Groom... Until the wedding day (SAT) when around Midday- the Groom to be arrived with his best man to collect the cake and take it to the Canungra Winery Reception.

When I woke up on Sunday Morning and checked my emails- there was a fabulous thank you from the Bride- sent to me at 11.45pm the night before. Now that is commitment! I hope Ben and Amy are enjoying their honeymoon! Thank you for the Thank you!

I had another beautiful stacked fresh flower cake last Saturday- with THE BEST roses I have ever been provided with. Beautiful big roses- stunning!
The cake was simply iced in Ivory with an Ivory ribbon around the base of each tier. What made the design was teh gorgeous blooms in pale pink, Ivory and Blood Red! This cake certainly was a symbol of elegance and beauty as you walked through the reception doors.

The next cake was contemporary and stylish.
A cube style design simply decorated with ribbons and skeleton leaves.

I then had my first ever Arum lily wedding cake.
This cake was originally ordered with Ivory roses- but the Bride to be asked ( only the Monday before the wedding!!!) if I could make Arum lilies instead. No worries!

As the cake was to be monochromatic- I used only subtle colour to bring the lilies to life.

Last but not least was this 1st birthday cupcake tower!

In greens and blues it was all too cute. Mixing regular and mini sized cupcakes- and a variety of decorations- including a waving baby and sugar "1" on top.

A fabulous diverse selection once again- ordered by some fabulous clients!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Up to date................

OK- if the occasional email from regular blog readers wasn't hint enough to get on track and up to date with my blog- being reminded face to face was a definite kick up the behind to get cracking!

Last week was a whirlwind... with the cake season warming up- I was getting back into the swing of business for sure.
The last weekend in January had me making some old favourite designs- but with a twist.

The first was the beautiful cake-labeled "Cream dream" on my website- but instead of the cream roses- lovely soft pink roses filled the top tier and petals filled in the channels.
Soft and pretty- feminine yet elegant. Sitting in the table in the stunning Long Room at Customs house- this cake looked everything the bit "Wedding".

I don't know if I am a sucker for pink, but I think I might love this version a tiny bit more than the original.

The next cake was for a 21st at Mt Tambourine. Jaffa Mud cake layered with Grand Marnier Ganache- iced in Whipped white chocolate ganache- and then decorated with white chocolate! A dieters nightmare! It amazes me the power of word of mouth- this cake being no exception. I got the job from another client who passed on my details to this client. Then the friend of this cakes recipient passed on my details to another Wedding client- raving about the cake she had just eaten on the weekend- and the Wedding client had already booked to see me on recommendation through another person! (Did you get all that??- because even I am confused reading it back- and I lived it first hand LOL!!!)

Anyway- the moral of the story is that the cake made an impression for sure! It also had fresh fuchsia pink roses dotted throughout the design. The roses matched the sugar "Emma" perfectly- and I had painted the name well before I collected the roses.

Last but not least was a last minute addition to my baking list last weekend.
An early morning call on Monday- had me taking an order for the Debbie Brown inspired Stripper cake.
Hollywood themed Black Fuchsia Pink and Silver- I altered the design to suit.

The Fuchsia Iced board made a real statement on the design- with the little hats coated in Disco Glitter to make them sparkle.
I got to see the clients reaction first hand when I delivered the cake! I love that! Seeing clients genuinely excited about your creation is wonderful!

This week I am selling Boxed cupcakes for Valentines day.
Click on the image below for details on what is available.
The cakes can be collected on Friday afternoon and Saturday Morning.
Delivery is available- for a small fee- to the Brisbane Metropolitan area.
Treat your valentine to some delicious cupcakes this year!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Scottish people in the QLD summer..........

......Don't Mix!

I was mortified to turn around last weekend and see my gorgeous couple I made with Lorraine McKay Melted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a quick rush to the humidity controlled room- where they have sat for more than a week- they have finally dried back out- but a little worse for wear.
You can see them in their former Glory here.

Looks like I will have to make more now!