Sunday, 31 July 2011

Definitely no April Fool

You know what the best part of catching up (majorly) on your blog is?????? The reminiscing that you get to do about all of the beautiful cakes you ave been commissioned to do in the times gone by ;)

The First weekend in April was a very Special one indeed. So many gorgeous cakes to make and deliver- it was one of the weeks that - although I was well and truly buggered by the end- I had a definite sense of job satisfaction and achievement too.

The First cake to leave for the weekend was a three tier cake with a set of personalised toppers. A Variation of my "Team Supporters" cake, this one had the Bride and Groom wearing their favourite AFL football teams' scarves.
It was a good mix of classic, contemporary and fun cakes for sure.
The next cake design mimicked the invitation layout- with a sheer black ribbon and diamante slider to finish around each tier. 

I delivered this cake to the Landing- where the couple added fresh flowers to the top later on.

I headed over to where my own sister-in-law held her wedding reception last August, The Port  Office Hotel's- Restaurant Fix. 

This classic three tier cake with Sugar roses and leaves is a truly timeless design.

A quick trip around the corner and I was at The Royal on the Park to deliver this cake- which Together with Karen from Bliss Floral- we created a pretty two tier version of my Bridal rose design. 

My Next couple were one of the ones displaced by the January Floods, due to their original venue not being able to accommodate a function- seeing as they were still yet to officially reopen. Sadly their original venue- The Stamford Plaza- was so heavily inundated by the floods - that sadly even the April Wedding bookings had to be shifted to new venues. Luckily The Marriott was able to provide the reception for the happy couple!!!
So without doubt at such a beautiful venue- was an equally stunning cake! I LOVE big blousey flowers!! This cake was soft and pretty and everything you would dream for your romantic wedding day :) 


The cake walls were decorated with Brushed Embroidery, that resembled the Bridal gown lace.

The Big cakes for the week were at The Strand and Customs House.
First Stop was Customs House- where this three tier double height cake- which was finished pearl, stood proud in the Long room.  

The Next Big cake was a four tier version of the pearl lines cake. 


Fresh Antique and cream roses covered the top tier of this Grand Beauty.

Last but not least was a cupcake tower.
This cake was collected by the Bride- and she kindly sent me this image of it all set up :) 

"Hi Sarah Jane
Just wanted to say how spectacular your cake was at our wedding. Not only was it the most beautiful cake ever but it was delicious. All of our guests raved and raved about the cake.
Thanks again,
Jasmine and Ashton " 

Well that was the First week in April- as we are moving into the first week in August I had better get myself into gear and catch up... no more excuses :-P 

Thanks for reading!!



Thursday, 21 July 2011

People Power

I am sure you all know it- but I really love my job! Not only is it allot of fun making cakes- and working with clients who are generally celebrating the happiest occasions in their lives, but it also gives me allot of joy being able to share in the excitement that sugar can bring.
I value what having this business means to me and my life- so much so that I love to share my passion to benefit others when I can.
I am blessed to have been invited to the RBCH Siblings Oncology days - to share cupcake making and decorating with the brothers and sisters and the patients of the Children's cancer wards. This small amount of time out of my schedule repays itself in so many rewarding ways that is so very hard to describe. While I see the excitement and joy that this brings- I still feel like I have contributed such an insignificant amount in comparison to what these folk go through.
So earlier this year when I received and email from the Wonderful Ben Clark of Ben Clark Photography asking if I would be interested in helping out to create a very Special 21st Birthday for a most deserving young lady I jumped at the chance.
Ben's email to me was short and sweet. He had received and email from the birthday girls' (Kristy) best friend (Tamara) asking about the possibility of getting a portrait shoot done- as a token of her 21st Milestone. What Tamara also explained was that Kristy was stricken with a terrible Cancer that may mean she would not get to enjoy another birthday after this.
Without hesitation Ben just knew he had to help and offered more than taking some simply stunning images of Kristy- he offered to see if he could rally his industry contacts to create a Dream 21st Party for such a deserving recipient!
While it still gives me goosebumps thinking about the generosity and willingness of all the people who made this happen- I cannot begin to Thank Ben , Tamara and Kristy enough for having me be a small part of this too.
Within a few short days- Ben had collected all the services necessary to give Kristy the kind of 21st she may have only dreamed before.
The venue was organised, with Victoria Park coming on board to look after both the venue location and a bit of fun for the night with Putt Putt for every guest too!
The Powder Room kindly donated their services giving both Kristy and Tamara Glamour Hair an Make up for the evening! Dressed in a Stunning Gown from Wardrobe Confidential- Kristy was destined to be the Belle of the Party!
The Stamford Plaza gave Kristy a room for the night- it was 5 Star all the way!
 And seeing as you are leaving from Brisbane's premier 5 Star hotel you will need to be collected in none other than a Schmick Kenz Classic Limousine! Pure style.. 
The room was pumping with music from the Band Ben Jam- Gorgeous Flower arrangements from Jennine of Florabella too! 

Working around a Purple, Black and White theme I was ecstatic to create a stunning Sweets table- complete with a drool worthy lolly bar!
After all the Fun at Vic Park- The Met nightclub supplied a private room where Kristy and her friends could continue to celebrate.

Ben's magnificent images have truly captured the emotion of the night- every time I look at them I cannot help but smile :)

I was so honored to be apart of this event, and would love to Thank first and foremost Tamara for being such a beautiful friend to Kristy and taking the initiative to get the ball rolling on such a fantastic idea. I would also like to not only Thank Ben, but to praise him for being a wonderful kind hearted soul- who truly epitomises what it means to Pay it Forward.
I also want to thank my Mum for coming and helping me out- she made this happen by helping me through one of my busiest wedding weeks and keeping me on track! And lastly to my wonderful Confectionery wholesalers ABF- who sold me all the lollies for the buffet at cost price. Purely out of their own kind heart after hearing why I was suddenly in need of all these sweets (not on my normal order) offered to forgo their own profit to help make this very special indeed!

So Congratulations Kristy! I am certain this was a Birthday you will never forget. The smiles on the faces of you and your guests will remain with me always!
Keep Smiling :) SJ

So that was my account of this fabulous display of people power, but I wanted both Kristy and Tamara to share in their own words a bit about themselves and how they enjoyed the night!

Ladies you both are true inspirations I wish you all the very best and every happiness you both deserve!

So over to Kristy and Tamara :)


When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Carcinoid cancer on my appendix. I had the tumour removed and the operation was successful. I was living in a small country town at the time and was taken to Brisbane to undergo a range of tests, to make sure the cancer had not spread. I was given the all clear, but informed by my doctors that the cancer would likely return.

When I was 18, I was again diagnosed with caricnoid cancer. I soon found out that it had spread to my liver. I spent the next 2 years undergoing treatment after treatment and several operations. It was the amazing and continual support from my friends and family that helped me through these times.

In Februaray this year, I had recently come off treatment, when my amazing friend, Tamara, asked me what I was doing for my 21st birthday. Emotionally and physically exhausted, I told her that I wouldn’t be doing anything. She asked me if she could do something for me, and I agreed.

Both Tamara and I were absolutely blown away at the amazing support that so many people gave as Tamara planned, what would be, the most amazing birthday ever. When I arrived on the night, I could barely breathe as I looked around at the amazing venue, band, cake, lolly bar and all my friends and family. What began as a dinner with friends, transformed into a fairytale, and I truly did feel like a princess.

I had the most amazing night, surrounded by so many beautiful people. It was just amazing to be able to let all the pain and worry go and just have fun. I would really like to thank all the amazingly beautiful people who helped to make the night as amazing as it was. I will never forget that night or the love and kindness I felt from so many people. Feeling that love and support, has made this ordeal that much easier, and it truly meant the world to me.


I met Kristy at uni where we are both studying to be teachers and now in our last year. We had worked on some assignments together and became quite close friends. After our first year of uni Kristy told me she had cancer. She explained she had cancer originally when she was younger but now it was back and the outlook was not great, maybe a year though no-one could ever really know.

Last year I spent what I thought was going to be her last birthday with my friend, we had a small party where there were lots of tears and people pretty much saying goodbye, was a very difficult and sad occasion. Kristy had cancer and my latest update was that she had a stage four tumour, and didn’t really think she had very long left to fight her cancer, well a year later after several surgeries and lots of chemotherapy she was still fighting and one day when we were hanging out she casually said to me “Wow, I’m turning 21, maybe you and I could go out for dinner to celebrate, I don’t think I will really do anything”.

“That’s huge I said to her, wow, you’ve made it to 21 you should be so, so proud that you are still here for this birthday, we need to have a party!!!”  I knew Kristy didn’t really have the money for a party, but I also knew this was an opportunity that I couldn’t just ignore! I wanted something different to last year, a celebration! I blindly sent out emails to anyone I thought might be able to help out with a party, telling them about my friends Kristy who despite the odds is still here, still fighting and deserves the opportunity to celebrate that she is still here for her 21st.

I didn’t know where to start or what to do and didn’t really hear back from anyone until I had an email from someone who I think is one of the most amazing people I have ever or will ever meet. Ben Clarke from Ben Clarke photography, Ben said he would help out in any way he could maybe taking some portraits of Kristy and then being there to capture her party. He asked me where the party was and when I told him I had no idea yet but it would happen, he came back with more and more amazing people who were helping out! I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my life!

Sarah-Jane from Cake That made the most amazing cake and lolly bar I have ever seen.

 The boys from Benjam came to play and made the night sooo much fun, Ben and Lisa from Ben Clarke photography were there taking photos and did some amazing portraits of Kristy to remember this moment.  

There were flowers from Florabella, Wardrobe Confidential helped out with a dress and the amazing girls at the Powder Room made her feel like a princess. A car from Kenz Classics picked Kristy up from the Stamford Plaza where Andy the events co-ordinator had organised a night for Kristy to stay after the party, we even were given a private room at the MET for an after party, which was incredible as Kristy had only been to a nightclub once before where she passed out quickly from the smoke and crowds, the room meant she was able to sit and enjoy what other 21 year olds can without getting too sick.

I still think back and cannot believe how incredibly generous and supportive all of these people have been! I am a foster carer for children with a disability and because of my kids I knew that really I wouldn’t have a lot of time to organise a party for Kristy but I desperately wanted to celebrate the fact that despite being told she wouldn’t be here, she was! Ben Clarke and Sarah-Jane organised so much of this party and it would never have happened at all without them and I will be forever grateful! It really was like a fairytale and something I know neither Kristy nor I will ever, ever forget!

Finally a very Special Thank you (Once again) to Ben Clark of Ben Clark Photography.
All images supplied are courtesy and copyright of Ben Clark Photography.