Sunday, 30 November 2008

A load of colour

Catching up on posts isn't always a bad thing- It means I get to look back on what I have done and see how cool some of the designs were.

I had another order last week from my great friend Kirsti- for her dads 60th birthday!

I made some cupcakes- in a chocolate white and silver theme- and I think they looked pretty cool!

I also had some clients order a variation of a mini cupcake christening cake I made last November ( that was a mouthful!).

There colour was Sky blue- so with three flavours and three designs- this cake was bright and bubbly for their barefoot bowls reception at the Yeronga Bowls club! I hear that their guests had a fabulous evening- and they did too!

I really love the instant feedback that I get from my Cupcake clients. I see them ( or a family member/friend) in the days after the wedding when they return the stand. I am always surprised to hear from clients so soon after their weddings- and last week I had the next 3 couples all send me thank you emails- it is so nice to hear back immediately after the wedding!

This next cake is the BIGGEST cupcake tower I have made. Complete with 170 cupcakes- it stood 7 tiers high- and the top cake had extended chocolate chards on top!

It was being ogled by the visitors to the venue whilst I was setting it up too!

Plain and simple this next butter iced cake made its way safely to Twin Waters on one of the awful 33Deg C days we had last weekend!

The theme of the wedding was orange and pink organza- so each tier had the ribbons wrapped around- to tie in nicely.

The next cake was all about the Gold! A theme of gold and white- with a whimsical twist on tradition.

Although this design is not in a style that I create very often- it was a refreshing change to create something a little different.

Last but not least is a design that I do make regularly- with the piped icing pearls hand painted in a champagne coloured lustre- this cake was so pretty.

Painting each little pearl was a painstaking task- but well worth it in the end.


WOW- How time Flies! I cannot believe that it is 2 weeks since my last post! I have so much to catch you all up on ;)
So the last time I had a chance to post- I was heading out to Dayboro to set up a funky little cherry blossom cupcake tower.
Pale pink iced cupcakes- with a little cherry blossom detail on top of each cake.

The top tier was an extension of the cupcakes- complete with a bride and groom topper- and the poor groom had a broken leg!

Even with the broken leg- the wedding went ahead! And to think some couples stress over the tiniest things- a broken leg is pretty major- but it was on with the show! Not only did the Bride and Groom have the inconvenience of a broken leg- The biggest storm in mire than 25 years hit Brisbane the afternoon they were married!

I had another Monday wedding a couple of weeks back. It was the day after the big storm. Held over on Moreton Island.

A simple three tier Butter iced cake- with fresh white blooms. Simple relaxed- yet elegant.

The bride and Groom were married on the beach- so there toppers were complete with the groom in his wedding thongs! Too cute.

I was lucky enough to not get any damage- or lengthy power outages as a result of the storm. My family were not so lucky- losing trees and being without power for days ( my grandmother was even without power for a week!- It seems a 75 year old woman living on her own is not a priority???)

With the clean up in the effected areas still ongoing 2 weeks later- the reminder of the extreme weather is still evident.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Bright and Bold- to a Stunning Classic!

This week I have had some great cakes- and still some to come!

I have a cake to go out his morning to Dayboro- and one on Monday morning too!

I sent Steve- solo- to deliver a couple of soft iced cakes early on Saturday morning- as I was busy seeing clients- then after my clients-my mum and I headed off to deliver the rest of the cakes for the day!
First stop was the Powerhouse at New Farm. Yesterdays weather was an absolute stinker! so getting these decadent chocolate hazelnut cupcakes- iced in ganache to the venue ASAP was my first priority. I was delighted to get to the rooftop to find the Air conditioning nice and chilly- perfect for the mini cupcakes!These cakes were being eyed off by the band and the venue workers!
The cake was eventually brightened up with some fresh blooms.

Next on the run was this chocolate christening creation! Held at the Siana bar in the Riparian plaza- what a stunning venue!

After more than 10 minutes wandering underground and trying various lifts in the Riparian plaza and Riverside center- we found the venue- and it is fabulous! I am so going back there!

Next on the list was over to the Sebel Citigate- for a grand function with over 250 guests!
This three tier classic design complete with fresh blooms to match the bridal bouquets.

The "tri dot" detail made this cake so pretty!

The last cake of the day was a big one indeed! I knew this cake would take time to put together- so I did it last. You can read about how it came together in the previous blog post.

The reception was held at Customs house. The Long room just oozes elegance- and every time I am there I am in awe of the gorgeous set up.
The lilies for this cake were so large I had to re work the design to incorporate them- as they just didn't fit in between the tiers. In the end a gorgeous cake though- if I do say so myself!

Last but not least is a cake I made for a lady who works with my mum.
The brief was- Tangerine and Yellow- Mad hatter and Shoes. My mum made about a dozen pairs of mini shoes- which were added later- they were at her house- and I sent the cake over to her to deliver.

So this is what I came up with. Bright and fun! White raspberry for the top and the base cake was Orange poppy seed with a Cointreau butter cream!!!!!!!!!! YUM!

This week most of the cakes I baked were White chocolate and Raspberry- a clear client favourite for sure!

Well I am off now to Dayboro- the second last cake of the week!
Congratulations to all of my clients- I hope you had a fabulous day!

Making a cake.............

You would be surprised with the amount of calls and emails I get requesting "last minute" cakes. By Last minute I mean anything from " I am after a Sculptured cake by Saturday" when the call is being made at 6pm on Wednesday night- to "Its my daughter's birthday tonight"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without sounding full of myself- as a general rule I am fully booked around 4-6 weeks in advance- even longer during peak periods ( March- May and August- November- can be over 6 months in advance). There are of course the months of the year where I often have short notice availability ( December- January June- July)- and I do encourage potential clients to check my availability on the off chance that I am available. (even when I am not available- I am always happy to try and steer you in the right direction)

Creating a cake is not as simple as popping the ingredients together- baking and Voila- a Fabulous cake creation is made! Clients often ask me how long it takes to make a cake- and like the old saying "how long is a piece of string?" every design is different.
Baking alone can take up to 4 hours- not including weighing up the ingredients- and the all important cleaning up. Not to mention the cutting and coating of the cakes- preparing the boards- stacking the cakes- and last but not least- the actual decorating. Then you add in the time you spend going to suppliers collecting the ingredients- meeting with clients- answering emails/phone calls- boxing and delivering cakes- and you can begin to see that getting to the finished product is not as fast as you would have imagined.
The harsh reality is you need to book early if you really want a certain cake.
Unfortunately whilst having a cake is often part of a ceremonious occasion- it is also often left to the last minute. Even though you had been thinking about ordering a fabulous cake for your next special occasion- it usually isn't until the week of the event- or even the day before when you go AHHH! THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!- and start madly trawling the Internet for ideas and decorators! Then you see "the cake" you want and call the decorator- only to find out that not only do the decorations take weeks to make/dry- but the decorator is fully booked- and your last resort is either the local bakery ( with their less than show stopping creations) or a chain store.
I would love to be able to help everyone that wants a cake- but I am only human- I need sleep and rest- OH- and that small reality- I cannot perform miracles!
For instance- even if you were after a "simple cake" ( oh how I love that phrase)- you need to allow a day for baking- the next day for cutting and coating- and depending on the design - even finishing- so that is 2 days. Then throw in the other cakes that were ordered in advance, and you can see why getting a professionally made cake is not at all like opening a box of white wings and slapping some icing on it.
You want your cake to be spectacular- not ordinary- or even like what you could make yourself! You want someone else to spend their time fussing and finishing the wonderful centerpiece for your event. This is all possible with time- just not always at the last minute.

I thought I would use one of this weeks cakes as an example of what it takes to put a cake together......

Without factoring in the face to face, phone and email time with this particular order I have broken down how I completed this cake this week!
Monday- Went to suppliers to collect ingredients- then to another supplier to collect cake boards etc.. (2 hour round trip) I collected all of these supplies for the weeks cakes ahead.

Wednesday- Baked cakes and went to florist to collect lilies. Fresh lilies take a few days to open so you need to collect them in advance.
Thursday- cut and coat cakes in Ganache- then later that night coat in rolled fondant. Collect Roses for cake.
Friday- Ribbons around base- and piping detail. Cut foam blocks- and get cake ready for stacking. Box cakes ready for delivery. Call venue and arrange delivery time. Print delivery dockets.
Saturday- Deliver cake to venue- then put the cake together. This cake took me around 1 hour at the venue to put together- cutting the flowers and placing them- making sure the final design is fabulous ready for the Bride and Groom.

Step one- cakes are stacked with supports and foam blocks for the fresh flowers.

Each flower is then cut and placed into the foam.

More than 65 roses filled between these two tiers.

It was coming together. The bride wanted to replace some of the roses with lilies- but they were so big! Too big for between tiers- I spent most of Friday night lying awake contemplating how to incorporate the lilies- as they were far too large for between the tiers-without of course swamping the cake! I had ordered extra roses just in case- and I needed every one of them in the end!

The finished product!

Pretty as a picture...but by no means a fast task!

So the moral of this post is give as much notice as possible for your cake order- that way you can get exactly what you want- without compromise!

I take bookings up to 11 months out from your event date. Once you have booked your date- the quoted price is fixed. It is never too early to start organising a spectacular cake for your next event!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 10 November 2008

2008 top 10!

I can't belive this year is almost over!
I would love to hear from you as to what cake you think has been the best from this year! Simply leave your comment on this post- or email me the picture form my blog!
Vote early and vote often!

Is it your wedding cake- or someone you know- or even your dream cake! Let me know which cake you would like to vote for by the 24th December and I will post the results by New years eve!

I have been lucky enough to create some really amazing cakes this year- which one is your favourite??

Sunday, 9 November 2008

From Customs house to Canberra!

This week I not only did cakes for Weddings in Brisbane- I even sent a cake to Bribie Island ( for those of you reading this outside of Queensland/Australia- Bribie is as exotic as it sounds ;)) a cake to the Gold Coast for a christening and even a two tier Chocolate creation to Canberra!!!

The cake sent to our nations capitol was ordered by a great friend of mine- Kirsti- for a joint 60th Birthday bash! It has been so hot here in Brisbane- so sending a chocolate cake to Canberra- where the temperature is still quite mild- was a safe bet!

The cake had a Dark chocolate and raspberry base ( surrounded by dark chocolate chards) and then the top was a white raspberry mud (with white chocolate chards)- then fresh Strawberries and raspberries filled the channels and top- with exploding stars and a chocolate "60" to complete the design. When I was putting the cake together- the American election came to mind with all the red and blue- not intentionally - just coincidentally!

The next cake to leave was a christening cake! A square version of the popular round design I have been making for a few years now.

I made the hearts on this one smaller and placed them randomly on the walls of the tier- just to be a little different.

A friend (Sam) of my sister asked me to make this next cake for her cousin. This cake was taken up to a private home on Bribie Island for Sam's cousin Lynda's wedding!

Three tiers- with each slightly offset from the base. Double banding of ribbon wraps around each tier.Fresh flowers were added to finish this design.

This next cake is very cute indeed! With a pink heart theme- it matched in perfectly.

The hearts were three different shades of pink- and a heart explosion in matching pinks came out from behind the topper.

The next cake is one example of how beautiful needn't be fussy.

Iced in a whipped Lindt chocolate ganache ( which I can honestly say tasted fabulous- because I couldn't stop eating it!!) applied with a soft palette finish- and fresh blooms to match the bridal bouquets to finish. No ribbons no fuss- just " wanna run your finger through the icing and lick it!" goodness!

I seem to be getting orders for the same design on a regular basis lately!
This week I had two Brush embroidery cakes- one in a black and white theme- the other in a gold red and white theme.
Both fabulous in their own right.

The first one was for a wedding at the Royal on the park.

I ran a wide ring of red rose petals around the cake on the table- it looked so lush and romantic!
The twin design was for a wedding being held today ta the Downtown Rugby club.

I used Grosgrain black ribbon to give another element of texture to this cake.
Fresh peonies ( from Bliss floral) Will be placed onto the top before the reception begins tonight!

I had fresh flowers galore this week!
The next ever so pretty design has a trail of fresh orchids (

supplied by Jenny at Floriginality) coming down the cake. I couldn't stop looking at this cake- so beautiful, elegant and soft. The pink touches on the Singapore orchids bought out the warmth of the ivory icing. Its beauty melded well with the reception at Customs house.

Last but not least is a cake I have recreated no less than 3 times for a Wedding at Sirromet!
While I have made this design countless times- it amazes me how so many clients have chosen this cake for the same venue.
With a double barrel base- and single top tier- wired silver pearls are wrapped around the base- and fresh flowers cover the top and are clustered to the side.

Mellita from Wedding Stems had left me a gorgeous assortment of antique roses- freesias- and Singapore orchids to decorate the cake with! The wedding was held in the Barrel hall- and despite the low light I managed to get one photo I liked.

This week I have battled the heat and the rain- had my own private Melbourne cup celebrations- in amongst working and seeing clients- and still managed to end up with some fabulous cakes!
My Friday ende on a sour note- with the web designer I had been working with for more than 6 months on my new website- pulling out on me. To say I am disappointed is an understatement- the site was so close to completion- that beginning again seems like allot of time wasted.
I hope to be able to bring a new Cake That! website to life by the end of the year!
Any takers???

Saturday, 8 November 2008

What happened to this week????????????

I can't believe it is Saturday already! And I haven''t told you all about the fantastic cakes I got to make last week!
This wedding season I have had cakes every Friday Saturday and Sunday.
So last Friday- I had a cupcake tower at Era Bistro! Fabulous looking restaurant- I am sure to be back there to eat and sample toe great looking menu soon!
Anyway- the cake was a cupcake tower! Chocolate on chocolate! YUM!As I was finishing setting up- one of the staff there was lovely enough to have recognised me (and my business) from a previous job she had worked at! Citing that she had sampled my cupcakes before- and that they were " the best" she had ever eaten! AWW Shucks!!

The tittle for last weeks cake blog should really be " Around SEQ in 7 hours!" because I spent 7 hours last Saturday delivering cakes all the way from Marburg to Marcoola.
My first delivery for Saturday was out to Marburg- to the gorgeous "Woodlands of Marburg".
I was referred by the Wonderful Toni Snell to make Donna and Tony's cake! A cute tower of cupcakes in Pale pink and Pale Green.
Not only did Toni Snell take the ( what I imagine will be) stunning wedding photo's, the vivacious Anne Campbell was the celebrant!
I get to meet some really fabulous people in this industry- and it is really nice to be able to cross paths on a regular basis. Seeing as I was in and out like a flash- and far too early to see Anne and Toni on the day- I left them both a little surprise box of cupcakes! From their kind messages I am gathering they enjoyed them ;))

Last Saturday was H O T HOT! and as we left Marburg- the Temperature gauge in my car told me that it was already 33.5degC at close to 11am!
Air conditioning isn't a luxury in this job- it is an absolute MUST! So with the Air conditioning on overdrive- I set out to deliver the rest of the cakes!

This next design really was a last minute finish- not the cake itself- just the design. I pride myself on the ability to be flexible when it comes to making your final design decision. Just so long as I have the time to make the cake- whenever my clients are ready to decide- I am ready too! I found out the design for this cake only a week before the wedding- and although it was also getting fresh flowers- I think it is so pretty! The brief was " random swirls with some hearts- but not all hearts- and all ivory" so this is what I came up with!

I cannot wait to see the cake with its fresh flowers in place too!

The detail up close. Tiny icing pearls around the base of the ribbon were added to soften the design.

The next cakes colours were the epitome of "Cake That"! I love pink- so this cake ticked all the boxes for me!
A cherry blossom design with a twist. Instead of a Bride and groom standing on top of the cake- Two little "Blossom Trees" in the wedding colour Antique silver- stood on top.

White blossoms floated down the cake- which graduated from Ice pink through to Candy pink at the base!

The blossoms on the trees were dusted a soft pink- just to blend in with the theme.
The entire cake was lustered with "snowflake" a translucent pearl effect- that made it sparkle!

After the first cake run- it was quickly back to base to collect the next cake- and take it up to Marcoola.
I love the Sunshine Coast! But when you have to drive up there and then turn around and come straight back home- it is a bit of a tease!
The cake was taken up to the Surfair at Marcoola!

Another Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate design! this cake smelt absolutely divine!
After the cake was delivered- it was already after 2pm! A quick bite at the Coolum Bakery- before heading back into Brisbane.
I was lucky enough to go to Ecco for a friends birthday dinner that night-and had to be at dinner at 6pm- so there was no time to stay on the coast :(

I was up early on Sunday- getting ready for the last two cakes of the week!
The first was a sparkling cupcake tower!
Silver paper and cachous- and a sweet silver and diamante buckle for the top tier!

This six tier stand had 90 cupcakes in three different flavours! An edible silver heart on top of each cake too! Gorgeous!

Last but not least was this elegant two tier cake.
Plain iced with a black Grosgrain ribbon wrapped around the base of each tier- and two fresh Peonies( the first of the season!!!) sitting on the edge of the base tier! So elegant!

The flowers to the Restaurant where the reception was held were AMAZING! absolutely picture perfect!

Well it is now 6.30am! I was crazy enough to be up at 5am- so at least I have managed to type my blog!
Another long day of deliveries! Fingers crossed the temperature doesn't get too high again today!

How Nice is that!

I really love the internet! Seriously- I often sit and try to remember life without it!
This morning I woke up at 5am! Yes I am crazy- so I got up to find a lovely comment on one of my blog posts from Rachel!
Rachel is kind enough to often leave lovely comments on my blog!
A few weeks ago- she asked me how to make chocolate chards- so I wrote her and she had made a cake - see the blog story here.
It is so lovely- not only to be mentioned on her blog- but to see what a totally fabulous job she has done!

I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing the picture from her site to show you all her work!

Fabulous Job Rachel!
Check out Rachel's Five Year plan Blog!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Puter on the Blink.........

Well my faithful 4 year old computer has packed it in today!
While I get a new computer installed email answering may be a little slower than usual.
I am hoping to be back on track and all loaded onto a brand new Computer in the coming days!
Thanks for your patience during the transition period.
I can still be contacted by phone on 0404 388 219- for any cake requests!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Blown Away!!!!!!!!!!

I am blessed to work with some truly magnificent clients!
I really appreciate the part I play in a Wedding day- and am more than overwhelmed when I receive such fabulous feedback from my clients.
This week has been a real "Thank you!" week. I have received so much feedback this week- if I wasn't who I am- I would rename myself the Brisbane cake Aficionado! ;)
Only joking!
But It really does make my day hearing such wonderful thanks from my clients for the very small part I played in their special day!

Amongst the Thanks this week- was some fabulous photos form Carly and Dominic- who had the "Chocolate Mountain cake" on September 13th!

These fabulous shots were taken by Nick Murray!

A stunning couple for an equally stunning cake!;) If I do say so Myself!

Carly and Dom wrote:
".....Thank you again for the most amazing wedding cake we have ever seen!! We absolutely loved it and it is still one of the main things everyone mentions from a wedding that was packed full of surprises so it definitely must have made an impression!!

Congratulations Carly And Dom!

A HUGE thank you to all of my past clients who constantly brighten my day with kind words of thanks and appreciation! I really treasure the hand written cards- emails and personal phone calls to hear your feedback!

From a girl who simply loves to make cakes!