Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Birthday Surprise!

On Monday it was MY birthday!!!
I had some great celebrations (across two days!)- including a bit of putt putt golf- and BBQ with friends. On Monday I went to lunch, with my mum and cousin- then that night I headed to dinner with my husband!
Being the resident cake maker- my requests for a cake to be made/bought for me seemed to fall on deaf ears! So failing that I put together a simple cupcake stand for myself. It was my sister's boyfriend birthday the day after mine- and whilst she managed to help decorate some cupcakes for him- still I was left to my own devices!
Having been a chef for 15 years- I have heard all the "excuses" as to how hard it is to cook for someone who does it as their profession- but my family/friends having known me for years- should know that I love anything! All was not lost though! My sister- who lives in Edinburgh- sent me Edible blooms! for those of you who are yet to discover this fantastic idea- you must definitely check it out! Bunches/Bouquets of fruit- and chocolates, presented beautifully!
I first met the creators of edible blooms more than 2 years ago at a wedding expo I attended- the idea was fabulous! My sister ( who sent them to me) on the day of the expo- swapped my cupcakes, for their beautifully cut fruit at the end of the day!Chocolate dipped strawberries, and Baci chocolates MMMM!

So on Monday afternoon- when I got home from Lunch- there on my Verandah- was a wonderful Strawberry Bloom- ready to be devoured! Despite all the other glorious gifts I had received- this one definitely excited me!
So Now it is back to work- a busy week before Xmas- then a busy New Year ahead!

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