Saturday, 27 October 2012

Midway through March

 Anyone who knows me personally will know that my family and friends mean the world to me. I am a sucker for making them smile, and it brings me nothing but joy to be able to create a little slice of sugar for them.
This year I have been able to create some really special cakes for Family and Friends- in amongst my Fantastic Client cakes (Fantastic Clients- choosing equally fantastic cakes that is :D )
I sometimes begin to think I do my best work when under the pump. I am the first to admit that while the ideas swell around in my head- putting them into action is commonly a last minute process- as the "real cakes" come first.
My Cousin Immy Turned 21 earlier this year. Immy is cool- she is the epitome of "chillaxed"- nothing bothers her- she is a "yeah- whatever you like" kind of girl. It wasn't the fact of whether or not she would like her cake that had me in a fluster- it was choosing a design and finishing it with the attention to detail it deserved that had me running around like a mad woman! lol!

For Immy's birthday- she was getting a Swag- for those of you playing at home- this is a waterproof bed/sleeping bag for camping- normally made from a heavy canvas with leather and all rolls up ready to be carried to your next camping spot underneath the stars.
So being time poor and wanting maximum effect from the design, I decided to go with a Swag shaped cake and personalised figure. 

A little guitar playing figure to be exact! Complete with Checked shirt- jeans- freckled nose and barefoot!

 Cute! I hope  that Immy is enjoying her year as a 21yr old- oh how some of us wish we could be that age again hahahah

The next cake off the blocks is a cake that I have made allot of variations of.
This one has a striped overlay top and base and a large satin bow in the middle tier.

Fresh flowers were added at the venue to complete the cake.

The next cake has a wonderful pop of colour. It is Whimsical and elegant all rolled into one.
This cake was made for clients whom I have had the pleasure of creating a few cakes for now- for both themselves and their family. It was absolutely lovely to be able to create their Wedding cake too!

The cake featured a Cherry blossom style branch that wound up the front- with blossoms in shades of Tangerine and Ivory.

 Even though the blossoms and branch weren't "fine" they still looked delicate and carried the elegance of the evening.

Katie and Ben wanted to personalise the cake with a set of figures for the top- which themselves were kitted out with a Nurse's watch and stethoscope- and an Electricians tool belt :D
Very Sweet indeed.

 My next bride was super crafty! She made these fabulous Monogram toppers to match in with the wedding invite paper- very cool indeed!
Another bold popping cake- with black and white- then the bottom layer in Fire engine Red!

 To be truthful- it wasn't until I finished putting this cake together that I was convinced that it actually "worked"- Yes I surprise myself sometimes hahahahha

The last cake for this blog post was also for a returning client.
I had made Chloe's 21st Cake and this time I was getting to make her wedding cake :D

Complete with Figurines supplied by Chloe- this traditional three tier with piping detail over the tiers- draped icing and sugar roses- sat beautifully in their reception room at Victoria Park.

So that is another Blog post done and Dusted!
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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Beaming with Pride

 It is no secret that my family are a massive part of my life. I am blessed to have close relationships, that are more like friendships than one that you have been born into.

My two sister's are Amazing people- whilst from the outside they may seem vastly different, they may have a big age gap- but both of them have hearts of gold and would do anything for anyone- including me :D
They are both often on hand to help out with my business and for nothing more than the satisfaction that they have made my job that little bit easier, and to see me succeed.
I am a sucker for celebrating my friends and family. So when my sister Kate asked if I could do her a favour I jumped at the chance!

Since her Uni days , Kate has given Blood to the Australian Red Cross Service. This act is purely a volunteered donation and one of which is not done nearly enough in society. I myself don't donate- I know I should, but for many years my extreme fear of needles meant this would turn more into a circus at the blood bank rather than the calm process it needs to be.

So thank goodness for people like my sister- who very regularly donates (I believe Kate donates Plasma each fortnight? and whole blood whenever you are able to do that) and despite having lived overseas and travelling in and out- seems to make time to do this.
In late February she reached her 100 donation Milestone! But it wasn't herself she wanted to treat. She wanted to give the lovely staff at the Brisbane City Blood Bank a gift- and asked if I could please make a cake to take to them to say "Thank You" for all the hard work they do with all of the wonderful donors.
She is simply too lovely! So with the design in mind- I set out to create a such a cake!
I remembered from my childhood that the Blood bank use to have a little blood drop mascot- so this was to be my inspiration :)
I now know that he has a name- Billy the Blood drop- and he is way cute!
A glistening red blood drop mascot and some cute Red Cross Mini cupcakes and we were set!
Kate Surprised the staff with the cake on her 100th Donation day! Whilst they are most thankful to her- she was equally as thankful to them.
It was my absolute pleasure to be able to create such a cake for such a worthy service- and of course to celebrate the wonderful achievement of my sister. Roll on 150 donations!!

To donate Blood Call the Australian Red Cross Blood Service on 13 14 95
Or Visit their website! Even if you are are unable to donate blood yourself- there are other ways to help out too.
Donating Blood Saves Lives :)

Follow The Blood Service on Facebook

 So congratulations Kate! You do a fantastic thing :)

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Times are a Changin'

Looking back through images from this year so far- I am constantly delighted seeing the fabulous cakes my clients have chosen for me to make.
It is like seeing them finished for the first time all over again.

It has been a big year of changes here at Cake That!- After a long break over the end of last year and the beginning of this year- I slowly moved back into caking. Making some fantastic cakes for some truly wonderful people.
All the while readjusting this business to what it was born to be- a job that was here to keep me creatively excited- not one to make me a millionaire- but one to let me have a life and a lifestyle that I was proud of. Taking on a more relaxed tone- and having more fun, letting go of stress and just being me :D
I recently launched the new updated website- which features the style of cakes that inspire me. Hopefully you love the new sections as much as I do. Choosing which cakes to include was a very hard task- getting the right balance of my all time favourites, along with those that catch the ever savvy clients eye didn't happen overnight..........well it happened over around 100 nights- lets be honest hahhaha- it was a project that I wished could have been completed faster- but got there in the end (still getting there- Fingers crossed the Real weddings/Testimonials section will be completed by the end of the month)
The Facebook page is nearing 5000 "likers" which in itself blows my mind. Whilst this may be small numbers to some other well known companies- to me this is enormous- close to 5000 people have taken the time to click "like" on my page- so a HUGE Thank you to them. Not only does it seem that you like the page- I am also getting some great feedback through there too. Don't be shy in leaving a comment - or leaving a message- I appreciate it all.
So if you have been patient enough to sit through this blog intro- I had better not disappoint you with the cakes I am about to feature- Right?
So here we go :

After my long break The first cab off the rank was filled with fun!
In the Cake That! colours too! This three tier Mad Hatter for Emily and Jake was the confidence I needed to prove I could still do it (cake making that is) - I hadn't forgotten what to do- my Cake Brain still functioned- Yippee!
 This Hot Pink and Black Themed cake had "Helter Skelter" stripes on the top tier- which looked even more wicked on real life- Heart print over the middle and Varied stripes on the base. Instead of leaving the silver paper covered board- I iced it silver- to give it a clean finish.
A cake this bold definitely a talking point.

It was not long after the cake above- that I was contacted by an old (not in age but more of a Cherished way) client- who wanted a surprise birthday cake for her husband.
Now this couple are one that I will NEVER forget- they definitely hold a little piece of my Cake That! heart. The most genuine and appreciative couple- they ventured well outside the lines of tradition with thier "Super Mario" wedding cake. They trusted me way back then to make a cake  Uniquely them.
This time around it was another cake that held special meaning.
Athene wanted to surprise Wade with a Companion Cube- What is a Companion Cube you ask?? Actually I have virtually no idea- I know it is from a computer game- and it looks like fun- but I am sure those in "the know" will know and appreciate what it is/does- along with the suitably quirky message that was on the board.
From all reports it was very well received- mission accomplished :D

It seems that Hot pink and Black were in this year.
The next cupcake tower kept it simple and classy.
Black papers- alternating tiers of Hot pink and Black Hearts, all topped off with a cute couple.
 Making the little sugar dresses and cool hairdo's really are a big highlight to me once finished.

Obviously I was on a lean the day the next lot of shots were taken- geeeez!
Some New Display cakes were in order for the Studio (actually more new ones are on the agenda at the moment)- so I sat down and drew some out- then put them together.
I like to have a bit of fun with the displays- and it has certainly seemed to inspire clients- who get to see both the size and the decoration close up.

While most couples who opt for custom toppers have them sitting or standing nicely together- I felt this whimsical extended height three tier cake needed a bit of a twist. I put the spotlight on the bride here- having her sit daintily on the top edge- looking most bridal- all the while her groom is lying behind her- giving the "Thumbs up" and a wave! I also gave him red hair too- Cheeky monkey groom lol

 And whilst it may be hard to recognise- the "dots" on the cake are Ivory on a white cake. I did this not only to add a little depth- but also to be able to demonstrate to subtly between the two shades of fondant. Yes eh Ivory will seem a tad darker en mass- but essentially it is just offwhite.

Fluffyness is very "IN" at the moment. It seems I was ahead of my time with the Mummy cake from 2005 hahahhah- anywho- I had drawn up a Pale pink Ombre ruffle design- and as great minds think alike- even though we hadn't spoken at all about displays- my great friend and colleague Amanda from Deliberately Delicious- posted a picture of a brand new Purple Ombre Ruffle cake just as I was about to begin my original Pink one. Not one to cut someone else's grass- I mad a quick change to this pretty all white fluffy flower design instead.
 The simple drop scallop piping and pearl detail along the top edge adds to this delicate and lovely design.

The next cake is a twost on one that I do adore.
The Ivory version of this cake was my Facebook Profile pic for a while (It is now replaced)- but with teh ever growing trend in Pearl finishes and dusty hues- I chose to make a dusty pink pearl finish cake with Ivory lace overlay.
Bold Vintage is what I will call it.
It kind of looks brownish in this pic - but it is like a dark tea rose in real life.

Inspiration for display cakes is constantly popping into my head- if only I could just play making cakes all day- I would need a new studio to display them all.

Well that is all for now- if you haven't already done so- head on over to the new website and have a look! I hope you love it- and it is mobile too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more only being able to view it on a PC YAY!

Thanks for reading
SJ xx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

It's all about the pretty!

 I count myself so very lucky everyday.
I wake up and get to make beautiful pretty cakes fro people celebrating the happiest occasions in their lives :D

Let's be honest here- it has been a very long while since I have managed a blog post- my life is hectic- and creating these gorgeous cakes comes a long way before I get to chat about them. I do try to share as much as I can on my Face book page with you all- but the stories behind the cakes have somehow seemed to suffer of late.

I am excited when I look back and see some of the amazing cakes that I have been asked to make- it makes the whole "running behind" thing allot easier for sure!

There is no particular order to this collaboration of 2011 cakes.
Just a few of my faves- ones that I am particularly chuffed I was chosen to make.

First Cake off the rank is one I made for the gorgeous Vanessa and Ben. Like many of my clients- Vanessa and Ben came to me after finding out about me through Word of Mouth. No amount of Internet or magazine advertising can equate to this type of exposure.
Every time I send out a cake I think of it as my way of reaching over 200 people each time. Half of these people get to eat my cake- then they get to tell their friends about the fab cake they ate on the weekend- and then when it is time for a celebration- many remember "Cake That!" and contact me for a quote.
It is pretty simple stuff. Offer a wonderful product that speaks for itself and you will reap the rewards.  I am not totally discounting visual advertising- it certainly does help jog peoples memories- but I certainly value personal recommendations far higher.

So back to Vanessa and Ben's wedding- I was not the only awesome Wedding Peep to be utilised for this event! Vanessa is sometimes a Second shooter for Toni Snell (Uber Wedding Photog), Vanessa now has her own Photography business up and running too!
Vanessa and Ben had the vivacious Anne Campbell marry them and held their wedding out at Glengariff at Dayboro.

To fit in with their theme and also Vanessa's love of animal print- the cake was a Black and white Stunner- complete with personalised toppers- of course!
Three extended tiers of cake- one of which was Red Velvet- a lovely bold surprise :)

 For those of you that have met with me and have inquired about Black cakes- will know my spiel. Having Black icing will turn your guests mouths a blue black colour- so with this knowledge, and keen desire to have a knock out cake- Vanessa and Ben weighed up the pros and cons, in the end the black won out!

The next cake is one that was decorated to incorporate the heavy lace detail on the Bridal gown.
Cakes like this are not only pretty- but add an extra touch of sentiment to the design. 

 This cake was eventually finished with beautiful Antique roses (supplied by Jennine at Florabella)

Antique roses are very popular- especially with Vintage elegant themed weddings.
The next cake had a beautifully Dramatic venue styling- complete with black table cloths and chair covers and a whole lot of bling!

This Four tier Fresh flower stack design stood beautifully in the Southern Cross Ballroom at the Royal on the park.

I feel very honored when I get to make many cakes for the one family. The next cake is certainly no exception.
I have made cakes for many occasions for this family now, and each time is just as special as the last.
This wedding cake for Kristen and Dan was not only elegant and timeless- it has detail that was a direct replica of the fabric flowers on her gown.

The detail had a soft shimmer to it- just like the Organza in the dress.
The Subtle inclusion of Strung diamantes around the base of the tiers tied together the diamante detail in the centre of the flowers.

It was only the very next month- when once again I was commissioned to make another family cake!
This time it was a baby shower cake for the Bride who started this family with me :D
The lovely Rebecca was expecting her first baby- and as a surprise her mum organised a baby shower cake through me.

Sweet little design for a baby on the way

Next something for those a little Wild at Heart!
This 40th Leopard print handbag cake is puuuuuuuuuurfect for the big 40!

I have no shame in admitting I have a soft spot for Monochromatic cakes.
There's just something about all white/Ivory cakes that oozes romance and elegance.

Yet again I have used embroidery detail from the Bridal gown- to create a pattern on the base tier.
Sugar roses cover the top tier and a double sugar flat bow in the middle tier.

Although the next cake isn't exactly monochromatic- it is stunning.
The perfect fresh blooms were supplied by Karen at Bliss Floral, and by absolute sheer fluke! I managed to make the piped icing pearls in the exact same cornflour shade as the natural flowers! Pretty chuffed if I do say so myself!
The Delicate introduction of colour was simply stunning.

The next cake is becoming a welcome regular on my order list.
Three tiers extended height- with lace detail is a very graceful design that certainly will grab your guests attention.

This particular version had fresh blooms on top which gave it a lovely Spring Fresh feel!

Mini cakes are like individual little morsels of cake couture!
An extravagant choice, treating each guest to their own wedding cake.
Pale pink and Bling- with 1/2 the cakes quilted and the other half simply banded with ribbon.

I get excited by clients who like to take risks- who throw caution to the wind and choose a cake that is uniquely them!
This four tier cake was decorated with sugar replicas of the very felt flowers that the Bride had handmade for her wedding.
The bold colour palette of pink and purple tomes with a pop of lime green kept the cake playful and the atmosphere joyous.

Last but not least in this post all about the pretty is a stencil design- complete with a pearl sugar bow and cachous bling!

Being able to eat everything on the cake right down to the ribbon is something to consider when choosing your cake.

Imagine the oooh's and ahhh's that you will get when your guest realise that the bow is not satin but actually edible - made from sugar!

Well I could keep going sharing more and more pretties from the end of 2011- but you will probably nod off by the time I finish LOL
So I will leave it there.
I have so many exciting cakes form 2012 to share that I need to say farewell to 2011 and look forward to the now!

If you are looking for a cake for 2013- bookings are well and truly open for the 1st half of 2013, and I welcome enquiries for beyond then.
Keep smiling

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 17 March 2012

BOO! I'm Back!!!!!!!!!

I should possibly be hanging my head in shame for letting my Blog go for sooooooooooo long without posting. I have been otherwise occupied- and time has literally slipped away- but never fear- I am back- I'm committed (and hoping this isn't going to come and bite me in the beehind when I get side tracked again lol) and I am excited to share some of the awesomeness that is my daily job with you all!

So it has been a while- last time I posted it was all about winter weddings- so not I will chat about What happened in August- and September- just to catch up.. the I will add a couple of more posts to round out 2011- before moving into a new set of posts for this Amazing year 2012.

Ok- Firstly- August is a Mammoth Family month. My Sisters and Nieces Birthdays all fall within the first two weeks- My Aunt's birthday as well as my Sister in Law's Wedding anniversary- so it was and always will be a very special month indeed.
This year My SIL made my Niece's Birthday cake- but I made a few Bikkies for the Bollywood Themed party. 

The middle biscuits were a citrus sable- but the outside ones were Lorraine McKay's moorish Peanut butter biscuits- seriously these biscuits are so good you CANNOT stop at one LOL!

My sister Kate had a brilliant idea for her birthday this year- she wanted a Smash cake- not your normal variation- she wanted a giant biscuit cube- filled with chocolates and lollies- that she could smash open........ her wish was my command! 

I'm sure the other visitors to Southbank wondered what on earth was going on!

 Kate - of course- waited until the "Happy Birthday" song was over before hitting the cake for six with the Cricket bat!

 First in Best Dressed with the loot!

You've got to eat your own name- right???

I was also given the task of creating a very special 18th Birthday cake for one of my friends and fellow wedding colleagues daughter's birthday.  

The stunning Erin shares my heart with her love of all things "Spotty Dotty"!

It was my absolute privilege to create this cake for Erin- Given a short brief- Erin's wonderful mother let me have creative license with this super fun cake!
And for those wondering what the animal is on the "8" it is Erin's cat.... Cat's aren't my forte- but I am working on them lol

I was given full control of another cake that month too!
A baby shower cake for one of my past clients :)
Holly's sisters organised the cake for her as a surprise- -so I got to make another cute design- entirely up to me!  

I used the colours from the invite to make this simple- yet pretty cupcake tower.

After the Birthday Cakes- came the Weddings- it was the beginning of "wedding Season" and I was once again knee deep in sugar :-P

This Black and white cupcake tower was set up in a Private home.
The whole house was even themed in with the colour scheme.

It's no wonder Vintage and classic are very in vogue! The styles make for visually delicious cakes indeed!
This first cake is an all white wonder- Hand made sugar roses - pearl lines and piped detail- simply pretty.

This stencil finish Mocha cake with Large sugar bloom is everything I love about these "vintage" cakes. It has such warm colour- oozes elegance- and is positively gorgeous- If i do say so myself!
 Another pretty Stencil cake in the palest of pinks- with soft gold accents.

I was honoured to be apart of the Sunday Mail- Riverlife- Win your wedding competition last year. The deserving couple chose this grand three tier Extended height Lace overlay design. 
Nat and Katrina Won their Dream wedding through a competition- where some of Brisbane's loveliest Special event suppliers banded together to create the Ultimate wedding reception for these humble flood victims. See the U on Sunday's Gallery here

Whats not to love about chocolate- and what's not to love about Berries- Put them together and they are certainly a power combination.
This fantastic White chocolate creation smelt so divine- and it's scrolls so tempting to just pick one off!
 Y.U.M- YUMMMMMM! That is all 

Class and elegance go hand in hand for timeless designs.
This next cake has clean lines and simplistic design.

 Fresh Lizzies and Roses covered the top tier- just beautiful!

Swiss dots look really lovely - and this cake was no exception.
Eventually topped with fresh bridal flowers- it was sure to be a stunner :)

So one last cake for this blog. I am no where near finished - but Typing and thinking for over 2 hrs is doing my mind in heheh

This four tier Chocolate cake is every bit the delicious picture it looks to be.
What better way to enter your reception than with the scent of white chocolate- mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

So thanks for reading- I will be back very soon with more:)- I promise!
I have such a collection of exciting cakes to share too!

Take it easy