Thursday, 11 December 2014


I'm a big believer in giving back. I'm extremely blessed and I don't take that for granted. 
When I saw the Channel 9 Today Show's #makesomeonehappy campaign - I instantly knew I wanted to be apart of it. 
The core of the initiative isn't about flaunting privilege, it's about genuinely doing something thoughtful (no matter how simplistic) to make someone else's day. I was excited to be able to share a little bit of my talent to make someone happy 😊

So as we approach Christmas I am very wary of the fact that so many people and families find this time of year difficult. 
No matter your situation the very thought of Christmas, to many, isn't all Tinsel and Jingle Bells. 
My aim with this project is to make someone happy. 
To surprise them with a little something unexpected. 
To lift their spirit and share a little sugary love. 
Whilst you may have seen the Xmas tree cake I donated to a local Kindy - which made about 100 little people very happy- this time I am giving away a Pudding "lolly cake" Cake!

Very similar to Rocky road- but without the nuts. This can be kept and used on Christmas Day, or shared with friends, family or colleagues beforehand. 

There are only 2 conditions of winning this:
1- You must be able to collect this from my Alderley Home Studio on Saturday 13th December 2014 before 10am. 

2- I'd love it if the winner could pay the happiness forward- with a little #makesomeonehappy love of their own. 

That's it. 
To enter all you need to do is comment on this blog link on the Cake That! Facebook page. 
A winner will be drawn by Random.Org at 6pm on Friday 12/12/14. 

This competition is not sponsored or endorsed by facebook. 
This is a giveaway purely in the spirit of Christmas and holds no retail value. 
Should the prize winner not claim their prize- it will be donated to a local charity on their behalf. 

Thanks for reading and don't forget to take a little moment and #makesomeonehappy

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cake Pride!

You know- I would never think of myself as an intimidating kind of person, so it always surprises me when I meet other people (as well as extended family and friends) who feel like they have to apologise or compare their cake triumphs to mine. 
Yes triumphs not tragedies. 
I love cake decorating, and I've been blessed to be able to do what I love every day. So when I hear "not like your cakes" or "I made a terrible cake" I feel sad. I truly love seeing other peoples creations. 
It can be such a sense of achievement after allot of hard work to complete a cake. 
I meet mums who dismiss their efforts as unworthy- when the truth be told these cakes they've made are the most special of any. 
I'm a huge advocate for parents making their own kids cakes. It really is a right of passage. 
My family will attest to some "challenging" cakes made for me as a kid. Not a single one looking like it stepped out of a magazine- but each and every one absolutely loved and cherished by me (and my friends). 
Goodness knows as a teenager I made many of my baby sisters cakes- we both beamed with excitement at the epic brilliant sugary creation before us! I tried many a design out on her (thanks for being my guinea pig Al)

Parents put so much pressure on themselves to create these magnificent cakes - when in reality kids love it (the cake) no matter how unlike the original idea the end result may be. 
No one has ever gone to a kids party and said "geez look at that poor excuse for a cake" - instead we all really cheer that parent/loved one on for how terrific the cake is- and it's backed up by the excited and proud grin of the birthday recipient. 
 So if you're a friend of mine, or if you meet me- please NEVER apologise for the awesome, filled with love, painstakingly put together cake you've created- stand up and be proud, as I'll be there cheering you on!

I have been honored to guide many friends to make their own cakes, and seeing how chuffed they are with their finished product makes me feel wonderful too!
I welcome you to share your proudest cake achievements in the comment section :)

Next year is the 10th Anniversay of Cake That!. I have some exciting things in store for 2015- so keep up to date by following me on Facebook!

Thanks for reading- and Happy Baking

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I'll bake the cake!

Ok- so pretty much I voluntarily put my hand up for what some could describe as the most difficult kind of cake you could ever attempt. 
It wasn't a super tall- nor an artistically sculptured masterpiece. It wasn't even something I'd never attempted before. 
So what was this cake you ask??
It was a lovingly made- frantically put together (read a houseful of builders and a short bursts of opportunity to put it together) and finished with a few "love bumps" that I'd be sweating bullets over on a regular order. But it was done. It turned out pretty funky (if I do say so myself) and it was delivered all in one piece. 
But why the stress you ask???
It was a surprise for a friend :)
"So?!?!!" I hear you say. 
But this isn't any ordinary run of the mill friend. This cake was for one of my fabulous "cake" ladies. One of the most gorgeous people you could meet. Talented beyond belief- and I was in charge of making her cake 😝

Given I had full artistic license on this little gem- I colluded with my fellow cake bevy, got the thumbs up for my design concept (although they vetoed my idea of putting 40 candles around the base pfft! I mean everyone loves illumination don't they lol) 

Subconsciously I knew I had no reason to stress. I know had the shoe been on the other foot I would be ecstatic with anyone making a cake for me- but truth be told I'm a worry wart when it comes to these situations. 
What if she doesn't like it?
What if she had a grand idea of her own and I was treading on her toes?
What if....... She's allergic to coconut?!?!?

So maybe I'm a bit extreme when it comes to unnecessarily worrying 😜

Anyway- I'm sure you've already guessed- but she did love the cake! (Phew) 

So after I made it to the venue- and handed over the cake in question- it was party time!!!
My fellow cake ladies are not my competition- they're my allies, my psychologists throughout my crazy weeks, they're my friends. I'm so very lucky to have met so many wonderful fellow cake enthusiasts that share not only a common love of cake- but have terrific senses of humour and genuinely are there to support you anytime. 

So this is my attempt at a cool "Rockabily" style cake. Cute and fun, zest lime and coconut inside (with white chocolate coconut ganache too!)

I truly hope that the divine Ms Amanda had a spectacular birthday!
Cheers for a fantastic year ahead xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What's new in 2014

Well it's already the third week in February- this year is flying by!
There's lots of exciting things planned for Cake That! this year. 
An exciting new venture- a new list of gourmet flavours- and perhaps the most exciting- a Brand new Workroom for me!! 

I've worked from home for almost 10yrs now- and with the need of a bit more space- I've taken a plunge and engaged builders and as I type they're building a new extension specifically for cake!!
Every home needs a cake room- it's sure to be the Media room of the naughties lol. 
My old workroom has been transformed back into the bedroom it once was- and whilst I'm on leave - the builders are creating me a new space just for my cake!
Work in progress- it's speeding along!
Choosing a functional design- finding a draftsman and builder- then the nitty gritty bits like floor coverings and handwashing sinks- it's been a job in itself! Worth it all none the less :)
It's not far from completion- I'm so looking forward to setting out all my racking and equipment- and having the space ready to start making new display cakes!

I've got so many ideas in my mind- here's hoping they come together and create big beautiful cakes :)

This weekend I'm keeping in touch and having a day of consults and cake tasting! I can't wait to test out some of the new flavour range on prospective clients!! 

I can't wait to have the new room finished and start on my new display cakes! 
Thanks for reading
SJ xx

Saturday, 15 February 2014

In the swing!

As some of you may know- I'm currently off on leave. I won't be back to caking until April 2014- time is flying- but that doesn't stop me itching to make cakes though :)
One of my friends is having a baby soon- this is her second baby- and it's due to be a little girl- so I was itching to make her a cute cake :)

After I got the all clear to make it my mind went into creative overdrive. 
I wanted to make something that wasn't too over the top- and also incorporate the mum-to-be's request for a soft iced cake and Red Velvet. 
While the cake itself wasn't exactly Red Velvet- it was an ombré pink Velvet cake:D
I kept true to the request and iced the cake in a soft icing. 
Using the petal method I piped the base tier in a pink ombré- then finished the top tier with a little bunting on the wall and a sweet sugar baby carriage on top!

This cake definitely satisfied my need to "make a cake" fix!

Thanks for reading
SJ xx

Cake That! Superfood Slice

Cake That!  Superfood Bar!

This delicious slice/bar is Gluten,Dairy,Nut and Sugar Free!

It's also vegan and requires minimal effort to make. I'm sure it'd last a long while in a container too- but it never lasts long enough here to test that theory lol

So here it is

Preheat your oven to 165degC

In a mixing bowl place

2 1/2 cups oats (if needed use GF oats)

2tbsp Chia seeds

3tbs Sunflower seeds

2tsp powdered ginger

2tsp cinnamon

200g sultanas

2tbs honey

2tbs flaxseed meal

In a blender- blend

2x over ripe bananas (med size)

200g pitted prunes

200g softened pitted dates (I put them into a bowl with a splash of water and microwave for 60secs)

Add blended mix to oat mix. 

Press into a lined slice tray and bake for 30-40 mins

The longer you bake the firmer the slice- I like it a bit chewy :)

Slice when warm- then devour once cold xx

I add other things to this slice and omit others depending on what I have on hand and what I feel like. 

As a base I use the oats and the blend mix- from there you can add coconut- nuts- dried fruit- different spices - whatever your heart desires!

You can even swap out prunes for more softened dates if you want. 

 I normally cut 18 pieces from a tray. They're a great little snack. 

Happy baking xx