Monday, 26 October 2009

Bring on the October cakes!!

The First weekend in October was a big one for sure!
And by the end of this week (which completes the month of Octobers cakes) I will have completed no less than 40 commissioned cakes- plus wedding expo cakes, Oncology Children's department cupcakes and Two family cakes! Seriously some times I wonder how on earth I actually do it!

Anyway- the first weekend of October I once again had some awesome clients who chose some really funky cakes!
I also had my 3 year old niece- Scarlett- come to stay with us for the weekend and go on my long delivery run on the Saturday with me. Scarlett was very excited to deliver the " Wedding cakes" and had her own my little pony- complete with its own mini three tier wedding cake on hand. so after loading the car up with the cakes- snacks for Scarlett and bottles of water for everyone to survive the super hot day- we were off!
First stop for the day was Brett's Wharf- and like i mentioned in a recent post about flexibility- this cake design was changed less then 3 weeks out from the wedding- to what I an only describe as a truly funky totally awesome cake!
This is a replica of a design from a US cake maker- originally with extended tiers- but my clients wanted to only have regular height tiers. I loved the extended tiers and toyed with the prospect of just making it as per image- but then the thought of- " What if they don't like the high tiers?" came over me and so I just baked high regular tiers. I love love love this cake!
Ivory iced with cut black dots over the tiers.

Each dot had to be cut to match the height and circumference of the tiers. A sugar flat bow on top and Voila! This groovy cake emerged!

Our Next stop was Redcliffe!
Cupcakes to be set up at the Bayview hotel. After ignoring Navmans directions and a quick call to the hotel itself we found it and delivered the cake.
The room was being set up by Aimee's sister- gorgeous and fresh looking with the blue and white throughout the room.

Being only three Scarlett really loved pointing out all of the "pretty" things at the wedding- and was such a good girl to stand well clear of the wedding cake and not touch while Aunty Sar set up.

Despite the expression on her face- she was really loving it-especially seeing as though this function room faced the Beach and she could tell everyone about the ocean and the wildlife!
After Redcliffe we back tracked to Brisbane to set up at Snug Harbour ( now known as "The Landing").
I go to Snug harbour reasonably regularly- at least 25 cakes there a year. But this time was the first time I met one of their new coordinators- which was great.
I had a cake for the River room- I provided a three tier plain iced cake- and the Bride and Groom organised the flowers through their florist.
I was grossly disappointed to see that not only were the flowers wilted and bruised- they also were not prepared correctly for placement onto a cake. I encourage my couples- when using fresh flowers- to have their florist provide the matching blooms for the cake. Along with instructions on how to have the blooms prepared to be safely placed onto the cake.
Unfortunately these flowers were not to that standard at all.
This was not the Bride and grooms fault, and I felt terrible leaving a cake there that was so not up to my regular standard. When guests are at a wedding they ask- "who made your cake??" this means that the poor quality flowers on the cake are then coupled as my cake- and reflects on me and my product. After stewing over the poor quality flowers and how they looked on the cake over the weekend- I decided to call the wedding planner to find out who the florist was so that I could contact them to convey my disappointment. Unfortunately the florist on the other end of the phone didn't really see the concern and never had the owner of the business contact me. Although she probably saw me as a whinging vendor- I personally would expect feedback from any of my fellow vendors should they believe the quality or standard of my product was below par.

I hope that how I felt about the cakes overall appearance wasn't shared by the Bride and Groom and that they enjoyed their day.
After the anxiety of the above cake- I headed to The new room at Vino's for possibly the cutest cake of the week!
I actually was quite chuffed with this cake. My husband had walked into my cake room and said "is this cake for a drag racer??" Yes it was! My "Christmas tree" light stand must have looked somewhat like the real thing!

Sam and John were such a lovely coupe when I met them. they took the basic deign of thier cake from a cake I had made for an engagement last December- and improved on it to fit them!
On top of the cake was the figures of Sam and John, and their gorgeous Flower girl. The little dress on the flower girl was just beautiful! Sam's Steel Silver gown was also just divine! John- in his action pose with his steering wheel in hand and helmet on was also just too cute!

The ceremony and wedding were all held at the same place- Vino's now has the room that was originally a Macca's - then a restaurant- tehn a developemen office- now a beautiful floor to ceiling glass room with uninterrupted views of teh river and Story Bridge!

Anne Campbell Officiated the ceremony- where Sam and John read their Vows from their iPhones- an in joke- and Anne called me during the week to see if I could Squeeze in two iPhones into the cake. I felt a bit unsure at first- but Anne personally knew the couple and how I subtly added the phones no one would know unless they were pointed out.
Sam was uber excited with the whole cake and doubly impressed with the mini iPhone additions.
Congratulations to you both!

On Sunday I had a delivery again at Snug harbour- no photo as yet though :(
Then another cake at Melange cafe in Roma Street Parklands.

A classic three tier cake with Burgundy sugar roses!

I also sent some mini cakes down to the Hyatt at Sanctuary cove.
Each little fruit cake was finished with a palette royal icing- and a personalised ribbon around the base.

At the venue fresh orchids were placed amongst the cakes to finish it off!

The personalised ribbon was great and came from a local company at Underwood. A fabulous idea for the bomboniere for sure.

Last but not least- I sent a cake down on the plane to Sydney for my Mum's baby Brothers 20th Wedding anniversary! I was only 12 when they got married and whoa- the fashion and my hairdo that was almost mullet like was definitely something that shouldn't be shared!

Dee and Phil had a renewal of their vows and reception at home to celebrate! Congratulations guys- how time flies- and how much sexier do we look now!!

Congratulations to all of my couples!!!
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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Two Expo's a Birthday and a Wedding!

For those of you who regularly read my blog- it will come as no surprise what a huge and fabulous help my family are when it comes to me and this business.

Always ready to give up their weekends to help me deliver- run about town collecting supplies for me when I am too flat out- and in general just being super supportive- all in the name of love.

This past month I have had two wedding expo's- one at the Royal on the park- and the other for the I dream of my Wedding competition/expo.

The night before the Expo I made this cake to compliment the Crystal Couture toppers that I have on display from Bec at Crystal Couture- Edible glitter hearts wind up the cake for added sparkle.

The first expo was held way back on the last weekend in September. This was a really busy weekend for me- but I left the cake delivering in Steve's capable hands while my mum and I hammed it up at the Expo

Little sample bags of cake for the guests to take home!

I had two heavily stacked concierge trolley's full of display items to unpack- set up and all together try to put on an awesome display for the attendants. I had my wonderful mum on hand with me during the day. Her networking skills are an invaluable part of Cake That! My Expo stand with my swish new pull up banner- Starring Michelle and Brad!

I was more than delighted to see that we would also be sharing the day with the Vivacious Anne Campbell- Brisbane's Celebrant extraordinaire! This day was going to be allot of fun!

The day started off fabulously with Alecedies- or brilliant waiter for the day- handing out Champa's to both the vendors and the guests attending the expo! The Kingsford Smith Ballroom was dressed beautifully with a few different set up scenarios, along with a preferred supplier in each category around the hall.

All day Canapes and samples of the Royal on the Parks wedding menu were on offer for all to try, and try we did- at the end of the day I needed to be rolled to the car ;))

A steady stream of potential clients came through the expo- and being the first Open day for the Royal on The Park- I am sure it will only get more popular in the future. word is that The Royal on the Park plan to have Wedding Open days twice a year- to showcase not only their great venue but their preferred suppliers too. A great way to see what the venue looks like set up- and meet your potential vendors all in one go!

I was also delighted to meet and get to chat with other vendors including The Party Girls and David Tye Photography.

In amongst what has been a busy month- it was my cousin's sons 6th Birthday. Being a huge Ben 10 Fan- I managed to wrangle up a few cupcakes and the "Omnitrix" for his birthday. Thank goodness kids can recognise even the slightest resemblance to a toy they love- otherwise I could have been in trouble with this wonder!

Once again- due to a very heavy schedule my mum was on hand and help me with the watch image and the dusting- mixing up the colours- and well basically- all I did was ice the cake! Thanks Mum- and Happy Birthday Lachlan!

It was only a week later and I had the " I dream of My Wedding" expo on.

The hard yards with the display cakes had mostly been done for the past expo- it was only the actual wedding cake and a new cupcake tower that I needed for this one.

This time I had both My mum and My sister Kate with me. All dressed up in my swanky new Cake That Aprons- ready to sell me to the crowds! Unfortunately though the number of couples that came through the day were very small- and many I had met only a fortnight earlier at the Royal on the Park.

At the beginning of the day- before fabulous hair!

A "selfie" of Mum Kate and I

But once again there were fabulous other vendors to chat to- and we kept ourselves entertained throughout the day- watching Pauline and her Bridesmaids get ready for her wedding later in the afternoon.

I had JUST got a whole shipment of new culinary stencils the day before the expo- and my sister Kate convinced me to make a stenciled stand and cupcakes as the display cake- because after a massive week of weddings what I really would like to do is spend hours making trendy new cupcakes- right?? Of course I did! these new stencils are like toys to a child- I had to use them- and when I chose a black stencil on white icing- I had Kate's nerves almost shot! But it all worked out to plan and looked pretty gorgeous- if I do say so myself!

I met Flora and George form George Hair salon at Kangaroo point- Great people and fabulous at doing some really funky hair styles! I even got Flora to give me the Eva Longoria look- seriously I know I don't look anything like her- but I do have long dark curly hair!

It looked awesome and a new fat GHD styler is definitely on my Birthday/Xmas list ( hint hint Steve) :))

My mum also got her hair done too!

I also met Wendy Sullivan from Brides Desire- OMG she had the most gorgeous wedding dress there- and If I ever have to attend an event like the Oscars- I am so getting the dress she had there on Display. For the mean time I will just keep on telling all my clients about how beautiful her gowns are and to definitely check them out!

The main focus of the day was on the Wedding that Pauline and Michael won through the I dream of my Wedding Competition.

Pauline and Michael were married in front of their family friends and expo attendants right there at the expo.

Despite being at the expo the wedding had all the beauty and emotion of any other wedding- Two people in Love vowing to be with each other, Bridesmaids shedding tears, and Groomsmen helping keep the groom from wearing a track in the carpet.

And of course there was a cake!

I gave Pauline and Michael a range of cakes to choose from- and Pauline chose this simple and elegant Three tier cake with flat bows and diamonte buckles. The colour matching in with the reception and the Bridesmaids gowns.

Congratulations to you both and I look forward to seeing your story in the Magazine!

I also met Rose from the Lily Bean- who made gorgeous bouquets for the bridal party- which included tiny little succulents- they looked beautiful!

A shot with the Happy couple and all of the vendors that made the dream wedding a reality.

After a long day at the Expo- despite only meeting with a handful of potential clients I came away with more vendors I could happily recommend!

October has been a Mammoth month for cakes- and I will try to post again tomorrow- I need to catch you all up!

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Friday, 9 October 2009

A week of change

I like to think that in general I am pretty flexible- if clients wish to change their cake design or order- in most circumstances- I have no hesitation in saying Yes! Sure OK- lets do it!!
But often my willing nature can lead to me working added hours each week, as I work with the changes at hand. don't get me wrong- I am not complaining about the added work load- the end results far outweigh that- but I wish sometimes that I knew how to use the word no ;))
My eagerness to please always seems to override my sensibility- but in the end a beautiful cake emerges- with very happy clients!

The Weekend of the 26th of September was a big one indeed! Smack bang in the middle of the school holidays- it was a weekend that I have been fully booked with for Ages!
Many clients choose a variety of designs on their quotes and decide on a final design closer to the date.

Around the beginning of September I had so many of my bookings for this weekend change/alter and adjust their order- I thought that their was a conspiracy happening!
I am happy to say- I survived, the cakes- well they speak for themselves- and I have heard fabulous reports from the clients too!

To start things off I will begin with what may have blossomed into a beautiful butterfly by the end of the week- had me going stark raving mad! As Gorgeous as mini cakes are- they are so so so time consuming- not to mention they are done in may stages- that after all of the countless hours ( in fact these 50 mini cakes had over 2o hours of labour in them alone) of making them, I am so glad they are finished!!
My facebook friends worked through the stages with me- each cake was cut from slab cakes- two circles- filled with ganache- then coated in ganache- and let dry overnight.
Then each cake is syruped- and then iced in the rolled fondant(plastic icing) - once that is dry- then each cake had the cut detail applied to it- each cake had 17 cut out shapes in 4 different shape/sizes- then the cakes were boxed- until I got to set them up at the venue on the wedding day! My sister Kate actually came and helped me do some of the cut shapes- it was like doing a little puzzle on each one :)

The ones with the black pattern were chocolate mud- the white pattern were White chocolate macadamia.
I often see my clients jaws drop when they hear how much a mini cake is- but they really are 5 times the amount of work of a regular cake- not to mention the added icing that you use covering each cake- but if this is the expense you want to go for- then this is the cake for you.
Black and white themes are so hot right now! Not to mention how wicked they look set up!
I took a picture of the mini cakes in their room- it looked just beautiful!

Keeping with the black and white theme this week was this next cake- it is a replica of one sent tome by the clients- I don't know whose cake it was originally- but this design also had fresh roses across the tiers in a blood red- just romantic!

I was still working very late into the night that week- not only was 'I finishing this lot of cakes- but I had a wedding expo on the Saturday- but that's another blog story all together.
Late at night pictures don't really turn out that well- but I have to mention this cake- it was for a gorgeous family, and not only did it have the cartoon toppers on top- but a pair of dogs at the base too! The bride is really allot shorter than the groom- I didn't get the scale of the toppers wrong ;0)

In Amongst all of the black and white cakes I did that weekend- I had a Navy and white cake to do.
Although in the pic it looks like black- it really was Navy in real light!
The cake was banded at the base with the invitation fabric lace- and two very thin Navy ribbons. the mid tier with their names piped on the front and filigree details around the sides. The top tier was quilted with a piped navy dot at each cross point- Fresh Antique roses decorated the top at the venue.

This was another design change cake- and it looked so gorgeous! Vintage chic.
I piped the names on the front free hand- and I had to keep telling myself "Sarah and Nick.....Sarah and Nick...." and I am so use to writing Sarah and Steven for myself and my husband that I was scared I would automatically pipe it on- and in Navy that would have been disastrous! but my mind chant worked and it was Sarah and Nick!

I am blessed to have allot of great friends who are fellow cake decorators here in Brisbane. We all refer to each other when we are not able to help- and we share information on where to get supplies and great suppliers alike!
I was given the name of a new edible image company by my friend Leonie- from Icing on the cake- and having a brilliant black damask cake on order I gave them a try! FABULOUS!!!! I was so excited by the quality of their print and the pure black colour (often the edible images are not a true black) that I cannot wait to use them again.
I loved this cake for so many reasons- Leesa came to change her design in Late August- I was super excited by the change- She also had asked for offset tiers- but when I was stacking it it just didn't look "right" so I called Leesa and asked for permission to set them square- she trusted my judgement and went with the change. I was loving the cake with just the ribbon and image- even before it was complete.

But there was more to come. A set of cartoon toppers!
Leesa's dress had beautiful lace detail- and she wore a thick pearl necklace too- stunning!

up close you can see the tiny lace detail- it looks so cute!

With Spring well and truly sprung- this cake was all about new beginnings.
Replicated from the invitation paper- the colour of the cake was the base of the paper- with the floral design overlaid the print on the paper.
Ceramic birds sat on top in a nest- and in amongst the blooming flowers were tiny caterpillars, lady bugs and mini butterflies.

My mum is a gem- and used her dexterity to model the ladybugs- then hand paint them- and the caterpillars too! Thanks Mum!! I only got up close pics of these with my phone camera- and with the sugar crusted lens- need I say more!

I managed one good butterfly close up before my batteries died.

Despite all the black for the week I had a very pink cake!
Pink pearl painted icing- pale pink piping and deep dusty pink ribbon.
Fresh flowers finished off the cake!

If my brides are reading this and having a chuckle because you too changed your cake- no worries at all- my main aim is to give you the cake of your dreams!
This cake was for Victoria Park- I had 3 weddings there that weekend- and sadly one of the cakes didn't get its picture taken- I can trust Steve to set up and deliver- but remembering to take a picture is still a work in progress!

My weekend was not over with the cakes above- I had a wedding expo too- More on that soon!
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Friday, 2 October 2009

Time just flies.......

Before I share the next weeks of cakes with you- I should first mention that on the 19/09/09 My parents shared their 34th Wedding anniversary! That is a long time for Sure! Congratulations Mum and Dad! sorry I didn't have time to make you a cake- maybe next year ;))
It was also my dad's birthday- and when I went to buy my dad the Brush cutter he wanted- I ran into a past client of mine- who recognised me in all of my glory- small world! With a hectic week of cakes, luckily for me my Nana took care of the cake of that one too! Thanks Nana!

This week I had some truly beautiful cakes- once again all thanks to my equally gorgeous clients for getting me to make them!
Anyway- it was a MASSIVE week of cakes! allot of big cakes and allot of detailed cakes- allot fo flowers- both sugar and fresh!
The First cake of the week was being sent to Ocean view estate at Mt Mee- I swear I have done so many cakes for this venue- but am yet to personally deliver there.
This cake was an adaptation of my "ruby love" design. The wedding colour theme was a deep red- which was reflected in the ribbon and the piping detail on the base tier.

The top tier had a brush embroidery detail that mimicked the applique on the skirt of the brides gown.

Trying to put the applique onto the cartoon toppers skirt was a mean feat! so teeny tiny!

The Bride (Alicia) was worried that maybe she had too much going on on her cake- but in the end it turned out just gorgeous! I don't have a flashy camera- so the detail isn't as "up close" as I would love to show- but the brides bodice is also encrusted in a diamond white edible glitter- that made it sparkle like the crystals that encrusted her entire top on her actual gown.

I have some really fantastic repeat clients, and one in particular is Michelle. She and Brad got married in May 2008- and they star on my website too! Her Sister in law and her husband - Kieran- also got their wedding cake from me- and this cake ordered by Michelle was for Brenda's Baby shower. I made Brenda and Kieran's cake back in August 2008- and they are expecting a baby any week now!

The theme for the baby shower was Jungle animals- so I made a bunch of Jungle animal face toppers that sat onto of cupcakes- all piled onto a stand.

I had a Friday wedding this week too! White Ivory and bling buckles, coupled with faint pink dusted sugar roses turned this combination into an elegant and contemporary design.

I was all over Brisbane on Saturday the 19th September.
My first stop was for another repeat client family.
Earlier this year I made Emma's sister Selina's wedding cake- but this time it was Emma's turn!
A three tier white iced cake with Adrenalin roses between the layers- just gorgeous! I only wish I had a better image of the cake- as the light was directly behind the cake.

The single row of roses is a more economical way to display the fresh flower stack cakes. It looks so elegant!
After the Hotel Grand chancellor we were off to Tattersalls to deliver this four tier design.
The bride had especially requested rounded square tiers- which is challenging given my edges are normally quite square.

The invitation paper was wrapped around two tiers, the entire cake lustered with snowflake- and random cachous and crystals across the design.
My next stop was the Royal on the park- where I saw the fabulous ladies from " The Party Girls" setting up. I was surprised to have my cake recognised as a "cake That!" cake by one of the girls- flattering indeed.
A cute cartoon couple on top of this classic three tier design.

The Brides gown was lace with a diamante brooch under the bust- really pretty. I love the detail that the cartoon couples can have.

I remembered to take a shot of the gown close up whilst I was making the topper for you all to see!

I also had to travel to Caboolture- for one of the best in home wedding set ups I have seen. A brand new home completely decked out as a pink and white elegant wedding reception. So pretty!

This house was so new- the address wasn't registering on the NavMan- but I found it quite easily!

I had a birthday cupcake design to set up at The Story Bridge hotel- but there was an engagement party there during the day- so unfortunately I didn't get to take a picture of the cake set up.

Each cupcake had a teal green dragonfly on top of each cake. It would have looked so pretty!

the week wasn't over with Saturday- I had two weddings on the Sunday- 20/09/2009 ( 20 09/ 2009) another lucky number date.
The First cake I delivered is one of my " If I had my wedding again" designs.
With the flowers supplied by Karen at Bliss Floral- I delivered the entire creation to the Marquee at Victoria Park.

Soft and light vanilla butter cream over four different flavoured cakes! The vertical palette lines give the illusion of added height- although each tier is already 20cm high.

Last but not least is a real stunner! Three double height tiers with piped pearls around the top edge and fresh flowers scattered across the design. Pretty Pretty Pretty! Classy elegant and just gorgeous!
That all for now- I better get back to today's cakes- but for now I am close to being up to date with my blogging- only a week behind now! ;)

The little cartoon people!

The Second week in September seemed to be all about the cartoon couples! Almost every cake I did this week had a set on them- each one very different indeed.

The first cake of the week was for a Wednesday wedding- 09/09/09! It was only days since I had made my first delivery to the beautiful Emporium hotel- and I was back there again with another cake. This couple had chosen a cake for its "Yum" factor rather than some thing traditional to celebrate their wedding day.

A cute cartoon couple- complete with the groom in his Kilt stood at the front of the single layer design. a matching Kitchen cake to cover the guest numbers was also made.
Inside the cake was a rich dark chocolate and raspberry Mud- with a thick layer of white ganache icing, solid white chocolate panels and then seasonal berries piled high on top. I LOVE the smell of berry cakes-just divine!

I also had a cartoon couple head up to Mt Tambourine. Jo and Ash collected their cake from me and travelled up the mountain for their wedding. When Ash arrived I noticed that he had a very very short blonde hair cut- which in the original photo (to me) looked totally shaven, so I added some hair while they waited- woops!
The black and white theme is so popular at the moment and looks just striking!

It was Riverfire night on the 12/09/09 and for the first time in years I didn't have to deliver to a inner city venue! With all of my deliveries for the day out of the CBD- I had a reasonably fast run of delivering- although long distance- it seemed to be easier than being in the CBD traffic on riverfire.

The Last but not least set of toppers for the week was for the beautiful Sheree and Hardy- who got married out at Peppers Hiddenvale.

A cupcake tower with fresh sunset roses in amongst the cakes. The toppers sat high on the top tier! Sheree was kind enough to send me through some images of her and Hardy from their wedding day straight after her wedding! Thanks Sheree- You both looked amazing!

Slowly but surely I am catching up on Blogging! I have so many great cakes to share with you- so I look forward to making some time to write all about them and let you see for yourself!
Congratulations to all my couples this week!