Sunday, 2 December 2007

359 days later......

Well almost one year to the day that I created the tallest cake I have ever made- I was once again creating it for another wonderful client!

This cake is a definite show stopper! Five tiers of cake- with each tier separated by pillars- then filled with fresh roses! Stunning. The swagging detail and pretty flower and piping detail on each tier truly makes this cake look and feel every bit "Wedding".

Other than the hours that it takes to bake ice and decorate the cakes, putting it together is certainly no five minute Job. With my exceptionally tall husband on hand- to help with the stacking and alignment- We set off to Palazzo Versace - to put together this fantastic cake.

Placing the flowers between the layers

I had allowed myself an hour to put the cake together- and after running into a past co worker- there wasn't many minutes spared once the cake was together.
With Steven helping me by cutting all the beautiful roses- whilst I carefully placed them within the design- it all came together beautifully.

Steve Lending a hand with the flowers

This cake had an amazing 150+ fresh roses between the layers and the top tier.
Having never met the Bride- and only bumping into the groom as we arrived to set up
I was surprised to find out that this was for a cocktail style function-A cake this size would be expected for dessert portions for 200+ guests- so indeed there would be more than enough cake!

Hopefully they enjoyed their wedding- as much as I do making this cake!

Adding the final blooms

All 197cm of Steve Beside the cake.

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