Monday, 28 January 2008

Keeping Secrets.....

This weekend I created a cake as a surprise- the whole party wasn't a surprise, but the cake certainly was.
I first me Brad and Michelle a few months ago when they came to organise their wedding cake- for May this year. Around a month or so after they had ordered there cake- I got a sneaky little email from Michelle about creating a fantastic cake for Brad's birthday. Michelle wasn't alone in planning the surprise- her soon to be Sister in Law (Brenda- Brad's sister), also another client of mine- schemed together to organise a cake that would make his birthday!
Not only did they choose a fantastic design, they also (cleverly) ordered many sample flavours- to help them decide what ones to choose. Secretly doubling as wedding cake tasting decisions, Michelle and Brenda decided on Jaffa Mud, Espresso Mud and Marble Mud.
As Brad's birthday approached, he had his suspicions that Michelle had ordered a cake for him through me- but had no idea what she may have ordered.
I delivered the cake- in a over sized box, that disguised what lay inside. A triple stacked mud cake, iced to resemble a can of VB gold- complete with a personalised birthday message for Brad on the back!
The night of the party, all was revealed, with success! Yesterday I received a lovely email, and some pictures from the night- which with permission from Michelle and Brad- I am eager to share!
Michelle wrote:
Just thought I'd let you know that your cake for Brad's birthday was an
absolute HIT last night!!! I managed to keep it a surprise for Brad and he
was ecstatic when he saw the cake - and when he found out that I'd organised
for you to make it!! :D

So thanks so much - everyone loved the cake and thought it was very 'Brad'.
He even picked it up and pretended to drink from it!!

Everyone is excited about what our wedding cake is going to be like, now
that they've seen and tasted one of your cakes :D

Thanks!!! You are very good at your art :D

~Michelle :]"

So with much pleasure I am pleased to share these pictures with you!

Brad Cutting into his cake!

The Party goers reactions!

I think Their smiles say it all

Happy Birthday Brad!!
Only a few short months to go until Michelle and Brad's Wedding day- then I can share their wedding cake story with you.

Sunday, 27 January 2008


This week bought me to a venue, that has a lot of great memories for me.
Over 5 years ago now- My husband proposed to me at the point at Scarborough. Followed by a lovely lunch at Morgan's Seafood Restaurant- So hence- every time I get to deliver a wedding cake out there- the memories come flooding back!
Being Australia Day Yesterday, I was surprised at he relatively little amount of traffic as I tripped up to Scarborough to deliver the cake.
The cake was a three tier cake- Marbled Dark chocolate and Caramel mud for the base, White Raspberry in the Middle, and Chocolate Chip Mud for the top.
Each tier was banded by a black ribbon, with crystals attached at intervals along the band.
The center tier was quilted with Gold cachous, and the top had a wired heart spray, in the wedding colour theme.

Not only did I deliver a cake to the same location that I was proposed to at, but when I went to let the Chefs know I had set the cake up- I ran into an old chef of mine, that I hadn't seen in 10 years! I was really surprised to see him- and baffled that he remembered me!
My Australia Day couldn't have gone any better!

This week is full steam ahead, with weddings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!
With Monday being a public holiday (for everyone else!!) I will have to get myself into gear for another big one ahead!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Short and Sweet!

Yesterday was My husband's birthday. And whilst he didn't have any specific cake requests (or at least reasonable ones) I decided to make him mini cupcakes!
Luckily I found a box that fitted perfectly the design I had in mind. Mini vanilla cupcakes, iced in ganache, then iced in a thin layer of bright coloured plastic icing!
When I finished the design my first thought was that they looked like pool (snooker) balls- the comment was also resonated by a friend of mine too!
Cute and Simple- and Extremely Yummy (if I do say so myself!!).

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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Late Entries....

With every cake I make- there is always a story. I could spend as much time typing out the stories, as I do creating the cakes- literally- as I am not a very fast typist!
But this week I have some great stories to tell!
Firstly, being a Cake decorator- who prodominately makes wedding cakes, I take the fact that I may only get to make one cake for my clients very seriously. I am always honoured when clients return to me for the other "special" occasions in their lives (birthdays Christenings etc..).
This week I had the pleasure of creating a 40th Birthday cake for one of my previous clients- back in 2006 I created her and her husband's wedding cake, they lived in FNQ at the time, so all of the arrangements were done by email and phone. This time around they are living in Brisbane, so even with the fact that I have never personally met them, once again- through email- a cake was ordered and delivered to their venue- without the chance of a meeting! I am sure that Tanya had a great night last night- and wish her a Very Happy 40th Birthday!

Cupcakes are definitely in at the moment- whether they are for birthdays, or weddings they can be themed as fun or as romantic as you need. This next design was all about romance.
With a deep red and cream theme, this couple hit the nail on the head! Simple cupcakes (a mixture of berry swirl , and dark chocolate and raspberry) baked into red papers, with butter cream icing. A top tier decorated in fresh roses. When I met with the clients they wanted to have roses all throughout the stand, but due to budget restrictions, opted to have them only on the top. I was delighted when I went to collect the roses, that they were a variety, that opened beautifully, and were so velvety in texture, that I just had to grab an extra bunch, and give them the cake of their dreams. So I created the original design as a surprise, complete with fresh rose petals around the base. If only my photography was better, and I could do the end result justice!

The next couple of cakes, are the subject of this blog entries tittle.
As a general rule- I am fully booked more than 2 months in advance, however, being January, and wedding season slowing down (a little), I was able to take on some late notice cakes! I hate having to say " I am sorry, but I am fully booked", and love it when I can help people pit at the last minute. Living in a time poor society, doesn't help when you forget to order something well in advance.
The first is a Wedding cake, for today!!! Being an intimate wedding for 30 people, I could fit in this simple cupcake design. Vanilla butter cakes, and Butter cream icing!!! When you open the box, the smell is divine- even the Bride to Be doubted whether or not they would all make it to the reception, when she cake to collect them!

The next was a birthday cake for a little girl!! Her mum organised her cake with me on Wednesday!! She was planning a Hawaiian themed party for her daughter's 6th birthday- and was in need of a cake (of course)! They say great minds think alike, so as I was awaiting an email with pictures of the ideas she was emailing me- I too was jotting down designs- I thought a six year old would love! We both had the idea of a hula girl!! In the end it was so cute! My god daughters were in awe when they saw it in its box on Friday night!! I am sure to be replicating this design for them in the near future too!

This coming Saturday is My husband's birthday- and I have no idea what cake I am going to make him!!!

Any ideas????

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Hard Act to Follow!

Well, as far as starts to a year goes- Mine has been Fantastic! For almost 12 months I have been waiting to create this weeks (even Possibly this years) favourite cake!
The cake was made for a couple, both who work in the computer/ IT industry. When they came to me and asked if I could create a themed cake, that suited not only their personalities, but their jobs- I couldn't have been more excited! I had seen on the web- a picture if a fantastic cake, made by an American Baker- that was theme "Super Mario". When I suggested this design to them, they had to have it- with their own special touches- of course!
I would love to say that I thought this design up all on my own, but with a bit of inspiration, from the original design, along with changes from the clients, together we created an awesome jaw dropping design.
Each tier of the cake represented either a level, or a character from Nintendo's Super Mario Game. With the base tier (Hazelnut Mud) decorated to resemble one of the base blue levels, complete with coins, and clouds- then the mid tier (white Macadamia Mud)- representing an orange level (and tying in with the wedding colour theme) complete with pipes and jumping blocks, then the top was a giant Mushroom character( white Mud), with Plastic Mario and Princess figurines in top! Even the evil "Venus fly trap" plants made an appearance in the design.

Getting the figurines wasn't as easy as one may think! First of all I bought a set off eBay- which when they arrived (from Hong Kong- were half the size they were described to be, and way too small for the design. So then the Bride found some for the top, and unable to get a matching pair, even after having friends visit both the Nintendo world in New York and Japan!
In the end- this Fun themed cake design fit in with the wedding! Held at Hillstone St Lucia, the couple had part of the room set up as an Arcade, complete with Games for their guests to enjoy- even a Wii station too!
The table center pieces even featured figurines from well known games!
This cake has, by far, made my week! I hope that my clients enjoyed it as much as I did making it for them!
Congratulations Athene and Wade!

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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Best Of 2007!

Some time I really surprise myself with my Googling skills ;)!
I have found a way to place a poll onto my site- to gather what- in your opinion- was the best of 2007. If your favourite cake is not here, please let me know your favourite in the comments section!
Tiffany Special

French Gold

Enlightening White

Diamonds and Pearls

Big Apple

True Blue

Grandioso 2

The Venetian

Le Cherisse

Rose Sparkle

Voting has now Closed:(

Thank you to everyone who voted.
In the end- the readers vote is a three way tie:
Rose Sparkle
True Blue
French Gold!

Thank you to my wonderful clients for 2007 for asking me to create these beautiful designs!

Farewell 2007...Hello 2008!

Well, I can't believe that it is now 2008! I have officially worked on my own for just over a year now- and am loving every minute of it. 2007 had me work with some fantastic clients, creating awesome designs- that I will never forget!
I started 2007 with a gorgeous cupcake design on the 1st January- and finished off the year with cakes for Weddings held on NYE!
Being a renowned "quiet" time of year- I once again- am yet to get some quiet time. This last weekend I had weddings on both the Saturday- and a couple on Monday (NYE).
One of the Saturday weddings was held down the Gold Coast, at The Villa- a glorious private Golf course, which oozes opulence.
The cake was a four tier design (created from the Bride's own drawing)- for 130 guests, simple and elegant, plain iced, and decorated only with ribbon and some sugar rose petals, and a sugar plaque bearing the clients wedding monogram. Fresh flowers to match the bridal bouquet were added later to fit the theme.

Then on New Years Eve, I had a wedding- that was held at a private home. Set in a beautiful, atrium style room, this intimate wedding had a grand Frangipani design as its center piece.
A light moist vanilla butter cake, layered and filled with Vanilla butter cream, then 50 Sugar frangipanis in varying colours to decorate.

It was certainly a great way to end the year!

Having made so many wonderful cakes this year- it is really hard to pick favourites. But for fun, I have chosen 10 designs that really stuck in my mind over the year. When I work out how to get a poll onto the blog- I would love your opinion on what cake you think was the Best of 2007!
In the mean time, you are welcome to leave a comment as a suggestion to your favourites!