Monday, 27 August 2007

Pinks and pearls

Today I have the pleasure of my first ever Monday Wedding- which completes my count of weddings, having now created a wedding cake for every day of the week!

This bright three tier design is replicated- from one of my previous designs- incorporating a pearl effect to suit the couples theme- or Pink and Pearls!
With a cute couple on top- this cake is a lot of fun!

Rainy Day Love Stories!

Well, for over a year this wedding has been being planned- with everything turning out just perfect.
Every weekend I create cakes for clients weddings, but when the cake is for someone in your close circle of friends and family- it is that little bit more exciting!
Gianni is a long time friend (more than 13 years) of my husband and I. So it was my honor to create a fabulous wedding cake for Gianni and his Bride Cherisse. Time has seem to have flown-from when we were first delighted of the news of the engagement, to the wedding day!

On Saturday 25th August 2007 at 3.30pm, Gianni and Cherisse exchanged Vows at Glengariff Historic Estate at Dayboro.
This gorgeous venue certainly made up for the fact that the rain continued to fall during the ceremony.
To see the tables all dressed with beautiful flowers, and the little bomboniere gifts of Traditional Almonds (packaged by Gianni's Nonna), and boxed fudge ( that I also made ;)) and the hand scripted place cards (by Cherisse's friend Amanda) this was a truly family affair!

My husband (Steve) was one of Gianni's Groomsmen, reciprocating the duty Gianni had done for him at our own wedding a few years back.
The four of us Steve, Myself, Gianni and Cherisse!

The night went so fast - it seemed like no sooner had we sat down to enjoy the beautiful food at the reception, that it was time to cut the cake!!

The five tier cake consisted of layers of White chocolate and Raspberry Mud cake, and Dark chocolate Hazelnut and Orange Cake- which was served for dessert, A layer of fruit cake- with tea and Coffee (or to take home for under your pillow!) and a Marble Mud top tier to be saved for their first anniversary!

After the cake was cut- the cartoon couple- who earlier looked as if they were going to leap off the cake!- were left lying beside the top tier- waiting to go home!This night was also one I had been eagerly awaiting- for a very different reason- I finally got to meet the wonderful Toni Snell- who did Gianni and Cherisse's Photography.
I have had many previous clients use Toni for their photography- and have been in awe of her beautiful work, recommending her to as many clients as I can!
Toni graciously took time to talk to me at the end of her (long) evening- she is a lovely and friendly person, who is passionate about her craft, and the end result really shows.
I would recommend to anyone in SEQ who is after a photographer to look her up!

And as many of my friends and clients have done- Cherisse also chose to use Karen from Bliss Floral for her flowers. And again they are the most beautiful and fresh flowers you could get! The colours of the tulips and roses in the bridesmaids bouquets matched their dresses perfectly!

Well now this wedding is come to a close- it is back to reality- making more wonderful cake designs for upcoming weddings this Wedding season!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

All about Birthdays!

It isn't that often that I have the opportunity to make birthday cakes- often because I am well and truly booked out- by the time I get an inquiry. But this week I had a beautiful 16th Birthday Cupcake tree to make for Lauren! Celebrating this milestone was done in style- at the Stamford Plaza hotel. Each little cupcake was filled with white chocolate and Macadamia mud cake, topped with a vanilla butter cream, and sugar frangipani.

This next "Retro Bug" design was created for a great and long time friend of my brother and sister in law- Nicole! She is soon to have a baby, and this cake was for her baby shower!
Gone are the pale muted colours, and teddy bears- with Nicole Loving "retro" style, this cake had a tri-colour scheme, and funky circles to cover the cake. A cute little caterpillar bug on top to finish it all off!

This weekend has been fantastic! Gorgeous cakes, and a Wedding to attend- More on that Later!- along with a magazine photo shoot! It is all going too quickly!
Toomorrow brings my first Monday Wedding- so its back to business for me!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Themes and Traditions

Well this certainly has been yet another big week!
To start things off- I had yet another gorgeous four tier cake.
Fitting in with the couples Chocolate and Baby Pink theme, this four tier beauty was simply that. Each tier features a double banding of ribbon- in the theme colours- with sugar roses and lilies in pinks, dotted across the design. Having created this design for a couple who reside overseas- it was a delight to finally meet them when they arrived to collect their cake.This cake, was then transported to beautiful Noosa- where the couple held their reception.

With a real international feel for this week- I also had a traditional German Marzipan cake to make. The base layer of this cake was a white chocolate and Boysenberry Marzipan cake. Tis cake is made with Almonds and Marzipan beaten through the mixture. Knowing how much the groom loved his Marzipan, I placed a layer of freshly made marzipan through the center of the cake too. Topped off with white chocolate covered marzipan truffles ( that my wonderful mother covered for me- didn't she do a magnificent job!!)- this cake was a marzipan lovers delight. Until you try freshly made marzipan- you will never appreciate how great (and non-manufactured) it can taste.

Lastly this design was created for my husbands cousin's engagement. With a Blue black and white theme, this deign took on a life of its own. Mixing styles and techniques- created this fun design with a touch of class. White sugar roses, combined with wired hearts and a striped overlay- bring this cake together. Congratulations Julie and Tim!

This coming week is one I have been waiting for! My very good friends are getting married on Saturday! So I will have a another big 5 tier design for you all to see!
I am also creating a cake for a fantastic wedding planner I met when I had first started "Cake That!" who has given me great support over the years!
Wish me luck!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Guessing Game!

Other than this cakes immediate beauty- have you noticed how many little flowers are covering this design?

This cake should be called "The Challenge"! After almost eight- yes eight- straight hours of cutting and applying these little Jasmine flowers to this cake, my mind began to wander back to school days where they use to have jars of Jelly beans- that you would guess how many were inside.
I started counting these flowers but lost count after 1500 or so- but I am sure there is close to 2000 or more on here! The end product- was just beautiful!

This is the month of the big cakes- with a Five tier design on order each week! I am going to have great muscles by September!

Birthday Season!

This month is filled with family and friends birthdays!
To start the month off was my Nieces birthday- followed by my sister Alex, then tonight is a friends birthday, then my other sisters birthday is on Sunday- then at the end of the month is two more of my very good friends birthdays- on the same day! Not to mention our very good friends wedding thrown into the mix.
So after my holiday- I have been thrown back into work and socializing at full pace! Being the resident cake maker- I am always happy to provide cakes for special occasions. Unfortunately I was unable to create my nieces 1st Birthday cake- but her mum did an awesome job- perhaps so good that I won't be called upon again!

I created a "piece of cake" for my little sister Alex this year! Having seen the design been created by other decorators before- I wanted to have a go! So a layered vanilla sponge with a berry butter cream hid inside this comical design!

Tonight I am headed out with this cute little handbag design- filled with a marbled chocolate mud- it is almost too cute to eat! I often find myself making bag designs that I wish I owned in real life- but hey- that is a whole other story!!

So apart from my wonderful clients I create cakes for each week- I have a fantastic set of friends and family- who I am able to try out designs on!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Back to Reality

Well after a two week holiday I was thrust back into work straight away!
This week was a mixture of Big weddings and Birthday celebrations!

To start the week off- I had a mammoth Five tier White wedding Cake!
With three layers being a traditional fruit cake, one tier a Gluten free fruit cake- and the base being a vanilla white mud cake- the final product weighed in at over 30kg!!!
This cake was for a wedding Yesterday- so being a Friday I didn't have my husband to help me carry the cake! Using all my muscles I got the cake into the car- and set off to the Stamford- where I let the Concierge help me from there!

With a heap of deliveries today- I will report back soon- with my favourite of the week!