Saturday, 17 March 2012

BOO! I'm Back!!!!!!!!!

I should possibly be hanging my head in shame for letting my Blog go for sooooooooooo long without posting. I have been otherwise occupied- and time has literally slipped away- but never fear- I am back- I'm committed (and hoping this isn't going to come and bite me in the beehind when I get side tracked again lol) and I am excited to share some of the awesomeness that is my daily job with you all!

So it has been a while- last time I posted it was all about winter weddings- so not I will chat about What happened in August- and September- just to catch up.. the I will add a couple of more posts to round out 2011- before moving into a new set of posts for this Amazing year 2012.

Ok- Firstly- August is a Mammoth Family month. My Sisters and Nieces Birthdays all fall within the first two weeks- My Aunt's birthday as well as my Sister in Law's Wedding anniversary- so it was and always will be a very special month indeed.
This year My SIL made my Niece's Birthday cake- but I made a few Bikkies for the Bollywood Themed party. 

The middle biscuits were a citrus sable- but the outside ones were Lorraine McKay's moorish Peanut butter biscuits- seriously these biscuits are so good you CANNOT stop at one LOL!

My sister Kate had a brilliant idea for her birthday this year- she wanted a Smash cake- not your normal variation- she wanted a giant biscuit cube- filled with chocolates and lollies- that she could smash open........ her wish was my command! 

I'm sure the other visitors to Southbank wondered what on earth was going on!

 Kate - of course- waited until the "Happy Birthday" song was over before hitting the cake for six with the Cricket bat!

 First in Best Dressed with the loot!

You've got to eat your own name- right???

I was also given the task of creating a very special 18th Birthday cake for one of my friends and fellow wedding colleagues daughter's birthday.  

The stunning Erin shares my heart with her love of all things "Spotty Dotty"!

It was my absolute privilege to create this cake for Erin- Given a short brief- Erin's wonderful mother let me have creative license with this super fun cake!
And for those wondering what the animal is on the "8" it is Erin's cat.... Cat's aren't my forte- but I am working on them lol

I was given full control of another cake that month too!
A baby shower cake for one of my past clients :)
Holly's sisters organised the cake for her as a surprise- -so I got to make another cute design- entirely up to me!  

I used the colours from the invite to make this simple- yet pretty cupcake tower.

After the Birthday Cakes- came the Weddings- it was the beginning of "wedding Season" and I was once again knee deep in sugar :-P

This Black and white cupcake tower was set up in a Private home.
The whole house was even themed in with the colour scheme.

It's no wonder Vintage and classic are very in vogue! The styles make for visually delicious cakes indeed!
This first cake is an all white wonder- Hand made sugar roses - pearl lines and piped detail- simply pretty.

This stencil finish Mocha cake with Large sugar bloom is everything I love about these "vintage" cakes. It has such warm colour- oozes elegance- and is positively gorgeous- If i do say so myself!
 Another pretty Stencil cake in the palest of pinks- with soft gold accents.

I was honoured to be apart of the Sunday Mail- Riverlife- Win your wedding competition last year. The deserving couple chose this grand three tier Extended height Lace overlay design. 
Nat and Katrina Won their Dream wedding through a competition- where some of Brisbane's loveliest Special event suppliers banded together to create the Ultimate wedding reception for these humble flood victims. See the U on Sunday's Gallery here

Whats not to love about chocolate- and what's not to love about Berries- Put them together and they are certainly a power combination.
This fantastic White chocolate creation smelt so divine- and it's scrolls so tempting to just pick one off!
 Y.U.M- YUMMMMMM! That is all 

Class and elegance go hand in hand for timeless designs.
This next cake has clean lines and simplistic design.

 Fresh Lizzies and Roses covered the top tier- just beautiful!

Swiss dots look really lovely - and this cake was no exception.
Eventually topped with fresh bridal flowers- it was sure to be a stunner :)

So one last cake for this blog. I am no where near finished - but Typing and thinking for over 2 hrs is doing my mind in heheh

This four tier Chocolate cake is every bit the delicious picture it looks to be.
What better way to enter your reception than with the scent of white chocolate- mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

So thanks for reading- I will be back very soon with more:)- I promise!
I have such a collection of exciting cakes to share too!

Take it easy