Sunday, 11 December 2011

June Wonders :)


How Fast has this year flown by??
I hope that you are all enjoying the Xmas season- I am :)
Even despite the rapid growth in numbers at the shops- I still find this time of the year to be such a fantastic time for celebrating!

Back when the weather was a tad cooler, and the sun reared it's head for a few less hours per day- I was blessed to make the following cakes for some magnificent clients!

I want to start though with a cake that was ordered by a Fantastic Husband for his Wife's 40th Birthday. This cake was a surprise for her- organised solely by her husband, and right up until I delivered it- she had no idea!
Whilst I was panicking driving down the almost 90deg slope road (OK this is an exaggeration but it was mighty steep) that was the last 100 odd meters of the journey- the cakes recipient sat unaware at home that a cake she had always wanted was about to arrive.

I arrived with the cake all boxed and ready to present at the front door- greeted by the super organised hubby- and was shown upstairs to where the birthday girl was getting the house ready for that nights celebrations (Yes she knew she was having a party- just not a cake :)- well a cool cake anyway ;-P)
So when I presented the cake to her- she was all smiles and thanks, along with total shock and surprise......... it wasn't until I got to the base of the driveway I could hear her squeals of excitement- somewhat similar to what my 5 year old niece emits when she gets what she wants! LOL! It was brilliant! Her joyous squeals really made my day! After a little giggle to myself- my day was complete! I loved how composed she was when I delivered the cake- only to break out once I was out the door!  

So why was the cake so exciting???- Firstly it was all in her favourite colours- and secondly I replicated one of her favorite shoes in sugar- especially at her Husband's request! I'd be blown away if my husband knew what my favourite shoe was.... but then again I'd rather he not take too much notice of the ever expanding collection hehehhehe!

The wicked cakes in June did not stop there!
I admire couples who take a chance when it comes to changing up from the "norm" and really putting their own touch to their wedding.
Annalise and Simon were EXACTLY this kind of couple.
They chose a very BOLD cake design that complimented everything about their wedding day.
Don't get me wrong- it was still elegant- but most of all it was was them!

The three tier Tilted Black and white cake- with Blood Red Roses was visually stunning and really drew you to it's vibrancy!
It was only last week that Annalise contacted me to let me know that she and Simon's wedding was being featured on Polka Dot Bride.
Check it out- simply Stunning- and the Bridesmaids- WOW!

All the sugar decorations on my cakes are handmade, so it was a change when the next Bride asked  to use some Heirloom roses for her cake.
Not a problem- I totally understand the sentimentality behind using sugar flowers that have been used for generations- as well as being originally crafted by a family member too.

 I added the flowers to a simply iced two tier Ivory classic style. Just delightful.

Sadly I don't always get to see cakes completed. Whilst I love to coordinate the cakes delivery with the fresh flowers (when they are supplied by the clients) it isn't always possible.

This three tier Twisted Square cake was eventually finished with complimenting fresh flowers.

In a whole other lifetime I use to work with Kirsten- at QANTAS........... yes oodles ago- back in the mid 90's - when we we cool, much younger- and frivolous in every way :-P

Luckily over the years we have kept in touch- and despite no longer living in the same city- the magic of the Internet and social networking means we can keep in touch regularly!
So to cut a long story short- it was my absolute pleasure to create Kirsten (and Shane's) Wedding cake!
Yet another Wedding that was all about them. Stylish and Elegant Mid winters wedding- held on Mid Winter's day- A day very special to the couple who met in Antarctica- Yes the icy land mass at the bottom of the world- where every image taken looks like it has just bee cropped from a National Geographic shoot!

Kirsten and Shane held their wedding at Maleny Manor- with Ms Toni Snell shooting the entire day!
You can see some of Kirsten and Shane's images on Toni's Blog

 Kirsten and Shane chose a Four tier Angled cake- in the Wedding colours of Black White and touches of pink.
Blousey blooms over the cake and a cut out of the emblem from the invitations tied the entire design together.
 Best Wishes to Kirsten and Shane- and Thank you for having me make your fantastic cake!

I have a handful of florists that I work with on a regular basis who ALWAYS exceed expectations and provide simply jaw dropping blooms.
One of which is Karen from Bliss Floral.
I am lucky to live a stones throw away from where she is at Stafford- so it is wonderful to have so many clients in common with her.
A few years back I made this very butter iced design- and Karen topped it with her gorgeous fresh flowers- fast forward a few years and it is still popular amongst clients!  

The champagne roses, White Lissies and Freesias are such a "fresh" combination.

The Next florist I had the privileged of working with was  Julie from Julie Vine Flowers.

This cake was mighty big! Three different sized chocolate "boxes" which mimicked the table centrepiece set out.

Overflowing with fresh Green and White blooms- it was bordering on beyond Magnificent!

My photo's simply don't do justice to how awesome this really came out. And the cakes size- it was large enough to serve more than 160 guests as dessert- and then some!
Not only do I need to thank Julie for helping me complete this cake- but also the Bride and Groom (Letitia and Joss) who had faith in the contemporary design.
Congratulations Guys!

With some couples- the cartoon toppers are quite popular.
I make each set to mimic the Bridal couple and their likeness.

 This three tier cake had an Army Groom and a petite Bride on top!
Too Cute!

The next cake was delivered to the venue where I myself was married over 7 years ago!
This two tier cake with a Purple and Silver theme- complete with sitting couple was sent off to Joseph Alexanders Restaurant at Milton.  Sadly the restaurant no longer exists ;(
A cute cake none the less- now we will both have to find new places to hold anniversary dinners.

The next cake for June was for a wedding at Victoria Park- in the new Garden Marquee.

Three tiers with Client Supplied toppers- and purple stripes to match in with the wedding colours :)

A big Butter Cream beauty at Hotel Urban was a stand out in the month of wicked cakes!
Now for all to remember this style of cake works only in Winter in highly Air conditioned venues. There is no way a soft iced cake with Fresh flower pillars would work in any other season in any other condition- here in QLD.


The Cream Brulee roses sat beautifully in between the swirled soft iced layers!

The last featured cake for the month was one which was delivered to Customs house.
The increasingly popular twisted style tiers- with Quilting and Sugar roses on top
Classic style with a touch of now :)

Well if you got through all this in one sitting well done- you deserve a chocolate biscuit (or 5- I know I do :) )

As we near the end of the year it is time for me to begin my extended annual leave. I'll still be answering emails- and phone calls- when possible. Bookings through email will still be taken, and quotes provided, but for the most will be taking a break getting back into full swing in March 2012.
A huge Thank you to all my couples and clients who have chosen me to make their cake this year. It was truly my pleasure.
To my 2012 Clients- I have some awesome cakes designs ready for your events- which I look forward to creating!
To everyone who takes time to follow me on my Blog and through Facebook- Thank you! I really appreciate your support and comments- keep them coming.
Have a brilliant Xmas and a Magnificent 2012!

Thanks for Reading

P.S.- I plan to continue blogging- fingers crossed I can get up to date sometime soon ( this single post was over 3 hours in the making)