Saturday, 29 September 2007

Around SEQ in CAK35

What a Long Day!
My day started today at 7am wiring and taping all the fresh flowers I needed for my cakes today. With the fresh roses opening just a perfect amount- I knew today was going to bring some gorgeous cakes. It seems that not only roses but also Singapore orchids were the blooms of the day, with 5 of my designs incorporating either one or the other, or both!

To begin the delivery day- I set off to the "Bardon" Center- to deliver my first cake, then across to Birkdale with a fabulous 16th Birthday cake, for a Ballet Dancer, who's mum thought she would surprise her daughter before she headed off the the Royal Academy of Dance in London to study- how Special! This two tier hot pink pearlised cake with a "lolly" base and round top with a bling 16!

Then it was a trip down to O'Riellys Vineyard at Canungra. Although I had had clients who had their weddings their before- I had never personally delivered a cake there. So with my Mum and Aunty Dianne in tow- we set off to Canungra- with the Whereis Directions. Those of you who have used the program before may well be aware that they are not always correct directions- none the less- we did make it there on time- with the cakes all in one piece.
Once delivered, with the long trip back to Brissie ahead of us, my mum napped while my Aunt and I chatted the trip back!
With other things to do, I left my mum and Aunt, and continued delivering until 5pm this afternoon!
With the car unpacked, and the photos uploaded- I can now sit back and relax- then I can start to ponder next weeks cakes!
There is a great one I can't wait to finish- and you will have to wait to see! It is so fun and exciting- I have evn been dreaming about it this week!...... 'Til next time!

Colour Matters

Whenever designing cakes I always get asked " What colour are those ones?" as a client points to one of my photos- The answer isn't usually what people expect. Photo's- even with the highest quality digital cameras- can and will give different colours different shades in different lights and angles.
Whilst uploading todays shots- I really noticed how different from true to life colour can be. The pictures, below and above, are taken of the exact same cupcake tree- without a flash- in the same room- one minute after the other. It all has to do with light and angle. The top picture looks a warm yellow colour, where the bottom picture looks to be a pale cream- both the same cakes, but different picture outcomes.

In reality the icing is a pale cream colour- the roses- almost matching perfectly, were just gorgeous!

So when choosing your icing and decoration colour- it is always best to provide a colour swatch- of the colours you are using in your event- that way you will get a colour that matches/ compliments your theme!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

The Rains are comiing........

This weekend was another hectic one! I had deliveries today that led me on a journey of over 250km!

Starting out at Glengariff this morning, and ending up at Gilhooley's Chermside late this afternoon.
As I was driving out to Glengariff- the weather was fine and clear, but the forecast said there would be a storm in the afternoon. With the skies slightly overcast- it seemed a vague possibility.

The first delivery of the day- A three tier twist on tradition, with the base two tiers stacked American style, and the top tier separated by a column pillar- all iced to match the cake design. Blood red fresh roses to finish.

It took me four runs to deliver all the cakes today- but with very little traffic about- we delivered them all ahead of schedule.
As we dropped off the last order- at 4pm- the skies were growing darker, and not more than five minutes after getting home, the rain and hail fell, as the thunder rumbled in the skies! Thank goodness all of the cakes were on their respective tables, out of the rain!

Middle of the Delivery run- this Cherry Blossom Design suited the theming perfectly. Two weeks in a row for Cherry Blossom Cakes- this theme must be in!

I got to visit a few places I haven't been before- including the Maritime Museum, which holds functions in its grounds, on the banks of the Brisbane river. I would have never thought to have a function there- but the view from the venue was just fabulous.

I also finally got to meet in person Dominique- from Brett's Wharf.
She, and the team at Brett's Wharf, look after the functions there. I have only ever spoken to her on the phone, or via email- so it is always great when you get to meet someone face to face.

With a fair mixture of Traditional, contemporary, and Cupcake designs, this week was creatively fulfilling!
Wishing everyone a fantastic night ahead- BTW the skies are clear again!

Last but not least- this Cupcake tower- filled with Vanilla Cupcakes iced in pink icing, with a "Bling" Chocolate 21 on top! Simple and Pretty!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Big American Style

Well here it is-
This three tier- double barrel cake stands over 60cm high- and weighs far too much for one person to carry! I even had to stand on a box to finish icing the cake!
With each tier double stacked, the chosen flavours were Dark Mud- Kahlua Mud and Peppermint Mud to top it all off! With over 4kg of chocolate in the icing alone, this cake is divinely rich.
The whipped white chocolate ganache is thickly applied- with a soft palette finish.
Fresh flowers (provided and arrange by Shirley Baggaley of Baggaley's Florist) started at the top tier and weaved their way down to the base. Sitting on a mirror- decorated with crystal effect candle holders, and wired crystal beading this cake was as pretty as a picture.

Baggaleys florist is situated in the Port Office building out the front of the Stamford Plaza hotel Brisbane. Ph.(07) 3220 0910

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Awesome Job!

Tonight was cause for celebration- My very good friend Paula, was celebrating her belated ?th Birthday and we were also celebrating her daughter Riley's fourth Birthday!
So when I arrived at their house to see the awesome job that Paula had done of Riley's cake- I was blown away- not to mention how excited Riley was that it was her birthday- and what a fantastic cake she had!!!
For some crazy reason Paula- who has known me for many years- was worried what I would think- but the cake speaks for itself!
This two tier cake, was iced in coloured rolled fondant, decorated with fruit sticks around the outside ( the dark pink ones are the best!!) Paula then- very cleverly- made decorations from royal icing- that had a fantastic sheen!
To be fair to all you home decorators out there- Paula is a Chef too!
So Congratulations- once again you have outdone yourself!

I think this is the hurry up and light the candles look- so we can eat cake!!!
Happy Birthday Riley!!
Back pack Back pack back pack back pack...... Can't get it out of my head!

Friday, 14 September 2007

I got tagged...

Toni Snell sent me this little "8 things about you game" yesterday afternoon- it is something that she has been playing with her photographer colleagues, and has sent it onto me.

So all of you regular viewers of my blog site- can now have a little insight about me.

8 Things you didn't know about me....

1.Because my dad use to be in the Army- and we moved around a lot- I went to 11 schools in 12 years!

2. My first car was a safety yellow Laser- that was so reliable, I kept lollies and entertainment in the glove box.

3.I was with my (now) husband for 9 years before he asked me to marry him! ( he had to make sure?)

4. I use to dress up as “Koko” the clown for kids birthday parties at Hungry Jacks.

5.Even though I am a professionally trained chef- and worked in a 5 star hotel for 8.5 years- I am addicted to Milo, and sugary breakfast cereals!

6.I took my little sister (Alex- who is 12 years younger than me) to Disneyland for her 9th Birthday- on my own!

7.Despite my uncontrollable out breaks of laughter- I am yet to wet myself!

8.As a teenager- I once rode my bike to the local shops, and walked home. When I got up in the morning- I thought my bike was stolen- reported it to the local police- who found it left at the shops!

I don't know if the people I tag will answer- but they do have fantastic cupcakes,

So the challenge is sent to the girls at Cupcakes take the cake!

Early Starts.....

Well this week is off to an early start- with two weddings today (Friday)!
My body clock is also helping me out with the early theme- waking me up at 5.43am everyday- Thank you sunlight! And to top it all off we have had unseasonably hot weather- reassuring me that summer, and delicate chocolate designs are only round the corner!

The first deign of today is a three tier chocolate cake, that I could smell all through the car on the way to the venue, then seeing as though the scent get caught in the air conditioning- I got to spend the next hour in the car craving some chocolate!
With angled top chocolate chards ad scrolls filling the tops of the tiers- this cake is any chocolate fans best friend! Not to mention inside is both white and dark chocolate mud cakes, iced in a thick coating of whipped white chocolate ganache. Need I say more...

Then the next "tower" style design, iced in a pale pink fondant, is decorated with a Cherry blossom theme. I don't know if this photo actually does Justice for the magnitude of this cakes top tower. With the top piece alone just over 20cm high, and almost the same size wide- it was one big cake.

This weekend is spread out with Weddings on both Saturday and Sunday- when I will be back to report on my biggest heaviest cake yet! It is a monster- but it will be so beautiful! I can't wait to finish it!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Far and Away

Well this weeks cake is dedicated to my sister- Kate- who is currently traveling throughout Europe- on a very long Holiday.
My family is very involved in my business, very supportive, always offering guidance and any kind of assistance they can. My sister Kate- loves the design part- she is always thinking up cake designs that would look "Cool"- and only the other week- in a long distance phone conversation, did she once again have advice for me with a cake design. Nearly always do her wedding cake designs involve tulips- as these are her favourite flower- so it was no surprise that the latest conjured up idea would also include the Tulip.
So Kate- Here it is- this design was made for Tracey and Joel , who tonight are celebrating there wedding up at Mt Cootha. A three tier Chocolate creation- featuring both Caramel and Traditional mud cake inside- with white chocolate chards around the sides, chocolate scrolls in the channels and top, and sugar tulips in pinks to decorate.
Not exactly what Kate had described on the phone, but it was what the Tracey and Joel had ordered ;)

Today was a big delivery run, Starting with Mt Cootha- then around the city, across to Wynnum and Wellington Point- then back to Zillmere to finish thinks off!

So from the first delivery of the day- the tulip cake, to the last- a simple yet beautiful three tier cake iced in a pale pink butter cream, with fresh roses trailing down. I seemed to have had a pink week!

One more wedding tomorrow- then its start again for next week!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

All Things Bold!

This week I was once again flat out- not only because it was the first weekend of spring- and all the girls wanting to be "Spring Brides", but because it was also River Fire- a night where Brisbane turns on a Fantastic fireworks display- that if you have a carefully choose your reception venue- you will receive the 1/2 hour+ of fabulous fireworks for you and your guests to enjoy Free of Charge!

So with Everyone wanting the best vantage of the fireworks for their reception, I had many cakes for the city, along the river and also up at Mt Cootha.

But by far the boldest reception set up I have seen so far- was at Snug Harbour- Dockside, where The couple had chosen a Bollywood Theme for their Special day.
The Team at vogue Events did a fantastic Job, the colour and theming really set the mood.
The Bride had an intolerance to Dairy- so her entire cake was dairy free, and made with Free range eggs. With over 2 1/2 kg of pure Dark couverture going into the three tier design, this cake was a chocoholics dream!
Gone are the days where your dietary requirements mean that you can only eat bland rubbery desserts! This cake was divine- I even offered samples to some of my consultation clients this week- and had I not informed them that there was no dairy in the cake, they wouldn't have known.
With the entire cake smothered in a rich chocolate icing, and then the sides with angled topped chocolate chards- this cake was completed wit a bright array of fresh blooms! It looked so great! I hope they enjoyed it- as much as I did creating it!

Lights Camera.....Pro Photos!

The cake under lights!

I can certainly say that I have a talented group of Family and Friends, who are always very reliable and willing to lend their talent when needed.
For the past two Saturdays, My Brother in Law- Paul- has given up his mornings to come and shoot some cakes for me. I need the Pro Photos for consideration in an Australian wedding Magazine. So together will all his set up- lights, tri pod, back drops etc.. Paul came and photographed the cakes I had ready for the weddings that day.
Turing my Dining room into a studio set up, and producing some top quality shots certainly took its time. But Paul's patience endured the hours it took to set up and shoot the cakes, in order to get some great shots.
It was so exciting to see the final pictures- so clear and crisp, with no notion of the actual area the shots were captured in. I was truly amazed that such awesome pictures came from a set up on my Dining room table!

Paul at work!

While I am keeping most of the shots off the net for now- to allow the best possibility for inclusion in the magazine- there are a couple which I would love to share!

This Cupcake design is one of the most requested I have. Its simplicity s so pretty, and lovely, it makes you go ohhh... when you see it all set up and ready to go!
Under the Fluorescent Lights with the pink backdrop looked great- but with the green- it was so much fun! Not really suitable for the magazines style, but it is exactly the image I like for my designs.

The next Design is another that is often requested and altered to suit the clients need. Originally- the French Kicker (Named by my Husband)- was a two tier double barrel design, in a monochromatic colour scheme. This week it was chosen as a regular two tier cake, with Blood Red rose petas and matching satin ribbon. While the contrast between the white and deep red were vast- this cake remained really elegant.

So it is with much pride that I share with you the amazing Job that Paul has done for me. I can't wait to share the other pictures with you all! Hopefully some of them will be included in the magazine- To inspire future brides, and For everyone to see!