Saturday, 25 April 2009

2008 Top 10 cakes

After going through more than 250 cakes from last year- I could finally put together the top 10!
Thanks to everyone who emailed me and voted on the cakes- and a special Thank you to the clients who had me make them!

A Family Affair...

As you may have heard time and time before- I would not have the success I do without the help love and support of my family.
Each week they are keen to lend a hand in any way they can- from collecting supplies for me through to helping me deliver cakes- I certainly couldn't do it all without them.
Last weekend was no different. I had a wedding to attend- 3hours NW of Brisbane- so armed with a long list of detailed instructions, my car with a full tank of fuel and a load of cakes- I left my Mum and sister Kate to deliver the weekends cakes.

Not only were they delivering cakes- they also had some cakes to be collected.
Without a hitch- each cake was sent to their respective owners/venues!
I don't have all of the pictures- as the ones that were collected were cupcakes- and some of the delivery cakes are still on my phone- as my sister and mum sent through phone camera pictures for me to see the jobs well done.

This first cupcake tower was for a girl who I use to work with many moons ago- when I was still at high school- at Hungry Jacks ( Sorry Kirsty for mentioning HJ's). When Kirtsy walked through my gate we were both stunned to see each other- such a small world.

Kirsty and Lachlan had their reception at Aqua Linea, and had this cupcake tower filled with 130 cupcakes, and finished later with fresh flowers through the tiers.

The Next two cakes were both at the same venue- The Royal on the Park.
I had contacted Helen Russo( Wedding Coordinator) to let her know that my family would be my delivery personnel for the weekend- and that they were armed with instructions for each cake.
The First cake is a bit of fun- The Groom really wanted to be in his Football uniform- so his cake topper was dressed accordingly. The Bride in her wedding attire standing more than a foot shorter than the groom- to complete the personalised details.

Black and White is certainly emerging as the most popular wedding theme these days. It is strikingly elegant. The fine piped dots in Black white and silver rained down from the top of each tier, giving the cake a fashionable elegant finish to the comical beginning.

The Next cake was a Classic design, Three tiers with a quilted centre- tri dot detail on the base a top tiers.

The cake was completed at the venue with Silver monogram letters- across the top of the tier.

The weekend of delivering was not over on Saturday.
Sunday had Kate Delivering to Brett's Wharf. Blissfully unaware that she was speaking to renowned chef Alastair McLeod- Kate rattled off the details of the delivery to me confirming all went to plan.

Having such a great support network allowed me to have a fabulous weekend at a friends wedding- without worry or stress wondering if everything would be delivered safe and on time.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Rose's 100th Birthday

It was about family this past Easter weekend.
With my huge family over for Breakfast on Sunday- then Dinner with more of them that evening, it seemed only natural that Monday would entail further family affairs.

100 Years ago- on the 13th April 1909- Rose (my Husbands Paternal Grandmother) was born.

We celebrated her birthday at her nursing home- where she resides. More than 50 people attended to wish Rose a very happy 100th birthday.
Surrounded by family and friends- we were able to look back through photo's and hear stories of her life raising her four boys after her Husband past away in the Second World War. I got to see images of her award winning Gardens- which she dominated form the 1960's through to the 1980's and even cute pictures of my Husband- and my brother and sister in Law when they were little kid's at their Nana's.
Rose wasn't for all of the fuss, but she enjoyed seeing everyone and their well wishes.
Letters from the Queen, Governor General, PM, Premier and state and local Members of Parliament were on display- honouring the fabulous achievements of her life and her 100th Birthday.

It was my pleasure to create a cake for Rose's 100th Birthday.
With all the wet weather I had to make some last minute changes to the design. Keeping to the brief of simple and elegant- I made this two tier white iced cake- with piped icing pearls that scalloped along the top edge. Ivory sugar roses dusted a touch of pink in the centre to finish.

It is not everyday you get to meet- let alone be related to someone -who has lived for 100 years. In her life time Rose has seen more changes in industry, infrastructure and technology- than ANY other generation before her.

A very happy 100th Birthday to you!

Easter brides...

It is not surprising that on the nation's longest long weekend- that this is a popular time of year for weddings.

My first couple took full advantage of the impending 4 day weekend- by holding their wedding on the Thursday before Good Friday.

Themed to match in with the blue colour used throughout the wedding- this cupcake tower was a mixture of flavours and colours.
The Bride and Groom have a wholesale "live" fish business- and had white fighting fish as their table decorations.
There was no rest for the wicked on Good Friday- with another cupcake tower due on Saturday- and plenty of cakes for the weekend- meant I worked through the day to get everything done.
Saturday came around fast! I had a fair distance to travel for deliveries- but I started at Hillstone- where I had 2 very similar cakes.

One Couple arranged everything over email- the other I did get to meet.
The first cake is an adaptation of the "stitched up" design on my website.

Made using an Ivory icing with filigree intertwining piping, and mini blush sugar roses- it had a "vintage" fell about it- and looked great in the room that was dressed with cream and ivory cloths.
The next cake was a four tier- white cake- with a band of piped intertwining hearts around each tier- and Ivory and pale pink sugar roses clustered across the design.

The thin pale pink ribbon added a touch of grace to this large design.

After Hillstone it was off to Rydges to set up this next wedding cake.
the flowers for this cake- and in fact the entire room- were set up by the lovely Sandy from
Always Fabulous Flowers.

The centrepieces- made using these glorious laser cut acrylic stands- were AMAZING!!
The cake itself was panels of dark chocolate with matching flowers on top.

After Rydges I headed over to Riverlife- where the Bride and Groom had had "Infuture" entertainment set them up a marquee right in the edge of the river.

A cocktail reception planned for later in the evening- was dressed like a high end soiree- the Cupcake tower was a mix of chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes, alternating on each level.

The last cake for Saturday was a cake for a Friend of a family friend.
Selina and Brad celebrated their wedding up at Morgans Sunset Blue at Scarborough.

Three tiers of cake - with white sugar lilies and a cute cartoon couple on top.
Selina is an identical triplet- and I look forward to creating her sister Emma's wedding cake later in the year.

I had one Easter Sunday wedding too.

A twist on an ultra traditional design- incorporating sugar roses and hearts..
I was lucky to be able to deliver the cake on Easter Saturday- so I got to spend the day with my family- all 23 of them at my house for Easter brekkie. Looking back maybe I would have been smarter to deliver the cake??LOL!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

All About Style....

I LOVE big cakes! They have that real "wedding" feel to them.

This week I was blessed with 3 big cakes.

My week began on Friday when I delivered and set up Dane and Katrina's 4 tier fresh flower stack design.

From what looked rather ordinary individually in their boxes- emerged a stunning tower of cake and flowers. Although the set up began at around 2pm on Friday afternoon- we (my mum and I) had a few late lunch onlookers (in restaurant Lurleens)- who took their turn to come up and comment on the beauty of the cake- and how they loved watching it come together before their eyes.

The fresh flowers between the levels came from Jenny from Floriginality- stunning "Bianca?" roses filled between the layers- more than 130 roses went into this cake- but what a gorgeous finish indeed.

It was a pleasant way to finish the day- as it had not been smooth sailing getting there. I had allot on last week- and was still putting the finishing touches to the cake and packing all the tools to put the cake together when my mum arrived. A hasty exit from my driveway saw me reverse straight into my mums car!!!!! :0 All was OK- I just couldn't believe I did it! Then once I arrived at the venue I realised I had left my camera at home and only had my mobile to capture this image.

If I had to pick a favourite from last week it would have to be this next cake.

With 6 cakes in total ( 3 double height tiers) each cake a different flavour- this cake would have to be the cake of the week for me. I am sure the poor venue coordinator a the Hilton wondered if I was ever going to leave- as I seriously too about 20 pictures of the cake after I placed it on the table.

This cake is a "make or break" kind of design- there is no room for error- or imperfections. Icing a double height tier is allot harder than a regular height tier- and the way in which I cover my cakes is a once only process (no double sugar paste layer) so a perfect clean finish to compliment the stylishness of this design was very important.

This cake design reminds me allot of an "April Reed" cake. Clean lines with a simple sugar flower detail resting in the top edge of the second tier. A single sugar lily and sugar Singapore orchids- left all white- finished this black and white design.

After leaving the Hilton it was across the road to the Irish club. I have made this design many times now- but each time a little bit different. This time the flowers had a lilac centre- soft and pretty- without looking unnatural.

This was the first time I had delivered to the Irish club- after talking to the coordinator they only host around 7 or so weddings per year- but they boast one of the biggest dance floors in Brisbane!

Cupcakes were again on order this Saturday gone.

The first one was a lilac and cream design. Single sugar rose on top of each cake with a cartoon couple on the top tier.

The cartoon couple were especially cute- with the glasses on the groom.

Personalised toppers are all made to order- so you can have them dressed in any manner you like. Personal features such as height differences, beauty spots and even glasses can be incorporated to give your toppers a personal touch.

The next cupcake tower had me questioning myself and calling the bride to double check. I had on the order hot pink icing- and I wanted to make 100% sure. When I arrived at the venue my mind was at ease- with the Black and hot pink settings the cake fitted right in.

The bride wore a hot pink gown- so her "Topper" was also in a hot pink gown- which looked so cute! The one think I noticed on the table was the funkiest cake server- that was brushed silver- shaped like a high heel shoe- very cool indeed!

Each cupcake was iced in the hot pink butter cream- with either a black star or Black and pink polka dot sugar bow in top.

If I had to pick a second favourite for last weekend- this woudl be it!

Iced in a dusty pink sugar paste- with a white cut blossom overlay- trailing across one half of each tier- I love the look of this cake.

Taken from a US Magazine- this cake was originally 3 tiers- but the two tier design had a very similar effect.

I was reminded again exactly how long it takes to put the blossoms onto the cake- after shaping each one then the "random" placement- which always does my head in- the end result was surely pretty.

The next cake was for Greenbank RSL- I hadn't been there before- and despite the tonne f Adverts on the radio- I was surprised to see it even had council signs directing you to it.

This room was almost an identical set up to the other Hot pink cake. With black table cloths and chair covers tied with hot pink sashes.

With the cakes beginning on Friday- the last was for Monday- Down at Burleigh heads/Currumbin.

Fortunately the cake was collected by the brides parents on their way down from Maryborough. It seemed guests came together from all over to celebrate at Currumbin.

Well with Easter this weekend- and a Wedding on Thursday- I better get back to it!

Have a fabulous Easter- I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots and lots of chocolate eggs!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Where has 2009 gone??

Seriously? I know I have been in my "wedding season" bubble- but it is April! Already!
WOW! My weeks seem to meld into one another lately- with Sunday wedding deliveries- I have half a day of no cakes- then it it back into it on Monday.

Time has flown by, and Easter is almost here.

Last week (ending 29/03/09) was another of simply stunning cake choices by my clients.

This first cake was for a wedding down at Burleigh heads. It was for my best friends sisters best friends wedding. Brisbane is seriously so interconnected- you are sure to know someone through someone when making a cake!

Dominique chose this design from a magazine and it was just gorgeous- I wish I knew who made it in the first place. Dominique has her own Boutique invitation business - Invitique- so for all of you out there looking for stunning invitations and papers check Invitique out.

Please excuse my poor photos lately... with the rainy weather the lighting is not very good for my point and shoot digital camera- along with me hating a flash photo...

Anyway- this cake was three tiers of chocolate lovers delight! Angle top chocolate chards with dark chocolate scrolls, chocolate ribbons and a touch of bling to finish things off. Almost too good to want to cut.

I had a late edition to the line up of cakes for last weekend. A Tiffany box engagement cake.

This newly engaged Bride to be wasn't jumping on the "Tiffany fashion" bandwagon- she was indeed a lucky recipient of a stunning Tiffany engagement ring! Just gorgeous indeed.
Filled with White chocolate and Raspberry Mud- the "bow" was pearlised to give a satin sheen.

I had another "connected" cake last weekend too. This Four tier beauty was for Kristi and Steven. Kristi was a Bridesmaid at a good friend of ours wedding back in 2007- now it was her turn to be the bride.

Criss cross Royal icing and silver cachous were randomly piped over the tiers. Piped icing pearls around the base of each tier too.

A cartoon couple also stood on top of this cake- but seeing as though they couldn't be attached until the cake was on the table at the venue- I had to be content with an image of the cake without the toppers for now.

I am really lucky to get to work with some great fellow wedding vendors on a regular basis. For no less than 3 weeks in a row I have had the pleasure of finishing cakes with the fabulous Karen from Bliss Floral design.
Another butter iced stunner- complete with bridal bouquet blooms to decorate.

No matter where I stood I could not get a great picture of this next cake. The curtains were drawn in the reception room- which meant that I was almost blinded by the light from behind the cake- resulting in blown out shots- here's hoping the couples Photographer captured a stunning pic ;)
Each tier was separated by a vase- filled with fresh tulips. A theme of chocolate and Pearls ( the brides favourite) were carried through to the cake design. This cake actually had me in a bit of a spin- I had found some vases for the "pillars" but when I was practise putting the cake together on the Friday- they were just that bit too tall- so after a quick call to another supplier- I had two shorter vases- perfect! I also added ribbon and pearls to the base of the vases to tie the cake together.

This next cake although simple in looks has elegance and style.
Long white chocolate chards smooth and level- with a white satin ribbon and a Diamonte heart buckle through the middle of each tier.

I had some other fab cakes for last weekend- one really cool mad hatter- which was having Bird of Paradise and bamboo to decorate- but I didn't get to see it finished so I (unfortunately) don't have a piccie yet.

Marbled chards seem to have made an impression- this cake design was changed from white chocolate to the marbled chards after seeing the marbled design from early March. Perhaps it is a new fashion for chocoholics!

I am hoping to publish this weeks cakes sometime this week- fingers crossed before Easter.