Friday, 13 July 2007

Testing Strength!

This week is my last week of cake making for two whole weeks!! My husband and I are off on a holiday for the first time in 2 1/2 years!!
This week I have been challenged and my strength- emotional and Physical- has been tested! I have had two cakes this week- whose end result- justifies all the challenges.
The first pictured cake is of one of over 100 individual box cakes that I made today! There were two designs for the tower- white or teal blue- both with sugar bows and ribbons. With this large amount to do- I called in my back up support- my Mum and Sister- who helped out where they could. My sister (Alex) mixed the wonderful teal colour for the icing ( it took 5kg of icing for these little cakes!!) and my mum was on the fine task of making the bows!- I iced and painted the cakes- with an edible silver lustre- and the end result is too cute! My mum will also have the task of setting the cakes up for display too! I can't wait to see a finished picture!

This next designs beauty- more than makes up for the 5 1/2 hours of patiently applying each individual silver cachous in place. I thought I was going blind!! only joking!! I used around 400g of cachous on this cake- of which I am sure I vacuumed up at least 50g!!! In the end this large scale three tier design weighs in at over 20kg! A whopper! I had to use all my muscles to lift this one!

So this week I am signing off for now! Back in August with some fabulous designs ahead!
'Til then- Happy Baking!!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Published Cake Designs

This Week- the 23rd Edition of "Wedding Cakes- A design source" arrived in Brisbane Newsagents!!! I have been waiting for this Magazine to arrive in Australia- as I knew I would have a cake picture published in it- to my surprise- after purchasing the magazine on Friday- I had seven wonderful pictures in this fantastic magazine!!
I had received various emails from UK based decorators commenting on my cakes over the past months- the magazine came out in April in the UK- so I was almost bursting with excitement to see it! I certainly wasn't disappointed- and I look forward to the next issue- which also has some of my designs in it- and a couple of my past clients pictured with their cakes!
Knowing that some of my past designs may inspire other Brides, Grooms and cake decorators alike- is great!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Lucky Sevens!

This week has been my biggest yet!
With a record breaking number of couples tying the knot in Queensland today (07/07/07)- some of this frenzy of course had to trail down through to all the wedding suppliers out there.
Brisbane turned on a perfect winters day today- warm enough to go without a jumper- barely any wind and a vast blue sky!
I have had every type of cake flavour, style and design to create this week. From the prettiest cupcakes, through to bright novelty designs- Chocolate creations, classic styles, and a true "designer cake" thrown in for good mix!
Starting Yesterday- I had a soft classic three tier design that just made you go Ahhh- when you saw it. The soft icing folds, that floated down and across the design, along with the pink centered ivory sugar roses- completed this classic design.

Then today my day began at 8am. With our newly monogrammed "Cake That!" shirts on- My husband and I set out delivering the 7 (yes 7- freaky I know!) wedding cakes I had on order for today!
We had to make multiple trips to deliver the masterpieces! Driving around all day today- I began to ponder- once again- all those mouths that will be sampling a little bit of cake tonight! It is really exciting!
To throw a bit of spice into my already hectic week- today is also my grandmothers birthday! I love making cakes for my family- especially because I can make whatever I like- and normally whatever I feel like eating too!! So a layered sponge filled with a vanilla bean, honey and ricotta cream, and cinnamon poached pears slices! Yum! I can wait to cut it tonight!

Having to pick a favourite from all the cakes I have created this week is very hard! But purely for the uniqueness of the design I have chosen the cake below! This cake was designed incorporating elements of a design the bride found on the web- the delicate sugar Arcs and monochromatic colour scheme really draw me to this design. I am sure the guests of this wedding will remember this cake for years to come.
I can't wait to deliver this cake tomorrow and see the reaction of the reception venue!
Until next time.....SJ

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Dietary Requirements

With the increasing instances of food allergies and intolerances- I am often asked to create cakes that suit these needs.
Being a Chef- I am happy to create cakes to suit the dietary requirements of my clients- and their guests. Whilst Coeliac- or Gluten intolerant- is the most common- I can help with Dairy free, Egg free, Nut free,Vegan- you name it!

This weekend I had a lovely bride- whose niece traveled all the way from Canada to be a flower girl in her wedding. The little girl had a severe allergy to Eggs- and in keeping with the cake design- I created a batch of egg free chocolate cupcakes- so she too could enjoy the wedding cakes on the day!
These cakes were light and fluffy- with a rich chocolate flavour! If you didn't know any better- you would never know that they were missing eggs.
Gone are the days of awful cakes to fit dietary requirements! I really enjoy creating decadent flavours- with real ingredients- not chemical substitutes- so my clients can eat their cake without worrying about their health issues!

So if you are looking for a fabulous tasting and looking cake- to meet your diet needs- Just ask- you will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful- and sinful- flavours I have to offer!

Sweet Week!

Once again my beautiful clients have given me a wide variety of designs to create this week! Starting on Friday, I had a wonderful four tier cake- that weighed the earth- to Deliver out to Glengariff at Dayboro. If you have never been out there it is just glorious!
I made the trip out on my own- and using all my muscles- transported the cake from the car- out of its box and onto the table- without a hitch!

Then Yesterday I tripped around Brissy delivering more cakes- then headed up to Clear Mountain to set up another Favourite- this chocolate cake smelt better than it looked! I even saw the Bride to Be getting ready for her big day!

Then today- leaves the last cake of the weekend- a beautiful christening cake- for an even cuter little boy! When I was first contacted to make his christening cake- he was only 3 months old- now 6 months old he has one of the biggest baby smiles I have seen!
His two tier cake featured a muted teal tier with a white design- and a white tier with sleeping baby cuddling his teddy!!

So thats it for this week... Until next week 07/07/07 When EVERYONE seems to be wanting to be married!!