Sunday, 23 December 2007

The nights before Xmas....

I was under the assumption that December was a particularly quiet period for Weddings- but I couldn't have been more wrong!
This month has been just as busy- as the "traditional" wedding season months! This week was no different, with a Wedding on Friday, Saturday, today- Sunday, and One cake to be collected Tomorrow! Not to mention a 30th Birthday cake yesterday- for good measure!

It all started early on Friday morning- when I headed over to Wellington point to a (beautiful) private home. This home was set out like the finest reception you have ever seen. With the reception held on a fully decked out verandah, the Ceremony was set in a rotunda, overlooking the bay, complete with red carpet, and white wedding chairs. I met the groom for the first time when I delivered the cake- He was so friendly he even offered my mum and I a glass of champagne- unfortunately I had a busy day ahead- and had to decline, but the thought was wonderful!

Yesterday's wedding had me headed up to Clear Mountain hotel- about 45 minutes out of the CBD, but a little longer, when you are driving the very winding road- with a cake on board! I was lucky enough to have the road to myself- not holding up any other drivers.
The cake for Clear Mountain was for a couple, the Bride- is a chef- so the pressure was really on. They had a cake, which had a printed inlaid panel, overlaid printed hearts on the base, and a cartoon couple to finish things off.

Todays cake was a true classic! Three tiers, all in Ivory, with each tier sightly offset from the base. A striped overlay on the base, filigree hearts for the middle tier, and a Quilted pattern for the top. Sugar roses and leaves where placed in clusters over the cake. I had prepared myself for todays delivery to be difficult-the reception was at Tattersall's club, and it is two days out from Christmas! But luck was certainly on my side- as as I drove down Edward St- a car pulled out , and I parked right in!

Last but not least is the Gorgeous 30th Birthday butter cream design! Being a December baby, I can understand the importance of making sure that your birthday celebration doesn't get weighed down by Christmas! This cake had a butter cream icing, that ranged from a fuchsia pink through to a baby pink colour! Topped off with a mini me cartoon topper, a chocolate 30 and wired silver stars for effect!
With Christmas around the corner, and one cake to go before then! I had better get back into it!!

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