Thursday, 29 January 2009

Steve's Birthday!

Last week was Steve's Birthday!
I didn't get the chance to bake a cake for him- as we were away up at Coolum.
I found a fabulous patisserie- Jonathon M Patisserie- on my 7am morning walk on his birthday morning- looking for anything that vaguely resembled a cake- not only did I find an awesome shop- they had this cute little 5" cake all ready to buy!
So off I trotted to the hotel to surprise Steve- he was pleasantly surprised!

He still looks asleep!

Buying the cake in a whim meant I didn't even bother to ask what was inside- so when we got home later that morning to discover that the cake was actually mousse- whoops!!!! A but of refrigeration to reset it- and Steve still loved it!

Later that night we went to dinner at our Local Thai place- Thai Chada- which has the most awesoem tHai- but anyway- my sister Alex Suprised steve with astrawberry sponge she had whipped up! Double birthday cake- lucky Steve! !

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Novel Ideas.....

This year has started off with some really fun cakes!

I had the pleasure of making cakes for not one but Two return clients this weekend.

The first was for a 30th Birthday- I made Deb's husband Chris' 30th cake back in 2007- and now it was her turn.
A bottle of Cristal- made of cake- in an ice bucket complete with sugar ice and Champagne glasses.

This cake was inspired by the fabulous Kelly from Crafty Confections in Ireland. I met Kelly when I was in the UK last July- and have been in contact with her since!

The Next cake was a Baby shower cake!
I had made a wedding cake for Kristy back in 2007 and now she was about to have a baby.
Kristy ordered a "nappy stack" which was cakes carved and iced to look like nappies- all tied together with a sugar bow and some little sugar bootees at the base. I think it turned out great.

Instead of just flat icing the board- I put folds of icing that were embossed with baby decals to make it look like a blanket- so cute!
The best part about January is that I have time to make Novelty designs- in amongst the wedding cakes.

Sorry about the dark photo's- with all of the rain we have been having it has been quite dark- without much natural light.
Here's hoping everyone had a fabulous long weekend!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Welcome Baby

This week wasn't all work and no play. My wonderful friend (Paula) Gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Thursday.
Born at 1556 on the 22/01/09 weighing in at 7lbs 11oz, baby Lynk is brother to Aroha and Riley.
In celebration of his birth (and knowing that hospital food isn't always that appetizing) I made Paula (and her husband Fred) some Baby themed cupcakes to celebrate!

A dozen mixed cupcakes with cute toppings- including my favourite- a little nappy- went down a treat.

I am happy to say that All are now at home enjoying the spoils of a gorgeous little baby boy can bring.

I wish the whole family all my love and best wishes- and look forward to plenty more cuddles in the coming days!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Valentines Day Cupcakes

Forget flowers this Valentines day- the real way to your loves heart is through their stomach ;)
This year why not give your Valentine some Decadent cupcakes??

This year I will be selling Valentines day cupcakes- available by the box.

Beautifully decorated and boxed cupcakes- in a variety of Valentines Day flavours- including- Love potion -White chocolate and Rosewater, To die for chocolate ( filled with a smooth ganache),Vanilla Kisses and Nuts about you (a rich flourless chocolate cupcake).

Two sizes are available.
Box of 9 cupcakes $65
Box of 16 cupcakes $100

Prices include a box of mix flavoured cupcakes and a personalised message tag.
Sample box design will be available soon.

Cakes can be collected or delivered for a nominal fee.

Please contact me on 0404 388 219 or via email to place your order.

Bookings Limited.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Year New Cakes...................

I thought I would slowly meander into 2009- but instead I have jumped in feet first!

The Weather (so far) has been kind- and whilst unaffected in my temperature controlled cake room-I have been making sure that deliveries are just as hassle free too!
You will get Cake decorators who wouldn't make a butter iced cake in the middle of a Queensland summer for all the money in the world- but I believe if you do it right- there shouldn't be an issue!
I had this gorgeous two tier cake - that is Iced in white chocolate butter cream- last Saturday. Delivered smack bang at Midday- not a drop of melted icing in sight!

Taking care of the cake is my utmost priority- and making sure that it is cared for once I deliver it too!
This cake was simply decorated with some fabulous silk orchids.

The Next cake was for an 80th Birthday during the week.

To me this design oozes "Nana". A Sugar rose spray and inscription- decorated this layered vanilla cake! I added some glitz with a circular diamante buckle in the middle of the bow. A bit of sparkle makes the cake that bit more girly to me!
Here's hoping Sheila had a fabulous birthday!

On Saturday I was back again at the Stamford- setting up another fresh flower stacked cake. I had my Mum and Sister Support team with me- to cut and pass the flowers while I filled the layers.
Making the layers the correct height to fit the flowers is important.
Each flower is places into its block one at a time- slowly building until the layers are filled.

In the end this cake always looks so elegant.

The cake itself was banded with cream and chocolate ribbons- and strung pearls to complete the theme.

I had my first Sunday cake for the year too!
This cake with strung pearls winding around each tiers was a learning curve for sure!
I had in my mind how long I thought it would take to string all of the pearls ( randomly- even harder again) but in reality after over 5 hours stringing pearls- I was well and truly ready for a break. Proving what looks simple doesn't always end up that way!

The end result was worth it though.
Such a pretty design.

I had another cake sent to Toowoomba for Melanie and Tarrants wedding! Melanie booked me very early last year- as she had been kindly recommended to me by her Photographer Toni Snell.

A three tier chocolate creation that was completed with fresh flowers.
The cake was transported by Tarrant's parents up to Toowoomba for their reception- so unfortunately I didn't get to see the cake complete.

There seems to be a bit of a rush on for consultations at the moment. In a "normal" week I would see around 6-8 clients- but every week this month I have so far seen no less than 15! Talking cake face to face for no less than 15 hours in a week is amazing!
I have booked some fabulous designs for the year ahead- and look forward to sharing them with you in 2009!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Shamless self promotion

Ok- so the tittle says it all.
Seeing as though a I have allot of regular readers I thought it to be a bit of fun to nominate for the blogger choice awards.
If you love reading this blog- then click on the link in the top Right corner!

I have already voted for my favourite- Not Myself- but Cake Wrecks!

Thanks for reading- and hopefully voting!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Welcome 2009!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Xmas and a Spectacular New Years!
I am now back into the swing of cakes for 2009.

My first cake for the year was for a repeat client. To be honest- I was going to have another week off- but seeing as this cake came through- I decided to come back a week early. This family is super organised. Booking the birthday cake in more than 6 months ago.
The cake was themed around the birthday boys love of Shrek.

A sculptured Shrek face on a "Wood" look board was on order.
To make the wood board I iced the board and then marked the wood grain in and left it to dry for a few days. Once dry I ( well actually my mum- Thanks Mum!) painted the board with food dye to make the wood effect!

It looked awesome ( if I do say so myself!) - but onto the cake. Carved from an 11" round cake- I sculptured the face and then coated it in ganache before icing.

I had both a printed picture and a "shrek" doll to look at whilst working. The Shrek doll spoke- and scared the bejeezers out of both me and my mum when he suddenly let out a phrase without being touched!

Matching up the colouring to a "Shrek" green came down to compromise- as the doll and the image ( and the DVD) were all different shades of green. As the doll was more on the yellow side- I went with a colour closest to the image.

The cake was then Iced in the green and molded to the face. "Shrek" lettering for the birthday message- and it was complete.
I delivered the cake yesterday morning- and got to see Jai's excited expression when he saw Shrek! I hope he had a great 2nd Birthday!

It seems that the "Mummy" cake is still a favourite design for my wedding couples. I started the New year with a version of this design.

Lemon/yellow sugar rose petals across the design- instead of fresh rose petals made a pretty change.

I also had a stunning Ivory and Black design this weekend. Decorated with rows of hat elastic and a quilted mid tier- with piped black pearls at each cross point.

The bride is taller than the groom- so instead of having the toppers standing on the top- they sat on the edge of the top tier.
Very Cute indeed.

I have been inundated with requests for consultations and have only limited spaces available both this coming week and next.
I still have openings in January for the week ending the 25th and the 31st- so if you are after a cake for then please inquire.
Remember that I do take bookings up to 11months in advance so if your wedding in in that time frame don't be afraid to come and see me- it is never to early!