Sunday, 4 November 2007

Matching your Theme.

This week I was delighted to create a cake for a couple- with whom I use to work with the groom more than 15 years ago!
It wasn't until they both turned up for their consultation that I realised- hey!- I use to work with you- way back in the days- when I was still at school- and working for a burger chain.
They chose a beautiful four tiered cake, with draped icing and pretty blue butterflies- to match their theme. The Butterflies were hand dyed by myself to match their ribbon, and their colour theme. The soft nylon winged butterflies were pretty on this grand wedding cake. Along with a Crystal theme, the butterflies and cake featured a Swarovski crystal detail.
With the reception taking place in the beautiful Tattersall's Club- this grand four tier design took pride of place!

The next design had me thinking out of the box. A request by one of my friends for a cake had become a running joke- so as it was his birthday this weekend- I decided to treat him to a cake- as requested. What he asked for and what he received- may not have been his initial idea, but it gave him a great laugh indeed! As the theme of the design is not for everyone- I will let your imagination decide what it was that he had requested!

With Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday- I am sure that the weekend will creep up on me in no time- and I will be back again with stories of the week that was!

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