Sunday, 25 November 2007

Baby Cakes.......

Not often do I have the opportunity to create cakes for Christenings- or Baby showers- due to the fact that I am usually well and truly fully booked out by the time people are looking at choosing a cake for the occasion.
This week- however- I was lucky enough to have not one- but two christening cakes to make. One for a repeat client- and the other for one of my neighbours. Both for Baby boys too!

The designs themselves proved to be very similar- even though one was a single tier cake- and the other a tower of mini cupcakes.

The first cake incorporated the baby's fathers Scottish heritage- with his family tartan being used on the cake and sugar bootees. The wedgewood blue and white colour scheme, coupled with the tartan looked very cute.

The next- a Tower of mini cakes- was a design left to my own devices. Whilst I value the trust that my neighbours gave to me to create their son's christening cake- an air or wonder- whether or not this is what they would be after- was quickly squashed when it all came together- looking way too cute!
Catering to Gluten free intolerances once again proved to be easy with this design. With the top tier- a mini replica of the large scale cake, and three cupcake designs- there was something to please everyone.
I always love to see kids when they see a pile of cupcakes, right at their height- just waiting to be touched- then out of know where a responsible adult reminds them to look but don't touch!!!
Baby Max-however- was too busy enjoying sleep to be amazed by the sugary treats that were created for him!
Even though it was a Sunday- I still had cakes to deliver- and was unable to see the cakes being devoured by the other guests! Hopefully they were enjoyed- even if it was just the icing that was eaten by the kids!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Double Take

The Original Design

With the 100's of cakes I have had the pleasure of making over the years- it is now uncanny when two clients in the same week choose the same- or very similar designs!

This week I had two clients (one Linda the other Linh) both choose the Ivory pearl Design- then put their own "spin" on it!

This three tier cake was originally created for a girl called Lea- so with all the "L" names- it certainly is becoming a little freaky!

This design has a double quilt onthe base tier- which has a flower and dot detail at each cross point.

The mid tier originally had a leaf and vine piped detail, with the top tier featuring a striped overlay, and sugar roses.

One of the Original designs with a monogram detail.

Replacing the Sugar flowers with silk orchids- Colourful and pretty.

Simple changes to a design can make a cake look completely different- and really make it your own! Taking inspiration from a couple of cakes, and creatively combining them, is how you end up with your dream cake!

Seeing Stars......

I started this week with much enthusiasm- and a little bit of hesitance!
Knowing what lay ahead, and eager to see the finished product, certainly played a little on my mind.
I was asked to replicate a cake from a magazine, which looked so great- that the thought of sticking 1000's of tiny cachous in place for hours on end- almost excited me? So on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm, I sat down, with two bowls of cachous, and a bag of royal icing in my hand!, by 7.30pm- my sight was beginning to get a little fuzzy- so I thought- enough for today. The very next morning I began again at 6.30am, seeing the cake almost half way finished, evolving from what began as a plain iced three tier design- into a sparkling, stunning centerpiece- only needing another 6 hours to complete! Once done, although with slightly blurry vision ;) from staring at the tiny silver balls- I was delighted with the end product! Complete with customised toppers, this cake looked Great!

My husband is one of my greatest critics- he loved this design, and has been eager to name another cake for the website- The "Matrix" is what he has dubbed this design- and that it shall stay!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Dreamy Diamonds......

This week was testing for Cake decorators around Brisbane for sure. With the temperature barely rising above 23 deg C- I was lulled into a false sense of security, the lovely temperatures weren't going to effect the icing, or decorating process his week- Until- it rained- and rained! Whilst we are in the worst drought ever- I can appreciate the necessity for rain- even though it does play havoc with the decorating process. So with my brand new Air conditioning system running on DRY to remove the humidity from the air- everything worked out a treat!

I had one of my New favourite designs to create this week- this gorgeous three tier quilted cake, with double strung diamonte crystals around the base. It looks every bit stylish, yet pretty at the same time.

With both the bride and groom deciding on the flavours- this cake had a white chocolate and coconut mud base- and the top two tiers were Red velvet cake.
Those of you who have never heard of Red Velvet cake- it is a popular flavour in the USA. A super moist, slightly denser than a Victoria sponge, and Bright red in appearance- this cake is one guests will sure remember.
Layered with a vanilla Butter cream, and finished in the rolled fondant- until this cake is cut- the guests will be none the wiser. The clients chose this flavour to fit in with their red and white theme. If only I could have seen the cake plated up!

So If you would like to try some thing new- This cake isn't for the diet conscious!

I am looking forward to another week of beautiful cake designs- and chilling out in the Air conditioning whilst I do the decorating ;)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Matching your Theme.

This week I was delighted to create a cake for a couple- with whom I use to work with the groom more than 15 years ago!
It wasn't until they both turned up for their consultation that I realised- hey!- I use to work with you- way back in the days- when I was still at school- and working for a burger chain.
They chose a beautiful four tiered cake, with draped icing and pretty blue butterflies- to match their theme. The Butterflies were hand dyed by myself to match their ribbon, and their colour theme. The soft nylon winged butterflies were pretty on this grand wedding cake. Along with a Crystal theme, the butterflies and cake featured a Swarovski crystal detail.
With the reception taking place in the beautiful Tattersall's Club- this grand four tier design took pride of place!

The next design had me thinking out of the box. A request by one of my friends for a cake had become a running joke- so as it was his birthday this weekend- I decided to treat him to a cake- as requested. What he asked for and what he received- may not have been his initial idea, but it gave him a great laugh indeed! As the theme of the design is not for everyone- I will let your imagination decide what it was that he had requested!

With Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday- I am sure that the weekend will creep up on me in no time- and I will be back again with stories of the week that was!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

You win some...

This week I had the pleasure of making a cake for a lovely lady who won one of my cakes at a wedding expo. Although the cake isn't for her wedding- I was pleased to make her one of my chocolate creations for her party this weekend.

She chose a design I originally made for my sister in laws 21st Birthday. A double barrel design with dark chocolate chards around the sides, and Gold leaf truffles in the top.

I hope she enjoys her prize!!!

Don't forget you can enter to win your wedding cake at Beyond the Bride!
Competition ends at the end of November.