Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Benefits of Friends...........

After getting the chance to create the fabulous "chocolate Mountain" for Carly and Dom the other week- I was desperate to recreate the cake in ether a Milk or Dark chocolate!
So- as it was my very good friend- Tanya K's- Birthday (yesterday) I decided that perhaps I could make the cake for her!!
Well with a gentle twist of Tanya's arm- it was set- I could make that cake for her- in a smaller version- of course!
It started off smaller- seriously it did- there isn't even half the amount of cake in this version as was in the original- but the height was almost the same!

This cake was more than satisfaction to my curiosity- I also was able to make a step by step demonstration and video- for the fellow members of the Sugar Craft Guild forum!

So on Sunday afternoon- at Tanya's Birthday BBQ- I got to present the Milk chocolate version of the mountain cake!
I have so many versions of this cake design in my head- that I need another dozen or so people to order it so that I can satisfy my creative mind!
I have been lucky enough to make Tanya's cake for the past 3 years- and each year she has let me make her a really unique cake! I have promised her though- that next year I will "tone" it down- so that her friends and family don't think I am some cake making freak! A suitable round birthday cake- with an inscription is on the cards for her next birthday for sure!
It was hard to find the place to put a candle on this cake- although Sparklers out the top could have made a Volcano effect???

If you look really closely there is a candle in amongst the chocolate scrolls on top!

So a very Happy Birthday to the Wonderful TK! And a huge Thank you to her parents Lance and Sharon- for a fabulous BBq too!
Til Next year! :))

National ABIA Awards

This week (24th Sept 08) the results came in for the National ABIA awards- of which Cake that! came a close second.
This is the inaugural National ABIA awards- where all of the votes from each state are calculated to find a national result!
Queensland Proudly produced the Top 2 in Wedding cake design.
Thanks to all my brides(and grooms!) who have voted over the years!
Without your nominations I would have never have been eligible to be nominated- let alone come second!

Right in the Peak of the season......

Well it has certainly been a big start to the wedding season this year!
Not only am I madly creating cakes- I have also been having to manage the extreme heat that we have been having too.
With temperatures sitting around the 30degC mark- the Air conditioning has been running full throttle for a couple of weeks now!
To make my job- just that little bit more interesting- I have been making allot of chocolate creations lately! ;))
This first one is one I have done many times- however I really liked this picture.

As you all know I am no photographer- but I feel like I got this one right! It makes me want to grab a piece of chocolate scroll- and gobble it right up!

The next cupcake design was for a beautiful couple, and was held at The Polo Club. This venue has so much warmth and atmosphere- I really love going there.

An elegant black red and white themed tower of cakes was displayed at the top of teh stairs- as you entered the room.

I had weddings on Friday- Saturday and Sunday this week! No rest for the wicked!
On Friday I had the pleasure in delivering this classically beautiful cake.

All Ivory tiers- with Salmon oink centered sugar roses- just beautiful!

Last but not least is this three tier fresh rose stack!
The roses were actually very close to the ribbon colour- but the picture just doesn't do it justice!

Set in a Chandelier filled Chinese restaurant- this cake looked really beautiful!

This week I am once again flat out with cakes- but I have also made time on Friday afternoon to go and do a cupcake decoration workshop for Camp Quality. Helping bond parents of Children with Cancer! ( I am sure that a few kids will join in too!)
I was so excited to be able to donate myself to help out with such a wonderful organisation!
Look out for the report on the workshop this weekend!

Monday, 22 September 2008

The week that was....Huge!

As you may have read in my last post- I had a pretty busy weekend- just gone! With all bar one of the cakes for Saturday weddings- OH and a surprise 70th Birthday too!

But to begin the post- Meet Toffee!

This is the resident Labrador at "The Old Church" at Mt Tambourine! And he is HUGE!!! And oh so cute! When my husband and I went to the venue to set up the gorgeous cupcakes- Toffee patiently waited to see if he too was going to be offered a cupcake! My husband assured me by the size of him that there was no doubt he had sampled one or two in the past- and certainly knew what they were! Sadly- for poor old toffee- no cupcakes for dogs were on offer :((

He did watch me set up this cupcake tower though! A gorgeous 5 tier stand filled with pale pink and white roses.
The next cupcake tower doesn't quite have the soft romantic effect of the previous one- but I am certain it would have been an ogled center piece.
When given the colours of Bright orange and Lime green- for a 70th Birthday- I was a little dubious as to what the theme was- especially for a lady. But when the clients came and collected the cakes- all was revealed! They were having a surprise 70th birthday - in a "Pop Art" theme! The daughter of the birthday girl had arranged and "Andy Warhol" style green and orange picture of her mum for her birthday- and had themed the party around this.

I am certain that the set up at the actual party would not have been as symmetrical as this- rather more random with the colour placement- to suit the theme.

I had the pleasure this week of also making the wedding cake for the sister of one of the florists at Northside Flower Market!
Oraniya(sp?) had wired some gorgeous champagne roses for her sisters vintage themed cake.
Trimmed on Black lace- this Ivory three tier cake had a real sophisticated elegance about it!

Held at the Greek club- and set on a mirrored table- this cake was simply stunning! Showing style does not have to be complicated.

I also had the pleasure of having not one- but three Clients in common with the beautiful Karen from Bliss floral! I will post the other cakes separately- with their stories to follow!
After a long day of delivering- I met up with Karen at Victoria Park- to put this next cake together! This cake had a double barrel base ( dark macadamia mud) with a single top tier ( white raspberry Mud).

This cake looked so fresh- the epitome of spring!
Iced in a whipped white chocolate ganache- this cake had vertical palette marks- and white organza ribbon. The room was stunning- all white with large Singapore orchid centerpieces!

Romance is always a common theme with weddings- and why wouldn't it be! A day celebrating a couple's love for each other- often symbolised with roses and hearts.

This red velvet rose cupcake tower looked and smelt divine! Each cupcake was baked into a red cupcake paper- with a simple butter cream swirl on top. The roses were heavily scented- and together with the chocolate and butter cream- made for a deliciously scented centerpiece!

The next love fuelled design is a three tier square version of the "french kicker". With filigree hearts covering all of the tiers. The ribbons that banded each tier were made by the dressmaker to match the bridesmaids gown.

As is this cake looks great to me- but the Bride and groom also added some wired hearts in the event colours ( deep purple/navy and silver).

The venue was the Chifley at Lennon's! One of my fabulous friends works there (as a Chef!) so it was really exciting to be able to supply a cake where she works!

Only one cake featured cake toppers this week- and what a set they were! The groom is a massive Manchester United fan- so his little cartoon figure was made wearing his soccer outfit- complete with his tattoos- and with his foot resting on a soccer ball! The bride was decked out in all of her bridal attire- where both of the toppers stood- on top of a three tier cake.

Black white and red was the theme- so with the white chocolate- a black ribbon and strawberries for decoration- all colours were coloured! The Strawberries this week were some of the sweetest I have ever eaten!

With summer coming so fast this past week and a bit- my Air conditioning has been running full time!
There was no time for rest on Sunday- as I had my last cake to deliver- in the 30degC heat- before I could relax!
This blue and cream cupcake tower looked great as it sat in the Summit restaurant overlooking the city!

A tower of white choc chip mud cupcakes with a single blue sugar heart on each cake!

I am still feeling the effects of all of the cakes I did last weekend! I am ready for a nap! This week brings me some more great cakes- beginning on Friday- so no rest just yet!!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Cake That! Shennanigans!!!!!!!

A cupcake for Steve to take to work on Friday!

Well this week has been not all about cakes for clients.
This week we also celebrated my Dad's birthday- and seeing as though my sister is home from the UK- and over here helping me with some bookwork- She also volunteered?? to make my dad a cake for his birthday!
To set the scene- it is late (I mean very close to 6pm) on Thursday afternoon- and while I had baked the cupcakes- Kate decided that perhaps she could have a go at decorating them - seeing as though I was knee deep in cakes for clients- and we we meant to be at the restaurant by 7.30pm!

So with instructions on how to make butter cream- Kate set off to make her creation for dad! I asked Kate " Do you have a design for the cupcakes in mind??" "Blue- and the rest I will just make up as I go along" replied Kate!!!!!!!!!! Personally I couldn't stress enough to Kate the importance if not "winging" something like a cake design- but hey- it was only for family- right???After riffling through all of my decorations- and unwilling to create some cool toppings- I left Kate to her devices to come up with the cake!

This is how great cupcakes by Kate begin!

Kate wasn't entirely satisfied with the job of Birthday cake maker- she also wanted to become the poster child for "Cake That!". After almost two years of traveling- Kate loves to pose- to get the absolute right shot to capture the essence of the moment! Righto!

Me showing Kate how it is done! LOL!!!!!!

So After Kate whipped up her Blue Butter cream- not as bright as what she would have liked- but at least we all didn't end up with a blue tongue for a week! Then it was onto the actual topping!! I did attempt to show Kate some piping techniques- but never fear- you will always end up with something beautiful- when it is made with love! Won't you??

Kate "capturing" me icing a cake- all Styled up- for the shot!

With 4 flavours of cakes made- Kate decided on four designs too- each flavour having one of the designs:

The first (dubbed something similar to a pride flag) is the cupcake iced in palette butter cream- then with rows of coloured sugar- neatly done- but the colour symmetry may need a little work!
Next was the 54- made from the large silver cachous! Even Kate remembered how cheap these things were in Belgium- 11 euros per Kilo- here they are $80 per kilo- so she used them sparingly!
The next design was more coloured sugar- I think someone was getting tired if designing!
And then last but not least was a technique not employed by Cake That!- but something that Kate worked out for herself- put a spoonful of plain butter cream into a plastic freezer bag- then pierce a tiny hole in the end- and viola! A "piping bag"! Not that I don't have like 100 disposable piping bags- and every size and shaped piping nozzle available- but nifty indeed!

Kate proudly posing with her creation!

Once we tidied the mess- we got ready to head off to dinner- Did I mention we were enjoying authentic Thai with these colourful cupcakes??
So off down the road to our local Thai restaurant- Siri Thai ( Possibly the greatest Thai in Brisbane) where all 12 of us enjoyed dinner- and then the cupcakes! I don't think the quiet unassuming Thai restauratuers were ready for our family whirlwind! As everyone arrived- Kate proudly displayed her cakes. She did do a great job- but it was so funny hearing the "OH??" from my Aunt when the box was revealed! LOL!!!
We ate dinner and then Sang "Happy Birthday"- followed by cake consumption! I think that the family was pleasantly surprised as only a few cakes lay left over!

Here is my dad enjoying Kates "D" cupcake!

Kate and Alex eating one each for the team!

The remenants of the cupcakes at the nights end!

We have all been fans of Cake wrecks lately- Kate Hoping that her cakes "don't" make it onto the site!

So Whilst I do have to work to finish the cakes each week- there is some time for a bit of play!

With the cake week almost over- I have only one wedding tomorrow- It is almost time for my real blog post about my cakes from this week!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Mountain of Chocolate............

This week was another busy one- but after all it is peak wedding season!
Not only did I have allot of cakes this week- I also met with a heap of clients to discuss cake designs! So today I am officially "Caked Out"! A rest day before I start my week over again tomorrow.

I had three cakes this week with cartoon couples on them- such cute little people placed atop of their cakes!
The first cake is a version of a cake I have made before- but with a touch of colour and the cartoon couple added!

The wedding theme colours were a Jade and Mint green. This was incorporated with ribbon and mint coloured piping- as well as soft colour dusted onto the edges of the leaves amongst the roses.

The next cake was for a couple that I never met- everything done via email!
They requested a suitcase stack in white with gold detail. Simple design that is fun and has a touch of elegance all rolled into one!

This cake was for a reception held at Southbank. Delivering to Southbank is not the easiest to do- firstly it is a two person job- one to stay with the car at the loading bay- while the other carries the cake through Southbank- yesterday I even had to dodge some Kids kicking a ball (at me) in the Piazza- on my way through! Seriously- why would you let your kids kick a ball towards someone - obviously- carrying a heavy large box??????????? I am sure my facial expression said it all- as when I returned empty handed the Kids stayed well clear!

The Venue was Cafe San Marco- and the staff there were swooning all over the design when I dropped the cake off. I love it when people show some interest in the cakes, as I rarely get to see an actual clients reaction to the cakes I make!

The next are some cupcakes that were sent over to Straddie for a wedding on Friday!

Seriously Blue- these cakes were iced to match the wedding colour. There was also a "silver" butter cream too- so the cakes sat alternately on the stand "silver/blue/silver......." I can't wait to see a picture of the cakes all set up for the wedding- and maybe a picture of a blue tongue or two ;))

Last but not least- I have found my new favourite chocolate design!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE this cake- so much so- I had to convince myself that is was not professional to call the clients when I had completed the cake on Friday to let them know how much I loved their cake- and how I couldn't wait to finish the cake off! I was like an excited kid at Christmas- bursting to share my new toy joy!
So after oggling over it every waking hour or so- I finally got to deliver the cake yesterday afternoon!
The venue was Eve's on the Park- at Roma Street Parklands. The first time I had delivered there. This is the sister restaurant to Eve's on the river at Teneriffe.
Yesterday was HOT day! more than 27degC when I left to deliver the cake. I set the cake up in an air conditioned room- to be moved onto the decorated table later that afternoon! I cannot believe that summer is almost here!

This four tier chocolate creation has "Wow" written all over it!
Lathered in a thick layer of whipped ganache- the cake is then covered in handmade long chocolate scrolls- to form a "mountain" effect! Stunning!
Love It! Love It! Love It!!!

Once at the venue- this cake then had fresh roses dotted throughout the design- then it was going to sit on top of a ring moss and dodder vine- that also had roses dotted throughout.

I am so eager to make this cake in either Dark or milk chocolate too! It looks and smells divine!

Well this week ahead brings another load of fabulous cakes- and long distance deliveries! Until then...thanks for reading!
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments- no matter how small! To leave a comment simply click on the comment button below the post!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

A splash of colour!

After the "big" cake- I still had work to do!
I love this cake design so much- I am thinking f making a display cake the same!
This three tier cake- in a soft powder blue- with white "box lid" and a Ivory satin finish ow is just gorgeous!

This cake is for a couple- who I have never met- who organised everything through the Internet- for their wedding which was held last night up at EBB waterfront restaurant!
This venue is so great! Tucked away on the riverfront at Maroochydore- it is light and fresh- with such an air of style!
It was so windy when I delivered the cake- I can only imagine how much the Bride's veil would have been blowing!
I hope that Emily and Tim had a fantastic wedding- Thank you for choosing such a fabulous cake!

The next cake is a little "shabby chic" style cupcake tower! This reception was held in the same room at Indooropilly Golf course as a cake I did just last week!
The event decorators looked on in awe when I was setting up- loving how cute each cupcake was! The roses on top of each cake were premade- but the ones on top were handmade! Matching the colours of the roses was a success!

The next tower had such a fabulous scent- that even I wanted to sneak a cupcake!
With a choice between White raspberry cupcakes- or citrus poppy seed- with citrus butter cream- all I can say is "which one would you choose??"

Each cake had a pale pink butterfly on top- and silk frangipanis on the top tier!

I still have one cake to deliver today!

This pale pink cake- with white draping- will be finished off with Fresh orchids- at the venue!
A week of colourful cakes indeed!

Here's looking forward to next week!

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Big Bertha! My Biggest cake ever!

Whilst I spent many a night recently dreaming about this cake- today my dreams became reality- as I delivered and set up this monster!

To give you some statistics- this cake has over 10kg of chocolate in it ( including Ganache)- I used more than 45 eggs- more than 8kg sugar- around 250ml of pure vanilla, and around 10kg rolled fondant- resulting in a cake that weighed around 50kg!!!
Because of its sheer size- the cake had to be constructed at the venue! I set off this morning to to fabulous Snug Harbour- Dockside- and set putting the cake together! Left to my own devices- without a crowd of watching eyes- I put the cake together piece by piece until it was all done!

I started by firstly making sure thatthe table was strrong enough and level- Check!
Then I placed the base layer down- a triple stacked 11" square Jaffa mud cake- around 30cm in height on its own!
Then I placed supporting dowels in place- then some royal icing- and place dthe next layer on. A triple stacked 8" square White chocolate and Raspberrry Mud cake- also standing around 30cm in height!
Next I place the double stacked Bourbon Mudcake on top! Viola- the cake was taking shape!!!!

I then placed the ribbons onto the cake- the theme colours were: Chocolate Brown- Baby Blue, Ivory and Gold- so seeing as thoughthe room was dresed with chocolate and blue- I banded the baseof the cakes the same!

Next was the flower placement! I made 40 sugar roses in varying sizes and colurs- as well as 6 Ivory Lilies to trail over the design. The cake also had teardrop Swarovski crystals hanging from Ribbons on each tier- which gave a beautifuk sparkle look! I wa sgoing to interweave them amongstthe flowers- but they seemed to get "lost" so I left them hanging a different intervals- which- I think- looks so pretty!

After over an Hour of placing the cake together- it was complete!!!!!

Standing around 90cm high This is not the Tallest cake I have done- but it is the Biggest Cake- that is all cake- no pillars!!!

I really hope that Libby and Jeremy have a fabulous wedding with this show stopping cake!

To give you some height perspective- this is me (all 163cm of me) standing beside the finished product!

After this big cake- and the other deliveries i made today- I will have to get back to you all with my other favourites from this week! But for now- this one definitely Takes the cake!!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Cakes on Board!

This weekend past had me spending a while driving cakes to their venues.Saturday started early- with a morning wedding at Brett's Wharf! I actually had my husband deliver the cake- as I am so booked out for Saturday appointments- I see clients from 8am! So while I was at home meeting with potential clients (who had woken very early to meet with e at 8am!) Steve kindly delivered this cake!
A two tier design with a flooded leaf and vine detail across the base tier. Simple and elegant!

After my morning appointments I headed out on my own to deliver the other cakes for the day.
My first stop was Victoria park. This cake is a version of the cake I made last week- with the icing pearls- however this particular cake had fresh antique roses on the top. When I got to the venue- the receptionist told me the flowers weren't there- which I thought was odd- as I had spoken to the florist the night before- needless to say I received a call from a very embarrassed receptionist less than 2 hours later to let me know that they had indeed found the flowers- and could I please return and place them onto the cake! To be honest I was a little annoyed- but I also was relieved that they let me come back in and finish the cake the way it was meant to be.

The cake was for a Lovely couple- Emma and Craig! Such a relaxed easy going couple- I really hope their wedding day was everything and more!

The next cake speaks for itself! A stunning black and white design- hand painted with the Wedding Invitation insignia. The entire room was simply Black and white- with the place cards and table numbers and menus bearing the same design.

The simplicity of this cake's design really made a statement- it looked very elegant and sophisticated in an equally dressed room! I love it when clients choose such fabulous designs!

My weekend was not over with Saturday! I was up bright and early (again) on Sunday- ready to deliver two cakes that day!
I first headed to the Cleveland Courthouse- as this is where Helen and Drew were holding their morning reception. A six tier cupcake tree- with a choice of Vanilla or Caramel cupcakes- topped with butter cream icing and a chocolate drizzle!

The top tier had long white chocolate chards around the sides- with chocolate scrolls to fill in the top- all tied together with a pink satin bow!
The groom(Drew) was there when I arrived- helping set up the candy bar that they had plnned for thier recption! What a fabulous idea! Huge bowls of all types of lollies and chocolates! YUM!

After Cleveland- I headed up to Mt Tambourine- to deliver this 5 tier design. A version of the one I made for close friends Gianni and Cherisse- 12 months ago- this cake weighed a tonne ( or close to 40kg to be exact!)
as I drove slowly up the winding Mt Tambourine Rd- I collected a trail of patiently awaiting cars by the time I reach the top!
The venue was Cedar Creek Estate and Vineyard! A gorgeous location for a wedding - or any reception!
The Venue coordinators were amazed at the cakes beauty- and even more surprised by its size- considering the amount of guests at the reception. Even though this design could easily have served more than 300 guests as finger slices- a mere 60 were being treated to this wonderous design! A true statement cake.

Last but not least is a cake- not for any client- but for my cake studio! I recieved my cake dummies last week- so I now have the task of creating display cakes for all to see!
Here is my first one- with buckles that I bought home from Ireland- with this particular design in mind! Now all I need to do is cover the other 6 or so I have waiting!

This week brings me the tallest cake I have had to do yet!
Stay tuned.............SJ