Monday, 31 May 2010

Come and Visit me!

This weekend Cake That! will have a stand selling sensational cupcakes at the Brisbane High Tea Party.
Held at The Stamford Plaza Hotel- the High Tea Party is a fabulous Day out- A Luxurious High tea Session followed by some of the countries best business showcasing and selling their wares.
An all day event that includes a decadent high tea sitting, complimentary pamper stations, tastings, workshops, parades, and boutique market stall shopping plus a gorgeous gift bag for each guest.

In the "Portobello Rd Market" area- I will have boxed cupcakes available for take home purchase. A selection of decadent flavours on offer.
Whether it be one sneaky cupcake you are after- or half a dozen to indulge in with your family, a beautifully decorated selection of cupcakes will be available.

So don't be shy- come in and say hello! 
I look forward to seeing you there!

Stamford Plaza Brisbane- Cnr Edward and Margaret St Brisbane
Saturday 5th June and Sunday 6th June 9am-6pm

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Big is Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so blessed some weeks- not only do I get to wake up and do what I love every day- but so very often I get magnificent clients who choose equally brilliant cakes!

This last weekend in April was no exception.
Most of my clients will book their cake 6-8months in advance- some much earlier- and for a small few a little closer to the date. It is almost like little surprise when I go over the coming weeks orders and see what awesome creations I have ahead of me.
This first cake reignited my excitement after a few huge wedding cake weeks. This cake- a double barrel base and single top tier- was brush embroidered with the end of a Peacock tail design- that was from the Couples wedding invitations. When the gorgeous Michelle (seriously without sounding - well weird- Michelle had the most captivating eyelashes ever)...anyway.... I had forgotten how beautiful her cake design was going to be, when a few weeks prior to her wedding she contacted me to go over the finer details- I looked forward to completing this cake for the weeks following- and was well in Love with it when I finished.  


The monochromatic design was highlighted with the embroidery design finished in a pearl luster.
Elegant and contemporary- simply stunning in my opinion!

I also sent cakes near and far that weekend.
My very good Friend TK's Brother was getting married down at Kingscliffe- and TK was in charge of collecting and delivering the cake ;)
TK's Brother and his Fiancee had chosen a Martha Stewart inspired design. Three tiers extended with large open fantasy blooms. Ribbon wrapping around the design in the wedding colour theme of blue.
I stared at this cake for AGES!!!!

Big cakes and I really connect- I mean if you are planning on having a cake- why not have it big enough to be noticed from the next room??? 
This cake had 3 Large blooms once it arrived at the venue- I sent the third separately so that it would not be damaged along the way.

This small intimate beach wedding was themed to the tee! The Bride is an interior designer- and from the images I have seen it was nothing short of Magnificent! Not to mention TK safely drove the cake down to Kingscliffe and we both then let out a huge sigh of relief!

It was cakes heading both South and North that weekend.
The next cake went up to Ebb at Maroochydore.
Another double barrel base and single top tier design. Clustered white blooms across the cake and fine piped icing pearls over the top edge.

It is a hard pick for sure with already so many great cakes.. but there is more to come!

The weekend had me tripping around Brisbane delivering cakes. Saturday was Miserable- I mean it really P**$$ed down raining- so much so I had to hold off on my delivery run for fear of getting the boxes wet when getting them from the house- to the car- to the venues.... but we got there in the end.

This next cupcake tower I did a set up shot at home- something which I don't normally do- but I really wanted a piccie as this cake was V cool indeed! Luckily I did- as when I got to the venue I was unable to personally set the cake up- as the room was being used all afternoon and not available for set up until 30 minutes prior to the reception starting ( BTW this was something only told to me when I delivered the cake not when I called to arrange a set up time :( )

Anyway- another UBER cool couple with an equally fitting cake. Sugar roses, blossoms and butterflies- in pinks creams and dark chocolate- complete with cartoon toppers! I was also excited as I got to use my new icing pearls on this cake too!

Without tooting my own horn (LOL) I LOVED the little dress on the cartoon bride. A lace gown- in reality- so I made the dress all embossed and then put a light pearl finish- just adorable!

While in the next image the cake may not really look that big- it was!

A 12" 10" 8" round three tier- normally these sizes are used as the base three tiers on a four tier cake. But the couple were after a very big three tier- so here it is! All white (tick) classic (tick) and allot beautiful (tick;))

Delivered to the Rugby Club downtown- it certainly made a presence in the centre of the room!  

This next cake design I have done a couple of times before- and each time it is just a beautiful as the last.
The piped icing pearls across each tier in a diamond pattern look pretty and dainty- and the bold contrast of the black finishes the cake superbly!

This cake was sent to Mirra in the Valley- for a ANZAC Day wedding.

It is not a massive cake- but the design is delicate and deserving of its size.

I had a soft iced cake for the Brisbane Golf Club to deliver too.
The fresh flower topper was prepared by the clients florist.

Piped butter cream pearls around the base of each tier. Soft and fresh indeed!

The next cake was a wicked chocolate creation. Wavy chards in both Dark and white chocolate wound around the cake.

The long chards and additional ones out the top gave the cake added height and making this two tier creation look much bigger than it was inside. A clever way to give the illusion of more cake than actually is there.

Last but definitely not least was a cake for the Powerhouse.
This two tier cake had me awake at night thinking about the piping work. Piping dark colours onto a cake is always a risky business. There is no room for any error- and being so  finicky and wanting nothing but beauty in the final design- I certainly invested allot of mental hours into this cake.

The piped chocolate design wound around the tiers and a single pattern on the top.

Well that was that for the last weekend in April.
Some truly beautiful cakes for equally gorgeous couples!
I hope that everyone had a magnificent wedding day- and that most of all they enjoyed their cakes!

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Don't make me pick.......

....a Favourite this week! OMG I LOVED so many it is way too hard!!!

So in no particular favourite order- here goes......

I will begin with this simply stunning design. I make no secret of my love for Monochromatic cakes- and this one- well- without blowing my own horn- was downright gorgeous!

The design itself was inspired by a Sweet Art cake- then tailored to the clients needs and wants. Large rolled fantasy rose blooms cascaded from the top tier- Contemporary- yet elegant- the photo does not do it justice.  

I delivered this cake to The Stamford's River Room- an elegant cake for an equally elegant setting!

It was all about big cakes this third week in April.
My next cake was a combination of two of my prvious designs- roilled into one.
Capturing the fact that beautiful doesn't need to be fussy- this four tier cake with double banded ribbon and two tiers with wired silver beading- was simply delightful.
A sensational 4 tier center piece for a Black and White Marquee reception held on a Private Property.
Without fuss this designs modern elegance was just fitting for the event!

This next cake was collected and delivered out to Mt Mee. I have made countless cakes for the Ocean View Estates at Mt Mee- but I have never persoanlly delivered there... I hear it is stunning!  

Anyway- this cake had hundreds of cut blossoms over each tier..... I was promptly put in my place when I uploaded the image to my personal facebook page asking my friends  "how long do you think it took to put all of these blossoms in place????"  A quick witted reply form a chef friend of mine was " well for an amateur   like yourself- maybe hours- but a pro like me 20 mins  :)) ..." smarty pants TK!
Yes it did take hours to do- but looks pretty in the end. A mixture of deep red blossoms and taupe coloured blossoms to match in with the Willow tree figurine that completed the design. 

The next cake is just plain Cool! The bride herself was really great- down to earth- and I have to personally thank her for the great airline references and convincing me to go to Kuala Lumpur last year!  Without her willingness to chat all things travel to a total stranger who was meant to be chatting cake- I would never have had such a brilliant holiday last year.
Anyway- onto her pretty awesome cake. Inspired by a image from a magazine- this cakes colours were adapted to suit the wedding theme.

It was a bit Retro and a hell of allot Funky- This cake is a definite tick for cool non traditional designs.
Before I painted the circles in the gold colour- they were a dark latte- and I only wish I had taken pic with the Red Ivory and Latte colour scheme- as it was smoking too!

I try to have each cake design matched in with the clients- whether it be incorporating colours- monogram designs- or even elements of the Brides gown- having the cake "fit" with the event is really important.
This next design was a variation of a display cake I have - mixed with the ting rouching detail of the brides gown.
A large Satin Silver sugar bow on top and strung diamante around the base. Delivered to Hillstone- This cake was so very pretty indeed!

This next wedding cake was for Rini and Javed- I made their Tutti Fruity Mad Hatter last year for their engagement.

This time Rini Chose a variation of my Ribbons and Roses design- and added in some Crystal Bling toppers from Bek at Crystal Couture!

With an Ivory Soft gold and pink colour theme- this all tied in nicely.

My last Delivery for the weekend was to Mt Tambourine!
The Cedar Creek Estate Winery is such a beautiful spot.
This Lilac inspired cupcake tower- with fresh and sugar roses looked beautiful in the room.

After a Long drive up the Mountain- it was the day of delivering over for us. Luckily a favourite cafe was still serving late lunch to refuel before the trip home!

I have so many great cakes waiting to share with you all- I am getting excited just thinking about it. Sad I know- but cake is my life! LOL!

So Which one is your favourite? You can leave a comment by clicking on the comment tab below!

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Touches of Colour!

The week following Easter was a special one indeed!
Starting on the Friday I headed over  to Eagle Farm Racecourse to set up this wedding cupcake tower.
Pale pink and Mid pink icing with simple cachous decorations. 

Held at the Racecourse itself- I was pleasantly surprised- the room was STUNNING! Warm and full of character- and exquisitely decorated too! A large Lolly Buffet and the most brilliant floor sticker- featuring the couples names and a monogram- I have ever seen!
Saturday was a LONG day of deliveries- with only one cake collected ( and taken to Toowoomba) I had a full day of transporting cakes ahead of me

I headed first to Victoria Park to set up this Variation of my Chocolate Twigs design. The Flowers were provided by Wedding Essence.   

After Vic Park I ventured over to Hillstone to Deliver this 4 tier beauty.  


Iced in a Cornflower blue (to match in with the Bridesmaids Dresses) a different pattern on each tier- and then a cartoon Bride and groom topper for the top.   


Complete with a stethoscope and soccer ball !
This cake weighed a tonne! The base tier  featured a Damask pattern- the third tier had criss crossing ribbons- piped icing pearls on the second- and then the top tier  quilted.

After Hillstone it was over to Virginia Palms where I had this two tier pillared cake.  

The top tier had piped monogram initials- as well as outline hearts.

I had my first ever Delivery to GOMA- The gallery of Modern Art. This place has stunning views- and awesome preferred caterers- but- it is a little difficult when it comes to delivering a cake. 45 minutes- between getting security checked waiting for someone to escort us to the holding area ( I couldn't actually set up the cake as it was an outside venue and it was a hot day) then being re-escorted out again. This style of cake I normally set up entirely ( i.e. cut roses and do all placements onsite) however a gut feeling told me perhaps I should just do it before I leave then simply stack the tiers once there- and I am so glad I did. I was able to demonstrate to the Caterers how the cake was to be stacked and then it was up to them to reassemble the cake once they were ready to set the table. This worried me a little- as this entire cake was organised via email- and having never met the Bride and Groom I felt added obligation to personally place the cake.

Here's hoping the caterers replaced the cake like this:

These roses were just stunning- a mixture of Sweet Avalanche an Perfume De Grand roses- Stunning!!!
I also really liked the black ribbon edge boards between the layers- to me they added an element of class too!

This cake is one I have done many times- but through sheer magic have managed to (well I think anyway) capture a cool shot of the cake. I will make a cake photog out of myself one day LOL!!!

This three tier cake was for the Polo Club- and looked great as you came up the grand staircase.

Last but not least was a cake for Alchemy Restaurant in the Riverside Centre! Beautiful Restaurant- gorgeous white cake- what more could a newly married couple want? 

I ran into the stunning Karen from Bliss floral too! She was getting all of the center pieces ready- fresh as can be!

Well that was it for the second week in April- I am still behind with my blog- but if you want to get the heads up check out my facebook group- which is updated with my latest cakes each week!
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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Easter Brides

It may be rather apt that all this week I have been craving a Lindt gold Bunny... and while there are none in the shops anymore (although the 2.5kg bags of Lindt calletts in my cake room are staring at me....) I can still daydream about eating the ears off first.. then devouring the rest- ahh to dream......
So this blog is all about the cakes I did over the Easter weekend!

Each year I tell myself- take Easter off- have a few days with your family- but then each year I get asked to make beautiful cakes... and there goes my easter break ;) LOL!
It all started on the 1st April- and this cake was for no April fool! Mullins Law in the Riverside Centre celebrated their 30th Birthday- with a tower of cupcakes!!!!!!
What a fabulous place to work- an amazing Kitchen/Lunch room- with a view of the city to die for!
The cupcakes were iced in the colour theme of the company logo. Simple and effective! Thanks to Jaide at Mullins for her swift return of my cake stand too!

Easter Saturday had some truly gorgeous cakes to deliver.
The first was a Hindi inspired design- replicated from an image the clients had bought me.

Deep Red, Gold and touches of Turquoise blue decorated this cake. Paisley style base tier- piped filigree mid tier and a heavy 2mm cachous detail on the top tier- it certainly looked the part. Inside was a Rich fruit cake.

I heard from the Bride in the days after her wedding with this lovely email : 
"The cake was fantastic.  It looked lovely and tasted just as good.  I managed to save a handful of pieces, but I have never seen so many people push and shove to get a piece.  We couldn't get the cake in the little take home boxes fast enough.  It was ridiculous." 
I LOVE fruit cake but trying to convince many of my clients that it does indeed taste sensational can be hard... hopefully Andrea's email will persuade them to believe.

A combination of piping work- gold cachous (dragees) and thin gold braid added a great range of textural elements to the design.

I had a wedding for two families that I have known for over 25 years now. My old Next door neighbours (when I was 5) had 6 daughters- and their youngest Married another close family friends son on Easter Saturday!
Brooke and Michael chose cupcakes for their wedding- with a set of personalised toppers on top.
My parents and sister attended the wedding and reception-as I was unable to make it :(

Congratulations Brooke and Michael!

It was a LONG day of deliveries on Easter Saturday- and my next stop was Old Government house. I have never delivered here before- and it was just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the warmth and charm of the old buildings- they ooze elegance and have such style and grace- fit for the grandeur of any wedding reception.
A tower of 150 mini cupcakes- with a silver decoration on top of each one- the top tier elegantly decorated with an Emerald and Ivory ribbon with a Diamante slider.

It seemed that Cupcakes were the theme of the day for Easter weekend- infact I made over 500 cupcakes for that weekend alone- so my Good Friday was Good- just allot of cupcakes being made.
My last cupcake tower for the weekend was for Cassandra and Andrew at Voctoria Park.
A simple tower with  the top tier banded with the Bridesmaids gown fabric ( which was sewn into a ribbon).
Fresh flowers to cover the top and dot in between were supplied by the Northside Flower Market.
Cassandra also supplied me with White foil cupcake papers to use on her cakes.

The last but not least cake was for an Easter Sunday wedding. Based on my Love lines design- this Deep red and Gold cake was on order.

The entire cake had been organised over email- as the Bride and Groom lived in Perth- and it was just by chance when delivering the cake to the venue- that the Bride to be was there and I got to meet her for the first time! She loved the cake too! I rarely get to see my clients when the see their cakes- so it is always a great feeling to know that they are delighted by their cake.

Well that was my Easter cakes... I managed to tackle over 500 cupcakes and not even eat one myself! LOL!
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