Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Slowly but Surely

Well it has certainly been a while..........and when I did get around to finding time to write this blog- the blogging dashboard was broken :(( But all seems to be working now- and I can get on with the job.

Well- way back in March I had a week that had me making some truly beautiful cakes. Challenging designs that were slightly different from my usual Wedding fare.

First up was a cake for a Thursday wedding. I have been blessed to have created Wedding cakes for each and every weekday- so an early start is no worries at all.

This cake was orgainised entirely over the phone/email.
An Elegant Black and white design with a touch of Bling.

I actually bumped into the Bride and her Bridesmaids in the hotel Lobby when I came to deliver the cake. They were all just about to head off to the ceremony :)
It is such a wonderful feeling to see a Bride on her wedding day- makes me smile really BIG :)

The Friday was a jam packed day! First off I had the Team from Ben and Jerrys Australia coming to Cake That! Headquarters to deliver 50 pints of Ice cream!! What for you ask????- well I had won the ice cream through one of their Facebook promo's. So my humble office of 1 was filled with delicious Ice cream. I never win anything :)

Suffice to say I did NOT eat all 50 tubs- but shared the wealth with the family and friends who are always there to help out and support everything that is Cake That!

So with a freezer stacked to the brim with Ice cream- I headed off on Friday Afternoon to deliver a Very Special 21st birthday cake.

Purple and Black themed- with a White disco Glitter 21 on top- Sparkly as!

As far as Saturday's go- this one was pretty hectic.
First up I had one of my past grooms coming to collect a Surprise 30th Birthday cake for his wife.
Now this is one very cool cake- organised by one very awesome husband. It is no Urban myth that some husband's are just really well orgainised- I get to see the best of them when they do fabulous surprised like this!
For a very long time Kathleen had been saying how she would love an elephant cake for her 30th Birthday. Those subtle hints paid off when Peter organised a gorgeous (IMO) cake for his wife's intimate birthday celebration.

The party was a small gathering- so there was no need for a mammoth cake. Despite its size it certainly had impact. Peter was open to my ideas of working around a Bollywood colour theme- incorporating the henna-like patterning in the feature 30 on the front. I brushed the cake from a pink/purple through to a pearl orange! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Now the Elephant was one of those challenges you grab with both hands and simply go for it!
I had him standing on top with a mini Kathleen riding him- too cute for words :)

Riding in bare feet with painted toenails- I could have gone nuts with the details!
A very memorable start to the year for sure!

I had another Birthday cake also for that Saturday.
A Panda! Now this panda became one fat panda- but in a cute way.

Like he had munched a bit too much on delicious Bamboo- but he looked happy as!
This cake was also for a surprise for a birthday Lady who LOVED Panda's. Such a lovely job being able to make people smile with cake.

The cuteness didn't stop there- I had a Cupcake tower to set up and deliver to Brett's Wharf that afternoon.
So the wedding cake is meant to be all about the Newlyweds and a Symbolism of their love and commitment to one another.
However- on this cake a certain little family member may just have stolen the show.

As well as the gorgeous bride and groom perched on the top tier- was their two pet dogs!

So cute. One was a Kelpie?- the other was a Jack Russel- now his sugar mini me was adorable!

The couple let the cupcakes speak for themselves and had the top tier as the feature.

I received such lovely feedback from the couple- so wonderful to hear and such a pleasure to be apart of!

The last cake of the weekend was for a wedding at Custom's House.

This Three tier Chocolate creation with Fresh roses in the channels and top was elegant and irresistible all at the same time

Ordering roses that had the correct size heads was the make or beak of this design. With only a small channel around each tier meant that roses that were too large would mean that they wouldn't sit correctly- but once again my wholesaler came through and delivered me simply perfect blooms!

I recently received a lovely Thank You form Karly and Eugene in regards to their cake :

"Good afternoon Sarah-Jane, I just thought I'd send you a very belated thank you for creating the perfect cake for Eugene and I's wedding on 13th March 2011. It worked out exactly how I imagined it and it tasted sensational."
Thank you Karly! Hearing feedback form my clients is never to late :)

So that was was back when- it was still lovely and warm ;-P

Thanks for reading