Monday, 21 June 2010

Its up to you.............

New York...................... New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Yep I am a bit looney- but every time I see this cake I can't stop singing the song. One lucky lady was surprised with this awesome NY themed 40th Birthday cake! What a fabulous husband to organise - in my opinion- a pretty damn fabulous cake to celebrate your birthday. I was even contemplating dedicating an entire post to this cake. 

I get super excited when I am allowed a bit of creative license to come up with a final fun cake design. So with the NY theme I made little "icon's" for the top of each cupcake- I made a collective Icon top tier- with Silhouettes of the Sky Scrapers (inspired by a Pink Cake box design)- and a personalised topper draped in teh Statue of Liberty get up- holding a Big Brown Bag and a piece of Birthday cake- complete with an itti bitti birthday candle- modelled by my sister Kate! 

To say this cake took allot of time was an understatement- BUT - It was well worth the effort!
To decide a Favourite between the Red Apples- or the I (heart) NY buttons....... or the American Flags- made by layering heaps of super thin icing sheets would be just too hard. The gorgeous little Taxi's were modelled by my sister Alex- a collective family effort indeed!

The Cake was a success! So a Huge Happy 40th Birthday to Jacki!

Ok- the rest of the week I had some more awesome cakes- can you believe it- I have had such a brilliant run of amazing designs chosen by my clients that I pinch myself everyday- I am so grateful.

I had a return client this week- getting a Christening cake for her baby boy. I made her and her Husbands wedding cake a couple of years ago- and now they were celebrating a Christening.
A delicate single tier cake- with tiny blue tri dot detail over the entire tier- finished with a blue bear topper. Gorgeous!

I Loved the bear- he was super cute- his little rug underneath was simply made with my new smocking rolling pin- so effective indeed.
It wasn't all novelty cakes this week.
I had cakes all over SEQ. My fantastic Mum took this first wedding cake out to Glengariff- Fresh flowers by Karen from Bliss Floral

A smaller variation of my "chocolate twigs" design- stunning Honeymoon roses too!
While Mum was delivering to Dayboro- Stev headed into The Landing to Deliver this next cake. A soft and fresh two tier design with Pale pink roses.
Simple and pretty indeed.

I sent a cake out to Spicers Hiddenvale too! A lovely couple came and collected their cake- My Damask Blue design- which was altered to incorporate their Arum Lily wedding flowers- and also featured a piped monogram for the top tier.

I have a cake in my studio- that has been getting allot of attention of late- a wrapped design with a (what was one) black bow. So with the inclusion of the Bride and Grooms pet dogs- This cake looked magic at their Black and white wedding!  

Chocolate Chards and Fresh berries just scream- EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I delivered this cake to the reception- with added berries to ensure every guest got some of these sweet new season Strawberries!
Having a traditional cake was never the intention of this couple- they wanted something that you wanted to devour!
I even gave a Cherry Ripe tier a go for this couple- Fine chopped Glace Cherries inside of a dark chocolate coconut mud cake- YUM!

My anxiety levels were skyrocketed when the Groom called me at 6.30pm the night of the wedding to ask "Where is the cake????" I had delivered the cake close to 7 hours earlier and the venue "forgot" to put it in the room- in fact the Chef who accepted delivery- and assured me that the coordinator would place the cake on the table within the hour of receipt (as the room was not ready for me to personally place it) didn't even pass the message on that he had received the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To say I felt MAD is an understatement. Not only did I call the day prior to arrange mutually suitable delivery time- In my opinion the coordinator should have noticed that the cake was not there- and IF she couldn't find it at the venue- should have called me- but instead the Groom walked into his own reception and had to call me himself.
I only hope that this confusion did not mar the couples wedding night.

I feel blessed to have had such beautiful designs to create... this one small issue was a tiny bump in a terrific ride!

This weekend is the Debbie Borwn Workshops! I am lookinng forward to meeting a heap of fellow Brisbane cake enthusiasts- and of couse gaining some more brilliant knowledge form Debbie herself!

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

How about that apple!

Some days I really get reminded what a small world we live in. The whole six degrees of separation really is in effect.
Most weeks I upload my cake pictures to my private Facebook account- then shortly after to my Facebook group..... followed by (sometimes weeks later) a story here on my blog. I love to share my cakes and here feedback about each one.
This first cake was a design that I had not done for a while- to say it is a very individual style for a wedding is an understatement- but for the two times that I have made this cake it has fit the theme like a glove. The first time I made this design it was shiny red- this time sensational green!
This apple cake- for Josh and Jess- was exactly what they were looking for. Their green apple theme was complete with this larger than life cake.
While this cakes surface had a sheen- it was not finished glossy- more of a natural look instead.  One of my chef friends sent me a message on Facebook- when he realised that the apple cake in my gallery was the same apple cake that his brother had been chatting about from the wedding he attended- small world... and great to hear too that a guest at the wedding was impressed with the awesome cake design chosen.
To give you an idea of scale- the white cake base is 12" in diameter- and the apple cake itself around 20cm high. I wonder is this would count as an apple a day keeps the doctor away??? lol!!!

This was not the only cake for the weekend where I had a connection to a guest... sort of. The Brilliant Toni Snell was the Photographer at  this next wedding. I also wish I could remember the florist who provided the abundance of Cymbidium orchids that cascaded down the front of this cake- as she too was lovely and provided awesome flowers!
The flowers cascaded down the front of the cake with chocolate "twigs" in amongst the blooms- just amazing.
I set this cake up at Mirra in the Valley- this venue is a hidden gem- down an unassuming side street- you enter through a set of beautiful double doors to see an old warehouse transformed into a stunning elegant venue.

My next stop was the Polo club- where I delivered this classic design.

This cake design is rather popular- and the topper is sourced from the U.S. A beautiful white cake for a warm and rich venue room.

I also had a double delivery to the Landing at Dockside on this weekend.
My delivery run time is cut significantly when I  have multiple cakes at the one venue- not to mention I love going to The Landing too. Monica and Amity are fabulous there- and as you may have heard a few weeks back they were unfortunately struck by a small fire- this has not stopped them hosting all the wonderful conferences and events- they have powered on and are running as normal.

The first cake I delivered to the River room.
This cake is on the back side of my business cards- it is one that many clients ask for. A trail of over 40 sugar roses cascade down the tiers- just stunning.

Banded by black sugar ribbon at the base- this cake design fit beautifully in with the black and white wedding theme.
The next cake was over the Harbour room.
A three tier extended height bling design! Cascading Swarovski crystals rained down from the top of each tier- Large HOT Pink sugar lilies across the cake.

A thin band of Turquoise ribbon tied in the rest of the colour theme. The bride and groom also provided a dancing couple to stand on top of the cake.

As it was Mothers day weekend we couldn't go by without mentioning our mums!
My mum is amazing :) She is always willing to lend a hand- run to my suppliers- deliver cakes... or just generally give me all the support I need. My sister Alex had been hanging out with me and we decided that seeing as though we were having a family brunch for mothers day- that we should of course have a cake.
So with some slight instruction- Alex made mum this cake.

Brilliant isn't it!
Carved from a 12" cake- this was one big handbag! You can imagine the looks on the faces of the other families at the local park when we whipped this out at the BBQ Brunch! Not your average cheesecake shop creation for sure heheheh!
We were kind enough to offer the other families pieces of this brilliant creation by Alex.
Mum, My grandmother- and my cousin ( all the mums) loved the cake!

So that was the Mothers Day weekend- A fabulous eclectic array of designs.

Just a reminder that there are still limited places available for the Debbie Brown workshops in a fortnight's time here in Brisbane. You can learn an array of cake decorating and modelling skills from an Internationally renowned cake decorator.
$375 per day 25th- 28th June. Details for the workshops are at the base of my blog and through my Facebook group.
Contact Debbie Directly for bookings
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Friday, 11 June 2010

May Day May Day!

Each week my aim is to get a shot (I sometimes even fluke a great shot) of each and every cake I make for the week. This first week in May was one of those weeks where I managed to miss a few of my cakes- albeit because I didn't either  A: set the cake up at home and take a shot before delivery  or B: I did get a shot but it is so blurry that you could barely recognise what it is meant to be.

But the good news is that although I won't be able to show you each and every cake from this particular weekend- what I do have is pretty special indeed ;)

I will start with what looks to be a stylish simple design- that oozes elegance. This three tier cake is banded with a sugar black ribbon- and finished with fresh Antique roses ( Karen @Bliss Floral

This wedding cake was set up in Fix Restaurant- where my sister in law is soon to hold her wedding reception (oh excitement!!!!!) A stunning refurbishment has turned this restaurant into a warm romantic venue- A sleek contemporary transformation indeed!
What I love about this cake is its timelessness- when this happy couple look back in 20 years time on their wedding images- this sophisticated cake should still be vogue.

I had two cakes at Hillstone on the Saturday- this first one was a pretty cupcake tower for the rosewood room.
The second was my "Invitation print" design for the Grandview room.

This cake design has become really popular. Originally designed to match in with Amity invites invitations I have even had couples buy the invitations to match the cake.

I seemed to be delivering to my most favourite venues on this particular weekend... my next stop Customs House.
This Four tier cake had the tiers set in a slight spiral- with a band of cream icing with damask overlay- and a gun metal grey ribbon and diamante buckle- just like the invitations the bride and groom sent out.
A cute couple sat on top of this big cake.
The reception was held in the Long Room at Customs house- and this room- in my opinion- needs a big cake. A gorgeous domed roof and an architecturally divine space needs a large cake to make a presence.

I also had a cake over at Boulevarde Gardens on Sunday- where I was delighted to run into Linda from The Party Girls- she had set up the room for the same wedding I was delivering too.
  This three tier cake was banded with eucalyptus green ribbon and ivory pearls. Sugar tulips on top.

Last but not least was a cake that was sent out to Peppers Hiddenvale/Clovelly Estate Grandchester.
This cake was all about vintage. Gorgeous Champagne coloured icing overlaid with a delicate white royal icing stencil- pearls and Ivory sugar roses- and tiny crystals- so pretty!
Tiny Swarovski Bicone crystals and sugar pearls were in amongst the Ivory sugar roses.

Seeing that I am only up  to the first week in May I had better get a move on.. I cannot believe how behind in blogging I am LOL!!
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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Real Weddings

Camille and James- Thurtell Photograhy

I am more than lucky to receive gorgeous thank-you's from my couples- some are even keen enough to be apart of my "Real Weddings" Feature section- where with images (supplied with permission) from their professional photographer are displayed- A small gallery acknowledging their favourite suppliers from their wedding day is put together for other Bride and Groom's to be to browse. 

 Melanie and Peter- Guest photo

This is a fabulous way to have your wedding displayed on the net- you can mention as many or as few of your favourite vendors from your wedding day- with click through links under the corresponding images.  

Gianni and Cherisse- Toni Snell Photography

If you have been a previous "Cake That!" couple and would like to be apart of this section- please email me 7-10 Web Quality images and the list of your recommended vendors. Your Photographer will be credited under each image supplied.

    Katrina and Matt-

So Feel free to contact me if you would like to be apart of this section on my site!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

And the winner is.......................

Cheryl Waites!

Congratulations Cheryl- for purchasing a 6 pack or more of cupcakes from the Cake That! Stand at the High Tea Party you have won a voucher for a stand of 30 cupcakes and top tier to the value of $220.
Your voucher has been forwarded to your supplied email address.

Thank you to everyone who came and bought goodies from my stand over the weekend. I hope you enjoyed your cakes.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sneaky Sunday Cupcakes

What better way to enjoy your Sunday than with a sneaky cupcake... or 6- from my stand at today's High Tea Party!
Even if you aren't booked into the High Tea Sittings- you are welcome to come and browse the event held today from 9am to 6pm at the Stamford Plaza cnr Edward and Margaret St Brisbane!

A Selection of 8 Different Cupcake flavours as well as Fudge and Biscuits are available