Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Happy Birthday Jess and Immy!

Two of my cousins (both sisters) are born exactly 5 years and 364 days apart- so they have a birthday one day after the other.
This year Immy (Imogen) turned 18! So of course she needed a cake! So if one was getting an SJ cake- then so should the other- so Jess too scored a cake! both designs were totally up to me.
Imogen works for Donut King- she LOVES donuts, so I made her a Donut cake! Complete with a mini Immy it was cute indeed!

Jessica's cake was a hat box/present style cake. Pretty and pink.

Making these cakes capped of a week of 13 cakes finished in total! Lucky for some, totally wiped out tired for me! I was asleep at 7pm on Friday night, and Sunday was spent sleeping too!

Saturday night was when we celebrated the girls birthdays.
I won't mention the restaurant, as seriously I would not go there again. It was less than average- but we did make our own fun.
Here is Imogen with her cake:

And Jess Blowing out her Sparkler!

It was a real family affair, so all of the grand daughters had to get a picture with Nana!

OK- Take a Deep Breath.........

....... A nice comfy seat and enjoy!

Last week I completed more cakes in one week than I EVER had before.
Surprisingly though- I seemed to make it to the end all in one piece.

My week of cake making started on Tuesday- I had a St Patricks Day wedding.
With not a hint of green on the cake, the couple opted for an opulent romantic design- that was totally gluten free too!
This three tier Ivory design had twisted tiers and black leaf and vine detail on the mid tier. A blood red ribbon was wrapped around the base of each cake and then fresh blood red roses were clustered across the cake to finish

With the base tier A Gluten free Dark chocolate Hazelnut and Raspberry cake- the mid tier Almond white chocolate and Macadamia and the top tier A gluten free carrot cake. The Carrot cake contained no added fats- no butter or oil- relying only on the Almond meal. It was delicious ( a perk of the job- making samples for "quality control").

With the Tuesday wedding delivered it was full steam ahead for the remaining cakes for the week.
My next cake was on Friday- at the Royal on the Park.
I had my little sister Alex with me helping me put together this three tier fresh flower stack cake.

I went into a panic right after this cake was done- as I lost my phone!! I was tearing through the rose rubbish, and crawling all over the floor- running back and forth to the car 3 times to check it wasn't in a box there- and then when I had the smart idea to call it with one of the staffs phones- a girl popped up and said "I just picked up a phone off the cake table"!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHH! seriously I know that is where I put it down, but she let me have a serious panic attack for a good 5 minutes, and tearing the place apart before letting me know this- and then she had the gall to say "you will need to describe it to me before I can give it to you"!!!!!!!!! So with my phone in hand and my heart rate slowly coming back down- we headed home to meet a client who was collecting a cake to take to Byron bay.

This cake was for a friend's Brothers 40th birthday. Held down in Byron bay Cupcakes were the cake of choice. A duo of blue and chocolate were the theme colours- and they looked good together.

Because I really wanted to see how this stand was going to look I had Alex do a quick mock up at home before the cakes were boxed up.

It was a very early start on Saturday. I had a cake to send over to Tangalooma Resort. Despite the recent oil spill- the line of traffic to get to the boat was enormous.
After moving my way to the front of the queue- I met up with the functions coordinator and placed the cake ( an 2 kitchen cakes) onto the boat- ready for the trip over to the island.
Being a beach wedding-the couple chose a Frangipani design.

Each frangipani was dusted in a mix of pinks and yellows. The cake had a soft peak royal icing finish.

Being voting day on Saturday meant that there was allot of traffic on the roads- all day. I really don't like voting day, the pushy campaigners shoving how to vote cards in your face, the queues to actually vote, and more often then not- the cake stalls being out of cakes by the time I get to the polling booth- but more on that later...
So with heavy traffic in mind- I came home and packed the car ready for run number 1!!
I always ring every venue the week of the event to arrange a mutually suitable time to deliver the cake. I make sure that the venue knows how the cake will need to be stored, and that all is A OK for the day.
So I was more than disappointed to turn up to the first venue only to have no one there. The venue had requested I be there between 10am and 11am as they had a large lunch function on.
After having Steve carry the cake all the way to the venue, then carry it all the way back to the car, only to re load it into the car and have to return later.

So this three tier twisted design go to go on a road trip whilst I delivered the other cakes on the first run.
The Bride had supplied black lace to match in with her wedding theme to wrap around the base tiers, and the top tier was a bit of "bling" with a double strand of strung diamontes around the base. Some of the rose buds had a hint of mushroom pink in the centres.
Eventually it got to the venue, no apologies on their behalf though.

I headed to the newly revamped Exchange hotel- back in my day it was "Club 131" now it is a funky looking hotel with schmick renovations.

This elegant- yet simple cupcake tower was the couples choice. Mel and Josh were fro Darwin and chose Brisbane for their wedding day. Simplicity of black and Ivory with - what my husband has dubbed- a" Vintage floral arrangement" on top.

Keeping with the black and white theme- I would have to say that this next cake is my favourite from last week- If I had to choose of course ;)
Replicated from and American magazine- I LOVED this cake!
It looks simple- but getting the stripes exactly right , and making the double blooming blossoms fit perfectly around each tier was a mathematical equation indeed. Not only is the cake beautiful, but the bride too is gorgeous- and looks uncannily like my youngest sister Alex! when Heidi and her mum met with me I was mesmorised by how much she looked like my sister. I even sent two mini cakes to replicate the cake, as a gift, because I liked the design that much!

After handing over the cake to the venue it was off to Hillstone- where I had my first of two cakes collaborated with Karen from Bliss floral.
This cake I did for the first time last September- and ever since it has been on my blog- I have had so many requests for it.

It looks allot larger than it really is. A double barrel base and single top tier. fresh white blooms to decorate, and a green organza ribbon around the tiers. The vertical palette marks give the illusion of a taller cake.

The next couple had chosen the same style of flowers and were inspired by the same cake too.
But with the absence of the palette strokes and with a double height top tier- a new design emerged.

It was back out to Sirromet to deliver this cake. I was worried all the way out there- as this cake is very tall, and even though it had internal support- I always have the little element of doubt in the back of my mind. But I am glad to say the cake arrived as perfect as it left my cake room!

The almost "signature" Cake that! Rose Sparkle design was also on order last Saturday. Held in the Quartz room of Victoria park, this pretty cupcake design is just that- really pretty.

I love the lighting in the Quartz room- for taking cake pictures. In my eyes they always look really lovely, and almost "real life" when taken in there.
So after a MEGA 8 hours of delivering it was time to vote :(
Being 4pm in the afternoon I expected all of the cake stalls to have dried up, I had been hearing in the radio all day people talking about lamingtons and chocolate crackles- and I was so hoping for one! It seemed the campaigners were still out in force, and after making my way through- with $6 in change in my hands (yes I had high hopes) I voted and then saw, tucked behind the sausage sizzle at the Alderley Kindergarten- was - what remained of- A CAKE STALL! WhooHoo! With only a few packets of home made biscuits left- I got a pack of chewy choc chip cookies and was a happy girl! My reward for voting!

The long day was not over yet. I had my cousins Birthday dinner that night, so no rest yet!

I also had a christening cupcake tower nSunday- the onl cake I didn't get a picture of form the week!

Well I have had a day of rest, and am in full swing for this week now.
I made it through13 cakes- from Tuesday to Sunday!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Baking, decorating, eating sleeping dreaming..........

This wedding season I have been blessed to be totally flat out!

Every moment lately has had something to do with a cake, be it baking one through to delivering it- and thinking about it in between! I love my job- I have fabulous clients picking awesome cakes, that not only keep me busy- they help me to better appreciate retail therapy- when I can squeeze it in! LOL!

So apart from missing out on some serious bargains at Myer- I have been trotting all over SEQ delivering some really great cakes.
Last Saturday (14/03/09) was an early start for us ( me and my Husband Steve) as we headed off first to Maleny Manor to deliver this three tier Butter iced design.
Dressed with green Singapore Orchids and dodder vine by the couples florist it was a simple design turned contemporary masterpiece.

I have already had some great feed back from Annalene about how both she , her husband Matt and their guests really loved the cake!Thank you so so much for the beautiful picture- I hope you both have a fabulous Honeymoon!
The view form Maleny Manor is spectacular- and it seemed a shame to have to jump straight back into the car and return to Brisbane to finish the other deliveries.
On my way back from Brisbane I arrange to meet the Wonderful Karen from Bliss floral to put together my next cake. So off I went to Hillstone- where yet another blank canvas was transformed into a stunning wedding cake with the addition of these gorgeous fresh blooms.

Although the beauty for this design rests in the blooms- The cake inside has got to match it for sure. That is why I provide a choice of more than 20 standard flavours to choose from- and am willing to make virtually any flavour- provided it can withstand the decorating.

After forewarning from Karen about the St Paddy's day parade road closures- we headed to Customs House to set up this next cupcake tower!

The hand made sugar rose petals were matched to the Bridesmaids gowns with the alternate iced cupcakes in a slightly darker "latte" shade. The antique inspired blooms for the top finished off the design. I love the 6 tier cupcake stand- the added tier has that extra element of grandeur.

The next wedding was at the Stamford Plaza- My old hotel.
I love returning to the hotel, seeing familiar faces and just being really comfortable in the surroundings.
This cake was a "tilted" design- so unlike a traditional Mad hatter- where each tier is carved- each tier in this design is rested on wedges, and the gaps filled in with fresh blooms.

A soft palette icing finish, and butterflies completed the design.

Then it was time to go to the restaurant where I had my own wedding reception- Joseph Alexanders. Not time for reflection here- as not only was it a busy high tea/lunch service- but I too was on a deadline.
This cake is one I first made back in 2006- and has become one of my very popular designs.

The brush embroidery mimics the bridal lace, and the green ribbon and pearls compliment the vintage theme.

Then we headed east for the last couple of drop offs- out in the Redlands.
I made it to the Redland bay golf club JUST as the first guests were arriving for the ceremony. Although not technically a bad thing- I like to be at the venue and gone well before anyone might poke their head into the reception room- even if the reception isn't due to begin for 3 or 4 more hours.
The flowers were provided by the clients to match in with the bouquets.

This cake weighed a tonne- with a 12" square fruit cake base and Mud cake top tiers- it was almost a 2 person lift!

Last but not least in this little blog is the cupcakes for Sirromet!

I LOVE Sirromet- the room is always cool- the staff friendly and accommodating, but somehow I never seem to time my delivery so that I can enjoy lunch there- maybe this is something I need to think more carefully about, instead of just calculating where I have to be and by when... for sure a little bit of the delivering can be about me- cant it??

So that was last weekend, the weekend just gone still has me wiped out- BUT fingers crossed I aim to have a little story up here for you all to read by Thursday.... After all the week just gone has been my bigges EVER!!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Almost 30000 people have visited my blog! WOW!
Averaging over 120 per day- I should hit the 30000 bu the end of the week!
How exciting!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Paying it Forward..........

I have allot of people to thank for having the success I do.
What started as a dream has snowballed into a huge reality for me- from a girl who simply loved to make cakes, to a full time business operator, with a wonderful network of clients and industry colleagues.

I knew where I wanted to go when "Cake That!" was born, and with my tenacity and determination, coupled with support and referrals from Family, Friends, Clients and not to mention all of the wonderful Wedding industry suppliers along the way, I have been able to live my dream everyday.

Coming form a background as a Chef- meant that Marketing was not my forte, but with allot of my own research, I found my feet and built a reputation. In doing this I have met and made some invaluable contacts, who each in their own way, have contributed to my success. Like the fellow industry suppliers who helped me launch "Cake That!", I feel fabulous being able to now be able help other "newbies" in the industry.

Approaching like businesses is a rather nerve racking experience- you are putting yourself out there, and hoping that what you have to offer impresses them, and helps get business referred your way. When I first began I had wonderful help and Support form Colleen Helleuer from Looks So Natural. She was kind enough to distribute my cards and refer clients to me, and still does to this day.
The Team at Bridal Couture in the city allowed me to create cakes for their season launches and also passed on my name to their clients.
Then I started working with some fabulous florists, including the wonderful Karen from Bliss Floral, Jennine from Florabella and Glenda Pradella from Glenda Pradella flowers- to name but a few. Together we referred each other and have done some fantastic weddings together.
Then I started hearing about the formidable Toni Snell through my clients, then a close friend used her for their wedding, and from there I have been overwhelmed by the fabulous support and client referrals I have been given by Toni.

I have met the vivacious Anne Campbell, purely by chance at last years ABIA awards and have since been engrossed by her warmth and genuine friendship.
I have made many great relationships with venues I have supplied to, all of which has made "Cake That!" what it has become today.
More recently I have been able to refer clients to Cherisse of Cherisse Make up artistry, and with her fabulous attention to detail and friendly service, her business is growing in leaps and bounds.

Last week I received an email from a Wedding industry "Newbie" asking if I would consider swapping cards and perhaps referring some people her way.
So now I get the chance to "pay it forward" and use the success I have gained to help her on her way.
So shortly I will add another Fellow Industry Industry supplier to my list of helpful links on my webpage.
But for now here are her details:
Miranda Greer- Photographer.
Miranda literally lives around the corner from me. She kindly bought over a bottle of wine the other night and introduced herself and her business to me. I feel great to be able to help such a passionate and friendly person in this industry.
The Confidence in knowing that you can send your clients to other great vendors, and that they will exceed my clients expectations is priceless.
The above are just a few of the amazing and talented suppliers I refer to. Having such a wonderful network of industry friends really makes this job that little bit more special.

Thanks for listening to me waffle on- but I really appreciate all the supplier I work with!
Thanks Guys!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Here comes the bride............

Cheesy tittle I know! But for the second time in 3 weeks- and only the 4th time EVER!! I have seen one of my brides on their wedding day!
I was at the Marriott Delivering this three tier chocolate creation- when I saw the Beautiful Alicia having her photos done with her gorgeous Bridesmaids!

I get really excited when I get to see my clients dressed in all their wedding glory! It really gives me goosebumps- and makes me feel really happy!

I had had a huge day of delivering on Saturday- so seeing Alicia- and her giving me the Thumbs up for the cake really made my day! I truly hope Alicia and Phil had a Magical wedding day. Not only was seeing Alicia a real highlight of my week- a cake flavour especially created for her and Phil's wedding has become a winner. Phil is a fan of Apple- so I created a White chocolate Apple and Cinnamon Mudcake for their wedding. To make sure all was good- I made a trial cake and gave it as samples to my clients during the week- and it was a hit! Already I have orders of this flavour- YUM!The cakes tiers "floated on 1" pillars. Each cake had a solid chocolate collar- which had a pink swirl (matching in with the Bridesmaids)- then random pea sized cachous were across the design.

Last week was not only a huge week for cakes- But it was also my 5th Wedding anniversary on the 6th March. I shared my wedding anniversary with 3 of my couples. The first of which was Peta and Craig- who had their wedding over on Stradbroke Island. Craig came and collected the cake earlier in the week and took it over to the Island. The cake was a twisted three tier chocolate creation- with marbled chocolate chards and scrolls.

The cake came together with the finishing touches of fresh orchids provided by Jennine from Florabella. The picture is one kindly sen to me from Jennine- Thank you! The lovely Anne Campbell was the celebrant for the occasion- and with both Jennine and Anne on sight- I am sure it was a fun day.

My other 2 couples who now share my wedding anniversary date both had cupcakes.
Peta and Chris were married out at Glengariff- with this pink funky cupcake design.

The cupcakes- each turned onto its side- for something a little different- matched the pink heart theme throughout the room. The new chairs at Glengariff look fabulous too!

Then after Glengariff- it was off to Hillstone- where I set up this romantic and fresh design. With each cupcake simply topped with a fresh orchid or spray rose- it was sweet and elegant, and matched in with the white room.

I hope Michelle and Craig have a fabulous honeymoon in New York- lucky buggers!

After a long day on Friday- I got to celebrate my own anniversary- with some surprise bling from my fabulous husband Steve- Thanks I love you heaps- even though I didn't get the puppy ;) LOL!

Saturday had me running all over Brisbane delivering cakes- and it was another hot day.

My first stop was at the Medina- where we ran into our Brother in Laws brother- Aaron- who works on the front desk- (did you keep up with that?) and put together this soft iced cake.

Stunning fresh antique roses by Melita from Wedding stems, and a cute couple to top things off.

Then it was off to City Hall- with the Golden Darling design. After wandering the halls of City hall trying to find someone to open the room ( seriously- when you call ahead- and they meet you at the loading dock and record where you are off too- why isn't the room then opened?) anyway- after finding someone with a key- the cake was placed ready for the reception that night.

The hand painted mid tier has a real opulent feel about it, with the piping detail and loop bow adding an element of whimsical fun.

The next cake made me want to eat the icing so bad!

A whipped dark chocolate ganache- with baby pink spray roses- pretty for sure.

My biggest cake for the week was this four tier present box design.
Each "lid" had its own pattern, with some Swarovski crystals incorporated inti the design too. The bow and ribbon were painted with a pearl effect- to have a satin look about them.

I really love this cake, and loved that the cake fit the size of the reception. I love big cakes for big receptions!

The last of the weddings had me making a cheeky design for sure.

The groom didn't quote make it to bed, and had fallen asleep at the base of the bed.
Clothes and other articles strewn across the design- including a mini 2 tier wedding cake- with a big slice out of it.

If you have kept reading- this is the last cake for the week!
A tower of mini cupcakes in a polka dot theme for a Christening. This cake was for my old neighbours niece. Some of the cakes had a polka dot bow- and others just had dots.

Riley Ann was christened last Sunday! I hope you all had a fabulous time.

So last week was MASSIVE for me- but I made it- and had fun doing it!
Thanks for reading all the way to the end.. til next week!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Bloomin Lovely!

How time flies again!
These cakes were for the weekend of the 28th February- after my week just gone they almost seem a distant memory.
To start off with is this simple yet fresh two tier design created for an 80th birthday.

With pinks and purple themeing- this cake had long chocolate chards- with fresh flowers to decorate. Inside was a rich hazelnut mud cake- lathered in whipped white chocolate butter cream. The long chards give the illusion of a much larger cake.

The next cake is actually just a top tier of a cupcake tower. The clients collected their cake- so I didn't get to see it all set up.Mimicking the divine blue design- this top tier featured sugar hearts painted pearl blue.

It seemed that hearts were on the agenda with this next tower of cupcakes. Iced in a soft pale pink ( yes the poor lighting and the mobile phone image don't really do the cake justice) with cut funky hearts in a candy and fuchsia pink.

More hearts explode from the top tier too.

The next cake was bold- yet elegant. Incorporating the Navy blue from the wedding theme- coupled with a trailing cut daisy design- this cake was the epitome of lovely.

Bright and bold fresh roses ( supplied by Karen from Bliss floral)- which also had tiny crystals intertwined- finished the design.

I had a LONG way to deliver last Saturday- From Petrie through to the Gold coast- via Capalaba- it certainly was a days worth.
Finishing at the Villa- I delivered this stunning pink trailing blossoms design. The soft colours, and random sparkling cachous were just adorable.

It seemed almost a theme with the cut flowers and hearts last week, and amazes me how I end up with such similar designs from different clients. They must all have similar tastes for sure.

This week just gone was MASSIVE!!!!!!
Details to follow ;)