Thursday, 3 July 2008

Planet Cake That!

The long awaited day finally came on Sunday 29th June 2008!
After a very early morning flight to Freezing Sydney- My friend Tanya and I headed over to Planet cake at Balmain- to do a couple of workshops with Debbie Brown!

I have been a HUGE fan of Debbie's cake decorating books for a while now- so when the chance to do to some of her workshops down at Planet cake in Sydney came up- I signed up straight away!!
I was suprised to hear that Debbie only arrived in Sydney on the Friday- and had already held a course the day before! I can only imagine the Jet lag she must have had. Despite this short time on the other side of the Globe- Debbie was super friendly and eager to teach us all!
On the Sunday I attended the Pirate Dreams course- where we made a cake from one of Debbie's previous books!
The cake was so cute!
A single bed- with a fluffy quilt, with a dreaming boy and his teddy bear!

Tanya concentrating hard on the cake design!

The bed coming together!

Debbie demonstrating! She gave so many options on how the design could be modified for skill levels and time constraints- which was awesome!
Tanya and I with our cakes!

My pirate dreams complete with shiny water!- my Flag broke- so this was as finished as the design would get! :(

Debbie Kindly posing with me and my cake!

The next day I was already signed up for the Sculptured Dog course- this time all on my own- as Tanya had plans for sightseeing ( Which turned into an all day shopping trip- as you do!)
Once again the crisp cold Sydney morning greeted me- and as I made refuge in the gorgeous Planet Cake Air conditioning- I met my fellow students for the day- including none other than the immensely talented Greg Cleary from Sweetums!
The Monday bunch were mostly from Sydney- unlike the Sunday group- of which 5 of us were from Brisbane!

Monday's sculptured dog class was so much fun!
Sculpting isn't something I have done allot of- so seeing everything come together in the end was great! I took a visual diary- as well as notes, so with over 100 pictures I should be able to recollect the instructions- without my scribble!

I realised as we landed in Sydney- that I forgot all 5 of the Debbie Brown books that I own! But Debbie was kind enough to sign 5 cards for me to place inside the tittles! I also bought another book when I was there too! My motto is- the more cake/cook books you have the better! They are a bit like hand bags and shoes to me- I can't resist them!
The dog all ganached and ready for covering!
Look at how Great Debbie's dog was coming along!

The group with their master pieces!

My dog- the End result!

After a long flight home- my new puppy made it safe and sound- Ready to cerebrate my Nan's 75th Birthday later this week!

Debbie was so warm and friendly- she even posed for a no "double chin" shot with me! We look years younger!

Thank you to everyone I met for a fabulous time!
And Debbie! Thank you for coming to Australia! Please please please come to Brisbane next time! ;)


Sharnel @ The Cupcake Company said...

Oh I'm a little envious of you doing all those classes at Planet Cake!! I just adore the Pirate Dreams cake, it's perfect for a little man.
How much fun did you have???? I have to do another course with them soon.

Sharnel @ The Cupcake Company said...

BTW - you did a fabulous job with both cakes SJ.