Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Short and Bittersweet...............

After a 5 hour delay leaving Brussels (for a plane that was meant to take off at 7am- hence a wake up at 3.30am due to the airport being almost 1 hour out of town) with a compensation from the airline of 5Euros- followed by a hassle to get another connecting flight to Edinburgh- as we missed the check in for our original flight ( with the same airline) due to the delay- I finally made it to Edinburgh last night!
Suffice to say that neither myself or my sister ( and possibly a couple of Hundred other passengers) have vowed to NEVER fly with this company again.
I have flown with this same airline 4 times over the past 2 weeks- and none of the flights have been on time- and the sheer lack of empathy yesterday ( as well as not a single airline representative posted at Chaleroi airport) almost bought me to breaking point!
I am sure if I ran my own business the way this company does- I am certain I would be sitting at home each week twiddling my thumbs- as I wouldn't have a business.
Anyway- I am on my way today back home to Australia- so will be out of email contact for 3 or so days :(

Thanks for listening- Rant over!

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