Thursday, 3 July 2008

School Holiday fun!

I love school holidays! Not because I get them, or the fact that the shops are somewhere I need to steer clear of- but because my Mum is at home, and I can get her to come and help me everyday!
My mum loves to help where ever she can, so this week as I am busy roiunding up things before I leave on Sunday for the UK (3 more sleeps I can't believe it!!)- I asked her to come over and help me finish some jobs!
I have more than enough cakes to do this week- so helping hands are always great!
I set my mum, and my sister Alex- to work! Alex is great at kneading icing- and when you go through more than 20 kgs of it in one day- it helps to have the extra muscles!

With 3 hands on deck- I was cruising through todays tasks- when a mini two tier cake I had started for my Grandmother's birthday ( yes If you have already read- she is getting both the dog cake- and another cake) sparked interest I asked if My mum and Alex wanted to learn how to ice.
I always have bits of cake at home, so with no clients to give cake away too- I let mum and Alex loose with the cake- icing- and every decoration tool at their disposal!

Alex was first off the mark- ambitiously going for a two tier cake- mini like the one I had started. I showed her how to ganache- then Ice the cake- which she did really well considering she had never handled fondant before!
When I asked her what the "design" was- apparently you can just make it up as you go along! Luckily for her she did have a plethora of tools and books there for inspiration!

The end design was a two tier mini cake - iced in pale pink- withe the top tier 1/4 turn from the base. Cut flowers in varying pinks, with ribbon strands- and a big "A" on top! Not to mention some little bows too! A great job in all!

Alex with her fab little cake!

Then My mum had been perusing my Debbie Brown books- and found the"Queenie Mum" design. Once again an ambitious carved design- that was pulled off with supreme enthusiasm!
After mixing the colours for mum, and some slight instruction- she was on her way!

The Queen cake Mum made!

Caught out buy the ease of the design- not realising the time we had spent on it- it was soon well past 4pm, and I had yet to provide any lunch! A quick sandwich for refuel- and we were almost done!

Mum and her finished cake!

So not only did I get work done today- I got to have a bit of fun with my Mum and Sister! And they got Take home cake too!
BTW I don't make my family wear the corporate logo clothing- they like too! My Mum actually had my aprons made last time she was on a Holiday! Fabulous aren't they!

It is nice to be able to get everyone enjoying-what I love doing!
Thanks Mum and Alex for coming and helping out- Keeping me company- and taking home the cakes!

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