Saturday, 28 June 2008

Financial year Finale.....

Well as the end of the financial year approaches- and another trip to the tax man looms- I had some great cakes to finish of the year!

This week seemed to just fly by! I have had a very busy week, with the morning tea on Monday- then allot of clients during the week to see, coupled with the cakes on order- and the fact that I leave tomorrow for Sydney to go to the Debbie Brown workshops- I feel like I haven't stopped! Seeing as though I am on a roll- I thought I would get to it and post my blog too!

Whilst this first cake design is one that I have made many many times- it always finishes so pretty. With winter set in- the choice for flowers is getting quite small. I was lucky enough to get both Mini roses and a pale dusty pink rose to decorate this three tier cake.

This Wedding is being held- tonight- at the Terraces on Wickham- in the aptly named Panorama Room, which has glass windows that rise all the way to the ceiling, allowing a full view over the city and Roma Street park lands! This has got to be one of those hidden gems- a rare find when searching for a venue. Whilst the hotel wouldn't be known to everyone as a wedding venue- it is so great! It is currently in the end stages of a major renovation and refurbishment, so behind the construction lies a polished, contemporary hotel, with amazing function facilities!

The next cake was a replica from a magazine. The Reception was held at Hillstone- in one of my all time favourite rooms- the Rosewood Room. Some very great friends of mine got married their over 5 years ago- and I still love it!

This cake has timeless written all over it! The monochromatic colour scheme is one of my favourite design aspects. With the entire cake edible, every detail is made of icing- just waiting to be devoured! Whilst this design is not suoer fine in its detail- it is far more delicate than the original, giving it a slight softer feel than the design that inspired this one.

Last but not least is a fun 60th Birthday cake. This cake was made for a WW2 plane enthusiast. When the client first contacted me to do the cake- I have to admit I wasn't 100% sure of the planes she was talking about- but with the help of Google images (I couldn't live without it) I quickly found out what she was after. I suggested a sugar plane, with a character pilot in the hot seat! I had the plane and the wings drying for the past couple of weeks- and this week the final details were put on. My mum ( also using Google images) found some markings form Australian RAAF WW2 planes and replicated them in sugar- including a tiny red Kangaroo she cut by hand for the tail design! My Mum is on School holidays- and it is nice to have her come and keep me company- and help out!
Anyway- using the cake as the "Sky" complete with clouds- The plane sat on top, with the cute little pilot flying the plane!

When the clients came to collect the cake this morning-They had driven all the way from South Australia for a family wedding- The Birthday boy himself- whilst he knew he was getting a cake- was lost for words when he saw his plane cake! I noticed that he had a mustache- so I offered to draw one onto the pilot- which looked so cute! I don't have that picture- as the cake was boxed and ready to go- so it was a last minute design addition!

A close up without the Moe- still cute though!

It is so nice when I actually get to see peoples reactions to their cakes! I hope Frank has a fabulous birthday tomorrow!

Well it is getting later and I still haven't packed for Sydney!!!
I can't wait to get back and share with you what fun I have whilst I am down there!!!

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