Saturday, 5 July 2008

Winners are grinners.....

Well with Less than 18 hours until I head forthe UK- I still had wedding cakes to make- and deliver this week!

As some of you may remember- Earlier this year I ran a competition in conjunction with Beyond the Bride to "Win your Wedding cake"! A lovely girl called Rebbecca Won the $400 Voucher- and used it towards- what very well may become- my new favourite cake!

Inspired by a design in a magazine- this two tier cake has a double barrel base and a single top tier. Iced in an almost Wedgewood/Dusty Powder Blue- with a damask stencil overlay, this vintage style design is so pretty! Piped icing pearls are around the base of each tier, and a spray of Ivory roses and fillers sit atop of the base tier.
The Wedding Reception is being held- this evening- at the Treasury Hotel- in the gorgeous Ryan's Private Dining Room!
It was a pleasure to create such a beautiful cake for a wonderful couple! I hope that they and thier guests enjoy the cake- and the Rosewater White chocolate and Raspberry cake inside!

The next cake took my Husband and I our last 3 hour tour for a while! This cake is for a fabulous couple who are holding their reception down at the Royal Pines Resort- on the Gold Coast.
I wasn't the first cake decorator chosen to make this couples cake- they had actually already booked another- then she decided to go on Holidays- and promptly canceled their booking- how rude! I am so glad they came to me- Todd and Karen are such a friendly couple- the type of clients you could chat to for hours- I hope they have a spectacular night- and enjoy their cakes!!

This tower of Mini cakes is a mixture of dark chocolate Mud and White Raspberry Mud, topped off with a Fruit cake!

The couple searched High and Low for their cake topper- a set of replica rings- which they found in the US! They bought it home with them , and now have a keepsake from their special day!

My husband has suggested that the UK weather has come to us! I hope this dreary winter weather doesn't dampen everyones wedding day!

Last but not least- is the mini cake that I have made for my Grandmother's birthday! As you cake decorators out there will be well aware- here is ALWAYS left over coloured icing when you mix it for a cake- and luckily for me- I could use this fabulous colour for my Grandmother's cake!

Cut from a matured fruit cake- this mini cake is iced in the dusty blue icing- with a mini quilt over he base tier- and Ivory Sugar roses on the top. Very grand for a Nana!

Well the excitement has well and truly set in now! I have packed- and am about to repack before I go! I have close to 8kg of food to bring for My sister and her housemates - including 4 packets of Tim Tams- which are currently only $1.85 per pack at Wollies!Bargain!

I look forward to keeping everyone up to date with my UK adventures!

I have recorded a Phone Message to let you all know that I am away and am unable to bake cakes- or give consultations until Early August- I will- however- still be answering emails- so send on any inquiries through to

Have a fantastic weekend!! I will be in the UK on Monday!!!!!!


Ruth said...

Your 'damask cake' is just beautiful!

Sharnel @ The Cupcake Company said...

Sarah Jane,
I am in love with your damask cake. Sorry it's taken me so long to comment.
I see you had a fabulous time overseas! I love the wedding couple you did, it's fantastic.

Nada Handous said...

Love your damask cake!!! She's a beauty!!!