Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I made it to the UK!!


Well after more than 50 hours travelling- I finally made it safe and sound to Edinburgh!
After a VERY late arrival- due to Delays at
Heathrow- I managed a few hours sleep- before I set out with my sister Kate to Discover Edinburgh!

squiggle on the inflight GPS where the plane circled for over an hour before landing!

Ever since Kate Arrived in Edinburgh- she has been keeping me up to date with all of the different cakes she has seen along the way.
Back Home on Australia- your local Supermarket cakes are not much more than a 7" round
sponge or Mudcake with piped or plastic "Happy Birthday" on them. Here in the Supermarkets- you can get premade specialty cakes- ready for you to cake home! Whilst I would imagine that the cake inside is less than desirable, and the fact that they also seem quite short in height- their simple designs were rather intriguing!

As We walked all over Edinburgh- I
snuck a few pictures from some of the stores I saw cakes in. Kate has my days planned around seeing the cake couture of Edinburgh- from Supermarkets through to designer creations at well known local businesses!
As you may or may not be aware- the purpose of my visit is to do some Cake decorating workshops whilst I am over here- so getting to see what is available in the UK and meeting other passionate cake decorators really excites me! Getting to sample some
of the cakes is an added bonus too!

DIY Wedding cakes?? At this particular department store you can buy the individual tiers- along with pillars etc... to put together your own cake! Whilst this is definitely a budget option- I would personally be extremely desperate to use one of these cakes at my own event! Not only is the actual finish average- the cakes are not very deep, or attractive.
I actually feel quite sorry for local decorators who are
competing with these cakes- as a genuine decorator would seriously be insulted by these!
I wonder if the Brides and grooms who use these cakes realise how mass produced and the lack of love that has gone into creating these- rather than a hand made cake- from someone who is
passoinate about their craft?

After trotting around the major supermarkets and department stores- taking inconspicuous shots of their products-- we headed up the Scot's Monument.

Climbing all 297 spiral stairs to the top- we made it up in record time!
The staircase got thinner as we climbed- luckily for me- I had lost my appetite from the journey- otherwise I may not have fit through!

A "Selfie" of Kate and I atop of the Monument- with her suburb in the distance! Yes I am looking rather pale- but a 50 hour flight and not much sleep will do that to you! Hopefully by tomorrow I will be insync with the timezone- and not be waking up at 4am!!!
I combated my sleeplessness with a nice run at Leith Walk this morning- and am feeling much better for it!

I will endeavour to keep you up to date with my adventures over here!
Did I mention that my sister has commissioned me to make a 30th Birthday cake for Friday already!!! Not a days rest!

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Jo said...

you might be surprised at the quality of the cakes you can get at the supermarkets. The cheaper the nastier normally. If you head to Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Selfridges and Whole Foods (fresh and wild) you can get some amazing stuff which does indeed compete with cakes I have bought from real cake makers.