Friday, 25 July 2008

Irish Tales.....

Since being lucky enough to travel to the other side of the world to do some Cake decorating workshops- I have also been on the Hunt for Businesses that also make Special event cakes- in every town I am in!

I have just spent the past week tripping around Dublin and County Waterford and Cork- where I was pleased to come across a few Cake shops- in sometimes unlikely places!
My trip hasn't all been about work- I did take in the "tourist" places- including the famous "Guinness Storehouse"!
Now I am not a fan of Beer- at all! So the strong taste of Guinness didn't please my taste buds one bit! So when you have a free Guinness- what better thing to do with it- but to make a smiling face in the foam! ;)

I also found a cabinet where there was some Guinness memorabilia- and everyone put their business cards through a slot- and they then stayed where they landed! A Cake That! card now sits at the storehouse!

From Dublin- I headed south- and met up with a close friends sister and her family! These people had never met me before- and Kindly opened their home and hospitality for a few days!
On my first day in Lismore Co Waterford- I ran into a Wedding cake shop! This town is tiny- and a real unlikely place to find such a cute shop!

Then in the town of Dungarvan- where I was staying- there was yet another Wedding cake store!

I am sure the local thought I was mad, taking photos and asking loads of questions!

I am now in Belgium- Chocolate heaven! I have spent all day visiting Chocolatiers and Patisseries- and eating way too much!
Once I digest the food I have eaten today- I may have room or a new story!


Anonymous said...

I was in Dublin about 18 months ago. Did you see the "Queen of Tarts"? It was a bake shop I saw while there, I thought the name was pretty cute.

I am a bit jealous of your tour, it sounds like so much fun.

Sarah-Jane said...

To be honest- I have seen and visited/eaten so many cakes lately I can hardly keep up! lol!!
I am now n Belgium- where every second shop is a patisserie f one sort or another- so I am sure to roll home!